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Project Control Manager Responsibilities

and Duties
Guide and direct resolution of project difficulties and complex control problems.
Interact with clients and attend regular meetings and provide reports.
Determine design changes and schedule slippages impact.
Develop and maintain establish standards to exhibit schedule and plan hierarchy and inform
project and company management.
Review performance and offer personnel development for employees.
Recommend and customize project control systems to satisfy project requirements.
Understand, practice and lead organizations commitment by example to achieve zero incident
Coordinate with cross functional team with professionalism, courtesy and tact.
Determine significant irregularities, trends and variances and suggest corrective action.
Gather inputs and update standard management reports.
Coordinate with project management staff to ensure project objectives and timelines.
Identify construction and maintenance costs on materials, equipment and labor.
Create, review and manage project schedules to identify progress, lead times and project
Develop project controls personnel and Services Manager.
Support project execution and project controls efforts by leading regional office project controls.

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Project Control Engineer

written by: N Nayab edited by: Ginny Edwards updated: 1/3/2011
The major duties and responsibilities of project control engineer are controlling the progress of the
project, ensuring resource availability and allocating the same, coordinating with various departments and
external agencies, and reporting.

Control of Project Progress

The project control engineer evaluates the actual position of the project, compares the actual state with
the desired state, and takes corrective actions if required.

The primary role of the project control engineer is to track and coordinate the
progress of the project on a day-to-day basis to ensure that the project is on-track. Some of the specific
activities in this direction that usually find mention in a project control engineer's job description include:
1. developing and maintaining detailed product schedules
2. monitoring cost and commitment through requisition and invoice review

3. ensuring active engagement of team members by delegation of tasks to the appropriate person both
on a long term and on a day-to-day basis
4. ensuring adherence to recommended best practices such as the critical path method based on
PERT and the like
5. ensuring adherence to quality standards such a Total Quality Management or Six Sigma by ensuring
employees follow quality standards and by using quality control checklists
6. coordination and regulating various meetings such as project progress review meetings, quality
circles, and the like
7. application of various project progress methods to ensure the project schedule is on track to meet
deadlines or deliverables
8. devising strategies to overcome roadblocks or delays through various methods such as using
industry related technical knowledge, innovating short cuts or alternative ways, improvising with
available resources, scheduling overtime to meet the deadline, and the like
9. ensuring compliance with safety standards
10. developing and monitoring project cost forecasts
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Alphamu57

Ensuring Resource Availability and Allocation

Among the major duties and responsibilities of a project control engineer is forecasting the required
resources and tracking the availability of the resources on a real time basis to ensure the smooth progress
of the project.
The project control engineer needs to estimate the inputs required for all the various tasks, and ensure
placing orders or requisitions to ensure the availability of such input at the required time. Further, the
project control engineer has to ensure that such inputs arrive at the required time to prevent hold ups, and
track inventory on a real time basis. The project control manager also sees that the output reaches its

A critical component of ensuring resource availability is that of human resources. The project control
engineers job profile includes:

coordinating with human resource management in HR planning and recruitment functions

exercising the power to recommend leaves and overtime

preparing duty rosters

recommending training interventions to increase productivity and develop quality of work

A major role of the project control engineer is coordinating with other departments or agencies. The
project control engineer needs to requisition raw materials or inputs from the stores, coordinate with
human resource to ensure availability of human resources, coordinate with the safety and quality
departments, report to the planning department, and the like.
The project control engineer also needs to liaison with various external agencies for progress and
maintenance of critical project components. Some examples of such liaison with external agencies

include securing permission to transport a large boiler through city roads, securing license to undertake
demolition work, ensuring the canteen contractor makes food available on time, and the like.

Another crucial component of a project control engineers job profile is reporting. The major forms of
reporting include:
1. providing vital inputs to daily and periodic project progress and status reports to top
management and other stakeholders
2. monitoring, tracking and reporting project cash flow
3. planning and preparing man hour budgets, and schedules
4. preparing and submitting financial analysis reports.

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