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Secret Nazi superweapons of WW2

The second World was devastating, but also plenty of technical

advancements were made possible by the combatants desire to win.
Despite being defeated in the end, the German war machine had
impressive weaponry at its disposal, including sophisticated creations that
could have helped it win.

Germany had some incredible weapons for that day and age

The Goliath tracked mine was a radio-controlled unmanned small tank

that was used to destroy enemy vehicles such as tanks. Over 7,000 units
were deployed in combat, each able to carry up to 220 pounds of high

Fritz X radio-guided bomb could penetrate 28 inches of armor after

being dropped from 20,000 feet, way above the reach of antiaircraft
equipment at the time. The smart bomb carried 3,450 pounds of

explosives, featuring a radio receiver and tail controls that helped it

navigate to the target.

The Nazi sound

This sounds like WW II
sci-fi but it was real
enough. It consisted of
several firing chamber
tubes where a mixture
of methane and oxygen
was ignited
continuously to produce

intensity shock waves that were directed by several 10-foot

parabolic dishes at enemy soldiers. At 250 yards a thirty-second dose

would be deadly and at 500 yards the exposure would incapacitate.
This Nazi super weapon was also used for traps in streets and crowd

Schwerer Gustav

At the beginning of World War II, the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, eager to
invade France, demanded the construction of a new weapon that could
penetrate the concrete fortifications of the French Maginot Line, the only
major physical obstacle that stood between the Nazi army and the rest of
Western Europe.
The new weapon was a gun about 12 meters high, 47 meters long,
weighing 1,350 tonnes and was firing 10 tonnes shells through a 30 meters
long pipe. 22 people could sit aligned on the barrel of the gun. The
impressive weapon became known as the Great Gustav.

-Dheer Bhanushali