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Jerry Regier

4910 Arden Forest Way • Tallahassee, FL 32309 • (850) 545-8489 • jerryregier@comcast.net

Qualifications for Executive-Level Management

Offers 16 years of executive leadership experience in both government and private industry. Possesses a
proven record of success in the start-up and/or turnaround of major organizations through aggressive reform
leadership and the design and implementation of cutting-edge policies and programs.

Areas of Expertise

• Strategic Planning • Start-Up Operations

• Operations Management • Policy/Procedure Development
• Foreign Trade • Budget Management
• Proposal Preparation • Contract Negotiations
• Public Relations • Public Speaking

Career History

Secretary (2002-2004), Florida Department of Children & Families

Gubernatorial appointment. Directed a staff of over 25,000 and managed a budget of $4B. Assisted in the
reform and turnaround of this organization by evaluating, recruiting, and appointing high-level executives,
developing and implementing a clearly defined reform plan, and introducing technology and management
innovations to increase efficiencies and significantly reduce costs.
As a result: adoptions increased 42%; a long-standing historical backlog of child welfare cases was reduced
from 35,000 to 175; children in out-of-home care were reduced by 10 % ,creating budget savings; caseload ratios
were reduced from 30 to 15 per caseworker; employee turnover was reduced from 50% to 24%.

Acting Director (2000-2002), Oklahoma State Department of Health

Gubernatorial appointment. Was appointed in an emergency action after a scandal broke and the previous
director was arrested and indicted for Medicare fraud. During the tenure of temporary leadership, uncovered
additional corruption and restored stability and credibility to the department.

Cabinet Secretary of Health & Human Services (1997-2002), State of Oklahoma

Gubernatorial appointment. Provided policy oversight to 13 agencies and over 70 boards and commissions,
including the State Department of Health, Department of Human Services, Department of Mental Health and
Substance Abuse, Health Care Authority, Department of Rehabilitation Services, Indian Affairs Commission,
and the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

Executive Director (1997-2000) Deputy Director (1995-1997), Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs
Gubernatorial and Board appointment. Provided direction and leadership to a newly formed agency focused
on juvenile crime. Designed, developed, and implemented a five-year reform plan called “The Promise
Approach,” which is a new approach to juvenile justice focused on tough reform laws and follow-up
accountability while also building partnerships to create opportunities for future success for the offender.
As a result: reduced secure per-day costs $7M annually; reduced recidivism from 50% to 21%.
The Speaker of the House attested that the reform plan implemented and the reduction in juvenile crime in the
State was the most notable turnaround in public policy and change in public outcry that he had ever seen.

President (1994-1995), AgoraSpace USA Ltd.

Social Sports development company specializing in creating compact outdoor physical space facilities to
enhance the building of community, especially for youth. Over 250 facilities have been installed in Europe
where no comparable programs previously existed.
Launched the first two U.S. facilities, resulting in a 20% decrease in juvenile crime in one Baltimore neighborhood.
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Jerry Regier
(850) 545-8489 • jerryregier@comcast.net

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Career History

Commissioner (1988-1993), National Commission on Children

Presidential Appointment. Provided recommendations to the President and the Congress in the areas of health,
education, social services, income security, and tax policy. Participated in hearings across the U.S. focused on
children’s health, infant mortality, child welfare, healthcare, gangs, youth programs, drug abuse prevention,
public housing, and other issues facing America’s youth.

President (1993), Regier Associates

Coordinated the distribution of over 2,000 metric tons of U.S. commodities shipped to Belarus after the
breakup of the Soviet Union. Developed agreements with over 140 hospitals, homes for radiation-affected
children, homes for the elderly, as well as experiments in capital markets with grocery stores.

Acting Administrator (1992-1993), Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention

Presidential Appointment. Provided national policy leadership in the field of juvenile justice and financial
grants to state Governors for delinquency prevention programs. Established a strong partnership with the state
government and provided oversight and direction for funding provided by the federal formula grant program.
Worked closely with national organizations representing the Juvenile and Family Court Judges, detention
providers, youth service providers, prosecutors, mayors, and counties.
Developed a “youth component” of the Weed & Seed initiative that included an increased range of tough but
fair sanction options, instilling discipline and values in young people, and policies for strengthening
community-based social institutions and activities.

Acting Director (1990-1992), Bureau of Justice Assistance

Appointment. Administered the Byrne Law Enforcement Grants to state Governors for use by state and local
jurisdictions to prevent drug abuse, enforce drug laws, reduce violent crime, and improve the criminal justice
system. Worked closely with national organizations representing Governors, State Directors of Public Safety,
State Attorneys General, corrections officials, law enforcement officers, judges, sheriffs, and mayors.
Provided testimony at hearings in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on federal funding for public
safety programs, law enforcement, and anti-drug efforts.
Designed and developed the conceptual framework for a national urban policy initiative called Weed & Seed
for the reclamation and revitalization of urban neighborhoods, including programs to enhance public safety,
strengthen families and communities, and the establishment of community policing.
This initiative became one of the top three policies of the Bush Administration and has been called one of the
greatest innovations in criminal justice policy over the past decade.

Founder/President (1984-1988), Family Research Council

National independent, nonpartisan, non-profit public policy research and educational organization focused on
representing the interests of families in the formulation of public policy.
Built the organization into a nationally recognized public policy think tank; negotiated a successful merger.


Master’s Degree, Public Administration (Harvard University)

Bachelor’s Degree, History/Psychology (Michigan State University)
Diploma, Theology/Public Speaking (Grace University)