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Greatest Patriot or The
Greatest Human Being

Gandhi . A name which makes millions of people bow. People

respect him, love him, warship him. It has not only been in Indian
but Europe, Africa and elsewhere thoughout the globe. For some he
was the greatest patriot and for others he was the greatest human
being ever came to this planet. But we should not forget the
difference between a patriot and global great human being. It is not
needed to be same and both of them are different in their own
ways. A patriot is a person who loves his nation more than
anything , to him his nation is everything.Even sometime he has to
fight against rest of the world for his nation. But it can not be said in
case of a great person like Gandhi, their love is for all,it never limit
itself within any greographiocal boundary.

Mahan Das Karam Chand Gandhi. born in Porebandar area

of Gujrat State.the date was 2nd October 1869. He was the youngest
son of his father Karamchand Gandhi. He grew up in a slovent
family. In family tradition they were ‘Byasnaba’. It is a particular
type of Hindus who believes in lmve,affectionate,non-violance.
Gandhi was by no means an exception. Through he spent his
childhood and youth days in an independent country like India
and within the sorroundings of all dirty british exploitations, h
never had any hateress for the britishers. In the later part of his
life he went to Landon for carrying his studies on law.There also
not any changes found in his nature against the British. Then
he went to South Africa, there the prevailing differenciation
with nigroes and Indians surprised him. He was shocked with it.
He started movement against it. He started organising natives
of the country against it. Gradually he was getting success in
his movement.

In the year 1915 he returned back to India and joined Indian

National Congress.He participated in the freedom movement of
the country.with his unique weapon of Satyagraha,hartal or
strike, Ashoyogh or no-corporation became very famous
thoughout the nation within a very short period.these weapons
were very effective those days. His way of movement was non-
violance. He had great faith on his ways. While analysing the
history of freedom movement of India, it is clearly seen that
many times he gave importance to his ways of non-violance
rather than the need or interest of the nation. Chaurichora,trial
of Bhagat singh and his mates were some examples of this.in
the first part of 1920 when the whole country was awekening
by his words and deeds against the centuary long slevery,he
suudenly stopped the movement. The reason behind that was
an incident of chauri chaura, where some angry villegers put
the police station into fire. They were fed of these police men’s
ill-reatment and exploitation.with a view of taking revenge they
had done that . it was quite expectable because the
thinking,ressistance power of the people can never be same
thoughout the nation. But failed to understand it Gandhiji
stopped the movement. His argue was that a movement can
not be carry away with violance. His decesion brought a great
sense of failure and discourragement among the people who
had awaken up together for the first time after the mutiny of
1857. Due to only differnce in ways he never recognized the
way of revolutionaries like Masterda Surya Sen,Jatin
Das,Bhagat Singh,Shukhdev,Rajguru and others. He could
easily save the life of Bhagat Singh and his mate but he did
not. It was because though their goals was same but ways
were different. In case of the Chittagong uprising of 1930 he
said,” Chittagong news makes sad reading, It shows that there
is a large or small body of men in bengal who do not believe in
non-violance wheter as a policy or as a creed”. In the fights
against revolutionaries and British his sympathy was always
with the british. He could not support the revolutionaries
neither he could respect their secrifice. For them it was just
aimless secrifice of human life..

Like saints he used to believe that God lives in every one . He

had a great trust on the intelligence and honesty of British
overnment even though they had betrayed him alots of time.
The first time was when he persued Indian army men to fight
with the British army in the world war-1. In return normally he
expected some good changes in the prevailing system but
they betrayed him and ‘gifted’ Rawlatt Act and Jaliwalanbag.
He always refused to dis-trust the British though out his life
except the last days. He wished his country men’s
development ,freedom but he never wished it at the cost of any
hamperage to the British. For his this attitude some times he
had to secrifece the interest of countymen.

The saint in himself refused to think negative about others. He

believed that one day Britsh will understand the need of people
of this country and will give the libertdy. The saint-like thinking
made his political personality a complex one. In 1926-1927
session he supported the claim of only ‘Dominion status’which
was unable to meet the needs of countrymen that time.(though
within one year he claimed ‘Purna Swaraj’or ‘total liverty’under
to the pressure of Sunhas Bose and other party members). His
political personality was very difficult to understand and it was
never be said ‘blameless’. It can never be said ‘aggresive’. His
love for humanity sometimes forced him to say ‘terrorist’even
to the revolutionary young guns of the nation.

Great person of that time like Rabindranath Tagor,Albert

Einstain had a great respect for him, His saint like personality,
simple living, love, affection made him a man of respect in
front of the rest of the world. But though as a human being he
was never less than a saint but as a political personality, many
times his decisions was unable to meet the needs of the time.
Only because of his idea of taking the way of non-violance
the only mean for getting liverty preceeded the freedom of
India atleast 5 years back. He was failed to understand the
nature of British Government.

The very begaining of 2nd world war made clear the destruction
of British empire. Germany was very much favourite in the
war. Subhas Chandra Bose, the president of Indian National
Congress of that time want to use that opportunity. Since
Bretain was in a very poor condition in the world war, he was
wanting to start a country wide movement to give the ultimate
fight. But Gandhi opposed it. He was not in a mood to attack
British in their evil days. British entered India as traders,
occupied the administrative power,created a life long devision
between Hindu and Muslims, killed millions of people, they did
whatever and whenever they want, they never care for
morality.Gandhi knew everything,even he himself betrayed a
good numbers of time, but still had great belief on the align.
He started non-corporation against Bose and ultimately he had
resign from the post of president.

Gandhiji started ‘quit India’ movement in August month of

1942,. But that movement was failed to get it ultimate success
because that time Bretain was in a better position in the war
with the help of U.S. India achieved her freedom on 15th
August 1947. It was not following only the way of non-violance
rather the combined way of violance and non-violance.
‘Hate the sin,not the sinner’- a person even believing on the
line sometimes also need to hate the sinner and at the same
time need to support the sin to save the interest of his
country. He is said to be a partiot. Gandhi always hated the
sins but could not the sinners. Some times he could not
change his way of thinking even it did come on the way of the
interest of his country and countrymen. thats why he can
never be said the greatest patriot.And it might the only
reason why he is said to be the greatest human being
even born....