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PIANO—CONDUCTOR’S SCORE ACT ONE WITH ORCHESTRA CUES TITANIC The Musical Story and Book by Music and Lyrics by Peter Stone Maury Yeston Produced on Broadway by Dodger Theatricals, Richard S. Pechter and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Book—Copyright © 1997, 1999 by Peter Stone Music and Lyrics—Copyright © 1997 Yeston Music Ltd. (BMI) Worldwide rights for Yeston Music Ltd. administered by Cherry River Music Co. (BMI) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. ‘TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC. 560 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10022 ‘Telephone (212) 688-2525 Piano-Conductor’s Score MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE 1 la. 2 2a. 2b. 2c. 2d. ae 2. 2g. 2h. 2. a 2k. 3. 4 5. 6. 7. 7a. 8, 8a. &. 8c. 9. 10. n. ia. 12. 13. 14. 15. 15a. 15b. 16. v7. Va. 17. . “What a Remarkable Age This Is" (Etches, It-Class Passengers & Serving Staf). . Trio da Pranza I (Orchestra) on. . Coda: “What a Remarkable Age This Is” (The Major, Etches, 1st-Class Passengers & Serving Staff. Overture (Orchestra). “In Every Age” (Andrews) “How Did They Build Titanic?” (Barrett) “Fare-thee-well” (Barret, Bride & Fle). “There She Is” (Barrett, Bride, Fleet, Hartley, Sailor, Stoker & Stevedore) “Loading Inventory” (Officers, Stevedore, Bellboy & Ensemble—Crew & Hotel Sta) "The Largest Moving Object” (Ismay, Andrews & Captain) “Pitman’s Announcement #1” (Pitman) a "1 Must Get On That Ship #1” (The Three Kates, d-Class Passengers & Ensemble). “Pitman’s Announcement #2” (Pitman, Edgar, Alice, Charles, Caroline & nd-Class Passengers) “I Must Get On That Ship #2” (Pitman, Alice, 2nd-Class Passengers & Ensemble) “Mrs. Beane” (The First-Class Roster] (Pitman & Alice) Opening Finale [“Godspeed Titanic”] (Pitman & Ensemble: Full Company). Missed the Boat (Orchestra) “Wolf Rock” (Murdock, Lightoller & Hitchens with Captain) Put Your Backs to It [Underscore] (Orchestra)... Boiler Room Underscoring (Orchestra) “Barrett's Song” (Barret). “The Glinka #1” (Beanes) (Alice). “The Glinka #2” (Clarkes) (Caroline & Charles) 101 mel 26 Trio da Pranza I (Orchestra) Trio da Pranza Il (Orchestra) "Cap Lights” (Captain, Murdoch & Lightoler). “To Be a Captain” (Murdoch. Transition to Third Class (Orchestra)... “Lady's Maid” (The Tiree Kates, Farell rd-Class Steward (Etches], Staff & Srd-Class Passengers: First Man [Thayer], Second Man (Widener], Third Man [Guggenheim], Fourth Man {Major], German Man (sido, Italian Couple (Mr. & Mrs. Astor] and Other Srd-Class Passengers. Mystery Bridge #1 [Underscore] (Orchestra). ‘Marconi’s Wonder #1 [Scene Change] (Orchestra) “The Proposal” (Barrett & Bride) “The Night Was Alive" (Barrett & Bride). ‘Marconi’s Wonder #2 (Scene Change] (Orchestra) “Hymn: God Lift Me Up” (1st-Class Passengers) “Doing the Latest Rag” (Hartley, Bricoux, Taylor, the DaMicos & 1st-Class Passengers). Latest Rag Playoff (Orchestra) “I Have Danced” (Alice & Edgar... 167 172 174 176 1194 196 197 201 am 212 Piano-Conductor’s Score 18. Mystery Bridge #2 [Underscore] (Orchestra Ba. Deck Scene Underscore (Orchestra). 18b. Up the Red Room [Scene Change] (Orchestra 18c. Gamblers (Underscore] (Orchestra) 19. “No Moon #1” (Fleet, Farell, McGowan, Id, Isdor, corn Lightle, Murdoch, Hitchens, Caroline & Charles)..... 20. “Autumn” (Hartley)... 20a. “No Moon #2” (Fleet, McGowan, la, Castine Bart, Br 20b. End Act One (Orchestra. Andrews, Passengers & Ship's Personnel ACT TWO 21. Ente’acte (Orchestra) 22. "Wake Up, Wake Up!” (Etches, Stewards, 1st, 2nd & 3rd-Class Passengers) 22a, First Class Flourish (Scene Change] (Orchestr)... 23, “Dressed in Your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon” (Astors, Wideners, Thayers, Guggenheim, Aubert, Etches, Bellboy, Alice, Stewardesses, Staff, 1st & 2nd-Class Passengers)... 2a. “Staircase” (The Three Kates & Farrell with Barrett) 23b. Corridor Underscore (Orchestra. 23c. Send Us a Ship (Orchestra) 23d. Before the Blame (Orchestra). 24. "The Blame” (Ismay, Andrews & Captain). 25. "To the Lifeboats” “Getting in the Lifeboat” (Thayer, Marion with Jack & various Others) Reprise: “I Must Get On That Ship” (Murdoch, Lightoller, Latimer, Bellboy & various Others Reprise: “Lady’s Maid” (Farrell) Reprise: “The Proposal” /“The Night Was Aliv (Barret, Bride & Company) Reprise: “The Blame” (Andrews & Company). 26. “We'll Meet Tomorrow” (Barrett, Bride, Charles & Company) 27. Tomorrow Playoff (Orchestra) 27a. Act Two, Scene Six—Underscore (Orchestra) 27. “To Be a Captain” (Etches) (Etches) 28. Before Still (Orchestra) 29, “Still” (Ida 6 Isidor) 30. "Mr. Andrews’ Vision” (Andrews) 30a. “The Foundering” (Bride & Survivors). 31, Finale—Reprise: “In Every Age” (Full Company) 3a. Finale Part Reprise: “Godspeed Titanic” (Full Company) 3Ib. Bows & Exit Music (Orchestra. 293 296 327 329 348 356 358 359 360 386 389 91 e”/“Getting in the Lifeboat” Piano-Conductor’s Score ‘TITANIC— instrumentation 1 Violin 1 & 2 Viola Cello Bass Reed 1—Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute (or Clarinet) and Clarinet. Reed 2—Oboe and English Horn (or Clarinet). Reed 3—Clarinet. Reed 4—Flute and Clarinet. Reed 5—Bassoon and Eb Contrabass Clarinet (or Bassoon). Horn 1 &2 Trumpet 1 & 2 (both double BP Piccolo Trumpet—8 measures only) Trombone 1 (tenor) ‘Trombone 2 (bass) Keyboard Synthesizer 1—principally Harp. Additional registrations for: Glockenspiel, Piano, Steel Guitar, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Tuba and Tuba or Bass Trombone. Keyboard Synthesizer 2—principally Strings. Additional registrations for: Marcato Strings, Fast Strings, Pizz. Strings, Trem. Strings, Double Basses, Celeste, Celeste+Vibes, Harmonium and Harp. Percussion 1 & 2 [1 —mallet instruments] (2 trap drum set] Tubaphone (or Bells) Snare Drum Xylophone Bass Drum Timpani (2 pedal drums) Wood Blocks (hi & low) Bells Cow Bells (hi & low) Gran Cassa Bell Tree Anvil (2 sizes) Xylophone (share w/1) Piatti (Hand Cymbals) Crotales ‘Small Triangle (share w/2) Triangles (2 sizes) Even Smaller Triangle Tam-Tam ‘Cymbals—several suspended, Crash, Splash, Hi-Hat & Hand. Piano-Conductor’s Score (this score] with orchestra cues. a PIANO/CONDUCTOR 1~Overture In2{J=444] ‘ rangle) poco rit. Poco meno mosso op 6 z 8 2 2 > = =. = (BscvToniBs) pre + “Overture” (TPhone) —— as (5) Poco pit mosso [2116] 1“ 15 16 (RastBrsStgs) LF rnp val v (ere aaa ” 2 19 2 pre = “Overture” —= == 2 (timp) © tam tom aa era poco rit ese ree inp - = BY A tempo [J=98} 35 ee eee) ainsitpts) | 41 ati “Overture” mre “Overture” T (Timp) 53 el “Overture” 3] (Poco pid mosso} Segue as one “In Every Age” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Andrews 1A~In Every Age [d=t02] ded. Andrews: opi Ria ev = "ry age man - kind at-temps to fib - ri- cate great works, at once mag - (esote) PIC 10- “In Every Age” and im = pos - si ble. S. Wesole) de ~ sere sands, from moun-tains of stone, wen light —— (u0e-toa) Bells me at "tn Every Age” cha- pel ceil ing scream=ing one mans ec = sta~ sy! One man’ on ahi nae “In Every Age” Mir ~ a = cles end = less wall (WrelViay Bevo henge, The Par - the - non, The Duo~ mo. _——— ,.