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Course Title

Introduction to Greek Mythology

Student Grade Level

Course Objectives

MS State Standards for Seventh Grade Introduction to World

Understand the characteristics, distribution, and complexity of Earths
cultural mosaics. (p. 54)
c. Identify major culture regions of the world and explain how
the characteristics of each give it a distinctiveness that sets it
apart from the others. (DOK 2)
MS State Standards for Seventh Grade Humanities
Understand the relationship of people, places, and environments of
selected ancient and classical civilizations. (p. 83)
d. Assess the development and role of religion in selected
MS State Standards for History of the Ancient Middle East
Discuss the similarities and differences of ancient Middle Eastern
a. Compare and contrast the religious practices, rituals, and
traditions of ancient Middle Eastern cultures.
b. Analyze examples of cultural contributions made by various
ancient civilizations of the Middle East.
d. Analyze selected examples of ancient Middle Eastern
literature (e.g., legends, poetry, prophecy, and wisdom
literature, etc.).

Main Topics

Instructional Materials

Characteristics of a myth
Olympian Greek gods and goddesses
Key stories in Greek Mythology
Influence on todays culture

Suggested reading: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Reference: Mythweb

Google classroom
Laptop/internet access
Lesson activities and assessment
Teacher self created materials:
Welcome Flyer
Google Slides presentation
Worksheets and notes
Video Resources:
Explore Greek Mythology
The Greek Gods

Gods & Goddesses of Greek

Class Activities

Students will view teacher-created materials

Students will view videos available in the online
Students will read teacher-selected myths
Students will answer questions through the discussion
Students will collaborate to create a character flipbook
in Google Slides
Students will complete a Prezi presentation of their
favorite myth


View all materials in the online classroom

This includes reading, videos, and other resources.
Discussion Board
After completing each unit, students will respond to a discussion
prompt provided by the teacher. Students may respond to each
other as well.
Character Flipbook- Collaborative
Students will work together to create a Google Slides presentation.
Each student will be assigned one Greek god or goddess to research
and create a profile page for. Students will compile the pages into a
collaborative overview of characters.
Myth Breakdown- Individual
As a final project, each student will choose a myth to research and
create a Prezi presentation about. Students will share their
presentations with the class.


Google Slides