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The internet, are a lot of interconnected reds where different people use it to

communicate whit their families, friends or their company by a computer.

To have access to net is an advantage because a person can learn a lot of
things. For example, if a person wants to have fun, he can look for different
types of games. Another example is, if a someone wants to learn anything, he
only needs to look for it in a web page. I think Google would be the best option
to look for any theme and there you would find a lot of things about it.
On the other hand there are dangerous sites. For this reason is very important
that if a child uses the web, he should be in company of an adult, because he is
exposed to find a lot of inappropriate things for his age. For example, obscene
or violent images. In addition exist people who are dangerous for the children,
because they can to abuse of them by lies.
Finally, when the web is used in a proper way it is a great help. Moreover,
thanks to this invent people have been able to find others around the world
nowadays. We were not able to this before during ages.

Sther Pulgarn Marin.