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SINCE 1955

October 2011

Presidents Report


Our program this month will be on Vacuum

Bagging. Mark Chouinard has had some training
and experience recently on his Pietenpol project
and is willing to share it with us. This might be a
short program so I'm hoping some of you will
participate with further gismo, tooling, or tricks of
the trade for building and or maintaining our

Upcoming Events / Board Report

The $500 Barbeque Sandwich

55th Annual Tulsa Fly In

Airman Bean Dinner / Gundys Wing Ding

Classified Ads / Skyhaven Brat Feed

The season for The Air Academy nomination and
selection process has snuck up on us again. We
Officer Contacts / Membership Info
send at Chapter 10 expense a young person to
the Air Academy at Oshkosh each year. Most of
you are probably aware of the process. If not
contact any of the officers or attend our upcoming meeting.

This last month has been filled with some of our most popular fly in activities.
Tulsa Fly-in at Bartlesville - nearly a total disaster but the Tri-motor was a hit.
Thanks again to all the volunteers. Airman Acres Bean Dinner- this has always been
my favorite. I think they were overwhelmed this year. I found a spoon but never did
find a bowl for the beans. I settled for a cupcake and some lemonade. My wife was
just as happy I didn't get any beans. Skyhaven Airpark- my new favorite. Maybe
because I live here. A great turnout. A little windy and gusty but a great time had
by all. I thought we were going to run out of food for a while, but we survived.
Bad news on the Fly-in situation. It was recently announced that the Reklaw fly in
has been cancelled due to the severe dry conditions this year.
See you all at the meeting
John Nys

Editors note: An alternate fly in has been organized October 21 - 23, 2011 at Jasper County Bell
Field Airport in Jasper, TX (KJAS). More information will be shared at the upcoming meeting.

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Upcoming Events
October 21 - 23
October 29
November 5
November 21

Jasper County Bell Field Airport (KJAS) Fly-In Jasper, Texas

Okie Fliers Picnic Claremore Airport 11am 1pm
Ponca City Breakfast 7:00 10:00am
Chapter 10 Pie Auction 7:30pm

December 10

Christmas Party
Friday, November 4 on

Board Report by Mark Chouinard

Not much to report here as we help an impromptu board
meeting while standing in the sunshine during the Gundys
Wing Ding more about that event in this issue.
We didnt really have any ideas for a presentation, so we
figured we would round out the last formal meeting of the
year with another Gadget Night. If you have a gadget,
gizmo, technique or follow up report on a previous item
you may have share, please bring it along if possible and
come prepared to show it to the group and inform us on
your results or findings.
I will be demonstrating how to set up and utilize a vacuum
bagging system for making wooden laminations, but it
could also be used for fiberglass, carbon fiber and other
materials. Fellow member and Pietenpol builder, Jim
Markle of Pryor, Oklahoma showed me this really neat
method that anyone can do with a minimal investment. Ill
also share information on where to acquire the necessary
materials to use this process.
Come join us for a snack and lets share some ideas!

Who Brings Snacks?

Please bring a snack to the
membership meeting during the month
that corresponds to the first letter of
your last name as listed below.

Annual Picnic
Watermelon Feed
Christmas Party


1st Monday

Chapter business meeting EAA 10 Hangar


2nd Monday

Newsletter folding session EAA 10 Hangar


3rd Monday

Membership meeting EAA 10 Hangar


Saturday following 3rd Monday

Pancake Breakfast EAA 10 Hangar


Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10

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The $500 Dollar Barbeque Sandwich