--OO awe P (ses) (Bs-pize pP me [3] tatempo} : "In Every Age” = tempt to make with psig) o was) te Pe (Wastvie oun) (Sm Tingley Pi BH) bed erastert Our sk was to dream u - pon and then cre = ate (Cymatit P (stgsicts tity z one F r rr To (Timp ava) et ‘Very slow and grand [J=92] 62 63, (Sigs) fom a ins) (+Cym rot) f ‘ym (es) ? imp) pic as “In Every Age [eo], tempor a a a 70 n 2 A hu-man Met = r0- po- lis A complete ci- vi- li- (SnareDr (Wwesstgeltins) (wwolsegsttin) (wwsisigs) cwvwsisigs) (Timp) za tion - Sleek! (wwatin) vowing) (Stgs!"Fast Sts”) crese. ® WerPizz Sigs") PIC eer - ing. watts) See "In Every Age” en= gi - neering. (wWattins the per = fec- tion (WoW) _———.4. povonete wwe) <— |e ? ‘Segue as one “How Did They Build Titanic?” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Barrett 2~How Did They Build Titanic? ‘Con spirito [= 184] Barrett How — did they build Ti (wwartabophone) poco rall. == f= a FeesireenreceeeeSractnsRrrTeriTeriserineernasta Huge be-yond past. en Strong be- yond (Stgeareo) o rss) mf ni (eBsveice chy serengeh (Gran Cassa) sia os “How Did They Build Titanic?” wcacy > > {Meno mosso} = Shes a great pa - lace float - ing o =S=S= sub. PP non espr. 2 (WWs Sea/Tubophone) P——______ Pp —______P?—______>> ‘Segue as one “Fare-Thee-Well” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Barrett Bride Fleet 2A~Fare-Thee-Well ‘Tempo—in2[4=120] 1 He = Imp (stgst"stgs) (Bs-pizs) Fare = thee- well (vnsiVia) Fd wo, (Bs-piz2) Pre the “Fare-Thee-Well” e WW) me (Tp) poten) ——_—<—<—<—<$————" F toe it moo) (WerBs-areo) ——— Fare - thee-well my dar- lin’ Tl be back be-fore— afore = night — 3 (otiesimy p a (Sept) « aa ar, Onsite —< SF >——== (Tria sim 3) (vers) fore - night — fort ~ night — **Fare-Thee-Well’ PIC [23] ttandshake US] Barrett: “Barrett, Stoker off the Baltic.” 24 2s leet, Lookout off the Majestic.” 25, e = sab p (asia) (verBsiCB Cla) (Timp) Bride: “Harold Bride—wireless operator with the Marconi International Signal Communications Company, limited (Cymbal rott)~ (Tip rot Segue as one “There She Is” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Fleet Barrett Hartley 2B~There She Is Sailer Stoker Stevedore In2 [d=118] ee (Wns! Vtal*Stgs") Le. TP Feet BarretBride: 4 s (tna) ree P (VelHinsiCB Cl) me 236 ‘There She 13” dreams! tip) (HWrBeto) Mf sHastey/SaitodStokelStevedge: fi (Tray (Wns Vial"Stgs") o Watts) PIC “There She ts” ———— ‘All Crewmen: 31 34 p_legaro} dreams! Cty?) (Ww WarBets (ns!Vtal“stgs") (rs) ‘mp nai TH) (pisces) ——<—_. “i Aa 7 (oTpts bob) =—_—_ (WasiVial"Stgs") “Fp FIFE: ci ets r (nie) PIC al vere Sine Ls” wwedBelt 1 =—_——. (spt seb) e FRETS: —_== =— + @ se - (nsiviay o (vetssica ch & e Wi (9 = oo to that 1 (sie 2 o a guid df © cpt insite) =a ‘Segue as one “Loading Inventory” PIANO/CONDUCTOR ‘Stevedore Cigar igl . Boxhall a 2C~Loading Inventory Genta Balboy Ensemble: Crew & Hotel Staff 1. aster J=120] (dreams) (nsiVialCis1Bs9) es pizztTimp) Stevedore: [with rhythmic freedom] 4 5 Se-ven thou-sand heads of fresh (VastVtaict Bsn) (Bs piesFTimp) OOO SEE 7 Pitman: ‘ Lightoller Pitman: ve Morning Mis-ter Light- ol-ler Morning Mis-ter Pit~ man Morn-ing Mis-ter Box- hall Morming Cap-tain Smith! Gnare De) 4 Boral: Light 2 1_toall " ‘Mom - ing Cap - tain! Morn - ing Cap - in (Snare Dr) [with rhythmic freedom) 16 Stevedore: 7 18 Thir-ty-six thou - sand or-an = ges— Ti (WaBsrrimp6sm) PIC 3 “Louding Inventory” Pitman: Hitehens: Pitman a o Morn-ing Mis-ter Hitch-ens Morn-ing Mis-ter Pit-man Morn-ing Mis-ter Mur-doch Morning Cap-ainSmith (Snare D9 (Bs pizz Timp) is Murdoch: 23g Caplaie Morn- ing Mur doch cwwalstgs 806) a {Tempo 1d=£20] (CistBentVneiVia) ae aasee OO EEE 30_p (Captain) = 2 o freight and pre - pare forthe ~— board - ing of = ing. _ Ciptsitns) ‘SnareDep Y (tsBe0) [More members of the Crew, the Hotel Staff and a Beliboy enter.] a 38. 39 Se ie ee ee a) (Timp) pic oa “Louding Inventory” ot Animato [L'istesso tempo—in a rush of new energy] 4_CrewiStatt: fa 3 = = & There she is ‘Morn-ing Mis- ter An - drews tg (Walia sim) f (ernst) (Be-piczlTimp) a Hel-lo, Mis-ter Is - may —_—_ i a Beltboy) Morn- ing Mis- ter Etch - es Morn- ing Mis-ter Pit - man = TT ie od Mom-ing Mis- ter White - ly —_— (itt) PIC he Crew/Staft: Stevedore: “Forty-reo thousand fresh eggs, Titanic!” sé 55 56. aaa atawvs 4 7 ‘Morn-ing Mis - sus Craw-ford Hello, Mis-sus Hutch-in-son (nro) m__Mpts-St mute) S. (tnicuBsesVe) ospiction) F eo ts picsting) ? nm “Louding Inventory” bright _—__ (Bellboys tT ‘Morn-ing Mis-sus Rob - in - son Hel-lo, Mis- sus Beech - TT Pie 2 “Louding Inventory” 7 oo : Crew/Staft: a 69 ————— - Ship of dreams! Geltboys Morn-ing Mis- er Weik - man —_— o (WWaria sim) (Bells ws) falp_y “Lowding Inventory” Pitman: “122,000 pounds of meat, poultry and fish, Titani™ 3s § (stgstsegs) oo s mf sostenuto 7 79 0 ‘Stevedore: “40 tons of potatoes, 1,100 pounds of marmalade, 37,000 betes of wine, ber and piri, Titanic” 83, Pitman: “55,000 china dishes and 20,000 erytal drinking glasses, Titani!” Pic ae “Loading Inventory” Stevedore: “One Renault town carriage motorcar, Titenic!” Hp") imp) (slight rit, f necessary) apts) letnsrt) *] re Crew/Staft: a Mom - ing, Mis~ ter Widge - ry ——_—_ 4 (asi) = a 3) f WeicuBsnTs) (Bs-pizeltimp) @ “Louding Inventory” 5 Crew/Statt: 94 (eatioy: Un : det : i Hel-lo, Mis- eer Ol - i- ver! Doe eT Mi se ee - tg Fog 4 Morning Mis- ter Hart - ley Hel - lo, Mis -ter Jou = ghin anna a [a é Ta) WWalTia sim) _ a (eb elBen) prc 3 “Loading Inventory” = speed—______ Un = @ se - (Bellboy! — eae = =e Cheers Mister Weik - man (wwe sim) e 1 = rs mf aw i r (Bs arcolVerTb1Bsn) (timp) 10s} ca “Louding Inventory” totum © ? ‘Segue as one “The Largest Moving Object” a PIANO/CONDUCTOR Ismay Captain Andrews 2D~The Largest Moving Object ‘Allegro pomposo [4= 140] 4 Ismay: 2 3 Cap - win Smith has there «= - ver been a fi - ner mom - ing to (Stgs!"Marcato Sigs") 7 f (VelBs arco) 4 5 Captain (proudly: 6 ov o “The Largest Moving Object” 7 (Captaind 8 