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Computer Science and Information Technology

665. Conversion of hexadecimal number 6B216

to its binary number equivalent to:
(a) 11110001101112
(b) 0110101100102
(c) 01100110011112
(d) 111111112
666. Conversion of binary number
to hexadecimal number is:
(a) D8F816
(b) A8B916
(c) 78916
(d) D9F816
667. Conversion of binary number 100000000002
to decimal number is:
(a) 102410
(b) 103410
(c) 112410
(d) 103710
668. Conversion of binary number 11000112
to an octal number is:
(a) 1408
(b) 1438
(c) 1478
(d) 1498
669. Conversion of binary number 111112 to
an octal number is:
(a) 358
(b) 328
(c) 378
(d) 428
670. Conversion of binary number 11000112
to hexadecimal is:
(a) 6316
(b) 5716
(c) 4616
(d) 4016

675. Conversion of binary number 110012 to

its decimal number is:
(a) 2710
(b) 4910
(c) 3910
(d) 5010
676. Conversion of binary number 10010102
to its decimal number is:
(a) 7410
(b) 9710
(c) 7210
(d) 6310
677. Conversion of binary number 1000000 to
its decimal number is:
(a) 5410
(b) 5710
(c) 6410
(d) 5910
678. Conversion of an octal number 60 8 to
binary number is:
(a) 1100002
(b) 100112
(c) 11001112
(d) 11001102
679. Conversion of an octal number 1068 to
binary number is:
(a) 11100102
(b) 10001102
(c) 11001102
(d) 100001102
680. Conversion of a hexadecimal number 6316
to binary number is:
(a) 11001112
(b) 11000112
(c) 1110112
(d) 11001112
681. Conversion of a hexadecimal number 3D16
to binary number is:
(a) 1111012
(b) 1100112
(c) 110001102
(d) 1100012

671. Conversion of binary number 10010012

to hexadecimal is:
(a) 4016
(b) 3916
(c) 4916
(d) 4216

682. Conversion of a hexadecimal number 3116

to binary number is:
(a) 1010102
(b) 1101012
(c) 1100012
(d) 1001012

672. Conversion of binary number 1011012 to

hexadecimal is:
(a) 3716
(b) 2D16
(c) 2E16
(d) 2716

683. Conversion of an octal number 1438 to

hexadecimal number is:
(a) 6316
(b) 6016
(c) 5016
(d) 5716

673. Conversion of decimal number 9310 to

hexadecimal number is:
(a) 2D16
(b) 5D16
(c) 6216
(d) 3116

684. Conversion of an octal number 1368 to

hexadecimal number is:
(a) 7E16
(b) 5E16
(c) 5A16
(d) 5D16

674. Conversion of decimal number 7410 to

hexadecimal number is:
(a) 4A16
(b) 5A16
(c) 4116
(d) 2D16

685. Conversion of an octal number 568 hexadecimal number is:

(a) 2A16
(b) 3A16
(c) 2E16
(d) F16

Computer Fundamentals

686. Addition of 110101101 2, 111011101 2,

0001111112, 1001011012, 1111101112 is:
(a) 10110101110102
(b) 11110110000102
(c) 10001010001012
(d) 010010000000102
687. Multiplication of 1112 by 1012 is:
(a) 1100112
(b) 1000112
(c) 1111002
(d) 0001012
688. Multiplication of 478 by 528 is:
(a) (3144)8
(b) (4147)8
(c) (3146)8
(d) (3184)8
689. A diagram that illustrates the order (Logic)
of functions in a program is called:
(a) flowchart
(b) sequence of steps
(c) direction of flow
(d) all of these
690. Arithmetic operations are coded in:
(a) decision symbols
(b) input/output (I/O)
(c) processing symbols
(d) terminal symbols
691. A magnetic tape volume that is used on
a data processing operation without any
change to its contents is:
(a) magnetic disk
(b) punched paper tape
(c) master tape
(d) card reader
692. A device that both transmits and receives
data, is:
(a) transducer
(b) trapdoor
(c) translator
(d) transceiver
693. Which of the following is an input to a
device that sets that state to zero?
(a) Clock
(b) Call
(c) Clear
(d) Chip
694. Which of the following is an abbreviation
for a hardware programming language?
(a) AHPL
(b) AFL
(c) ACM
(d) APL


695. A systems programming language that

incorporates the control structures needed
for structural programming is:
(a) BCH
(b) ADA
(c) LOGO
(d) BCPL
696. Which of the following is a mechanism
for separating continuous fan folded paper
used in line printers?
(a) Buffering
(b) Burster
(c) Bug
(d) Card reader
697. Which of the following is a weighted code
in which each decimal digit 0 through 9 is
represented by a 4 bit code word?
(a) Bar code
(b) Gray code
(c) Assembler code
(d) 8421 code
698. A linear error correcting code characterised
by a k n generator matrix is:
(a) mnemonics
(b) convolutional code
(c) gray code
(d) machine code
699. An interconnection between two logic
gates permitting them to form a flip flop is:
(a) cross compiler
(b) cross talk
(c) network topology
(d) cross coupling
700. A group of signal lines used to transmit
data in parallel from one element of a
computer to another is:
(a) control bus
(b) address bus
(c) databus
(d) network
701. Why is the width of the data bus so
important to the processing speed of a
(a) The narrower it is, the greater the
computers processing speed
(b) The wider it is, the more data that can
fit into main memory
(c) The wider it is, the greater the
computers processing speed
(d) The wider it is, the slower the
computers processing speed


Computer Science and Information Technology

702. Which of the following is used to check

for errors in RAM chips?
(a) ROM chip
(b) Microprocessor chip
(c) Parity chip
(d) EPROM chip
703. Which of the following are used to
quickly accept, store, and transfer data and
instructions that are being used immediate
ly by the CPU?
(a) Microprocessors
(b) Registers
(c) ROM chips
(d) Data buses
704. Which of the following typically uses a
keyboard for input?
(a) Desktop terminal
(b) Point-of-sale terminal
(c) Financial transaction terminal
(d) All of these
705. Which of the following is an advantage
of magnetic input media?
(a) Low cost and high speed
(b) Flexibility in accessing data
(c) Reusability
(d) All of these
706. The hexadecimal number system has a
base of:
(a) 2
(b) 4
(c) 8
(d) 16
707. The advantages of magnetic tape include
all of the following except:
(a) low cost
(b) direct-access storage medium
(c) compact and portable
(d) highly reliable
708. The .......... is a nonimpact printer that can
produce very high quality, letter-perfect
(a) electrostatic printer
(b) daisy-wheel printer
(c) dot-matrix printer
(d) laser printer

709. The POS data-entry system is used most

extensively by the:
(a) banking industry
(b) grocery industry
(c) railroad industry
(d) word-processing industry
710. Which of the technologies will you likely
see in laptop computers?
(a) Voice output systems
(b) Output controls
(c) Computer output microfilm
(d) Liquid crystal display
711. Output hardware is often categorized
according to whether it:
(a) is expensive
(b) requires a large amount of electricity
to work
(c) produces hardcopy or softcopy
(d) can fit on a desktop
712. Which of the following is not part of a
(a) Phosphor screen
(b) Shadow mask
(c) Electron gun
(d) Gas plasma
713. Which of the following terminals output
most closely resembles the output produced by a plotter?
(a) Graphics terminal
(b) POS terminal
(c) Hardcopy terminal
(d) All the above
714. Which of the following impact printers
print fastest?
(a) Band printer
(b) Chain printer
(c) Drum printer
(d) Wire-matrix printer
715. An impact printer that uses an interchangeable, rotating printing unit for
hardcopy output is the:
(a) thermal printer
(b) wire-matrix printer
(c) drum printer
(d) daisy-wheel printer

Computer Fundamentals

716. The Commodore VIC 20 home computer

runs on 6502 chip and has 5 KB of RAM,
BASIC in its ROM and a colour display
facility. In which year was it introduced?
(a) 1980
(b) 1985
(c) 1986
(d) 1990
717. In this world of fast changing computer
technology, one of the most important
factor to be considered while purchasing
a PC is, it should have a provision for:
(a) high level integration
(b) self upgradability
(c) intelligent sensors
(d) faster data access
718. If a certain supercomputer takes one
minute to complete a particular scientific
calculation, how long will a PC take for
the same purpose?
(a) 96 hours
(b) 20 hours
(c) 3 hours
(d) 10 minutes
719. IFPS is a:
(a) financial planning package
(b) data-base management package
(c) graphics package
(d) electronic spreadsheet
720. Which of the following is true concerning
personal computers?
(a) They decrease the demand for mainframe computers
(b) They have been most successful in
the home
(c) The electronic spreadsheet has been
a primary reason for their popularity
(d) Their future is not so bright owing to
the improved cost-performance ratio
of minis and mainframes
721. What is the most important characteristic
of a laptop computer?
(a) Better display screen
(b) Compatibility with desk top micros
(c) Compactness
(d) Big screen size
722. The 2s complement of the binary number
11001 is:
(a) 00111
(b) 00110
(c) 11000
(d) all of these


723. Access time in a computer memory is the

time required to:
(a) locate the stored data
(b) retrieve the stored data
(c) both locate and retrieve the data
(d) all of these
724. Which of the following printers cannot
print graphics?
(a) Ink-jet
(b) Daisy wheel
(c) Laser
(d) Dot-matrix
725. Which of the following Indian companies
designs and manufactures supercomputers?
(a) C-DOT
(b) C-DAC
(c) CMC
(d) All of these
726. Actual execution of instructions in a
computer takes place in:
(a) arithmetic logic unit
(b) control unit
(c) storage unit
(d) all of these
727. What is the name given to the molecularscale computer?
(a) Femtocomputer
(b) Nanocomputer
(c) Supercomputer
(d) Microcomputer
728. The pieces of equipment which are
attached to the CPU of a computer and
which it can access are called:
(a) output devices (b) control units
(c) hardware
(d) peripherals
729. Which of the following does not contain
a microprocessor?
(a) Washing Machine
(b) Microwave oven
(c) Robot
(d) Ball pen
730. Which one of the following words has
both a common meaning and a computer
(a) Mode
(b) Bus
(c) Quick
(d) Plotter