By Lynn Coltharp

At the 2010 Oshkosh fly-in Paul Shireman and I met a couple of guys camped near us that were from
South Carolina. They told us about a fly-in in their area called TRIPLETREE FLY-IN. It is held in the fall
each year and the way they described it, it sounded like our kind of fly-in. It is set in the woods of South
Carolina just south of Greenville, SC. The field is, get this, a 7000ft grass strip with a lake on one side of
it large enough to land amphibs on it. Looking at their website (http://www.tripletreeflyin.com/) it
reminds me of Reklaw. Maybe an upscale Reklaw, but looks very scenic and inviting.
Last year we wanted to make their fly-in but weather made the decision for us and we stayed home. This
year the weather looked a lot better although we expected to hit some clouds around Tullahoma, TN.
Sure enough when we arrived at Tullahoma there was a three thousand foot ceiling with two broken
layers below it. We fueled up and had a try at getting through. The combination of low clouds and hills
poking up into the clouds forced us to turn back to Tullahoma. There is a Beechcraft Staggerwing
museum on the field but it is only open on the weekend. Just ten miles away is Lynchburg, TN and the
Jack Daniels brewery. If we hurried we could get the courtesy car and get there in time for a tour of the
Old Jack Daniels was quite the entrepreneur in his days and the tour of the distillery was thoroughly
enjoyed by the two of us. It is pretty amazing that the Jack Daniels liquors are world famous and it all
comes out of that tiny little town and the distillery. If you are in the area it makes a very enjoyable bit of
The next morning we arrived at the airport early and were eager to see if we could get through the low
clouds still covering some of the hills. It soon became apparent that we had the same problem we had
the previous afternoon and we diverted south to seek a way through. Eventually we wound up on top for
a look-see and could not see an end to the clouds. Just southwest of Chattanooga we saw a couple of
good size holes and descended down into a valley. After negotiating our way around the class C airspace
we headed back on course but soon found the same problems; low clouds with hills poking up into them.
Cleveland, TN provided a nice airport for us to land and check weather. We spent about three hours there
including a trip to town to get a barbecue sandwich thus the title of this article. We had gone on 650
mile trip, gotten one of those famous $100 hamburgers and turned around and went back home. Maybe
$500 will cover it!
Bhrent Waddell was able to pick his way through the clouds and actually made the fly-in. Hopefully he will
give us a good report on the event.

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10

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The 55th Annual Tulsa Fly-In

By Mark Chouinard

I dont have all the details from the fly-in, but Im sure that Charlie Harris will provide us with more
details in the Vintage newsletter. Whats that? You dont receive the Vintage newsletter? Well shucks.
Anyhow, we were all looking forward to the event as it was shaping up to have some real potential.
There was word of Navy aircraft on display, vintage autos, lots of camping and of course, EAAs beautiful
Ford Tri-Motor then came the rain. Oh, we desperately need rain, but the timing was awful. Several of
us planned to go up and help on Friday and then camp on Friday night in preparation for our duties the
following day. Lynn Coltharp and Paul Shireman flew up to survey the situation, stayed for part of the
day and then decided they would be the only ones there if they stayed, so they chose to come on back
and try again on Saturday.
Saturday morning came and we were optimistic as we walked outside blue skies and breaking clouds
over Owasso, so we jumped in the car and headed north. As we drove, the skies got darker and the
ceiling got lower. Rats, this wasnt looking good at all. When we arrived, the Tri-Motor was just gearing
revving up for her first flight of the day. We got checked in with our shift lead and then many of us stood
around as there wasnt much at all to do. The airplane parking detail was not necessary as the few
(maybe 10) arrivals pretty much took care of themselves. I took the opportunity to browse B&Bs
hardware selection and visit with Jack Kearby about his unbelievable Sopwith Pup.
As the day went on the crowd picked up and the Tri-Motor continued to make flights. The clouds started
to lift and break a bit. The weather was improving over Bartlesville while we were getting reports of
thunderstorms down in Owasso and Tulsa. We were prepared for rain, but never got a drop all day. For
those that were there, remember those bands of clouds that kept passing all afternoon? They were like
big spokes turning on a wheel, and they provided us with mostly sunshine with intermittent periods of
shade. By the end of the day, the clouds were completely clear over the field as we buttoned things up.
I believe that the Tri-Motor had given 9 rides on Saturday, and most of the volunteers that wanted to go
for a ride go to do just that. Best we could tell we were the last ones to leave the field, just behind
John Kurt and the tractors. We arrived home just in time to miss a fairly large thunderstorm that moved
into our area around 8:00.
Several of our members were invited to go with the Tri-Motor to its next stop in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Marvin and Roma Williams were two passengers that got to ride along and they also submitted the photos
below. I dont have all of the details, but when you see them, be sure to ask about the rental car.

Marvin Williams prepares to board the Tri-Motor.

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10

Jefferson City, Missouri

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50th Annual Airman Acres Bean Dinner

By Mark Chouinard

For many, our day started out with pancakes at the EAA hangar and several bombing runs from our
neighbors to the north, but we ended up over at their field enjoying good food and great weather. Seems
that there were plenty of beans, cornbread, pie, cake and cold drinks to go around. I have no idea on the
count of people or aircraft, but there were a bunch, to include a couple of beautiful projects and warbirds.
A big thank you to all the folks of Airman Acres for putting on another great show.

Mark Hymer getting ready to go on patrol.

Young ladies enjoying the shade of a nice C-190.