Ne- ver quite this one Sir! (tptttns) ‘An-drews, has the line e-ver had a fas-ter ship for the mail? e this, Mis-ter Is - may! Ne-ver quite like this (rpettas) PIC 47. “The Largest Moving Object” L29} ammay) > 20 2 2 pride of | Man-kind! Andeews Captain: "The pride of © Man-kind! min - fon 0 - ver the brings great ho - nor to bd bd sieo — es “The Largest Moving Object” Tamay Grandioso OF the — larg est_mov- ing (Captain) Andrews: Captaivandrews: Mas-ter And the Build- er! larg est mov- ing (CTptsitins) = Si cova) 35 ob- ject inthe world! in: “Mr. Peman, eee tee Oe begin boarding the pasengers.” the world! (6.casse) (cm) ON inp) a = a (WWsiStgsiTpts) Pee lov) SF (oBrstwws) || insive) = a ae ee v (259) Segue as one “Pitman’s Announcement #1” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Pitman 2E~Pitman’s Announcement #1 Meno mosso [4=92] [Using a megaphone as Third-Class Passengers enter.] Z 2 eae 1 Pitman: class pas sen- gers aconce to the snl TimplVeBs) Please bring your board - ing doc- u- ments and a~ ee “Announcement seruc = sons! (estas) e cresc. rit. {poco meno mosso J= 410] Poco Grandioso 2 13 14 15 18 Kate Murphey: “Holy Mother of God ...” (UO TptTubophondGlock) esate = ran Ss F 2 (Ctalstgs) (ns) Sf (Transie) ins! TonIVe) wo Kate McGowan: “It looks so long .." go 2 e108) (olen) Pre “Announcement #1” “I's not fate it's Irish.” (FU0e—ttzenly) (CisBelts) at McGown: “I'm plannin’ to marry him. tian) cerese. e grand rit. (Ban Tons! VelBs) z [Segue as one} PIANO/CONDUCTOR Third Class Passengers Ensemble: All SATB on stage McGowan Muprey 26~I Must Get On That Ship #1 Mullins. {Anthem-like J=100] Ind ‘MeGowan/Murphey/Mullins: 2 y McGowan: All Sed clas passengers: 4 + * et me aboard! Call out my name! Its to A some - ri-ca— we aim auc 2 2 bet - ter life, we prayed —_——_ 600) PIC 3 “Ship a all our child- ren’s child ren know 2 2 (eal onstage): —=—= > SoplAlto: ‘6 For the maid- en TenvBass: (+All onstage): eee For the maid - en (RastvnsVi =< — a ‘Segue as one “Pitman’s Announcement #2” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Pitman Charles . ; Edger = 2G~Pitman’s Announcement #2 Caroline 2nd-Class Passengers Sec-ond— Class pas-sen-gers—_ pro ceed t0 “C” “D" and “E” decks! snlTimplVetBs) the ship’ [Second-Class Passengers enter.] 8 3 10 cresc. e accel No ac-count in the Na-ton-al Press has quite done jus - tice co this! Tes a sight for once in a life-time! Yes a sight for once in a life-time! PIC a “Announcement #2" 2¢_ Caroline chance to run a and mar- ry now we ewo dare-n't miss! (CllBon-S0 2% 25 _All 2nd class passengers: Segue as one “I Must Get On That Ship #2” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Ensemble: All SATB on stage 2nd-Class Passengers rim 2H~I Must Get On That Ship #2 [in two d=100] All 2nd class passengers: 2 ae ¥ t 7 Can't wait to board that ship to-day Be with her when she pulls a way é — takes her maid - en sail, — PIC (2nd-Class Passengers): ae 10 2 ‘The largest, grand est Te re - served a berth eee ae be arboard—_ Now point me toward— that ship! —_—_—. P Garton “ eal “Ship #2" The fi'- nest peo ple will at mong them we'll be- friend— (cw — They'll stand right next to us be. All onstage: tipt Great heads of state and millionaires who mun the world’s af-fairs—_will 2 a (ss) = PIC ole “Ship #2 29 Sop/Atto: For the maid- en TenfBase: inslTpts) pF 23 BenrTonsiveBs) > [As First-Class Passengers (Faster 4=114] Vamp ‘start 0 enter | 0 3 Edgar: “Come back, Alice.” Alice: “I vant tose them, Edgar.” (clube) ‘Alla marcia [4=80] a Pitman: Colo-nel John Ja-cob As - tor ee ri- ving now from the boat cain rect from Wa-ter-loo Sta tion Segue as one “Mrs. Beane” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Alice Pitman 2I~Mrs. Beane [The First-Class Roster] Pitt mosso-In2 (Faster d=136] 2 Alice: __{T05} (WasiVia-spicatto) s-pizx) Shes John Ja-cob As- tors se- cond wife, She's on- PIC “Mrs, Beane” wee ly nine- teen years old and now shes —mar-ried to a prom-i-nent man worth o - ver a (cttetty preg-nant and the 2 se + ven months. She's al ready se- ven months scan-dal was such they ran a-way to Eur-ope to a - void the pub- li- ci- y! Usidor & Ida Straus enter.) 29 the pub-li- ci- y! (co) $$ ee nee erent: (Fob Bells) ona) 35) Alice: Arcen't they mo-dest, you'd ne-ver think by look-ing at them that he and his bro- ther own 39 40 ral 2 3 = ‘Ma-cy's De-part-ment store... Own Ma- cy'sDe-parement store Out right! esp) 7 7 PP he was close ad - vi- sor to Pres-i-dent Gro- ver Cleve- land and served in the House of Re- pre- ty years— named 1 - da Sad! She has- n't been voll Ene Seer two of them have been win - ter - ing on the French Ri-vi-er - (cto [Benjamin Guggenheim & Mme. Aubert enter] 0 st *S (tarBetts a 2 vt) P P Pitman: “Mr. Benjamin Guggenbeim and party will ind bis customary suite on ‘A’ deck!” 63 ot 6s ate: Made his mo-ney by. smelt ing gold, Spends it like wa - ter! (Hinsomutes Tb-Cup mute) ong (epizs!Bsm) r PP iz rT? For-ty-five hun- dred dollars forthe Louis Qua-torze (nsiVia-spicatto) he can live in lux = u-ri-ous sin with his lac est mis- tress! Pic nm “Ms. Beane” 7 [George & Eleanor 8 call chat jus = ce! They call shat jus - tee! (wow Tp mutes > 1 P r Pitman: “Mr. and Mrs. George Widener may proceed to promenade suite B-Fifty on 85. 85. a7 82 3 ey (BellstCis) (ohn, Marion & Jack Thayer enter.) a 80 ey 9 He's the rich- est = a-del - phis a Cptrten) be == (WastVlaspicatto) F (chimp colle oe “Mrs. Beane” Pitman: “Mr.and Mrs. John B. Thayer and family, Promenade Suite B-Fifty-eight!” 8 Pe 95, (wwsrbelle a ee” aa (Mrs. Cardoza eners 99 5 (4Cym roll) ——— ie nob tim = m7 2 F Pitman: “Mrs. Charlote Drake Cardoca,...Suite B-Fifty four!” 109, 101 102 103 108 = 2 z z z val Pic ~ “Mrs. Beane” knows who she is (nsiVia-spicatto) 12 fro 121) four - ten steam - er med i- cine pil- lows and sheets and 333333 bo - dy “Mrs, Beane’ four lice de Pe-ki-nese dogs So she cy (oro teeete oe (v0. z (VetBs arco) [Pitman blows a whistle (ym ee we — poco rall, PIC o os a 7 mosso Me Pitms “Mrs. Beane” 133 Last call for board ing! This is the em (Sigs tremiWWs th) ay & Segue as one “Opening Finale” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Ensemble: Full Company SATB 2J~Opening Finale [Godspeed Titanic] Broadly {and with nobility, in two J=84] All: 29 Lift up the ramp,— lee the lines, Raise up her co lors and__de- signs! 6D) (Saree) v (Bs-arco ancora) SoplAlto: 7 Pre-pare— for ‘anes Pic 7. “Opening Finale” slipt Each person standing at the rail, Let one great thought pre- vail, One sin - gle prayer. Gigs-in 00s) (asics) ap Te aim oo z ? 