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Closing Remarks:

Good afternoon everyone! As the one of the instructors of the NSTP class, I
would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation, first and foremost to the Brgy.
Captain of Tagbibi, Hon.__________________________ and her officials for their full
support for this Feeding program. I would also say thank you to our acting President or
at same the time Director of Saint Michael College Mr. Faustino Flores and Mrs.
Diosdada Flores for their giving support of this activity and also to the students of
NSTP for their cooperation, for the success of this worthwhile activity. It has always
been a pleasure of reaching out to people and helping them in any way we can. I hope
this could be the start of a stronger relationship between the school and the community.
In behalf of SPO4 Merelo M. Nacion NSTP Coordinator, thank you so much
and may God Bless us All.