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Useful phrases for a letter of application

1) Salutations
Dear Hiring Manager ( )
To Whom It May Concern (, )
Dear Human Resources Manager ( )
Dear Sir or Madam
Dear Company Name Recruiter ( )
2) Introduction
a) I would like to express my interest in your position for a ... .
I am submitting my application for a position at your company.
b) I became aware of this opportunity through online job posting system /web site.
I learned about this vacancy /opening/ vacant position from an advertisement in the newspaper.
I was recommended to contact you about this position by my acquaintance who works for your
c) I am very interested in this position, and believe that my education /employment background
( ) is appropriate for the job.
I appear to be a perfect match for this role and Im eagerly applying for this vacancy.
3) Body.
a) Im a -year student at and Id like to get a part-time / remote job / job with flexible work hours
to gain some valuable working experienc
I completed a bachelor (master) course in Transportation Technology at Vladimir State University in
I am currently employed as a at company.
For the last ..... years I have been employed by .... as a .
b) The opening in your company attracted me because
I keen to pursue [p'sju] my career in the sphere ( ,
Id like to have a position with more responsibility (
Im looking for a post with better perspectives ( )
Id like to work for an international company ( )
Im looking for the career [k'r] advancement [d'vnsmnt] opportunity (
Id like to broaden my experience ( )
I always intended to work in state structures (
My ultimate goal is to work for the Department of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Control (
Your company has an outstanding reputation and strives to be the best (
Public service for the benefit of the society always had a great appeal for me (
Your company is an ideal place to gain first-hand knowledge from recognized professionals (

Your organisation produces a high-quality service, and I can contribute to it with my skills (

This position represents a tremendous [tr'mends] opportunity to continue my clear and committed
career path (
I feel that your companys activities most closely match my own values and interests. ( ,
c) I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to your company because
I believe that I can be a great asset to your company because I
A. Hard skills
to have developed skills in analyzing road conditions ( )
to have advanced skills in insurance of means of transportation (
to be capable of monitoring operating conditions of vehicles (
to be able ensure licensing and homologation () of an automobile
to possess a thorough () understanding of car performance ( )
to possess a comprehensive () knowing of internal-combustion engine
to have advanced skills in personnel management ( )
to be efficient in developing routing system ( )
to have experience of performing routine preventive [pr'ventv] maintenance (
to possess exceptional practical skills in engine oil ( ), hydraulic [ha'drlk] oil
( ) and filter changes / belt and hose replacements/ tire () and wheel
to have remarkable familiarity(jc) with basic principals of gas/diese ['dizl] l engines,
hydraulic systems, fuel pump systems ( )and knowledge of all components on
to demonstrate an ability to recognize and trouble shoot mechanical problems with vehicle and all
attachments ( )
to have thorough knowledge in investigation and assessment ( ) of
traffic accidents
to be able to appraise ['prez] aftermath ['ftm] of the road incidents (
to be ready to coordinate tasks of several divisions ( )
to have a full understanding of ecological safety of automobiles
to have extensive knowledge of transport logistics
to be able to identify redundancies () and maximize resources to streamline
() operations
to possess extensive practical knowledge of road regulation and traffic law
to be able to ensure rapid delivery ( ) of equipment, materials and
B. Soft skills
to be able to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines ( )
to have excellent analytical skills and project management skills
to have good communication and leadership skills
to be able to meet contract obligations ( )
to have extensive experience in organizing business activity ( )
to be long on effort and enthusiasm, although short on experience
to have an ability to adapt to different situations


show in-depth ()ability to communicate to subordinate staff ().

enjoy working in a team/individually
be systematic and meticulous [m'tkjls] () in ones approach to work
have a commitment () to company objectives

4) Closing
I am available for interview at any time which is convenient to you/ only on Friday/ after office hours
I can be contacted on the mobile phone number / by e-mail
I would be most happy to provide any further details you may require.
I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss my background and to show you some of the
skills that I have developed.
I very much hope that you will look favourably upon my application by recognizing my enthusiasm
and my future potential.
5) Signature