Computer Science and Information Technology

731. Which of the following is a portable

computer boasting of two CPU chips?
(a) HCL ZX81
(b) IBM Spectrum
(c) Tandy TRS-80 (d) Epson HX-20
732. The mechanical diskette drive in which
you insert your diskette is connected to
the computers .......... bus.
(a) data
(b) communication
(c) address
(d) parallel
733. The number of tracks on a 1/2 inch wide
magnetic tape is:
(a) 7
(b) 9
(c) 18
(d) either bare
734. What is the most common speed in rpm
at which the hard disks usually rotate:
(a) 2400
(b) 3600
(c) 4700
(d) 1600
735. Disk units that use unremovable platters
are called:
(a) unremovable disks
(b) hard disks
(c) sealed disks
(d) high-density disks
736. Before you stored anything on a disk, it
has to be:
(a) cleansed
(b) formatted
(c) initialised
(d) either (a) or (b)
737. What is the name of the screen pointing
device that rolls on bearings and has one
or more buttons on its top?
(a) Track ball
(b) Mouse
(c) Light pen
(d) Joy-stick
738. Character readers are those devices which
read the characters printed on the source
documents and then convert them directly
into computer-usable input. Which of the
following is not a character reader?
(a) OCR
(b) MICR
(c) OMR
(d) LCD
739. Which of the following is not an alternative
name for primary memory?
(a) Main memory
(b) Primary storage
(c) Internal storage
(d) Mass storage

740. What do the present-day digital computers

use for their internal memory?
(a) Magnetic cores
(b) Integrated circuits (IC)
(c) Electrical switches
(d) Magnetic disks
741. Which computer company invented the
RAM chip?
(a) Motorola
(b) Intel
(c) Toshiba
(d) IBM
742. Which 32-bit microprocessor is used in
IBMs PS/2 model-80 computer?
(a) 8088
(b) 80286
(c) 80386
(d) 80486
(e) None of these
743. If 80 character records are being written
on tape at 800 bpi, what is the blocking
factor that will reduce the proportion of
blank tape area to one-half?
(a) 1
(b) 4
(c) 8
(d) 10
744. The Company that pioneered the development of keydriven input devices, with
output on magnetic tape or disk rather
than punched cards, was:
(a) Mohawk Data Science
(b) National Cash Register
(c) Burroughs
(d) Sperry Univac
745. MICR has made possible a:
(a) cashless society
(b) checkless society
(c) creditless society
(d) all of these
(e) none of these
746. During the past decade, the most improvement probably have been made in:
(a) main storage
(b) networking
(c) input and output units
(d) auxiliary
747. The most economical way to process
data is:
(a) batch processing
(b) transaction processing
(c) distributed processing
(d) realtime processing

Computer Fundamentals

748. The comparison of data inside the arithmetic logic unit is referred to as a:
(a) instruction
(b) data operation
(c) conditional question
(d) logical operation
749. A characteristic of the ASCII code is:
(a) its use of the zone code 1010, 1011,
and 1100
(b) it limitation to a maximum of
96 character configurations
(c) its independence from the Hollerith
(d) all of these
750. In electrostatic plotters the term resolution
refers to:
(a) dual axis tracking
(b) the speed per inch
(c) the number of dots per inch
(d) the accuracy to which the plotter
returns to a specific point
751. Which was the first computer to use
transistors instead of vacuum tubes?
(a) Intel-650
(b) Burroughs E-101
(c) Datamatic-1000
(d) IBM-1401
752. The first large commercial magnetic disk
storage device was introduced in 1956 by:
(a) Victor Poor
(b) IBM
(c) Digital Equipment Corporation
(d) Hewlett-Packard
753. Who amongst the following is credited
with the building of the first operational
stored program computer?
(a) Maurice V. Wilkes
(b) J.P. Eckert
(c) Howard Aiken
(d) Grace Murray Hopper
754. Which was the first company in the world
to build computer for sale?
(a) International Business Machines
(b) Remington Rand Corporation
(c) English Electric Computers Ltd.
(d) Sperry Univac


755. Charles Babbage, Professor of Mathematics

at Cambridge University in England, was
an eccentric and quick-tempered man. He
planned and dreamt of many machines
which he could not complete. One such
machine was known as Babbages Folly.
Can you tell the name of that machine?
(a) Difference Engine
(b) Differential Analyzer
(c) Analytical Engine
(d) Mark-1
756. Because it can function in more ways than
a line printer, the IBM 6670 is sometimes
referred to as a(n):
(a) plotter
(b) dot matrix printer
(c) intelligent printer
(d) photostatic copier
757. Who is believed to have formulated
the idea of stored program which made
computers run faster?
(a) John Van Neumann
(b) John W Mauchly
(c) Charles Babbage
(d) All of these
758. Any file in which insertion of new records
or deletion of old records occurs at a high
rate is referred to as:
(a) a volatile file
(b) a sequential file
(c) a random access file
(d) all of these
759. Baud, the unit for measuring data transmission speed, is equal to:
(a) 1 bit per second
(b) 1 byte per second
(c) 2 bytes per second
(d) all of these
760. Modern EPABX use:
(a) space division multiplexing
(b) time division multiplexing
(c) frequency multiplexing
(d) all of these


Computer Science and Information Technology

761. Which of the following type of group

cannot be created with Lotus 1-2-3?
(a) Line
(b) Crossbar
(c) Pie graph
(d) All of these
762. For communications, wide area networks
(a) special-purpose telephone wires
(b) fibre optic cables and microwaves
(c) leased line
(d) both (a) and (b)
763. The CPU of a computer operates at a
much higher rate than peripherals. How
is the operating speed difference between
the two reduced?
(a) By using matching peripherals
(b) With the help of buffer memory
(c) By using interrupt line
(d) By using parallel input/output ports
764. When any part of memory can be read
equally quickly, it is called:
(a) random access
(b) sequential access
(c) virtual access
(d) indirect access
765. The hardware components of a modern
digital computer are connected to each
other (logically and physically) by a
number of parallel wires. What are these
wires called?
(a) Cable
(b) Bus
(c) Line
(d) Conductor
766. A multi programming system is one that
(a) run very fast
(b) share hardware resources with many
programs simultaneously
(c) compute many programs simultaneously
(d) use many operating systems
767. Computers are extremely fast and have
fantastic memories. However, the only
thing they can remember is:
(a) Instruction
(b) Series of 1s and 0s
(c) Boolean algebra
(d) Logic theorems

768. How many types of arithmetic operations

does the ALU of all computer perform?
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 8
769. The collection of commands is called:
(a) information (b) program
(c) file
(d) data processing
770. The ALU of a central processing unit does
the essential maths work for the computer.
What does the control unit do?
(a) Communicates its results
(b) Activates the output device
(c) Monitors the flow of information
(d) Control the printer
771. All calculations are performed and all
comparisons are made in .......... unit.
(a) control unit
(b) arithmetic-logic unit
(c) central processing unit
(d) primary storage unit
772. A certain computer hardware component
does not process the data itself but acts
as a central nervous system for other
data manipulating components. What is
it called?
(a) ALU
(b) RAM
(c) Control unit
(d) Secondary storage
773. A NOR gate is ON only when all its
inputs are:
(a) ON
(b) positive
(c) high
(d) OFF
774. A logic is an electronic circuit which:
(a) makes logic decisions
(b) allows electron flow only in one
(c) works on binary algebra
(d) works on float numbers
775. A code used for standardizing the storage
and transfer of information amongst
various computing devices is called:
(a) CRT
(b) CPU
(d) Dvorak

Computer Fundamentals

776. As compared to a magnetic tape, the main

advantage of magnetic disk is its:
(a) rigidity
(b) direct access
(c) low cost
(d) high packing density
777. What is the size of the optical compact
disk which is used for recording high
quality music?
(a) 4.7 inch
(b) 3 inch
(c) 5 inch
(d) 8.7 inch
778. Why do magnetic tape drives for minicomputers use vacuum columns?
(a) for quick acceleration and deacceleration of the tape
(b) for immediate starting and stopping
of the tape
(c) to avoid stress in the tape
(d) to provide extra tape length
779. What is the name of the visible silver
rectangle which separates the take-up
portion of the magnetic tape from the data
recording portion?
(a) Load maker (b) Load marker
(c) Tape separator (d) Tape marker
780. The data on the tracks on a magnetic disk
are written as:
(a) up or down
(b) tiny magnetic spots
(c) 0 or 1
(d) high or low voltage
781. Which is the most popular medium for
direct-access secondary storage of a
(a) Magnetic tape (b) Magnetic disk
(c) RAM
(d) ROM
782. Which type of display is the latest to be
used for portable computer?
(a) LED display
(b) LCD display
(c) Plasma display
(d) Electroluminescent display
783. Main problem with LCDs is that they are
very difficult to read:
(a) directly
(b) in bright light
(c) in dull light
(d) both (b) and (c)


784. Which one of the following is a characterat-a-time printer?

(a) Chain printer
(b) Bank printer
(c) Drum printer
(d) Daisywheel printer
785. Which type of electric motor is used to
activate the read/write head of a floppy
diskette drive?
(a) Single phase electric motor
(b) AC motor
(c) DC motor
(d) Stepper motor
786. Small punched cards are used to give
details on the style, colour and size etc. of
an item, usually clothing. What are these
cards called?
(a) Bar codes
(b) Point-of-sale (POS devices)
(c) Kimball tag
(d) Badges
787. The point of sale (POS) terminals are used
for reading:
(a) Kimball tags
(b) bar codes
(c) printed information
(d) both (b) and (c)
788. Bar codes store information using:
(a) punch holes
(b) thick and thin lines
(c) magnetised spots
(d) bits
789. There is only one key in the keyboard of
a computer which is without any marking
and is also the widest key of the keyboard.
What is the name of this key?
(a) Shift key
(b) Enter key
(c) Backspace key (d) Space bar
790. What is the name given to the specialised
storage element in the processor unit of a
computer which is used as a scratch pad
during processing operations?
(a) storage register
(b) primary memory
(c) cache memory
(d) accumulator


