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Sidi Abderrahmane –the main entrance to the Mausoleum

2.Sidi Abderrahmane – The Writer beside the Mausoleum
3.Sidi Abderrahmane – the outside corridor leading to the Mausoleum
4.Sidi Abderrahmane – Flags embellishing the Mausoleum
5. Sidi Abderrahmane – a general view of the Mausoleum
 ‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم‬
 ‫أل إن أولياء ال ل خوف عليهم ولهم يحزنون‬
 62-10 ‫القران الكريم‬


 “Behold Verily on the Friends of Allah there is no fear nor shall they
Grieve” Holy-Quran 10-62.
 *Subject: Muslim Saints of Algeria & the Maghrib

 After making a brief report in our first posting regarding Sidi Ahmed Benyoucef
Al Melyani, in our second posting we are to talk about the Patron Saint of
Algiers: Sidi Abderahmane or Abdu Rahman Athaalibi, this wise Erudite and
Exegesis Scholar belongs to the Ahl Al Bait Honourable Lineage going up to
Sayidina Jaafar Ibn Abi Taleb (R.A).

 It is noteworthy to recall that Jaafar Ibn Abi Taleb (Imam Ali’s Brother) or “Dul-
Janahayeen” (the one with two wings) because in the battle of Mu’uta both his
arms were cut off, but he did not allow the flag of Islam o fall to the ground.
One day the Beloved Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said:

 “I dreamt last night that Jaafar bin Abi Talib (RA) was among a group of
angels, and he had two wings on either side of his body, the front part of the
wings had some blood on them, with the help of his wings he flew wherever he
wished in Paradise in the company of the angels.”

 Thus he was given the title of “Dul-Janahayeen” after he attained martyrdom,

and because he flew in Paradise with the angels he was called “At-Tayyar”or
“The Bird”.
 So Sidi Abderrahmane is from this blessed and high profile calibre
lineage, He is Abou Zayd Abdu Rahman son of Mohamed son of
Makhlouf son of Talha son of Amer son of Nawfal son of Amer son of
Mawsour son of Mohamed son of Sbaa son of Mekki son of Thaalaba son
of Moussa son of Said son of Moufadhal son of Abdelbar son of Fissi
son of Hillal son of Amer son of Hassan son of Mohamed son of Jaafar
Ibn Abi Taleb.

 Sidi Abderrahmane was born in 1384AD -785AH in the town of Wad

Isser about 86 km south east of Algiers and was brought up in a very
spiritual parental background as high Islamic values and ethics were
shaping the brilliant future of this great man after reaching the age of
15 at the end of the 14th century, Sidi Abderrahmane in the company
of his father Sidi Mohamed Ben Makhlouf went to Morocco in a
Knowledge-Seeking campaign where he met a great Muslim scholar Sidi
Mohamed Ibn Marzoug Al Adjissi .

 In 1392 and always in the company of his father, Sidi Abderrahmane

took the opposite road to Bijaya (200km east of Algiers) for the same
sublime purpose of Science after a brief sojourn, his father passed
away this unexpected event obliged him to return to Algiers for a short
while after only one year stay in Bijaya, then another return to Bijaya
the centre of knowledge at that time, where Sidi Abderrahmane took
enough time (seven years) to study different high profile subjects of
Islamic sciences.
 In 1406 , he went further eastern to Tunis where he stayed there for eight
years , duly getting deep probing knowledge from eminent Scholars and having
being graduated in many Islamic science topics such knowledge maturity had a
burning yearning for more knowledge acquiring , in this context, and in 1414 he
went to Egypt after a brief stay in Cairo he continued the blessed march to
Bursa in Turkey, he was greatly welcomed by the Scholars of the city and as a
sign of scholarly recognition , a Zawiya was erected in his honour which still at
present as an endowment for this Saint.

 From Turkey , Sidi Abderrahmane went to perform the Hajj to Makkah , after
accomplishing this Islamic pillar , he returned back to his native Algeria after a
20 year absence spent in all directional knowledge seeking , furthermore Sidi
Abderrahmane and after settling in Algiers went to teach in Masjid Al Kabir (the
Great Mosque) as a matter of fact , the acquired deep knowledge was duly
given to the younger Generations at that time, until his passing away a certain
Friday the 23rd of Ramadhan 875AH – the 15th of March 1479 after dedicating
a 95 year service to Islam and the Muslims.

 He was buried near the quarter of “Bab El Oued” in the heart of Algiers next
to his Sheikh Sidi Abi Djamaa Al Maknassi, the legacy of Sidi Abderrahmane is a
full fledged heritage that speaks for itself more than 100 books totally compiled
by him, mostly important is “The Jawahir Al hissane fi Tafsir Al Quran” (the fine
pearls in the exegesis of the Quran), a jewelled combination of rhetoric Arabic
and a highly inspired version of the Quran’s exegesis.

 Moreover, Sidi Abderrahmane had one of his daughter married to the Great
Scholar and Mujahid Sidi Abdulkarim Al Maghilli of Touat (Southern Algeria) as
both were linked by the brotherhood of Islam and having the same message of
that time: spreading and calling to Islam within their different places.
 Surely, Sidi Abderrahmane Athaalibi‘s work and devotion is a
paramount constitution of those same ideals meant for the
service to God and to humanity in the path of truth ,
endowed with such Divine grace (Baraka) , the Great Erudite
and Sufi (he was very influenced by Abou Hamed Al
Ghazali) had certainly played a great role in the Algerian
society at that time and vigorously shaped North Africa for
centuries and that’s why he is still living in the memory of
many people and loyal disciples.

 The sincere presence of Spiritual yearning and practice and

the recognition of the inseparability of Shariah and Tariqah all
together embodied the depth and the breadth of the genuine
Islam within the vision of this Great Man.

 Paying him a great Tribute, as this month of March marks his

528th anniversary of his passing away, is but a mere attempt
to give the Man his merits and his achievements, but in
downtown Algiers Sidi Abderrahmane‘s most sacred
architectural masterpiece is still proudly witnessing its
spiritual legacy and reverberating the perennial Divine
message which has always come and will always come to
enlighten humanity.
 ‫محمد بوكريطة‬
 ‫كاتب مستقل و مستشار في السياحة الثقافية‬
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