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Presents : Bansiyog

Product & Proposition

Bansiyog is a unique model developed by Krishna Prerna Foundation, which capsules the ancient
wisdom of yoga and the power of the flute, to guide individuals onto their paths of physiological
and psychological actualization, through the art of relaxation. SMET- Self Management of
Excessive Tension is a model that attempts to deliver levels of relaxation in 40 minutes that is
equivalent to 8hrs of sleep.
Individual levels of energy, focus and higher work productivity measure its efficacy.

S-VYASA Yoga University
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana is Worlds largest Yoga and Life Sciences
University, nestled 50 km away from Bangalore at Prashanti Kutiram lead by former professor of
IIS and NASA scientist Dr. H R Nagendra.
Krishna Prerna
Draws on its 4 years of research on flute and its applications. It has developed a course material
by drawing from a well appointed faculty the effective use dulcet notes to enhance relaxation.
Pablo Salcedo of Argentina, Steve Gorn of USA, Nawang Khechog, Tibet Monk and Grammy
Nominee and Naveen Kumar of A R Rehman Ensemble fame are some of the eminent
contributors to this research.
Workshop Content
Heart rate variability (HRV) provides an estimate of parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic
control, and can serve as a marker of physiological stress. Keeping this idea Vempati and Telles
evaluated the physiological changes of a yoga based stress management program for 26 a
symptomatic, male, middle managers in the year of 2000 and found subjects with high
occupational stress scores at baseline appeared to be more likely to show reduced sympathetic
activity after the two days program.
The focus of the workshop is to provide a 40 minute exercise which delivers relaxation equivalent
to 8 hours of sleep.
Cyclic Meditation
Based on this a technique of moving meditation, which combines the practice of yoga postures
with guided meditation was evolved, called cyclic meditation (CM), by H.R. Nagendra, Ph.D.,.
The verse on which CM is based, states: In a state of mental inactivity awaken the mind; when
agitated, calm it; between these two states realize the possible abilities of the mind. If the mind
has reached a state of perfect equilibrium then does not disturb it again. The underlying idea is
that, for most persons, the mental state is routinely somewhere between the extremes of being
inactive or of being agitated and hence to reach a balanced, relaxed state the most suitable
technique would be one which combines awakening and calming practices. Followed by series
of successive stimulation and relaxation exercises:

Programme Schedule:
Number of sessions


11-13 Sept, 2015

2 sessions per day
1 hr per session

Maximum participants

60 people per session.