Computer Science and Information Technology

791. A microchip is usually put into a plastic

case which protects it and makes it easier
to handle. Next, the chip is connected to
the pins in the case with the help of tiny
wires. What are these wires made of?
(a) Silver
(b) Copper
(c) Aluminium (d) Gold
792. In positive logic, logic state 1 corresponds
(a) positive voltage
(b) higher voltage level
(c) zero voltage
(d) lower voltage level
793. The RAMAC had one access arm per:
(a) disk stack
(b) disk
(c) track
(d) sector
794. The RAMAC address 12345 identifies:
(a) disk 12
(b) disk 32
(c) disk 34
(d) disk 16
795. The IBM 305 RAMAC was the first
computer system with:
(a) magnetic tape units
(b) auxiliary storage
(c) disk units
(d) magnetic core storage
796. The IBM 3800 Printing Subsystem prints
(a) 1360 lines per minute
(b) 13,600 lines per minute
(c) 136,000 lines per minute
(d) 13,60,000 lines per minute
797. Typical bandwidth of optical fibers is:
(a) order of GHz (b) order of KHz
(c) order of Hz
(d) all of these
798. Wide area networks (WANs) always
(a) high bandwidth communication links
(b) high speed processors
(c) same type of processors
(d) none of these
799. In a modem using debit phase, encoding
has the bit rate:
(a) same as the baud rate
(b) higher than its baud rate
(c) lower than its baud rate
(d) independent of its baud rate

800. An advantage of blocking a tape is that:

(a) additional processing time is consumed
(b) the direct file method can be emulated
(c) tapes contain less data and longer
(d) less tape is used to store the same
amount of data
801. Which device is on IRQ 6?
(a) Keyboard
(b) IDE
(c) Floppy drive (d) Video card
802. The 34-pin connection on an I/O card
is for:
(a) floppy drive (b) SCSI drive
(c) IDE drive
(d) zip drive
803. What could cause a fixed disk error?
(a) No-CD installed
(b) Bad ram
(c) Slow processor
(d) Incorrect CMOS settings
804. Which type of pc card (PCMCIA) slot
will allow the insertion of a hard drive?
(a) Type I
(b) Type II
(c) Type III
(d) Type IV
805. What are the most likely conditions for
(a) Cold and wet (b) Cold and dry
(c) Hot and wet (d) Hot and dry
806. You are testing the resistance in Ohms of
a fuse on a 2 amp system. If the fuse is
good, the meter should read?
(a) 0.0
(b) 0.2
(c) 5.0
(d) 2.0
807. You are testing the resistance in Ohms of
a fuse on a 15 K amp system. If the fuse
is good, the meter should read?
(a) 0.0
(b) 0.2
(c) 5.0
(d) 2.0
808. What voltage does a 586 system use?
(a) +12 volts
(b) +5 volts
(c) +8 volts
(d) +3.3 volts
809. You see the message invalid media
device after installing a new hard drive.
What do you do next?
(a) (b) Fdisk
(c) Repartition
(d) Add the OS

Computer Fundamentals

810. On a dot matrix printer, you should never

lubricate which part:
(a) carriage rails
(b) printhead pins
(c) paper advance bearings
(d) carriage bearings
811. Where do you find user dat?
(a) c:\windows
(b) c:\windows\system32
(c) c:\windows\system
(d) c:\
812. What problem can occur if a printer cable
is to close to a power cable?
(a) ESD Electrostatic Discharge
(b) EMI Electromagnetic Interference
(c) Parity error
(d) No affect
813. In which mode can two or more applications be stored in memory at the same
(a) Segmented Mode
(b) Unprotected Mode
(c) Real Mode
(d) Protected Mode
814. An anti static strap uses a small .......... to
make sure you do not become the least
path of resistance to the ground.
(a) capacitor
(b) diode
(c) transistor
(d) resistor
815. Missing slot covers on a computer can
(a) over heat
(b) power surges
(c) EMI
(d) incomplete path for ESD
816. What tool is used to test serial and parallel
(a) high volt probe
(b) cable scanner
(c) loop backs (wrap plugs)
(d) sniffer
817. In Inkjet technology the droplets of ink
are deflected by?
(a) multi directional nozzles
(b) electronically charged plates


(c) high pressure plates

(d) electro static absorption
818. All Operating Systems get their total
memory initialised from?
(a) CPU
(b) BIOS
(c) ROM
(d) RAM
819. What are the IRQs for sound card?
(a) IRQ8
(b) IRQ4
(c) IRQ5
(d) IRQ7
820. MSD exe does not have information on:
(a) cache
(b) video
(c) operation system
(d) com ports
821. Which file is a valid filename in Win95?
(a) ?giant.doc
(b) ??install.exe
(c) !my.files.doc (d) readme*.txt
822. Which I/O port belongs to LPT2?
(a) 378H
(b) 278H
(c) 3f8h
(d) 2e8h
823. During boot-up, the memory test:
(a) is a superfluous step that should be
(b) checks and verifies that contiguous
memory is installed
(c) is an operational error
(d) displays what memory is installed,
but nothing else
824. On a dot-matrix printer, regular lube
maintenance should be followed, but this
component should never be lubed:
(a) Platten bearings
(b) Carriage rails
(c) Printhead
(d) Paper advance bearings
825. After upgrading your computer to a
new DOS version, an older application
displays the error message Incorrect DOS
version. What should you do to run this
(a) Use the DOS+ command
(b) Use the SETVER command
(c) Restore the old DOS version
(d) Contact the applications vendor
support line


Computer Science and Information Technology

826. You were installing an application in

Windows 95, and the computer crashes,
what do you do?
(a) Press alt + ctrl + delete, twice
(b) Press alt + ctrl + delete, and end task
(c) Press the reset button on the computer
(d) Turn off computer and boot from a
floppy disk
827. Why does a successfully mapped network
drive disappear every time you boot the
(a) The computer you are connected to
has moved
(b) You didnt click reconnect on log on
(c) The map statement is not in the
autoexec.bat file
(d) The last drive was not set correctly
828. COM 4 uses which I/O port?
(a) 2F8H
(b) 3F8H
(c) 3E8H
(d) 2E8H
829. What IRQ is used for COM 2?
(a) 4
(b) 3
(c) 2
(d) 1
830. Which DOS driver is used to emulate
expanded memory?
(a) Himem.sys (b) EMM386.exe
(c) Mem386.sys (d) Ramdrive.sys
831. Which is LEAST likely to interfere with
upgrading to a newer DOS version?
(b) Video controller
(c) Compressed drives
(d) Existing backup files
832. Which is the easiest component to environmentally recycle?
(a) Motherboards
(b) CMOS batteries
(c) Toner cartridges
(d) Cathode ray tubes
833. Which step should you perform first before
discharging a CRT?
(a) Remove the CRT from its housing
(b) Disconnect the CRT from the
(c) Remove the video assembly
(d) Turn power off before removing
power source

834. ESD damage can be caused by:

(a) placing an IC in a non-conductive
plastic bag
(b) placing an IC on a grounded mat
(c) repeated sags in current supplied from
(d) touching metal on the chassis
835. Which items provide the most protection
against ESD during troubleshooting?
(a) Grounding wire
(b) Anti-static mat
(c) Anti-static brush
(d) ESD grounding wrist strap
836. In the Binary numbering system, a (1)
represents a jumper being shorted and a
(0) represents a jumper being open. On a
three-bit jumper block on a SCSI drive,
how would an ID of logical 3 be set?
(a) 100
(b) 010
(c) 011
(d) 101
837. To avoid ESD when working on a PC:
(a) assure that you and the PC are at the
same electrical charge level
(b) connect a grounding wire from the
PC to a non-conductor
(c) connect your grounding wrist strap
to the PCs logic board
(d) use anti-static spray liberally
838. ESD potential decreases with the use of:
(a) De-ionising fans
(b) A wrist strap
(c) Rubber gloves with matching cap
(d) A static meter
839. A wrist grounding strap contains which
of the following:
(a) Surge protector (b) Capacitor
(c) Voltmeter
(d) Resistor
840. Which of the following items would
require you to comply with EPA disposal
(a) Keyboard
(b) System board
(c) Power supply (d) Battery
841. What is the best ground for a conductive
work bench?
(a) AC outlet
(b) Ground to bend
(c) To another device
(d) Chassis ground

Computer Fundamentals

842. One of the major components of a PC is

the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which
can be best described as:
(a) the device that sends the monitor
signals telling it what to display
(b) the area that regulates all of the
system power usage
(c) the area where all the of the basic
input/output routines are stored
(d) the area where all of the processing
takes place
843. IBMs Micro Channel Architecture (MCA)
specifies which type of the following bit
access widths?
(a) 8-bit and 16-bit
(b) 16-bit and 24-bit
(c) 16-bit and 32-bit
(d) 32-bit and 64-bit
844. Which type of system board is the MOST
likely candidate for processor upgrading
if you want maximum performance and
future compatibility?
(a) ML
(b) PCI
(c) ISA
(d) EISA
845. A PC with a 486DX2 processor runs
internally at 50 MHz. What speed would
its external logic be running?
(a) 10 MHz
(b) 25 MHz
(c) 50 MHz
(d) 100 MHz
846. A hard disk is divided into tracks which
are further subdivided into:
(a) clusters
(b) sectors
(c) vectors
(d) heads
847. What is the highest binary number that
can be referred to on a three position
jumper block?
(a) 4
(b) 6
(c) F
(d) 7
848. TWO primary performance restraints for
mass storage devices are:
(a) Storage ability
(b) Rate of transfer
(c) Disk Access Time
(d) Route mobility


849. Which provides the fastest access to large

video files?
(a) Optical drives
(b) IDE hard drives
(c) SCSI hard drives
(d) EIDE hard drives
850. When connecting two internal SCSI hard
disks to a computer, where do you connect
the second hard drive?
(a) Any open SCSI port on the computer
(b) A Serial port on the first host adapter
(c) An open parallel port on the computer
(d) An open SCSI port on the first hard
851. Which of the following statements is true?
(a) Two SCSI devices connected to a
computer can have the same ID if
they are both hard drives.
(b) Each SCSI device must have its own
(c) All SCSI devices must have the same
(d) SCSI IDs are irrelevant
852. When installing a SCSI CD-ROM drive,
you must set the CD-ROM SCSI adapter
(a) B0007
(b) An unused SCSI address
(c) The same address as the SCSI device
before the CD-ROM
(d) SCSI ID = 1
853. Which provides the fastest data access
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) CD-ROM
(d) Hard disk
854. What does the CPU do?
(a) Control power voltages
(b) Execute program instructions
(c) Dictate video resolution
(d) Perform math functions
855. Which controller would support an
external CD-ROM drive?
(a) ESDI
(b) ARLL
(c) MFM
(d) SCSI


