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Instituion Building
1- Earlier we individually sought solutions to our problems since we had a feeling
that every problems is personal to an indivdual but now we have a Village
Association where we meet to discuss village issues as well as collectively
address all our problems through VA.
Atru Kumhre
Cluster: Jamai, Madhya Pradesh
VA- Hariyali Gram Vikas Samiti
Village: Dhagadiya
2- With the help of Reliance Foundation, first we realised the power of collective
and we have formed VAs in our villages and second benefit is development of
marginal land which economically empower us, third benefit is through
plantation, we will have a better environment and good stream of income.
Jagatram Chicham
Director, Narmada Producer Company Ltd.
Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

Reliance Foundation believes that village institutions are the most suitable
platform to launch developmental activities. RF-BIJ promotes and organizes
marginal farmers into Village Farmer Associations (VAs) for collective ownership,
decision-making and common welfare. These VAs are owned and managed by its
members to meet their aspirational goals.
3- I have a family of five, farming was not enough to make ends meet so I had to
migarte to Nagpur for labour work. I joined Village Association (VA) in 2011 with
11 other village members and RF team helped me converting my 4 acre waste
land in cultivable land with enriched soil and water availability and first time in
my life I had a crop on the same land and till now 80 people joined VA after
looking at my success.
Fakirchand Dhruve
Village: Patrai
Cluster: Seoni
Producer Comopany
4- Producer Compnay has made things accessible and there is no room fo middle
man, traders harassed us a lot in the name of quality, we were always paid less
than the market price and now when we have our own producer compnay- which
helps us in getting right value for our produce.

5- I am a member of Sukhpur VA and a member of EC also, water conservation
has been our prime focus area and in order to solve water problem for domestic
and agriculture use, we constrcuted 17 dams in Sukhpur, this has increased
water levels in wells, this is also helping neighbouring villages. Frequency of
irrigation has increased to 6 times from 3 times, it has also increased our overall
Gowardhan Bhai Talsi
VA- Sukhpur
Cluster- Jasdan
6- There was nothing in the village except problems not even a glass of water to
serve the guests, since there was no water, even most of us migrated. If you are
seeing us here today is because of this Village Association which bought life back
to this village by helping us bringing water in these wells and ponds.
VA: Kasaideheriya
Cluster Agar

Water security is essential in villages for meeting household, farming and cattle
requirements. RF-BIJ encourages adoption of water conservation and replenishing
practices by implementing water management initiatives. To reduce monsoon
dependency, Reliance Foundation has built rainwater-harvesting structures to
potentially harvest and store 44.7 million cubic meters of rainwater, which serves
as a critical source of irrigation for communities living in dry and rain-dependent
areas. The communities are also encouraged to undertake construction of check
dams, farm ponds and recharge wells through voluntary participation.