Gundys Wing Ding

By Mark Chouinard

The morning started early for some as the pecan smoke began to rise over 90 pounds of chicken wings at
the Jernigan house. Those of us that monitored the coals got to watch our bomber wing depart and
return from their mission in total, 12 bombers and one scout helo flew north to mark several targets.
By noon, a crowd had started to show up to partake in the days festivities. There were several airplanes,
vintage and classic cars and lots of food. I dont think anyone could have possibly went away hungry.
Several rides were given as the weather was absolutely perfect. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to
help with all the chores, and to those that attended for making it one of our best turn outs yet.

Jim and Edna Pogue in their beautiful Pacer.

Greg Sheltons F2F Wildcat overhead on final.

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Classifieds
2005 GEM Electric Car 4-seats. Street Legal. Fair Condition. Includes canvas doors, front and rear clevis
hitches. Damaged rear fender. $3750 as is $4750 with new fender. Contact Ed Fogle 918-760-5531
Spot Locator - Good Condition - $50. Contact Ed Fogle 918-760-5531
Waiex N65YX tri-gear: AeroVee 2.1 (80) HP, Sensenich propeller, Stratomaster Enigma, Mircoair T2000
Transponder, XCOM VHF transceiver, Kuntzleman NAV/Strobes, Duckworth Land/Taxi light.
Contact: Jack Nelson (918)742-3876 leave message
Quickie Q200 Project: $6000 Includes disassembled zero-time O200 engine.
Go to: http://home.swbell.net/blsh948/Q200/Q200.htm for details and pictures.
Ron Cross 918-838-7992 blsh948@swbell.net
Smyth Sidewinder project: Welded fuselage is complete on the gear. Includes full set of plans and drawings,
canopy, completed ribs, cowling, spars and enough aluminum to complete the aircraft. Make offer.
Larry Murray 918-557-3020
Acreage For Sale: 2.5 acres with 330 of runway frontage, Airman Acres Airfield, Collinsville, OK. Sets on dead
end road. No covenants. Secluded Area. Build exactly what you desire. $67,500 Darren 918-857-2728
FOR SALE BY OWNER: Glasair I/II RG, 300 hrs TTAF, Lycoming O-320, 70 hrs SMOH, Lightspeed electronic
ignition, high compression pistons, large rudder, dual sliding canopy, panel mount GPS, xponder, intercom and
more, NEW 3-blade MT propeller, new custom interior, extended wing tips 80% complete, ready for paint,
$47,000. See at Gundys (O38), Owasso, OK. Call Mark Fridley @ 918-274-3574 or rmfridley@cox.net

Skyhaven Brat Feed

By Mark Chouinard

Just in from the Brat feed. Once again, it was windy over there, but that didnt keep everyone away. A
good crowd showed up to enjoy the sunshine and a great lunch plate brats and sauerkraut are hard to
beat. The wind didnt scare off the skydivers either three parachutists jumped in and made perfect spot
landings right in front of the crowd. Sorry, I didnt get their names kudos gentlemen! Kids lined the
runway for the candy drop and the Poker Run was getting organized when we were leaving the event.
Not sure how many were dealt in, or who ended up with the high hand. Everyone seemed to be having a
good time. Thanks to the folks at Skyhaven for another nice event!

Dropping in at show center.

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10

A Husky hauls the candy up for the kiddos.

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Chapter 10 Officer Contacts



John Nys
40067 N. 3990 Road
Collinsville, OK 74021

Bart Dalton









Don Pearsall
John Nys
Bart Dalton (DAR)
Roger White
David Snell (DAR)

Jim Gallaway
8005 N. 168th E. Ave.
Owasso, OK 74055


Tom Egbert



Mike Aichele
16225 E 81st Ct N.
Owasso, OK 74055

John Ainslie
Robert Minich


EAA Chapter 10 Address

Bhrent Waddell
13415 N. 155th East Ave.
Collinsville, OK 74021

P.O. Box 1985

Owasso, OK 74055
email: eaa.ch10@gmail.com
web: www.10.eaachapter.org

Mark Chouinard
9002 N. 165th East Ave.
Owasso, OK 74055

Name ________________________________________
Co-Pilot / Spouse _______________________________
Address ______________________________________
City __________________________________________
State / Zip _____________________________________
e-mail address _________________________________
Home Phone ___________________________________
Work Phone ___________________________________
National Membership # ___________________________

Aircraft Owned _________________________________

Projects / % Compete ____________________________
Bring this form to the next meeting or mail to:
EAA Chapter 10 Treasurer
P.O. Box 1985
Owasso, OK 74055

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10 Owasso, Oklahoma

EAA Chapter 10
P.O. Box 1985
Owasso, OK 74055

Visit us online at our

New Web Address


Next Meeting: October 17th @ 1930h (7:30pm)

Who brings snacks?: T - V

Simon says look directly into the sun.

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