4 (4VtaVe 808) (bstBs 506) (sTimp) “Opening Finale’ Poco pit mosso [4100] 19 5 (cym) 2 (Timp rollon “C* sim (Sty trem) cwvwsisegs) $9) 7 1 ~ sy ashore who are going a- shore! owwsistg) > on Lupening inate ot + All ashore who are go- ing a- shore! (Ting “Fain a a (stes5105")| J SS Pitman: “I report this ship loaded and ready or sea. Captain: “Lower the gangways, Mr. Pigman.” Pitman: "Gangways lowered, Captain.” 2 (nslViate wend = (CUS) Wasttimp) 2 2 2 a {Scene Change 10 aboard RMS. Titanic) a, Vamp Captain: “Make fast the mgs!” Pitman: “Tugs all fas, Sir!” Captain: “Let go all lines!” iemans “Let go the ster lines! Ler go the bow lines! Let go the aft springs!” me 80 “Opening Finale” Captain: “Tow her off, Mr. Pitman.” ae a Ef 20 f Fall Compa Grand rit 2 ym) (ating “F sim) aypyy (septa (Stgs trem) pst insicts) > a “Sb “Opening Finale” iptsivasicy (MialvelCt 806) “Opening Finale “Opening Finate’ (Stagger breathing) gg owes 5 t (nslviaa ve (tgs-r800) ee Cptsttins) = ts) (Timp) Famp rot) —<—— Pe sal "Opening Finale” oc = a . 2 empe wwe) m 8 “Opening Finale” 2 (eTimplcym erese) “Opening Finale” | jovr : ney’s sound sill your Scwwsvasy “tins) (TbIVeIVta Soa) “Opening Finale” miiitn Sng =< aia — a & = P om saw ———__==— P (sTimplgm erse) SZ Gigs tem (pte) | (eWWe Boa) insrT) “Opening Finale” ee) sing God = speed Tutta forza {in two] (da) (in two} (WWalsigs) > [poco accel] bobaiee “89 Opening Finale” (Ciptsitns) Som simy 118) a (+Cym crash) m~ Blackout—Applause Segue PIANO/CONDUCTOR 2K~Missed the Boat (Applause segue trom “Opening Finale) {Lyrically and quietly, in two] i 1 2 x ‘ Cpe, TD fe F curt ei (rb 2, Vo (2B Bob) (Cts, ns) Gigs) (Ban 606) ao "Missed the Boat" o (ins) toot F (er (485808) 13 4, Yeme Cut Vamp after: Carlson: “I don’t believe it.” Segue “Wolf Rock” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Murdoch Captain(spoken) rfchone 38~Wolf Rock Cue: Carlson: “If hat isn't the story of my entire goddamn life.” sic in) 1 2 3 [e110] (stg Vins) Cbs, Bs) = PIC cod “Wolf Rock” 2] (Slightly stower] 10 Mucdoch: yy A > (estgs:” Vin, la) z— — a Bsn, Tob, “Sigs,” Ve. BS) (Captain: “Thank you Miscer Murdoch. What's our present course?” Ben out) Two Eight One De = grees, sit. Pic sal “Wolf Rock’ ‘Steady as she goes, Quartermaster.” chip v3 3 1) (vw's, & | = Bells) g (Ben) Captain: “Mr. Ligbtoller, what's our present speed?” 29, Lightoller Captain: “Maintain nineteen knots, Mr. Murdoch.” Hp PIC 9 “Wolf Rock” 3 Murdoch 3 cH ——————— eA (Murdoch selephones instructions to the Boiler Room] 33 39 _ SS (Ismay & Etches enter — dialogue. 44 a2 (Cis, Bells) ————— ros out) mC 9 “Wolf Rock” (= 48 a = as) pts) © sigs.” Vin, Via) ————_— — (ibs, “Sigs” Ve, Bs) a7. “Wolf Rock” a A (B00) (Cts, Belts) ibs out) 98. “Wolf Kock’ re ——=—— [cue: Etehes exits.] (CTptsstatx only) (Cts, Bells) SS (bs ont) [eue: Andrews enters.] 8 vamp 22 29 “Ismay? “Ab, Andrews glad you're bere. [sas jase congratulating the three of us on our magnificent contribution the 20th century. Progres, gentlemen I give you progres. (Capt Sanith: “I crust you'l excise 1s, Be may. We have our dati" tomay: “Tell me, EJ. — wat our present speed?” {eitard begins) {Capt Smith “19 kote, Mr may.” ov ‘Ismay: “Really. I would have expected us to be going faster now that we've cleared land.” [eut off] (tga:" Vin Vlad (ast ——— 5 =—— a a | se [es my _ last) 1 a = =! ———————— (6s) [Segue on cue] PIANO/CONDUCTOR 4~Put Your Backs To It (Fast, in one 4-476) Cue: “Iowan us to make New York by Tuesday afternoon.” (music in) 1 5 “Tillme Andrews—I understand...” 3 (tgs," Vin, Va) Pp (Ci Ban, Ve) @sc1,Bs) 100- Put Your Backs To 1” 20 say “Cary on, geienen!™ ie ns and exis) (Capt. Smiths “Watch your compas, Mr. Hitchens ~ you're drifting offcourse.” chen“ dn bak teks {Capt Sot: “Don't argue vith me, man! If Lay you're of course thn you're bloody well offeours!” (Jusnp cue to “Boiler Room US."] Jump on cue to “Boiler Room US.” 101 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 5~Boiler Room U.S. (Liistesso tempo J=88] (Captain: “You're bloody well ff corse?” [music in] ‘ 2 5t557 tgs) (Cis, Bon, Hn, “Sts,” Stgs) (Gin, TH, Temp, Bs) Bell “Set your eveus to 71, Mr. Barrett...” Barrett “Ifyou ask me, it a mites0on for U1.." (simile) Bell: “Captain's orders, Mr. Barrett! If you've got no objections, that is." (ib, Timp, Bs) ————— Segue as one “Barrett's Song” 7102- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 6~Barrett’s Song [Slowly d.=84] Barrett: (shrugging, he adjusts some gauges) “I's his ship, isn't it? Seventy-one it shall be. But I'l speak plain, ‘Mr. Bell. fit was my ship [eut off chord} [ wouldn't 7 wit ‘recommend her speed be increased too quick.” (Proceed) [7 (Quais parlando, wih bemusement] 8 com 2D _Banett 5 Bell: She's sparkling clean this “Do as you're told, Mr, Barrett.” : 5 maf (Bon Brass, Ba} 2 af (Oo Bras, Bo] A. 7 A new bom ship, but one old thing is clear; The or - ders they pro - pose a- bove—_ Pic 103- “Barrett's Song” {pts Tubophone, Crates, “Hy me “ 1 a wot watch from here as up a- bove they'll catch a whiff of glo-ry— This. Won-der Ship may “Barrett's Song” 23) Allegro {with intensity 4.=136] the hold as the hheat in the hold as the men draw back and the dust of the coal in the air is black and wick-le of sweat runs down your Cpt = f Ie -105- “ what are the boys from the Mid - lands o Sigs” Stes) Poem oe r Cargle) P (Hee “Stes” Vind oF. 7 a re -106- “Barrett's Song” Sf (tp) = ic + a pts outst ] et the mach - ines (Stp5" Sts) (Bon, Hn, “Hip,” Ve) run the world that sends the men be - low the ground— pic +107. “Barrett's Song” (05 Tubophone) f a “a 2 2 a as — EJ (ov) (stg tgs) SS 20 7 nm o lads who worked down Leices - ter - shire and Not ing - ham (arity pts, TH) IN (Cis, Bon, Hn, Ve, 83) “Barrett's Song” in the pit knew if = bove the ground tins Tp “wen, Bs) a toatl og (Wu's, Tubophone) =—- a a I We B9) (Sty gs) —— os) PIC 108. 