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An interview with our client Kathryn Trawick took place January 27, 2015
Our target population are students of the Seminole County Middle/High School. The age and grade
range; 11th graders, ages 16-18.
Entry Skills

SME interview of client

Learners have basic computer
skills and the ability to utilize
Microsoft Word; have basic
grammar and writing skill;
however are not experienced
resume writers.

Prior Knowledge

Same as above

Learners do not have previous

experience or knowledge with
resume writing and only heard of
the term but aren't
knowledgeable as to the overall


Same as above

Learners are divided into two

categories; there is a sector
whom believes that resume
writing is unnecessary for them,
as they are entering the military
upon graduation (35%). The
other sector understands the
importance of learning the skill

Attitudes towards delivery


Same as above

Learners are generally accepting

of digital content. Most are
familiar with tablets, cellphones,
laptops, and computers overall.

Motivation for instruction

SME interview and Attendance

data from CCRPI 2014 report

Learners collective motivation

was described as average.
Because of their age, high school
students in some cases are a bit
ambivalent towards their futures.
The need for resume creation is
somewhat lost on a percentage

Educational and Ability Levels

SME interview of client and data

collected from

Learners educational levels and

abilities were described as
average and should not have
difficulty with basic reading and
following self paced lessons.
Coupled with the mixed
performance levels on the
Georgia High School Writing
Test (GHSWT): 83% of test
takers passed in 2010; 90%
passing in 2011, and a downward
turn in 2012 with 77% passing in
2012, learners indeed have the
ability to follow along any self
paced, non-complicated

General Learning Preferences

SME interview with client

Learners are really into

technology and are open to self
paced study as opposed to

Attitudes toward training

organization (school)

SME interview and Attendance

data from CCRPI 2014 report

Learners overall attitude towards

school is fair to above average
and learners have a positive
attitude towards the school. This
is also reflected by 2014 CCRPI
Indicator Score for attendance
with a 97% attendance rate.

General Group Characteristics

SME interview with client and


Learners are heterogeneous and

come from the surrounding
community. Group
characteristics in terms of
demographics; 48% Black or
African American, 48% White,
3% Hispanic, and 1% Other. It is
also 51% male, 49% female.
Instruction will need to be
efficient, effective, convenient
and age appropriate.

Info Categories

Data Source


Nature of Site

SME interview with client

Seminole-county-middle-highschool has a standard physical

layout and all students are
accommodated in accordance
with applicable laws.

Site compatibility

Same as above

The site is compatible with

instructional needs. This is an
academic setting, with
appropriate support staff.

Site compatibility with learner


Same as above

The clients classroom is

equipped with 28 personal
computers that are available
during class time.

Feasibility for simulated workplace

Same as above

There are limitations for creating

a simulated work environment.
There aren't Human Resource
managers to evaluate and give
Context Analysis is limited due
to location and nature of remote
project management. This
module will be created from a
distance with the clients
feedback and follow up.