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Deliverable 1

A dental record is the detailed document of the history of the
illness, physical examination, diagnosis, treatment, and
management of a patient. Dental professionals are complelled by
law to produce and maintain adequate patient records. With the
increasing awareness among the general public of legal issues
surrounding healthcare, and with the worrying rise in malpractice
cases, a thorough knowledge of dental record issues is essential
for any practitioner. The ability of clinical practitioners to produce
and maintain accurate dental record is esential for good quality
patient care as well as it being a legal obligation. The dental
record provides for the continuity of care for the patient and is
critical in event of a malpractice insurance claim.
A fully integrated patient record and care model for both systemic
health(medical) and oral health(dental) is needed for health
information technology(HIT) standards, implementation and
interoperability to avoid discrepancies between records and to
support quality of care, safety, and cost reduction initiatives.
---- William Rudman, PhD
It has It has made major campaigns to amend the law on dental
practice and to strenthen and improve the Regulatory Code of
Ethics of dentists, along with the Professional Regulation
Commmision and the Board of Dentistry. It has led to the
foundation of the Asian-Pacific Dental Federation(APDF) wherein,
PDA President Dr. Bienvenido Erana was elected head. The PDA
then ventures the affairs and conferences concerning dental
health and practice. So as to provide and improve dental health
care in remote communities, it has expened its programs to
Adopt-a-Barangay Project and the Adopt-a-Primary/Elementary
School Program.

Dental records produced during a dental examination of a

patients teeth. It stores the data or information about the history
of the patients tooth illness.


Project Context

The System titled Dental Record System,aims

the development of project which focused on the
implementation of a system that will computerized
their dental records.
This project is proposed to enhance the current
system that the clinic used which is the manual
type of recording the patient record. The system
will benefited by the Doctor, assistant of the Doctor
where they can access the records conveniently
and lesser work for them. It also involve the
patient, they can able to check their dental records
through internet.The project started last November
of 2015 and estimated to be completed by the end
of 2016.To be able to improve their current system
from manual to computerized system. It will
benefits the users especially the Dr. and staff
members of the clinic, less effort in doing their
Dental Records and other information.Through this
system the staff members will able to check the
patients records, have long term storage of

1.2 Propose Description

This project entitled Dental Record System is
intended to develop the recording system of the said
dental clinic.
This project aims to implement computerized recordable
information for the patients of Doc Jells Dental clinic
to lessen the work of management in recording the
information of the patient instead of doing it manually.
List of the persons who will benefit and how they
will gain the benefits