2 (5t¢5-7 Sug) g: 702, (Timp, Bs) pre 0. “Barrett's Song’ es) as = 10 TOT ang anf screws were wurn- ing at sev- en ty one. ($$$ $$ ¢ Cig Seg) nS ne 47, 18, fo 128) sag came my dreamt go For-ther out ffom the mine you could-a't ns) (Wee's Stg8) (Bsn, Hn, "Hp." Ve) (sn, Ve. Bs) PIC f (Wu's Tubophone WeB9) (Cty Bon, Vo) ‘Barrett's Song” m2- “Barrett's Song” 139 151 152 | swe a life of | dank and gloom = to shov= el inthe Boil 2 Arwile = er Room — But (pts, TH) A (Cis, Bsn, Hs, Vo (+B 806) (Bsn, Ve, Bs) (Wu's, Tubophone) =— fe Pic 13. ‘Burret’ Sang” Eb. (ns, “Sigs,” Vi (tins, “Stgs* Vad (Bsn, TH, Timp) en Pp—_ ay a = pie a “Bart's Song” (Timp, Bs) 174, 177 178 (stg tgs) Gs, ta) a 180 sat 22 e screws are tum-ing at. sev-en- y ovo. (seep ——$ —_——____p_ sss So f mp (Hp Hs) prc as ‘4 135, 186 Fast - er and pts, THD (Cis, Bsn, Timp, "Hp," Ve) ! (Cts, Bsn, Timp, “Hp,” Ve) oo PF P 187 “Barrett's Song” 16 “Burrett’s Song” Fora (Ban ts, | Ti ve, we re- cord speed I ee (ge Sep Re. Wu's Tuba (Bsn, Hans, Tr, Hp) Maid - en Trip that’s too hard —- ‘ Pe 117- “Barrett's Song” (ubophone (W's, Tpts, Sigs) Stes." Vins) cy ('Stgs" Vie, Ved eee eee | PIE 118- “Barrett's Song” (Ww's,Tupophone, “Hp”? Blackout—Applause Segue a PIANO/CONDUCTOR 7~The Glinka #1 (Beanes) use segue from 1 G-s30) 2 3 [Alice & Eagar enter.] mf (wars) 2 = 3____? (ns, Vi, Ve) ; ‘Vamp Alice ast x roa) Triangle) ys pts, “Hp,” viay (tas, Ve piz2) mc Az “The Gtinka #1” (riangle continues to end (50g Vin, Vad oe we (F106, Belts) cH (on (Ve, Bs pizz) pre ane “The Glinka #1” (Edgar/Alice dialogue continues} tg" le) (0) (641600) > Cipt2, "Hp" Via) > open —— oo = ins, Vepiz) 32 3 mc “The Glink #1" (010 (47100) ——————.,. (We Bs pizs) Cue to sing: Alice: “.. rubbing elbows with them.” 3 Vamp Alice last»): “ (7Stgs:" Vins) CIpt 1, “Hp- Via) (pe) e OO (ins, Ver “The Glinka #1” 13 PI money 4 (Ve, Bs pis: “ae “The Glinka #1” [Dialogue continues} Stg5" Vin oot (08) (441600) (1Stgs." Vins) pe, “ip via oe > zi cpt) PIC 2125+ “The Glinks #1" (0b F100) —— (We, Bs piss) 78, 0 ed at 2. (Cis, Bells) Cut off on cue: Edgar: “paid for ‘and that's all-we get.” ES sigs" Vins) (esc (7557 Sty) P i rit. (last x) = SS o Vv [Segue PIANO/CONDUCTOR Caroline Charles 7A~The Glinka #2 (Clarkes) Cue: Alice: “Wel that's not all 'me getting.” {music in. Alice & Edgar exit — Charles & Caroline enter.) tp e190] A mu“ ee (Criangle continues smile to end) Crangie) bz (Stgs,* Vins) (2Via 806) (in, Hy") | TBs cy (epics) PIC a7 “Clinka w2 For posh, (tye Ving, Vie) 2 —_—— a —2 — on eee a eee (We, Bs piss) Ie 8 “Gtinka no" [Caroline/Chartes dialogue continues) 5957 Sts) (Cis, Bells) — (08) (Pie 800) @ cum |ma J-NJ (We pizs) 2 ee Wepizer me 12 "Glinka #2 ae (Ci, Betts) a cee eee = Sere ‘Vamp we 3 (Cue to sing: Charles: “.., would be educational.” Charles ast 2: a“ “5 46 bz (Stgs-” Vins) (Vin Bob) tn He |—Tasen dod oe 130. “Glinka n2 thrilled? sec - ond class ——— (We, Bs piss) Pr 131- “Clink [Dialogue continues} (F108, 13¢ x only) (Cis, Bells) 3) we 3 (0 (441600) (Stg5/" Vins) Cpt 1, “Hp ia) (Tpt2, “Hp,” Vie) = pen xs a. ins, Vepiza) 63 6 7 ia bie “Glinka #2" (Ob) (+41 B00) (We, Bs piss) ‘Vamp Start ritard: Charles: “Ys, well, we had to make do with what we bad, didn't we?” Ciangte Cut off on cue: Caroline: “Stop worrying. darling.” (sigs Vins) iF r ff Feape ne (°50¢57 Stes) (Bsc) rit. (last x) ———— os Bs) NS) PIANO/CONDUCTOR Etches 1st Class Passengers Serving Staff 8~What A Remarkable Age What isn't?” ‘Saving money.” (music in] Allegro maestoso [4-490] (=4] (St95¢" Vins) (Bs Cl, Timp, Via, Ve, Bs) S 5 Etches: [addressing his staff] ‘My dear Mis - ter ns, Tpts) > f (Bsn, Tbs, “Sigs” Via, Ve, Bs) . ; “What A Remarkats “gr Pre-pare to greet our _dli- en- tele, Our meet-ing is — (we's) mp = —— nt Sard Our hav- ing just nung the din-ner —bell,_Te won't be a ‘We most-ly have seen them all be - fore. Pre-pare for the ins, TH) eee “What A Remarkable Age’ ware of whats in store © - lym= pic and Ma- as) (Betts) G4 oy FA a GA Sigs Sig pies) 2 (Bsn, Ti) (Hine Boa) 29 2 Fr jest - ic and wo - day’ changed Mis- ter fe 7 (75095 Sigs) mc “D6 "What A Remarkable Age” Stg5" tgs) P molto marcato Suaus likes. the Grouse. with the =~ sauce on the side! cus - tomed to —S~ the En - ter- prise “137- “What A Remarkable Age (FD (Ben 15 ma best of all that The world of —_ Free mon - ey buys Ss —, —_— has gi-ven this priv - ‘lege to the _rich! ‘When they're (is (+850 Seb) which we pro = (FLO vs (Stes Stes) “ali mel. thats for = e+ ver the source of our pride — why we're al - ways there with our es = pe = cial form of ato n 113. What A Kemarkabie Age ffo7™7 hung ry mil-lion = ire. By now (tos) (i0's, tgs) 20 __1st-Class Passengers: (Scene change to First-Class Dining Saloon.) (Wu's “Sgn” Stein 8) 2 $37) 3 dT 2 Piet) ins, Tots) (Bsn, Tbs, Ve, Bs) sail- ing aboard the great - est. ship that (0b, C13, Tangle) (cis. Ty P leggiero f Gan tne terme BT “Sigs” Stgs) 39 “What A Remarkable Age” Ist-Class Women: hhull and the keel im - per - vi- ous - ly strong- er by Mag - be (+1st-Class Men): i= fis cent crys - wl chan - de- lies! Par - quene PY Sop/Ten: eeil-ing is Ja - co - be- an, A de - cor the world a - dores Re-mark- a - ble (tgs Stas in S00) ne oui "What A Remarkable Ags a SopfTen: ship! Re-mark-a- ble keel! AltoBari: Bsn, Ties, Ve, Bs) (W's, “Ses Sigs) mol p) "What A Remarkable Age 1069 | sta: r06 tog 1st Class Men: es ‘What 2 re-mark-a- ble Age this Tes “What a re-mark-a-ble Age this cto CEB (res, Timp, “Sigs” Sigs) 10, Allaatelass: fel-lows in- ven - ted see through film, He calls it cel - lo - phane! (sig9) 7 Cpe TD st (ib 2, Ve, Bs) st (6¥ins, Timp) AB 14 no- ther has. built Par - a-chute for jump ing our of an air - plane! Re - (1 2, Ve, Bs) eae aaa "What A Remarkable Age” 18 —— 121 mark - a - ble things flow end - less= ly from the hu- man brain, dis. Tee (Wee's, “Sigs” Sg) on J d (Stato: In- deed, and What a re-mark-a-ble Age this, ist Capt (aa | coat s/F ve (Toba, Timp, “Stes” Stes (Sigs Stes) _ ae “What A Remarkable Ay hap - pi - ly serve! elu - sive pre - serve Kes the (0 (4800 15 ma basse) > > pe plea = sure of the — cap - tain sits } j-——. ois. “What A Remarkable Age” lei - sure class - es’ great - est wits a ad 7, et) when wk- ing their din - ! Giv - ing > (Cia 48 88) our chief art GAO) aie: a ‘What A Remarkable Age’ perfect ly work ing ma a You should # = (51557 tgs) 139 1st Class Mens bur-den that we bear in our re = spec = (Wes sig) balaieal “hr “What A Remarkable Age” mark-a- ble! U.S. Steel is split- ding shares at five to tn, Tp, TD (oHins, Te D (ib 2, Ve, Bs) i ‘1 {st class Women: in - dus-uy far bet - cer than be - fore! (5tg5” Stes) (oHins, TD) (rb 2, Ve, 83) on “What A Remarkable Age” 1748, rac. tend-ing the cor - 0 - na - ton of KingGeorge TheFifth was grand! And (tins, Tete Tb) (9H, TD hd (rb 2, Ve, Bs) of Ist-Class Passengers 1748, ‘Sop/Ten: af- ter-wards off to Mon-0-co wm fro- lie in the sand, Re- mark-a- ble ns, Tot TD pt) ‘tin (Bon TonslTimp-sb) tgs” Sigs) vel ve (eb 2, Ve. Bs) eens “What & Remarkable Age” All First-Class Passengers SopfTen: 76 17 Re-mark-a- ble times! Re-mark-a- ble (Bsn, Ths, Ve, BS) 7 z So much to sur - prise———and a - maze!