Computer Science and Information Technology

856. What specification covers PC hard cards?

(a) SCSI
(b) ISA
(d) MFM
857. A Type 1 PCMCIA card is:
(a) The same physical size as other PCMCIA cards but configured differently
(b) The thinnest PCMCIA card, measuring
3.5 mm in thickness
(c) The thickest PCMCIA card, measuring
10.5 mm in thickness
(d) An old standard that is not compatible
with the newest laptops
858. In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands
(a) Basic Intuitive Output Set
(b) Basic Input Organisational System
(c) Basic Input Output System
(d) Basic Industry Operating System
859. Which would you have to upgrade to
install an EIDE drive?
(b) A 286 CPU
(c) Controller board
(d) ISA motherboard
860. When is the risk for electrostatic discharge
the greatest?
(a) Day time
(b) High humidity
(c) Low humidity (d) Night time
861. ESD would cause the most damage to
which component?
(a) Power supply (b) Expansion board
(c) Monitor
(d) Keyboard
862. The standard VGA display has ..........
pixels in its native graphics mode?
(a) 640 320
(b) 640 480
(c) 680 440
(d) 1024 786
863. Which of the following devices send and
receive information from other devices?
(a) Mouse port
(b) Serial port
(c) Video port
(d) Parallel port
864. Which peripheral port provides the
FASTEST throughput to laser printers?
(a) RS-232
(b) SCSI
(c) Parallel
(d) Serial

865. A customer has one printer on LPT1 and

wants to add another printer. To which
port should it be connected?
(a) Game port
(b) COM1
(c) LPT2
(d) COM2
866. A 25-pin female connector on the back of
your computer will typically be:
(a) serial port 1 (b) a parallel port
(c) docking
(d) COM2 port
867. Which hardware component controls
serial port communications?
(a) ROM BIOS (b) CPU
(c) DMA823
(d) UART 16550
868. When connecting a ribbon cable to a
connector, how do you know which
direction to plug it in?
(a) The red line in the cable goes to the
highest pin number
(b) The colored line in the cable goes to
pin #1
(c) It does not matter
(d) The blue or red line in the cable goes
away from the power connector
869. COM1 is typically represented by which
of the following?
(a) 15 pin port
(b) 9 pin male port
(c) 9 pin female port
(d) 25 pin male port
870. 14.4 modem should transmit .......... bits
per second:
(a) 14,40015,000
(b) 140150
(c) 14001500
(d) 140,000150,000
871. A modem could be attached to which port?
(a) Parallel port
(b) ASYNC port
(c) Keyboard connector
(d) Video port
872. Which of the following is a type of
preventative maintenance used on a hard
(a) Disk check diagnostics
(b) Head alignment diagnostics
(c) Initialising
(d) Uninstalling programs

Computer Fundamentals

873. What product is used to clean smudged

keys on a keyboard?
(a) TMC solvent
(b) Silicone spray
(c) Denatured alcohol
(d) All-purpose cleaner
874. Which should you use for cleaning Mylarprotected LCD screens?
(a) Ammonia window cleaner
(b) Non-abrasive cleanser
(c) Anti-static wipes
(d) Alcohol-impregnated wipes
875. It is most important to keep hard drives
and diskettes away from?
(a) Telephones
(b) Battery-operated devices
(c) Magnetic devices
(d) Temperature extremes
876. .......... help prevent power surges.
(a) Surge suppressor
(b) Spike protector
(c) UPS system
(d) High-grade multi-meter
877. What device prevents power interruptions,
resulting in corrupted data?
(a) Battery back-up unit
(b) Surge protector
(c) Multiple SIMMs strips
(d) Data guard system
878. How can you totally protect a PC from
damage during an electrical storm?
(a) Disconnect the AC power cable
(b) Disconnect all external cables and
power cords
(c) Use a surge protector
(d) Turn off the AC power
879. What would you ask to determine if the
display is working?
(a) Is there a video cursor or action on
the screen?
(b) Did the computer beep or chime?
(c) Is there high voltage static on the
(d) All of these


880. Which would you do first when troubleshooting a faulty monitor?

(a) Check its connections to the computer
and power source
(b) Use a meter to check the CRT and
internal circuitry for continuity
(c) Power down the monitor, then turn
it on again to see if that corrects the
(d) Power down the computer, then turn
it on again to see if that corrects the
881. Upper Memory blocks are located where?
(a) Conventional Memory
(b) Extended Memory
(c) Expanded memory
(d) Reserved Memory
882. Which monitor would provide the highest
level of performance?
(a) VGA
(b) XGA
(c) CGA
(d) SVGA
883. What configuration should a Volt-Ohm
meter be set to when testing a fuse?
(a) DC volts
(b) AC volts
(c) Amperage
(d) Ohms
884. When you are going to measure an
unknown voltage you should always start
with the meter on the .......... voltage setting
to prevent damage to the meter.
(a) highest
(b) lowest
(c) 100 ma
(d) 0 ohms
885. The digital multimeter is set for DC,
Ohm and 20 k. You will read .......... while
measuring a good 2 amp fuse.
(a) 0.00
(b) 0.02
(c) 0.20
(d) 2.00
886. What resistance in ohms should be
displayed when testing a speaker in a
(a) 0 Ohm
(b) 16 Ohms
(c) 200 Ohms
(d) Unlimited Ohms
887. You suspect a virus has entered your
computer. What will not be affected by
the virus?
(a) CMOS
(b) Boot sector
(c) Floppy disks (d) Program files

Computer Fundamentals

1062. Which memory is nonvolatile and may be

written only once?
(a) RAM
(b) EE-ROM
(c) ROM
(d) PROM
1063. Which of the following statements is
(a) An EPROM can be programmed,
erased and reprogrammed by the
user with an EPROM programming
(b) Magnetic tape is non volatile
(c) Magnetic core and semiconductor
memories are used as mass memory
(d) RAM is a type of volatile memory
1064. For a memory system, the cycle time is:
(a) same as the access time
(b) longer than the access time
(c) shorter than the access time
(d) submultiple of the access time
1065. The data bus in 8080A/8085 microprocessor
is a group of:
(a) eight bidirectional lines that are
used to transfer 8 bits between the
microprocessor and its I/O and
(b) sixteen bidirectional lines that are
used for data transfer between the
microprocessor and memory
(c) eight unidirectional lines that are used
for I/O devices
(d) eight lines used to transfer data among
the registers
1066. The process of fetching and executing
instructions, one at a time, in the order of
increasing addresses is known as:
(a) instruction execution
(b) straight line sequencing
(c) instruction fetch
(d) random sequencing
1067. Non-volatility is an important advantage
(a) CCDs
(b) magnetic tapes and disks
(c) magnetic bubbles
(d) both (b) and (c)


1068. When did Intel introduce 32-bit 386DX

CPU for the first time?
(a) 1989
(b) 1985
(c) 1983
(d) 1988
1069. The first movie with terrific computer
animation and graphics was released in
1982. What was its name?
(a) Star Wars
(b) Tron
(c) Forbidden Planet
(d) Dark Star
1070. First CAD system called AutoCAD for
the PCs was announced in the year 1982.
Can you tell who announced it?
(a) Intel Corporation
(b) Rolta India Ltd.
(c) Autodesk Inc.
(d) AT&T Corporation
1071. What was the name of the first personal
computer electronic spreadsheet software
package which became a smash hit as soon
as it was introduced in 1978?
(a) WordStar
(b) VisiCalc
(c) Lotus 1-2-3
(d) Excel
1072. When was the first solid-state computer
produced and by which country?
(a) 1964, Japan (b) 1960, USA
(c) 1965, UK
(d) 1960, Germany
1073. Third generation computers are those
which are built with integrated circuits.
What was the name of the first thirdgeneration computer and when was it
(a) IBM-1620, 1964
(b) IBM-360, 1965
(c) CDC-6600, 1962
(d) PDP-1401
1074. Which is the first compiler-level language
developed by a team of IBM programmers
led by John Backus and unveiled in 1957?
(b) PL/1
1075. Which computer was the first to use the
magnetic drum for memory?
(a) IBM-650
(b) IBM-7090
(c) IBM-701
(d) PDP-1


Computer Science and Information Technology

1076. The magnetic tape consists of a plastic

tape with a surface coating of magnetic
material. When was it invented?
(a) 1968
(b) 1964
(c) 1956
(d) 1946
1077. The first large scale electronic computer
which became operational in 1946
and contained approximately 18000
vacuum tubes and could perform 300
multiplications per second was known as:
1078. In 1943, the first general-purpose, all
electronic deciphering computer using
1500 vacuum tubes was built. What was
it called?
(a) Mark-I
(b) Whirlwind
(c) Colossus
1079. When was punched-card equipment used
for the first time to process the British
(a) 1910
(b) 1907
(c) 1911
(d) 1914
1080. Punched-card equipment was first
introduced in Britain in 1904 by a small
company. What was the name of that
(a) The Tabulator Ltd.
(b) Tabulator Machine Company
(c) International Business Machines
(d) Accounting & Tabulating Corpn. of
Great Britain
1081. Which of the following was not used in
first-generation computers?
(a) Vacuum tubes
(b) Cards
(c) Magnetic core
(d) Punched paper tape
1082. Which of the following is not true of
future computers?
(a) Increased use of CAD/CAM techniques
(b) Faster turnaround time
(c) Developments in artificial intelligence
(d) All of these

