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Service Level

Agreement (SLA)
August 24, 2006

Basically, an internal customer satisfaction (ICS)
Mapping: outlining internal suppliercustomer relationships
Identifying: concerned areas of internal
Rating of service by customers

Higher internal customer satisfaction ultimately
leading to higher external customer satisfaction
Better understanding of needs of various
Better coordination between different
Encouraging culture of empathy for each others
All the above ultimately leading to the benefit of
the organization

Customer: Pellet Plant

Itakpe mines
To supply iron ore with 64% Fe min. and 7% SiO 2
To supply 2500 MT of iron ore/day

Hydrated lime plant

To supply hydrated lime with Ca(OH)2: 88% min.
To supply 65 MT of Hydrated lime/day

Customer: Pellet Plant

Raw Material Handling
Supply of materials to maintain bin level above 75%

Analysis of one sample of ground concentrate per day within 8
Analysis of one fired pellet sample per shift within 8 hours
Size distribution, tumble and CCS determination three times per
shift within 3 hours
Analysis of hydrated lime as and when required
Oil analysis as and when required

Ensure availability of spares and materials for continuous running
of the plant
Ensure availability of Natural gas @...

Energy distribution
Ensure availability of power @...

Customer: Pellet Plant

Water supply
Ensure supply of water @...

Central Maintenance
Ensure availability of maintenance support without causing any
delay in production or safety

Production of spare items like crusher balls in adequate quantity

Environment & Safety

Ensure zero accident in pellet plant area and supply adequate
protective safety equipments/gears

HR & Administration
Supply of drinking water and making food arrangements
Supply of manpower (regular/contract) for various functions

Customer: DR Plant
Pellet plant
Supply of pellets with 63% Fe min.
Supply of 100 MT of screened pellets/hour

Raw Material Handling

Ensure supply of pellets at the required rate

Analysis of one sample of feed pellets/day within 8 hours
Partial analysis (Fetot.,Femet. and %C) of one DR product sample/2 hours
within one hour
Full analysis of one composite sample/day within 8 hours
Analysis of Natural gas sample (1 or 2)/shift within 45 min.
Analysis of reformed gas/process gas samples (2-3)/shift within 15 min.
Miscellaneous samples like remet/DRI fines as and when required
Oil and water analysis as and when required

Other relevant departments

Customer: SMS & Continuous Casting

Supply of good quality scrap (80% HMS) @ 700 MT/day, keeping min. stock of
1000 MT
Supply of Ferro-alloys, CPC, ladle covering compound, tundish covering
compound, electrodes, various refractories of requisite quality in required
quantities with a min. stock of three months

DR plant
Supply of DRI with Fetot. Of 83% min., Femet of 74% min. and degree of met. 90%
Supply of DRI @ 700 MT/day

Lime plant
Supply of burnt lime with CaO content of 86% min. @...
Supply of calcined dolomite with MgO content of 25% min. @...

Oxygen plant
Supply of oxygen with purity level of 98% min. at a pressure of --- atm. and flow
rate @ ..
Supply of nitrogen with purity level of 99.99% at a pressure of --- atm. and flow
rate @ ..

Customer: SMS & Continuous

Heavy duty
Continuous availability of KAMAG, Dumper, Poclain and other
heavy duty equipments in working condition

Supply of power @

Scrap inspection and certification
Analysis of bath, ladle, LF and concast samples(6-7)/heat within 5-6
min. (the analysis time to be 3-4 min. with new spectro)
Analysis of one slag sample/heat within 8 hours
Analysis of ferro-alloys, coke, CPC, burnt lime, DRI, tundish
covering compound, Al ingot etc. as and when required within one

Other departments

Customer: Rolling Mills

To make available heats with NSt60Mn grade (C:
0.35-0.42%, Mn:0.90-1.20%)
Gear-up production such that 4000 MT of billet stock
is maintained all the time
To ensure the quality of billets (surface defects and macro
To have a continuous watch at the cooling bed to issue fault
notification on dimensions and weight/meter
To draw one sample/25 billets and carry out mechanical tests

Customer: QA&R
Approved indents for supply of chemicals,
consumables and equipments to be
processed within one week with proper
feedback to QA&R
Supply of chemicals and consumables listed
out in monthly and quarterly requirements
within first week of every month

Further steps
Each department to work out its requirements
from its various supplier departments
A meeting to be held by each dept. with its
supplier depts. and an agreement to be reached
Once the SLAs are decided, the customer dept.
will give rating to its supplier depts.
A monthly meeting can be held of all the depts.
where SLA performance (below 60% rating) can
be discussed