—_—_____ And re what 2 world So much to sur - prise and a - maze! a (Ws, “Sige” Sigs) —_ Scr Ser ESET eerSTEeTEeTTEESTETEE faa = CEs] | au mncuss pases m1 ie o what a re-mark-a- ble time What a re-mark-a- ble world (Wu's til Vin temeto) EE (Ban, Teb2, Timp, Ves) F yar} 18 What a re-mark-a- ble Age. (Was, "Seg Sigs) 193) erese. poco a poco 132 Etchea/Staf, The hull and the kel im - per-vi-ous! Mag - ni-fi-cent crystal chan-decliers! A , Tega Seg) - ow) Has, Tpts B06) (an, Timp, Ve Bs) ae 151- "What A Remarkable Age” fel-low’s in-vent~ed see-through film! And what a re-mark-a- ble Age 4,1.) Os (oe 15ma basal poco rit. Wl, "Sig Sigs oa) p's) Applause segue PIANO/CONDUCTOR On Stage Tr 8A~Trio Da Pranzo I Cue ‘Applause segue from “What A Remarkable Age” Bellboy: “The dinner seating for Thursday, April I lth is now being served inthe first-class dining saloon.” a UAs guests 7 2 & ve Pro [Cut on Murdoch’ entrancel 20 Pc ase “Tra 04 Pranzo i” [repeat from bar 3, with pickups, if necessary] a PIANO/CONDUCTOR ‘On Stage Trio 8B~Trio Da Pranzo II Cue Tamay: "Ob, well de EJ." Bellboy: “The dinner seating forFriday, April 12th. is, now being served inthe first-class dining saloon.” (As gues sit 2f a blr fa = ve “Trio Da Prenzo It @ {[Cuton Bride's entrance] 2 ve Pro Pic ass. “Tia De Princo tt” PIANO/CONDUCTOR (On Stage Trio 8C~Trio Da Pranzo III cs Bride: “Aye dye, Sin™ Bellboy: “The dinner seating for Sarurday, April 13th now being served in the first-class dining saloon.” (As guest sit a & 2 4 s mf pic aoe vaaf Vai {Cut on Lightoller's entrance] 2 PIANO/CONDUCTOR Major Etches And Staff 1st Class Passengers 9~What A Remarkable Age (Coda) (Cue: Captain: “I'm afraid it's too soon ..either of us to say.” (Music in} Allegro maestoso [4+= 126] veer 2 3 ‘ Major (last x Cue to proceed: Capt: “Please excise me.” (pt) (oti Sob) Tact ill eds) crese, poco a poco peas All Ist-Class 7 ‘Men: Passengers: mark-a- ble man our Cap - tain Smith! Re - mark-a- ble man our Cap ~ tain Smith! Re - War's e's i ——. ——>, me lol ‘What A Remarkable Age (Coda) o mark-a- ble man our Cap = tain Smith! Re > mark-a- ble man our Cap - tain Smith! Re - a —_—_> 4 (51 (oBan, T2506) eens mark-a~ ble man our. Cap - tain Smith! Re - mark-a- ble, mark-a~ ble Res mark-a- ble Staff, tches: Re - mark-a-ble man! Re - mark-a-ble, Re - mark-a- ble man! me 165- “What & Remarkable Age (Cou)” Ist-Class Passengers (, Soprten: : 8 On. C3tg57 5169) (Bsn, Tibs, Ve, Bs) So much to sur - prise and a - maze! [Alto loco, Bass 8 bassa} —_==== world So much to sur - prise. and a - maze! Ist-Class Passengers: what a re- mark-a = ble a re-mark-a- ble world (0's rl, ge memolo) (tpts ey P (Bsn, Too 2, Timp, Ve, Bs) 7 z =——— =——— (stan: 2 38 What a re-matk-a- ble age. Dye 5t69 ee mf : Segue as one “Cap Lights” 167- PIANO/CONDUCTOR Captain Lightoller wirion 10~Cap Lights [4-110] wa 2 ug mf aM Cis, “Sts” tgs) a [Bellboy announcement and Scene Change} ae 168- “Cap Lights” (Wu's) (406) ins, T 1 Vo, 16_Captain (spokent: What's our po = ~si-tion, Mister Mur-doch? — Cp c1pts) © segs." Vin, Vad —_— a (Gs, Tis, “Stes” Ve, Bs) Pic 163 Lith some rhythmic freedom] 24 Murdoch: 22 23 2 “Cup Lights” two. Thir-ty five north Lon-gi-rude for-ty five, fif- — ee | (Banour) 2 Captain (spoken: ___28 And the sea temp'-ra-ture Mis~ ter - Light - ol ler? ———————— | 29, __Lightoller al Last check, down five degrees to thir- ty four Fahr-en-het ca 3s ES ee (tin) i wad (+860) nn “170° “Cap Lights” Bl] Uhanding him a message] Murdochs 35 An - oth-er com-mun-i+ca = tion Cap tain? [Dialogue continues} cw PIC an “Cup Lights” © 48 v ———_ ——— 8 ws Balls) (Cis, Bells) Cue to ritard: Capt: “Lets do everything we can to avoid bringing Mr. Lemay to the bridge again.” (°Sts." Vin, Vay 3 (rit last») (Bs) [Short scene] PIANO/CONDUCTOR Murdoch 11~To Be A Captain (Murdoch) Cue: Captain: “Take aver Mn Murdoch.” (Prayerike J=90] Careers A o + Thou - sands on board Each in his PIC “73 “To Be A Captain (Sunoch)” poco rit. Segue as one “Transition To 3rd Class” PIANO/CONDUCTOR (Murdoch) 11A~Transition to 3rd Class [stan at br 63), a Murdoch (st x only: hand (706-342) riangte L + “triangle continues simile t end) (5tg5," Vina) Uta” Sigs Vi If (ig Vota art) (We piss) PIC ars “Transition to 3nt Class 7 7 7 ‘rd Class Steward: “3rd Class pasrengers are reminded not to take food below to your cabins!” Kate Mullins: “What the reason for that then” Sed Class Steward: “It encourages the rat.” Kate Murphey: “They got rats on a brand new ship?” 3rd Class Steward: “They're akvays the firs aboard.” 08) 2 We Bs pizs) Ge] Vamp Kate McGowan: “Will, they're welcome to have part of my share. Sure and me entre family could live a week of ust what I been leavin' on me plate. And all of efor free!” Cue to ritard: Farrell: “Free? Are you daft then? And, winy do you suppose they charged us every bit of 60 shilling for oer passage?” Pct vw ? (rit last x) (Be Ci oes not reattach) PIANO/CONDUCTOR Kate McGowan Kate Murphey dmFarel 12~Lady’s Maid 3rd-Class Passengers ‘Cue: MeGowan: “Just like cream.” Andantino [2=80] ‘ MeGowan: [proddly] 2 es a A pro- per per - son Peo = ple will look (We pies) (4Bs 806) (ova) L BS) PIC [2] A tempo a7 “Lady's Maid” 10 aon 12 aD as pire to heights of (¥e) (Bs 806) 13, 14 15 16 (ins, THD (*Hy." Ve) mn) sn, Bs) ne rae A tempo [4=90] es Mullins: "Me, oo!” = Murphey: “Me, three!” “Lady's Maid” rR MeGowan: (dreamily) want t0 be a la- dys maid La = dys maid in A - me-ri-ca ———— a eee) comune In Acme-rixca the streets afe paved with TE EE gold ing (80) (ells, “Sg,” Vins, Via) PIC 179 “Lady's Muid” i) Kate Murphey: want to be a go- ver~ness Go = ver-ness in A= me-ri-ca A-me-ri-ca its bet - i I (Bells, “Sig,” Vins, Va) = ows) want to be a sew- ing ict 5 tin (wa eee) uly's Math” Kate McGowan: “ “s Kate Murphey: o place called Chi- ca - go Tve seen it on the map C1, Xyto) wo f 3 52 53 es Kate Mullins: place called Ma- ry-land I've seen it on the map ww —__——— (ns, Vay es, - te ——S z_# (Bells “Hp ny pre -181- “Lady's Maid” place in A-me-ti-ca (tins, Teo — sigs" To oF (Stgs," Vins, Via) - - ‘Kate Murphey: Oh — I'm ho- pin’ that itis Kate Mallins: | There (tgp Vin, Vay 'm ho- pin’ that it is eresc. poco a poco (Bsn, Timp, Bs) ee : Poms “Lady's Maid” my dreamin’ and my ins, TD) tue € = nough and THD) PIC 183+ “Lauly's Mut” 71) A tem: By A tempe _xueeconsn __——P n f_ 18: Solo man (Thayer) want to be an en- gi-neer en- gi-neer (ins, TD os Fovinn Pe Acmerfv@ the sueets are paved with gold! A-me-ri-er the sweets afe paved with gold. Ee (Wu's, Belts) (oa ¥e 89 "FF r - “_ “Lady's Mat” 73 AIL3 Kates at 2nd Solo man (Wider: want a shop to call my own fo all my own Fees (eB, Ve b00) r ? 