1083. The card type designed to accept the

manual entry of data onto its surface is the:
(a) mark-sense card
(b) document card
(c) dual card
(d) both (a) or (c)
1084. An I/O device which provides photographic
outputs for printing galleys is the:
(a) automatic typesetter
(b) camera printer
(c) radix printer
(d) all of these
1085. A modern digital computer has:
(a) extremely high speed
(b) large memory
(c) almost unlimited accuracy
(d) all of these
1086. What is the name of the earliest calculating
machine which was based on concepts
found in modern computers but was
unfortunately never built?
(a) Babbages Difference Engine
(b) Pascals Adder
(c) Leibnitzs Multiplier
(d) Differential Analyser
1087. Which of the following holds data and
processing instructions temporarily until
the CPU needs it?
(a) ROM
(b) Control unit
(c) Main memory
(d) Coprocessor chips
1088. Which of the following is not a practical
data-processing approach?
(a) Batch-sequential
(b) Batch-direct
(c) Immediate-sequential
(d) Immediate-direct
1089. In which year was the PC voted The
Machine of the Year by the American
Time magazine?
(a) 1970
(b) 1975
(c) 1983
(d) 1987

Computer Fundamentals

1090. When was the IBM XT microcomputer

released in the market?
(a) 1970
(b) 1971
(c) 1987
(d) 1986
1091. Where are silicon chips manufactured
in India?
(a) Chandigarh (b) Punjab
(b) U.P.
(d) Tamil Nadu
1092. General purpose computers are those that
can be adopted to countless uses simply
by changing its:
(a) keyboard
(b) printer
(c) program
(d) display screen
1093. The main purpose of time sharing
techniques used in computers is to make
the best use of the:
(a) CPU
(b) peripherals
(c) secondary storage
(d) floppy disks
1094. The interleaved execution of two or more
different and independent programs by the
CPU of a computer is called:
(a) multiprocessing
(b) multiprogramming
(c) multitasking
(d) either (b) or (c)
1095. If the processor of a computer does not
have a direct and unassisted access to data
items, these items are said to be:
(a) offline
(b) remote
(c) disconnecte (d) detached
1096. Sometimes data are gathered over a
period of time and collected into a group
before entering them into a computer for
processing. What type of processing is
it called?
(a) Interactive processing
(b) Sequential processing
(c) Batch processing
(d) Group processing
1097. A computer system consisting of its
processor, memory and I/O devices
accepts data, processes it and produces
the output results. Can you tell in which
component is the raw data fed?


(a) Mass Memory (b) Main memory

(c) Logic unit
(d) Arithmetic unit
1098. What is the number of bit patterns provided
by a 7-bit code?
(a) 256
(b) 128
(c) 64
(d) 512
1099. Which part of the diskette should never
be touched?
(a) Hub
(b) Centre
(c) Oval slot
(d) Corner
1100. A small film-plate which is used for
microfilming the output from a
microcomputer screen is called:
(a) microfilm
(b) microfiche
(c) film card
(d) COM
1101. The general range of speed in revolutions
per minute (rpm) at which floppy disks
rotate is:
(a) 24004700 (b) 390600
(c) 150250
(d) 300600
1102. The bubbles in a bubble memory pack are
created with the help of?
(a) Laser beam
(b) Magnetic field
(c) Electric field (d) X-ray
1103. Hexadecimal numbers are a mixture of:
(a) binary and decimal numbers
(b) letters and decimal digits
(c) binary and octal numbers
(d) octal and decimal numbers
1104. Main memory contains:
(a) data
(b) instructions
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) either (a) and (b)
1105. Which access method is used for obtaining
a record from a cassette tape:
(a) direct
(b) sequential
(c) random
(d) All of these
1106. Two new types of semiconductor memories
(a) magnetic disks
(b) charge-coupled devices
(c) magnetic bubble memory
(d) both (b) and (c)


Computer Science and Information Technology

1107. The word serial describes:

(a) an inexpensive card reader that reads
one column at a time
(b) a character-by-character transfer
of data between an input/output or
auxiliary storage unit and a channel
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) none of these
1108. The largest of the four conceptual areas
of storage is likely to be the:
(a) program area (b) output area
(c) working area (d) input area
1109. A billionth of a second is defined as a:
(a) millisecond (b) microsecond
(c) nanosecond (d) picosecond
1110. The disk concept for reducing time lost
from rotational delay is:
(a) fixed block addressing
(b) cylinder, track, sector data
(c) staggered addressing
(d) graduated block identification
1111. Softcopy outputs available from the
IBM 3279 Coluor Display terminal may
(a) graphic displays of data
(b) three-dimensional line drawings
(c) line-by-line outputs of character data
(d) all of these
1112. Input data for electrostatic plotter must
be in:
(a) vector format
(b) raster format
(c) a raster-to-vector format
(d) an organised format
1113. Which device can sense inventory data
specified in bar codes?
(a) Mouse
(b) Light pen
(c) Holographs
(d) Joystick
1114. Which video terminal is generally used in
engineering workstations?
(a) Character map terminal
(b) Bit-map terminal
(c) RS 232 C terminal
(d) All of these

1115. One of the most impressive features of a

modern digital computer is its speed. A fast
computer is able to do more calculations
in one minute than a person using a pencil
and paper can do in:
(a) 10 years
(b) 20 years
(c) lifetime
(d) 50 years
1116. What is the name of the hardware and
software package that is ready for use as
soon as it is installed?
(a) Hands-on system
(b) Quick implementation system
(c) Turnkey computer system
(d) Operational system
1117. When did Hewlett-Packard Inc. Introduce
its first HP-110 laptop computer?
(a) 1984
(b) 1986
(c) 1990
(d) 1995
1118. Who developed the first personal computer
spreadsheet package called Visicalc?
(a) Niklaus Wirth
(b) Dan Bricklin
(c) Bob Frankston
(d) Both (b) and (c)
1119. The first practical commercial typewriter
was invented in 1867 in the United States
(a) Christopher Latham Sholes
(b) Carlos Glidden
(c) Samuel Soule
(d) all of these
1120. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator
and Calculator) had huge advantage over
Mark I because it used electronic valves
in place of the electromagnetic switches.
In the beginning, ENIAC was used for
calculating the path of artillery shells. For
which other was weapon design it utilised?
(a) hydrogen bomb (b) atom bomb
(c) agnimissile
(d) fighter aircraft
1121. Program execution time would be
minimum if the programs are written in:
(a) machine language
(b) assembly language
(c) high level language
(d) all of these

Computer Fundamentals

1122. PARAM is a:
(a) DBMS package
(b) parallel computer
(c) programming language
(d) parallel random access memory
1123. The frequency range used in satellite
communication is of the order of:
(a) kHz
(b) MHz
(c) GHz
(d) NHz
1124. The processing capability of a microcomputer can be enhanced with the help
(a) addition processor
(b) expansion cards
(c) secondary memory
(d) buffer memory
1125. Whenever a peripheral is being controlled
by the CPU, it is said to be online. If
additionally, the computer files are updated
as soon as any change takes place, the
system is called:
(a) quick processing system
(b) batch processing system
(c) real time system
(d) remote processing system
1126. In time sharing a computer is used by
many people at the same time. How are
different users linked to the computer?
(a) By satellite
(b) By direct cables
(c) By telephone lines
(d) Either of the above
1127. An AND gate:
(a) implements logic addition
(b) is equivalent to a series switching
(c) is any or all gate
(d) is equivalent to a parallel switching
1128. The output of a 2 input OR gate is 0 only
when its:
(a) both inputs are 0
(b) either input is 1
(c) both inputs are 1
(d) either input is 0


1129. Bytes can be combined to form words

of memory which may contain 16-, 24-,
32- or 64-bits that a computer is designed
to transfer and manipulate as a unit. How
many different values can a 32-bits word
(a) 64,356
(b) 128,564
(c) Over 4 billion (d) Either (b) or (c)
1130. What is the name given to the 8-bit unit
used for coding data?
(a) Block of characters
(b) Byte
(c) Word
(d) K
1131. The space between the read/write ceramic
head of a disk drive and the disk platter
called fly-height is of the order of:
(a) 0.0125 mm
(b) 0.0025 mm
(c) 0.006 mm
(d) 1.012 mm
1132. What is meant by quad-density (QD)
(a) It is double-sided disk
(b) It is double density disk
(c) It has double the number of tracks
per inch
(d) All of these
1133. Most disk drives have a single read/write
head for each disk surface. What is the
advantage of suing multiple heads on each
movable access arm?
(a) Reduced seek time
(b) Less latency time
(c) Reduced search time
(d) Less disk speed
1134. Reel-to-teel tape drives are commonly
used with:
(a) minicomputers
(b) microcomputers
(c) mainframe computers
(d) laptop computer
1135. The normal speed of the motor in
revolution per minute (rpm) used for a
floppy diskette drive is:
(a) 10001200 (b) 300900
(c) 300360
(d) 200300


Computer Science and Information Technology

1136. The computers that we use are digital

whereas we live in an analog world which
means that we have to translate analog data
into digital data. What is the name of the
circuit which helps us in this conversion?
(a) D/A converter
(b) A/D converter
(c) Voice recognition
(d) Adapter
1137. Which is not necessary when using bar
codes in supermarkets?
(a) Point-of sale (POS) terminal
(b) Check digit on the bar code
(c) Price on the shelf
(d) Price on the goods
1138. In negative logic, the logic state 1
corresponds to:
(a) negative voltage
(b) zero voltage
(c) more negative voltage
(d) lower voltage level
1139. If 40 character records are being written
on tape at 400 bpi, what is the blocking
factor that will reduce the proportion of
blank tape area to one-third?
(a) 1
(b) 4
(c) 10
(d) 15
1140. Communication between computers using
standard telephone service:
(a) requires a change to an anolog signal
(b) is most efficient
(c) produces little noise and few
(d) all of these
1141. In half-duplex data transmission:
(a) data can be transmitted in one
direction only
(b) data can be transmitted in both
(c) data can be transmitted in both
directions simultaneously
(d) data cannot be transmitted
1142. Which access method is used for obtaining
a record from a cassette tape?
(a) Direct
(b) Sequential
(c) Random
(d) Parallel

