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Islamic Golden Age (8th-13th century)

-1600 years old

-religious influence: Quran & Hadith
A) Contribution of Islamic Golden Age


B) Example of scholar


Al Khawarizmi
Scholar in the House of Wisdom( aplace which gather scholar and text all
around the world) in Baghdad
As a mathematician ,astronomer and geographer
Latinized as Algorithm
Founder of algebra, known as Father of algebra.
Best classical work on algebra- Kitab al-Mukhtasar fi Hisal al-Jabr
Ibn Haytham
Known as Alhazen (latin)
As a scientist, mathematician ,astronomer and philosopher
Worlds first true scientist
Writer of Kitab al Manazir (Book of Optics)
He proved that light only travel in straight lines,explained how mirror
work and light rays can bend when moving through different medium.

C) Factors of Golden Age ended

1) Political management
2) Do not have critical thinking
3) Invasion by Mongols-destroy House of Windom

Islam di Tamadun Cina

A) Chinese Literature/ Texts

-Studied in traditional Chinese education since Han Dynasty and syllabus for civil
service exams in Song Dynasty.
- Five classics
-Four Books

Great Learning

-Tong Shu
-San Bai Qian
(a) Confucius
- 550 BC
- Preached a few core principles to lead a noble life
- Ren (Mercy), Li (Manner), Yi (Righteousness)
-Had many disciples
- The disciples complied his teaching for over 200 years and written his
teaching into books after 200-500 years after his death.

Lao Zi
Same or before Confucius
Preached about the way to truth
Had disciples
A book Dao De Jing is attributed to Lao zi but may be written by his
disciples or the students of the disciples.
Discussed about divinity.

B) The arrival of Islam in China

Prophet Muhammads sahabat visited China between 616 and 618 AD to

spread messages.
Saad abi Waqqas built a mosque in Guangzhou ( Huai Sheng Shi)
Memorial of Prophet mosque in 627 AD
Tomb of Saad abi Waqqas
Caliph Uthman Affan sent messengers to invite Emperor of China- Tang
Gao Zong / Yung Wei / Li Zhi (649-683) to Islam.
The Emperpr did not convert to Islam but impressed by Islam and order
the building of mosque in China during Tang Dynasty.
Xian Mosque -742 AD

C) Islam in Tang Dynasty (618-907)

- Family of LI
- In 715 ,influence of Islam in-Philosophy, Astronomy, Mathematics,
Maritime Technology
- Influenced the naval expeditions in China
- An Lu Shan Rebellion (755-763)
- Emperon Tang Su Zong asked help from ruler of Abassid Caliphate (7501258) , al-Mansur for help
- 4000 muslims were sent to help fight of Tang Emperor.
- They won and allowed to stay in China.
- More mosque were built in China.
D) Islam in Song Dynasty (960-1279)
- Muslims had come and play a major role in impact 1 export industry
- In 1070, the Song emperor Shen Zong invited 5300 muslim men from
Bukhara to create a buffer zone between the Chinese and the Liao empire
in the northeast.
- These men were settled between the Song capital of Kaifeng and Yenching
(modern day Beijing)
- Muslims were led by Prince Amir Sayyid So-Fei-Er, the father of
muslim community in China.
- He renamed muslim as Hui Hui Jiao
E) Islam in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368)
- Genghis Khan of Mongol expanded Yuan Dynasty until western China
into Turkish.
- Muslims were invited to help to administer the empire.
- Influx of muslims to China during Yuan Dynasty-Se Mu Ren
- Muslim scholar were brought to work on calendar making and astronomy.
- The architect Amir al-Din help to design the construction of the capital of
the Yuan Dynasty, Zhong Du /Da Du(Beijing).
F) Islam in Ming Dynasty (1368-1662)
- 1st emperor of Ming Dynasty is Zhu Yuan Zhang
- Most of the officers are muslims, Cheng Ho, Lan Yu and Feng Sheng.

One of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in

human history.
Last dynasty in China ruled by ethnic Han Chinese.
Many mosque built during Ming Dynasty. The Eulogy was placed in every
mosque built during the dynasty.

G) Islam in Qing Dynasty(1644-1911)

- Different groups of Muslims fought for Ming and Qing Dynasties
- The muslims Loyal Trio defender of Ming Dynasty
- Muslim martyrs-YUu Feng Qi,Sa Zhi Fu and Ma Cheng Zu.
- Tomb in Guang Zhou
- Expansion of Sufism in China during Qing Dynasty
H) Islam in Republic of China
- Ma Clique, Ma Jia Jun
- Three Ma families Ma Bu Fang, Ma Hong Kui and Ma An Liang.
- They helped Kuo Ming Tang to establish the Republic of China.
I) Islam in China Today
- 39000 mosque in China
- About 20 million muslims in China
- 10/55 groups are predominantly muslims
- The highest concentrations are the northwest provinces of XinJiang,
Gansu and Ningxia.
- Famous Chinese Muslim, Calligraher- Haji Nor Deen Mi,Mi Guang Jiang.