83, 4 Kate McGowan: 8 ea All: > ‘Kate Murphey: Kate Mallins: In A-mecrivca ts bet - ter (eset) | 7d (2am Ve 80) ony B . ; : PIC 185 “Lady's Maid” bg cin to0 (Cis, Bsn, *Stgs,” Sty in 305) Pm plan-ing that ic will Tim plan-ning that it (505° Vs, Vad ao eres. poco a poco (Bsn, Timp, Bs) le aed Lady's Maia” Where my dream-in’ and my —ho- pin’ and my schem-in’ and my ——————_—_—_—_J_J___________ es _ ee ee (ts, 70 toy 102 hap - py (3055 tgs) {poco} rit. (THD Atempo ‘34d Solo man (Guggenheimn: 103 want to be a mil- lion- aire! tn, TD Mil ~ lion aire Fy (W's, “Seg.” Sigs) Fiesnrem PP ? eal ~ — 7 Pic -187- “bay's Mail” Suike it rich and spend the for-cune I (Sigs ony) (eWo's, Bells) 11] 4th Soto man (Major: — —— 1 want t0 be a con-sta- ble! (tes, To is (5t¢97 Stes) Faonm PP In A-me-ri-ea you rise a- bove your class! W's, ‘etsy’ | Pic ise “bady’s Mail” o there’s the place your ie oy, and tee TD t—. (0's, sig” si ne -189- “Lady's Maid” a ro Kate McGowan: Kate McGowan: 129 ‘Kate Murphey: 7 3 And I'm certain that it will KateMullings There I'm cer- tain thar it will! German man (Isidor): erese. poco a poco —— Oo ie Pe tgs” Vins) (Bsn, Timp, Bs) Italian woman (Madeleine): 133 134 U - ona bella Italina man (Astor): will ein gu-tes le-ben ha - ben! (ns, T0, (S8gs” Sigs in Bus) eresc. poco a poco oC 7130 “batdy’s Mutd” \ ——__ CC —————— cil @) hho-pin’ and my schem-in’ and my pray-in’ and my wish-in’ to be hap-py will come true e-nough and PIC “DL “Lady's Muict™ [Slower] ar All: 42 3 143 1 wane 1 ise a= dove my-self— 3 KatexFarrel/Third Man (Guggenheim: want to rise a - bove. 9) stg" Sigs) Fou [Td 162, ie i Bs) 7 aT AltoBass: A-me-ri-ca the streets are paved with 37 148 us, ‘TenlSop: 148, A-mecri- cathe streets are paved with gold grand! ‘A-me-ricea the streets are paved with gold —— )4 aaa ‘Lady's Maia” Man 1 Thayes: 1507 Ait gold eS > i want © be a La-dy's maid En- gi-neer me- tise Kate McGowan: Man 3 (Guggenheim: = Mil-lion-aire A- me-ti-ca (Vins) (+Vla 806) eo [155] xateecowan: (to herself] Bet - ter place for me and you Bet - cer land to start a - new ite ©. Bec - ter land for the ba by. cay Pic -193- ‘Lady's Mail” poco rit Tee] Atempo (Alemate) 187 a ~~ 7 om r m We, pix) Slow Segue PIANO/CONDUCTOR 13~Mystery Bridge #1 Slow segue from "Ladys Maid” Very Slowly, {in three J=50) cp PIC 5- 1195- “Mystery Bridge #1” ‘Cue to cut off: Ismay: “But itr imperative, demerit.” iP iF iF - ‘Segue “Marconi’s Wonder #1” PIANO/CONDUCTOR 14~Marconi’s Wonder #1 Cue: Ismay: “Splendid, that's all we can ask, isn’t it?” Allegro 1 2 3 (Wee's, Sigs” Sigs in 808) wus rll Stgs tremolo) (Brass, Xylo) (Vamp and fade as radio room is revealed] 6 Sten? Stan) P (Wu's, Xylo) PIANO/CONDUCTOR Barrett Bride 15~The Proposal Cue: Barrett: “Idon't know.” (Music in] Brooding [in two J=80] “1s got tobe the right thing. “if L wouldn't take ber serious, : oe Darlene’s sort of funny, y'see—" (CutofM] she knew somebody who would.” come seraighs out with Imusic continues} (Vins Via) a P tani? ins) (Ve, Bs pics) Freely {in four J=68] Barrett 7 TIT be com ing back alls, “Celeste (Hp) (Sea) are eee A tempo Back to your dark eyes and. hair. Cate) ‘Mar-ry me when I re~eum Dar - lene Celeste) $$$ fy tts SS Tem ole (cbs ob o ‘And un- cl that day— my love, take care. Celeste) (4bs cy PIC 199 [2g] [Stower e regulare, in two J=63] 20 2 “The Proposal” (Ving) (+¥Ia 806) (Cos Cl, Ve, Bs) (Cbs Clow) be your blan = ket as you soft = ly sleep (Vins) (+Vta 806) i i = i (cbs c0 When you're fin = ‘lly in you'll plain = ly + ted sill - ors heart and soul a (saa PF 39 Bride: ——————— ‘Segue “The Night Was Alive” PIANO/CONDUCTOR w" 15A~The Night Was Alive [=63] Parlando, slowly (In 2) Bride: + Ev. 'ty- day from OM “Good morn-ing old man” Vode lf [a tempo) eB) Ga) “Good night oldman” “The Night Was Alive” o mes-sa- ges to ships Send-ing out its 70] Poco pitt mosso [4=88] we Poco pi mosso, in four {a tempo} 13, 15 poco rit. “The Night Was Alive” (W's, Vins, Via) ‘and sad Spent my days in-doors. home - bound lad, hardly spoke, few friends, I kept my-self to my- self quite a - lone [atempo} ——{rit.] ee roRe cr i - a - onan (ns (Bon Ve 80) gg. [Slower] ay 35 a miles, the same, touch the spark sound the tone, a_i 70s “The Night Was Alive” (2) (witha sense of awakening J=100) night was alive with a thou - sand voi - ces, fight ing | P (Wu's tremolo Sigs) (Vins) (rVta Bob) tas (ota Se) Ban, Vor (4B5 806) life came a-live with a thou - sand voi- ces tap-ping out each word (tins, TD i P (Wu's, tremolo Sigs) thou- sand peo- ple joined with a sin - gle heart — SF Gtins, TD & S ait 4 2 (ells, Xe) (Ve Bs piss) (Wu's, "Hp SerEeEESEESTOTESTESTESTTSESTTESTEE Tap- ping out our oe -207- “The Night Wiss Alive” Grandioso a Tes a-live with a thou-sand voi- ces Barrett: May the Lord who watches es all watch 0 - ver thee~ (St57 Sips in 8) aS +4 (Bsn, Tre 2) (4Bs 806) = ty one of them con - ect Stg5" Sigs) ww’ ee (Timp) Spa er EE eaE Caer ere TESETE a-live with a thou- sand voi - ces May God's Hea-ven be your blan - kee as— you sleep (Sigs only) ae oa 2 peo- ple joined with a sin - gle heart Tap- ping out our (Wu's, "Sigs Sts) fice. (Bsn, Ve, BS) Pe “The Night Was Alive” dit dit dah—die dan ait Die dit dahadie ah it dahedic dah s (Balls, Xyio) roa (We Bs pice) (Ma, Ve, Bs) fe, Bs piss) rj [Bride sends closing signarure.] fa a 85, Nd = war: Sigs" tgs) "Thee Night Was Alive Very slowly °5ig57 Sega) es 21) (Faster} [Bride listens to response from the receiver.} 92 3 mdii? gd 4 gi) 4 4 sigs” segs) 9s 8 a Bride: “Message received.” 4, 2 | [_——~2 (iawve, Bspi Applause segue PIANO/CONDUCTOR 15B~Marconi’s Wonder #2 (ars “SIRS SHES NSCS (wes tril, Sigs tremolo) (Brass, Xylo) P (Wu's, Xylo) Segue as one “Hymn: God Lift Me Up” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Ensemble: 1st-Class Passengers (SATB) 16~Hymn: God Lift Me Up 1 2 a a (Captain speaks) J (rit) | [atempo} w diy lid 4 Harmonium” St) (We pizs) (Bs 0b) 6 er 8 (Captain “Hyon mumber 27, “God Lift Me Up.” 7 [atempo} {a tempo} a Segue as one “Doing The Latest Rag” PIANO/CONDUCTOR Ensemble: 1st-Class Passengers Hartley gx 17~Doing The Latest Rag The DaMicos Infour (4=90, 17-1, 09-79) 1 Sop/Alte: 2__ Hartley: La-diesand gen - demen! accel (Wu's, Tots, Stg Bnd) (Bsn, Tibs, “Sig” Pno, Sigs) | (Ens) The Band: Taylor Ev-‘ry-one up—and out, fol- low the band— and shout “Isn't it a love-ly day!" ‘Yes! ttt (Pro, Sigs) (Wu's, piss Sigs) “as. “Doing the Latest Rug’ pie Watching all the la- dies in Par - ‘is - ian fash- ion (Wu's, Stg Bnd) (Cis, Hn, Sty Bd) playing quite smart - ly in rhy-thm that could nev - er Yomg Maver Fare - ley is uv oF _ oP fe + mu- sical meat to hear a band with a beat per-form-ing “Doing the Latest Rag’ Hartley: [greeting individual passengers] p (no, Sigs) 3 my— friend 0 good to see you once’ more, long. since Has it been three days or four? pie -w- “Doing the Latest Rug” Hartley Band: 29 20 31 ie than a lic- de week-end jag! (+Prno, Sg) o =; (Pro, 5835) mie y bd / noi) reer imo = Hartley: 33, el Ei 3 35. 