1143. What is the byte capacity of a drum which

is 5 inch high, 10 inch diameter, and which
has 60 tracks per inch and bit density of
800-bits per inch?
(a) 942,000 bytes
(b) 97,12,478 bytes
(c) 192,300 bytes
(d) 14,384 bytes
1144. A lever used to control the movement of
a cursor on a video screen is:
(a) keyboard
(b) joystick
(c) light pen
(d) plotter
1145. In synchronous transmission data from
various users:
(a) require header
(b) do not require header
(c) sometimes require header
(d) all of these
1146. A lever used to control the movement of
a cursor on a video screen is:
(a) keyboard
(b) joystick
(c) light pen
(d) plotter
1147. A half byte is know is:
(a) data
(b) bit
(c) half byte
(d) nibble
1148. A monitor looks like a TV set but it does
(a) receive TV signals
(b) give a clear picture
(c) give a steady picture
(d) display graphics
1149. Primary storage is .......... as compared to
secondary storage.
(a) slow and inexpensive
(b) fast and inexpensive
(c) fast and expensive
(d) slow and expensive
1150. To set a register or counter to the allzero-state is:
(a) rerun
(b) reset
(c) remote
(d) release
1151. Which generation of computers is covered
by the period 196477?
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Forth

Computer Fundamentals

1152. The word Computer usually refers to the

Central Processor Unit plus:
(a) external memory
(b) internal memory
(c) input devices
(d) output devices
1153. Processors of all computers, whether
micro, mini or mainframe must have:
(a) ALU
(b) primary storage
(c) control unit
(d) all of these
1154. A collection of eight bits is called:
(a) byte
(b) word
(c) record
(d) file
1155. Which of the following is a part of the
Central Processing Unit?
(a) Printer
(b) Keyboard
(c) Mouse
(d) Arithmetic Logic Unit
1156. The first electronic digital computer
(a) electronic valves
(b) vacuum tubes
(c) transistors
(d) semiconductor memory
1157. Hard disks and diskettes are:
(a) direct access storage devices
(b) sequential access storage devices
(c) rarely used with microcomputers
(d) both (a) and (c)
1158. Every thing computer does is controlled
by its:
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) CPU
(d) storage devices
1159. The binary equivalent of the Octal number
13.54 is:
(a) 1011.1011
(b) 1101.1110
(c) 1001.1110
(d) all of these
1160. Which of the following is not used in
the storage phase of a computer-based
information system?
(a) Magnetic
(b) Keyboard
(c) Diskette
(d) Hard disk


1161. A source program is the program written

in .......... language.
(a) English
(b) symbolic
(c) high-level
(d) machine
1162. If some device requires urgent service,
normal execution of programs may
sometimes be preempted using:
(a) an interrupt signal
(b) a request to memory modules
(c) DMA
(d) all of these
1163. Who launched IBMs First PC in 1981?
(a) Dean Cline
(b) C.B. Rogers Jr
(c) John F. Akers (d) David Svenson
1164. What hardware was used by first
generation computers?
(a) Transistors
(b) ICs
(c) Valves
(d) SSI
1165. Which of the following is used to hold
ROM, RAM, CPU and expansion cards?
(a) Computer bus (b) Motherboard
(c) Cache memory (d) All of these
1166. EPROM consist of:
(a) bipolar transistors
(b) easily erasable
(d) diodes
1167. The following is true about 2-out of
5 code:
(a) it is weighted code
(b) it is unweighted code
(c) it has odd parity
(d) all of these
1168. The decimal equivalent of octal number
56 is:
(a) 46
(b) 66
(c) 53
(d) 49
1169. The decimal equivalent of binary number
0.0111 is:
(a) 4.375
(b) 0.4375
(c) 0.5375
(d) 0.4375
1170. The binary code of (73)10 is:
(a) 1010001
(b) 1000100
(c) 1100101
(d) 1001001


Computer Science and Information Technology

1171. Which one of the following is the first

second-generation computer?
(a) IBM 7090
(b) IBM 801
(c) IBM 7070
(d) IBM 650
1172. What is the name of the British gentleman
who was the first to put forward in 1952
the idea for the integrated circuit?
(a) Jack S. Kilby
(b) G.W. Dummer
(c) William Shockley
(d) John Bardeen
1173. The first special-purpose electronic
computer which contained about 300
vacuum tubes and became operational in
early 1940s was called:
(a) Colossus
(c) Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)
1174. Transistorised computer circuits were
introduced in the:
(a) first generation
(b) second generation
(c) third generation
(d) fourth generation
1175. The punched card used in the IBM
System/3 contains:
(a) 80 columns
(b) 120 columns
(c) 96 columns
(d) 126 columns
1176. Which of the following are often used to
ensure that data has been accurately input
to the computer?
(a) Digitizers
(b) Light pens
(c) Keyboards
(d) Input controls
1177. Which of the following is considered a
direct-entry input device?
(a) Optical scanner (b) Mouse
(c) Light pen
(d) All of these
1178. Which of the following statements is
(a) Secondary storage is nonvolatile
(b) Primary storage is volatile
(c) Secondary storage contains data for
immediate processing
(d) When the computer is turned off, data
and instructions stored in primary
storage are erased

1179. Which of the following is not used

for storage purposes with main frame
(a) Removable disks
(b) Fixed disks
(c) Mass storage systems
(d) Diskettes
1180. Which out of the following is the least
expensive computer?
(a) Home computer
(b) Laptop microcomputer
(c) Personal computer
(d) Desktop computer
1181. Instead of buying a more powerful new
computer, the productivity of the old one
can be economically enhanced with the
help of:
(a) speed up card
(b) accelerator board
(c) replacement board
(d) add on board
1182. Why is a desktop computer called personal
computer? Because:
(a) only persons can use it, not organisations
(b) only one person can use it at any point
of time
(c) it belongs to a single person
(d) it needs personal attention
1183. The word size of a microprocessor refers
(a) the amount of information that can
be stored in a byte
(b) the amount of information that can
be stored in a cycle
(c) the number of machine operations
performed in a second
(d) the maximum length of an English
word that can be input to a computer
1184. Those microcomputers which have the
same operating characteristics as the IBM
microcomputers are called IBM:
(a) duplicates
(b) clones
(c) copies
(d) look alikes

Computer Fundamentals

1185. Example of non-numerical data is:

(a) employee address
(b) examination score
(c) bank balance
(d) all of these
1186. A step-by-step procedure used to solve a
problem is called:
(a) operating system
(b) algorithm
(c) application program
(d) all of these
1187. No computer can do anything without a:
(a) program
(b) memory
(c) chip
(d) output device
1188. A novel technology based on a semiconductor device called the Neuron chip
has been developed by Echlon company
based in Palo Alto, California. This
technology will revolutionise day to day
activities like turning on lights, unlocking
doors, setting clocks, heating and cooling
homes and operating electronic gadgets,
etc. What is the name of this technology?
(a) Local Area Network (LAN)
(b) Value Added Network (VAN)
(c) Wide Area Network (WAN)
(d) Local Operating Network (LON)
1189. All the keys on the IBM PC keyboard
repeat as long as we hold them down. Such
types of keys are known as .......... keys.
(a) typematic
(b) functional
(c) automatic
(d) alphabetic
1190. A complete microcomputer system
consists of:
(a) microprocessor
(b) memory
(c) peripheral equipment
(d) all of these
1191. What type of computer programming
is used for airplane ticket reservation
(a) Multi programming
(b) Real time programming
(c) Time sharing
(d) Batch programming


1192. A computer performs operations by

comparing data items and then, depending
on the results, follows predetermined
course of action. What are such operations
(a) Sequential
(b) Logical
(c) Digital
(d) Physical
1193. Who coordinates the sequencing of
events within the central processor of a
(a) Logic unit
(b) Arithmetic unit
(c) Register
(d) Control unit
1194. The microprocessor of a computer
cannot operate on any information if that
information is not in its:
(a) secondary storage
(b) main storage
(c) ALU
(d) logic unit
1195. Where have the program and data to be
located before the ALU and control unit
of a computer can operate on it?
(a) Internal memory
(b) Secondary memory
(c) Microprocessor
(d) Magnetic tapes
1196. The only things moving around inside a
computer are:
(a) 1s and 0s
(b) electrons
(c) bytes
(d) proton
1197. The data between the computer and
peripherals always passes via an input/
(a) port
(b) A/D converter
(c) D/A converter (d) buffer memory
1198. Preparing a magnetic disk for data storage
is called:
(a) booting
(b) formatting
(c) debugging
(d) commissioning
1199. The computer stores its program and
data in its:
(a) ALU
(b) control unit
(c) memory
(d) cache memory
(e) none of these


Computer Science and Information Technology

1200. How many full adders are needed to add

two 4-bit numbers with a parallel adder?
(a) 8
(b) 4
(c) 2
(d) 16
1201. Which is a Common-Business-oriented
(d) C
1202. The term referring to evaculating the
content of some part of the machine is
known as:
(a) dump
(b) enhancement
(c) down
(d) compiler
1203. The earliest device that qualifies as a
digital computer is:
(b) Abacus
1204. The area of computer science which is
concerned with the display of pictures is:
(a) networks
(b) graphics
(c) designing
(d) architecture
1205. The computer program language which
is widely used in computer science and
engineering and also in business is:
(d) LISP
1206. A reflective marker that indicates the end
of the usable tape is:
(a) end user
(b) end-of-tape
(c) optical mark reader
(d) FAX
1207. The range of frequencies available for data
transmission is known as:
(a) baud
(b) bandwidth
(c) byte
(d) bits

1210. A processing unit that coordinates

networks and data communication is
known as:
(a) control unit
(b) communications processor
(c) register unit
(d) CPU
1211. A software used to convert source program
instructions to object instruction is known
(a) compiler
(b) assembler
(c) interpreter
(d) language processor
1212. Tiny rings made of magnetic material that
can be polarised to represent binary 1 or
0 is called:
(a) magnetic core (d) magnetic disk
(c) card punch
(d) floppy disk
1213. Which is used to provide the sight
information to the right person at the
right time for proper decision making?
(a) DBMS
(b) MIS
(c) ISO
(d) PSO
1214. A file containing relatively permanent
data is:
(a) random file
(b) transaction file
(c) master file
(d) sequential file
1215. An input device that converts data punched
into paper tape into a binary format is:
(a) page reader
(b) paper tape punch
(c) paper tape reader
(d) card punch

