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Hindang Central School is located in the central part of the town. It is six steps
from the car line and two hundred steps to the shoreline and is accessible to any
The School is supervised by Mr. Rogelio C. Torrente Hindang District Supervisor,
and also Mr. Benjamin P. Daleon Principal II. The school is committed to produce quality
graduates through offering the Basic Education Curriculum properly and at the same
time it implements the following school programs e.g. Child Friendly School Every Child
is Reader Program, BregadaEskwela, School First Initiative and SBP among others. It is
a high performing School Whose NAT is 86%.
The school is composed of twenty-seven (27) competent teachers, including the
principal and one teacher who have no teaching lead for she is assigned as the ALS
Coordinator. Three teachers are male while twenty-three (23) are female. All are
resident of the municipality.
The pre-service teachers were obliged to serve and engage in some activities in
the school which is part in the field study during pre-service teaching. They participated
in different kind of events. The school have various activities happened that involves
students, teachers, and other government agencies.
Last July 29, 2011, the school celebrated Nutrition Month Culmination at Hindang
Gymnasium. The theme of the program mentioned, Breastfeeding, Tama, Sapat,
Eksklusivo, Meaning: they were encouraged to eat fruits, vegetable and foods that
contains good variety.All the pre-service teachers were required to participate and
experience the various events. The parade was started 7:30 am in the morning, after
the parade, the program started with prayer to be led by Saint Michael Chorale followed
the National Anthem and also the program of the events.

On the said affair, there were exhibit of various kind of Nutritious foods: Such as
fruits and vegetable. There were band competitions in different school. The event was
successfully ended and noted in the mind of all Hindanganon.