3 > por, ship by our-selves on this glo-ri-ous af - ter-noon Doing the la- test rag! I love the (Wins) 2 38 39 4 cool of the breeze feel the rhy-thm of the song in your knees pro-me-na-ding a (cl, 0) (no, Segs) pt a ae Doing the es 2 4g +Band: ee id long at your ease like a feath- er Js that a a i + 7 hine of a chill When you're danc- ing out of doors its a thrill___ keeps you har- dy and (Cu, 78) (Pro, Sg) 51 health-i- er still ‘Take a part- ner if you dare! s.Wia vo J (Wu's) (4Tpts Bob) pe 1s “Doing the Latest Ruy” Hartey/Band: Ev- 'ry-one is burst-ing with e - mo-sion! Dane-ing as we cross the might-y _o-cean! (Wu's, Xyto) (tas, T4) a (W's (Br B06) Dance. *\ Men + Band: dance with me please, feel the rhy- thm of the song in your knees—_pro-me- mad-ing a - a ———__ Ties, 7) z (Was in 805) (St Bra) OE sean ctor (Pro) —S like a feath-er in the air! a (W015 ma) — Serer EST ERSTEEETTETTTenE hint of a chill? When you're dane-ing out of doors its thrill Keeps you har- dy and ting) go i (Wars in B08) (45tg Bnd) 1 stg ooeb) d ‘Take a partner if you dare! ins, Tot) (Pro, Sigs) yoco accel. T41,¥0) Slightly taster [J=114] [Etches introduces The DaMicos) 73 — tp. © (Sigs in sont (Shy Bad F com (ins, p82, 4D) Tp) © segs in Se oea” F tomes “Doing the Latest Rug” re ay “Doing the Latest Rag” as, Tet2, THD ree (32) sughuy taster J=t7] r i 4 95, 98 (W's, “Sige tremolo Stes) (4Stg Bnd) a 98. 9 100 (tin, Tpt, TD 2, Tp) Fr i i lf ae it _ “Doing the Latest Sag” (W's, “Sigs,” Stgs) (Sty Bnd) ==, nek ti wg (Wu's) (+Pno gts). P———————— PERE RE RE RE apts [J=104] Hartley: = 2107 108 Out on the Well Deck, ShipS— per-son-nel deck, feel all the o-cean spray! Band: = > Out on the Well Deck, Ships——per-son-nel deck, feel all the o-cean spray Get your- self up-on the mp ins, “Sts.” Sigs) ge sr eal I eal mH 7 = “Doing the Latest Rug” uup- per Ho-tel deck Oh—— what a swell deck! Great for your de- jeun - er uup- per Ho-tel deck Oh— what a swell deck! Great for your de-jeun - er Turn the cor-ner on the © eins, “segs ‘Stge) (2500) (Pro) Port par al- lel deck Its La Plus Belle deck, All of the Passengers (Pro) ins, "Sigs Sigs) ae Re “Doing the Latest Rag” Wy All: 118 ng 120 set-ting willl take (Ens) (4808) rfl fe ve = = == 7a (Cos CL Ts, Sig6) Ev- "ry one up—and out, no-bo-dy lag— a-bout, let your dark- er spirits climb! (Wie’s) (opts, Te Bob) — a1 own © Be — Z 3 rar rT r 125, 128 127 Swol-ling with the or-ches-tra be - side you, play-ing four four tins) (ore id AAS i Fema OF r 1S OF poor oe lane “Doing the Latest Rag” ‘The DaMicosTaylor: We've got a fel - low who's bet- ter on cel - lo chan an-y oth-er ship can brag! So take your (W's, Beli) ——~ All girl by the hand_and lend an ear to the band— and do to-day’ lat - est rag! Come danc- ing (Ens) (4800) ane Re “Doing the Latest Rag” 137] Hartley/Bystanders/Band: a a Pana . SS Se SS 5 ov vy — la ae +¥ Poets ‘our on the Well Deck, Ships— per-son-nel deck, feel all the ocean spray. 2 on th he Ger your- self up-on the Dancing Passengers ‘& DaMicos: ieee = =: = v Out. Cin TX Oe oe wi d id os ? re r i Frewcuay e 443 py tae t Up- per Ho-tel deck, Oh what a swell deck, Kick all your cares a - way. qh" the cor-ner on the ooo Gand) Ove. pts, Th, Xyle) ins, "Sigs" ‘Stgs) (+800) (Pro) me “Doing the Lutest Rug” Hartley/BystanderyBand: Port par-al- lel deck, great De- moi-selle deck Watch all the girls sa - shay! Dancing Passengers & DaMicos: Out. Cpt, Tbs, Xyto) mu-sicy the mag- time mu-sic can take (Coser, ‘Trbs, Sigs), Pic 153 Hartley/Alto/Bass: A Dance with me please, Band/Sop/Ten: Out on ns, Tots) the Well Deck, Ship’ per-son - nel (tins, Te) (W's, Xylo) (4800) no, *5tg5" ge) f twa F r 158 long at _your ease. Up- per Ho-tel deck, Oh what swell esi) ar r rer feel the rhy-thm of the song in “Bo “Doing the Latest Rag” 155, 156. your knees,—— pro- me-na- ding a - deck, feel all the o- cean spray! 159 like a feath-er in the air! deck, kick all your trou-bles a - way! The CoWare ve (Pro, "stg" tgs) rer PIC 3 “Doing the Latest Rag” 16 hint of a chill, When you're danc-ing out of doors its a thrill keeps you har- dy. and Port par-al-lel deck Ies——La Plus Belle deck, All of the rest pas - ——————.. Zits th (Was, Xylo) (4800) : ‘Take a pare- ner if you dare! Great De~- moi-selle deck Watch all the girls oe Be “Doing the Latest Rag” 169) SoprTen/Band: Ev 'ry- one is burst-ing with e - mo-tion! Dane- ing as we cross the might- y Alto/Basa/Hartey Ev-"'ry-one is burst-ing with e - mo-ton! Danc~ing as we cross the might- y tas, TH) (Tp) (tin 1) (Wu's) (4808) (Pro, Sigs) ¥ r Frsc.as all it been ab - so-lut- ely great to dance the ’ it been ab- so - lur- ely great to dance the Ens) (+800) ~— ead “Doing the Latest Rag” Hartley/Band: 178 ve ae TervBariBs: (ns, Te) || (Pro, Sigs) ered ee rere Applause Segue PIANO/CONDUCTOR 17A~Latest Rag Playoff {Start at 174] [Liistesso tempo] my (as, TH) sra_ Tse) 7s Te) wre o ww’) (Pro, Sigs) (Ens) (800) m~ =a) VT =F al (Pro, Sigs) ees 7 aa i r r , tT BS PIANO/CONDUCTOR 17B~I Have Danced Edgar (Cues Alice: “Language, Edgar!” Edgar: “Come on, litle girl” (Music) (With great gentleness 2-52] QO A Alice: o Edgar: “don’t really think we belong here..." Alice: “Oh, applesauce, Edgar.” Me Boe “T Have Danced” cine vo J ‘ee Haven nied, Edger? These day nabaty'y beter an nay ee” fore ctomiies a bendoome rn..." fic 27 “1 Have Danced” Alice: *..Harry, the Harvard man, 'l tell you God's honest ruth, Edgar — Pd tet that boy marry our Lucy ina second.” ‘Alice: “ You can make fun all ou want, Edgar, but I want more out of life.” J) 3 22 a Edgar: “But that's why I arranged chis trip, Alice—to show you the world.” Cue to continue: Allee: “I don’t want to see the world, Edgar!” ane oe 34 35, 36 37 Dalice: Alice: “There are to many other places I'd rather see frst!" There cod “1 Have Danco” world — that’s (cw BO Cue to continue: continue: Cue to continue: Alle: “Thats because you've ice: “Instead of branching out...” mse you've, Alice: “instead a Cue to continue: Cue to continue: Alice: “Gor all heir million...” Edgar: “Why don't you just calm down, Alice, ‘and enjoy what we have?” me 58] ("what we have?”) Alice: 59 60 “20. “1 Have Dance” Pc 2