1208. A printer in which the characters are

embossed on a band is:
(a) dot-matrix
(b) laser
(c) golf-ball
(d) chain

1216. An output device that converts data from

a binary format in main storage to coded
hole patterns punched into a paper tape is:
(a) paper tape punch
(b) punched paper tape
(c) magnetic disk
(d) magnetic tape

1209. An acronym for conference on Data

systems languages is:
(a) Collute
(c) CCD
(d) DASD

1217. An input device which can read characters

directly from an ordinary piece of paper is:
(a) OCR
(b) OMR
(c) MSI
(d) POS

Computer Fundamentals


Selling cheaply
Selling below cost
Selling free
Selling through agents

1314. Who is considered the father of the

minicomputer and one of the founder
fathers of the modern computer industry
(a) George Tate
(b) Kenneth H. Olsen
(c) Seymour Cray
(d) Basic Pascal
1315. The status of all data handled by a DP
center is determined by a?
(a) Data number
(b) Control number
(c) Reference number
(d) Item number
1316. Which bank was the first to introduce
ATMs to the world and when?
(a) Standard Chartered Bank, 1978
(b) Bank of America, 1968
(c) Citibank, 1970
(d) Hongkong Bank, 1972
1317. Name the two persons who were the first
to develop a model of the microprocessor
(a) Marcian Ted Hoff
(b) Victor Poor
(c) Harry pyle
(d) Arthur Clarke
1318. The first major electronic analog computer
called the differential analyzer was built
at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT) in the late 1920s. Can you tell
who directed the development of this
(a) J.P. Eckert
(b) Thomas J. Watson
(c) A.M. Turing
(d) Vannevar Bush
1319. Multiprogramming was made possible by:
(a) input/output units that operate
independently of the CPU
(b) operating system


(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) neither (a) nor (b)
1320. dBASE-III was developed by:
(a) DEC
(b) IBM
(c) Ashton-Tate (d) all of these
1321. Which was the most popular first
generation computer?
(a) IBM 1650
(b) IBM 360
(c) IBM 1130
(d) IBM 2700
1322. Network topology, consisting of nodes
attached in a ring, without a host computer,
is known as:
(a) star
(b) ring
(c) bus
(d) tree
1323. Which of the following terms does not
describe a database structure used by a
DBMS to link data from several files?
(a) Relational
(b) Structural
(c) Network
(d) All of these
1324. What is the responsibility of the logical
unit in the CPU of a computer?
(a) To produce result
(b) To compare numbers
(c) To control flow of information
(d) To do maths work
1325. What is the common method used by
low-megaflop computers for high speed
data transmission?
(a) Print spooling (b) Cycle stealing
(c) Looping
(d) Multiplexing
1326. How many alphanumeric characters are
there in BLT 1987?
(a) 10
(b) 63
(c) 14
(d) 7
1327. In a disk pack containing 6 disks there
are 200 tracks on each disk surface, each
track is divided into 50 sectors and each
sector contains 512 characters of one byte
each. What is the total storage capacity of
disk pack in bytes?
(a) 512 50 200 12
(b) 512 50 200 10
(c) 512 50 200 6
(d) 512 50 200/10


Computer Science and Information Technology

1328. What is the shape of the tracks on the

recording surface of a disk platter?
(a) Spiraling
(b) Elliptical
(c) Concentric
(d) Wavy
1329. The secondary storage devices can only
store data but they cannot perform:
(a) arithmetic operations
(b) logic operations
(c) fetch operations
(d) either of the above
1330. Which of the printer used in conjunction
with computers uses dry ink powder?
(a) Daisywheel printer
(b) Line printer
(c) Laser writer
(d) Thermal printer
1331. Which of the following organisations
uses magnetic ink character recognition
(a) Housing departments
(b) Banks
(c) Electricity Boards
(d) Oil and Natural Gas Commission
1332. Multiple choice examination answer
sheets are evaluated by .......... reader.
(a) optical mark
(b) optical character
(c) magnetic ink character
(d) magnetic tape
1333. The output of a 2 input OR gate is 0 only
when its:
(a) both inputs are 0
(b) either input is 1
(c) both inputs are 1
(d) either input is 0
1334. A turnaround document is frequently
used by:
(a) utilities
(b) supermarkets
(c) manufacturing firms
(d) wholesalers
1335. Which of the following is not true about
the data management capabilities of
(a) Records can be searched
(b) Records can be stored

(c) You can have only one column for

each field of a record
(d) All of these
1336. Which of the following produces the best
quality graphics reproduction?
(a) Laser printer
(b) Ink jet printer
(c) Plotter
(d) Dot matrix printer
1337. Which of the following memories allows
simultaneous read and write operations?
(a) ROM
(b) RAM
(d) None of these
1338. Which of the following memories has the
shortest access time?
(a) Cache memory
(b) Magnetic bubble memory
(c) Magnetic core memory
(d) RAM
1339. A 32-bit microprocessor has the word
length equal to:
(a) 2 bytes
(b) 32 bytes
(c) 4 bytes
(d) 8 bytes
1340. In FDM every user uses:
(a) same frequency band
(b) different frequency band
(c) a frequency band which is assigned
at random
(d) all of these
1341. Typical data transfer rates in LAN are of
the order of:
(a) bits per sec
(b) kilo bits per sec
(c) mega bits per sec
(d) none of these
1342. In asynchronous transmission:
(a) inter-character gap is fixed
(b) inter-character gap is variable
(c) inter-character gap is always zero
(d) all of these
1343. An error in computer data is called:
(a) chip
(b) bug
(c) CPU
(d) storage devices

Computer Fundamentals

1344. A set of information that defines the status

of resources allocated to a process is:
(a) process control
(b) ALU
(c) register unit
(d) process description
1345. Which of the following is a system
programming language for micro-comput
ers in the Intel family?
(a) LOGO
(c) PC/M
(d) PL/1
1346. A network topology in which the outer
nodes connect to a single central node is:
(a) LAN
(b) broadband network
(c) passive star
(d) pass band
1347. Which of the following is a programming
language which is used for the development
(a) C
1348. Any method for controlling access to or
use of memory is known as:
(a) memory map
(b) memory protection
(c) memory management
(d) memory instruction
1349. The estimation of the value of a function
at a point beyond the interval in which
the data lies is known as:
(a) interpolation (b) simulation
(c) emulation
(d) extra polation
1350. A type of core store that has a lower access
time than the devices used for working
store in the same processor is known as:
(a) core memory (b) buffer
(c) fast core
(d) address register
1351. A single pole, single throw switch with
one common line and one output line is:
(a) switch circuit (b) SPDT switch
(c) SPST switch (d) star bit
1352. A one-bit signal that indicates the start
of data transmission by an asynchronous
device is:
(a) parity bit
(b) status bit
(c) zero bit
(d) star bit


1353. Which of the following is an acronym

for electronic delay storage automatic
1354. Which of the following is form of semi
conductor memory in which it is possible
to change the contents of selected memory
locations by applying suitable electrical
(a) CAM
(b) ROM
1355. A disk storage medium in the form of
an assembly containing a single rigid
magnetic disk permanently is:
(a) fixed disk
(b) disk cartridge
(c) card punch
(d) card reader
1356. A communication protocol that converts
noisy data links into communication
channels free of transmission errors is
known as:
(a) data link protocol
(b) data link
(c) data medium
(d) data model
1357. A notation for defining the form and
structure of data is known as:
(a) data description language
(b) binary language
(c) data channel
(d) data definition language
1358. The number of logical records in a physical
record is:
(a) group
(b) blocking factor
(c) sector
(d) field
1359. The control of the jobs running within a
system is:
(a) job monitoring (b) job stream
(c) job min
(d) job step
1360. Control of computer system or subsystem
operation by an operator who may
intervene at arbitrary times is:
(a) manual control (b) mapping
(c) shift register (d) ALU


Computer Science and Information Technology

1361. A memory that is capable of determining

whether a given datum is contained in one
of its addresses is:
(a) ROM
(b) PROM
(c) CAM
(d) RAM
1362. A method of implementing a memory
management system is:
(a) buddy system
(b) bridgeware
(c) broadband coaxial system
(d) all of these
1363. A plastic card similar to a credit card but
having some memory and a microprocessor
embedded within it is:
(a) punched paper tape
(b) chip card
(c) card punch
(d) magnetic tape
1364. A repository for data, usually covering
specific topic is:
(a) database
(b) data requisition
(c) databank
(d) data collection
1365. A type of simulation method using random
numbers to determine the evolution of a
system is:
(a) model dispersion
(b) Monte carlo
(c) Monadic
(d) Padding
1366. A device that operates under the control
of another device is called:
(a) sten
(b) slave
(c) simulator
(d) emulator
1367. An identifying label on the first record of
magnetic tape is:
(a) punched paper tape
(b) optical mark reader
(c) tape label
(d) joystick
1368. Which of the following programs allow
users to format pages and merge text and
pictures on their display screens?
(a) Application (b) Software
(c) Page layout
(d) Utility

1369. Which of the following tools is not

normally used during system analysis?
(a) System flowchart
(b) Question check-list
(c) Grid chart
(d) Program flowchart
1370. The most popular language used with
microcomputers and time-shared mini
computers, is an easy-to-use high level
(b) ADA
1371. Actual data processing operations are
performed in the arithmetic-logic section,
but not in the .......... storage section of a
processor unit.
(a) primary
(b) accumulator
(c) buffer
(d) secondary
1372. The use of spooler programs and/or
.......... hardware allows personal computer
operators to do other processing work at
the same time a printing operation is in
(a) register
(b) buffer
(c) memory
(d) CPU
1373. All 16-bit PC systems:
(a) can address a maximum of 1 megabyte
of primary storage
(b) are built around a few popular microprocessor chips
(c) use the microprocessor chip designed
by IBM for its PC
(d) use a true 16/16-bit chip
1374. Most PC systems designed for office:
(a) use a TV set to display output
(b) are limited to the use of programs
that are only able to perform single
(c) need a significant amount of on-line
secondary storage capacity
(d) are unable to produce graphic images
1375. Which of the following command is used
to recover their most recent text deletion
in WP programs?
(a) Auto
(b) Rem
(c) Erase
(d) Undo

Computer Fundamentals

1376. The storage capacity of each numbered

address in the processor unit:
(a) can never hold more than a single
data character
(b) must always hold more than a single
data character
(c) depends on the storage design
approach built into the processor
(d) is always able to hold a word
consisting of four character
1377. Which most popular input device is used
today for interactive processing and for the
on line entry of data for batch processing?
(a) Mouse
(b) Magnetic disk
(c) Visual display terminal
(d) Card punch
1378. User-programmable terminals that
combine VDT hardware with built-in
microprocessors is:
(a) KIPS
(b) PC
(c) main-frame
(d) intelligent terminals
1379. The number of characters that can be
stored in given physical space is:
(a) word length (b) bytes
(c) data density (c) field
1380. The storage capacity of a disk system
depends on the bits per inch of track and
the tracks per inch of:
(a) cylinder
(b) hub
(c) cluster
(d) surface
1381. The disk-drive component used to position
read/write heads over a specific track is
known as:
(a) acoustic couple
(b) access arm
(c) cluster
(d) all of these
1382. Condensing output data to exhibit specific
information is:
(a) calculating
(b) recording
(c) merging
(d) summarising


1383. The main purpose of the off-line device is:

(a) to reduce the number of operator
errors in recording data
(b) to save computer time
(c) to save floor space in the computer
(d) All of these
1384. Which chips can be reprogrammed by
using special external equipment?
(a) ROM
(b) PROM
(c) SAM
(d) RAM
1385. A storage device where the access time is
dependent upon the location of the data is:
(a) random access
(b) serial access
(c) sequential access
(d) transaction access
1386. Front-end processor is a .......... designed
specifically to handle the communications
processing task.
(a) ALU
(b) control unit
(c) CPU
(d) register
1387. Which number system is commonly used
as a shortcut notation for groups of four
binary digits?
(a) Binary
(b) Decimal
(c) Octal
(d) Hexadecimal
1388. Which of the following language is used
to identify the name in the first division?
(b) C
1389. Interface Electronic Circuit is used to
interconnect I/O devices to a computers
CPU or .......... .
(a) ALU
(b) memory
(c) buffer
(d) register
1390. Which is an expansion of a HIPO chart
into additional levels for details?
(a) IOCS
(b) IBG
(c) IPO chart
(d) LAN
1391. Which device is used to enter data onto
a magnetic tape?
(a) Punched card (b) Key-to-tape
(c) Key-to-disk (d) Plotter


Computer Science and Information Technology

1392. One or more characters used to identify a

data field in a computer program is:
(a) file name
(b) database
(c) label
(d) group

1402. What is the name of the screen symbol that

shows the placement of the next character?
(a) Mouse
(b) Cursor
(c) Track ball
(d) Graphic tablet

1393. MEDULLA is a:
(a) programming language
(b) low-level language
(c) assembly language
(d) machine language

1403. Point out the odd item amongst the

(a) computer mouse
(b) touchpad
(c) light pen
(d) printer

1394. One picosecond is:

(a) 100 seconds (b) 10 seconds
(c) 1000 seconds (d) 10,000 seconds
1395. The ability of a computer system to remain
operational despite various failures is:
(a) relation
(b) schema
(c) resilience
(d) versatility
1396. Which are a special type of sequential
code in which sequences are grouped
within sections?
(a) Block codes (b) Bar codes
(c) Mnemonics
(d) Random code
1397. The code that should be adequate for
present and anticipated data processing
both for machine and human use is:
(a) conciseness (b) uniqueness
(c) operability
(d) all of these
1398. An on-line backing storage system capable
of storing larger quantities of data is:
(a) CPU
(b) memory
(c) mass storage
(d) secondary storage
1399. One of a class of storage devices that can
access storage locations in any order is:
(a) DTE
(b) DASD
(c) DDE
(d) DDC
1400. Which is an item of storage medium in
the form of a circular plate?
(a) Disk
(b) CPU
(c) Printer
(d) ALU
1401. If you see a diskette with a piece of foil
covering its notch, it is said to be:
(a) write-protected (b) copy-protected
(c) write-enabled (d) foil-covered

1404. The computer giant Intel has announced

the development of worlds biggest and
fastest microprocessor called i860XP
the first to contain more than 2.5 million
transistors. What is this microprocessor
capable of supporting?
(a) Multiprocessing
(b) Parallel processing
(c) Visualisation
(d) All of these
1405. When did Intel announce its 80386
(a) 1983
(b) 1985
(c) 1989
(d) 1986
1406. The silicon chips presently used in
computers are made from:
(a) germanium
(b) gallium-arsenide
(c) copper
(d) ordinary sand
1407. A dot-matrix printer:
(a) is an input device
(b) is an output device
(c) cannot print alphabet
(d) has a speed of 1000 cps
1408. The modern disk pack, called the data
module, offers increased access speed by
employing a read/write head for each:
(a) disk
(b) track
(c) sector
(d) disk surface
1409. The least expensive OCR units can read:
(a) hand printed numbers
(b) machine printed numbers
(c) marks
(d) handwriting

Computer Fundamentals

1410. Some card readers detect errors by:

(a) accumulating control totals on certain
(b) comparing data with acceptable limits
(c) reading the card twice
(d) all of these
1411. The amount of a cheque is recorded in
magnetic ink, using an:
(a) encoder
(b) embosser
(c) inscriber
(d) imprinter
1412. Transaction processing was made possible
by the development of:
(a) direct access storage
(b) magnetic tapes
(c) cash register input
(d) minicomputers
1413. The ASCII code for the character J is:
(a) 1001 0001
(b) 1001 1010
(c) 1010 1010
(d) 1010 0001
1414. In virtual storage, program segments
stored on disk during processing are
(a) tracks
(b) blocks
(c) pages
(d) sectors
1415. Which of the following statements is
(a) All hardcopy terminals use punched
paper tapes
(b) Intelligent terminals provide hardcopy
outputs only
(c) Microfiche are always produced
directly from printed output
(d) None of these
1416. The technique designed to support the
effective access of micro-filmed data is:
(a) microfiche retrieval
(b) COM
(c) micrographics
(d) all of these
1417. Continuous line drawing are produced
(a) chain printers
(b) daisy wheel printers
(c) plotters
(d) thermal devices


1418. The digitising technology that uses an

electric field radiated from the tablet and
picked by cursor is:
(a) raster
(b) electrostatic
(c) sonic
(d) electromagnetic
1419. In magnetic disks, data is organised on the
platter in a concentric sets of rings called:
(a) sector
(b) track
(c) head
(d) block
1420. The analog computer measures dimensions
and its circuits use the differential and
integral equations of continuous variables.
The digital computer counts units and its
circuits use:
(a) Logic gates
(b) Discrete switches
(c) Boolean algebra
(d) Bayes theorem
1421. It has been found that about 30 per cent
of the people feel computer anxious.
Out of these, about 3 to 5 per cent suffer
from serious computer phobia. What is
the technical name for this feeling of fear?
(a) Compuphobia (b) Technostress
(c) Cyberphobia (d) Dizziness
1422. A dump terminal can do nothing more than
communicate data to and from a CPU of
a computer. How does a smart terminal
differ from a dumb terminal?
(a) It has a primary memory
(b) It has a cache memory
(c) It has a microprocessor
(d) It has an input device
1423. Which of the following statement is false?
(a) Generally, computers dont make
(b) Computers eliminate jobs
(c) Computers can think
(d) Maths is necessary to understand
1424. When did IBM close the last of its punched
card manufacturing plant?
(a) June 1989
(b) December 1984
(c) March 1982
(d) November 1979


Computer Science and Information Technology

1425. The Santa Clara Valley, California is popu

larly known as Silicon Valley of America
(a) huge deposits of silicon are found
(b) many silicon chip manufacturing
firms are located there
(c) Santa Claus visits it every Christmas
(d) it is full of large grain sand
1426. Who observed, future wars will start in
the circuits of computers rather than in
the minds of men?
(a) Joseph Weizenbaum
(b) General Alexander Haig
(c) Arthur C. Clarke
(d) Duncan Camphell
1427. A visual display unit or terminal:
(a) is a dumb terminal
(b) can possess either graphic or alphanumeric capabilities, but not both
(c) must be located at the site of the CPU
(d) is the most popular input device used
today in direct-access processing
1428. Most of the errors blamed on computers
are actually due to:
(a) programming errors
(b) hardware fatigue
(c) defects in floppy disks
(d) data entry errors
1429. What is the title of the first book written
by a computer and published by Warner
Books in mid-1984?
(a) The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
(b) Te Multiple Man
(c) The Nine Billion Names of God
(d) The Policemans Beard is Half
1430. Who introduced the worlds first file server
LAN called Netware and when?
(a) Lotus Development Corpn., 1983
(b) Novel Inc., 1983
(c) HCL Computers Ltd., 1984
(d) Wang labs. Inc., 1982
1431. The first IBM PC was released in the
market in 1981. Which microchip did
it use?

(a) Intel 8088

(c) Z 8086

(b) Intel 4004

(d) Motorola 6502

1432. Can you name the first guided weapon

in the world which used a programmable
digital computer?
(a) Sting Ray Torpedo
(b) Mk 46 Torpedo
(c) Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM)
(d) Tomahawk Missile
1433. Who marketed the worlds first pocket
calculator called Executive which made
world headlines in 1972?
(a) Charles Tandy
(b) Sir Clive Sinclair
(c) Steve Wozniak
(d) Tomahawk
1434. A microprocessor integrates the arithmetic
logic and control circuitry of a computer
into one chip. The first microprocessor
was built by a group of engineers at the
Intel Corpn. Can you tell who headed
this group?
(a) Victor Poor
(b) Stan Mazor
(c) Marcian E. (Ted) Hoff
(d) Seymour Cray
1435. The first disk drive system which had fifty
24-inch magnetic disks capable of storing
about 5 million characters of information
was called:
(b) RAM
(c) ROM
(d) ROMA
1436. What was the name of the first stored
program electronic computer which was
built in 1949 at Cambridge University in
(d) MARK-I
1437. The first electromechanical computer
Mark-I was invented by:
(a) John W. Mauchly
(b) Atanasoff-Berry
(c) Howard Aiken
(d) Clifford Berry