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‘sArrewiedae Bac Arie EQ” _ 2057942 - Guideline for NF-e 3.10 implementation in ERP and SAP NF-e Version 9 Validity: 01.08.2016 - active Language English ‘Symptom + You have a legal requirement to implement the new NFe 3.10 layout + You have several questions on what are the needed customizing setings. Environment + SAP ERP 60 onwards + SAP NFE 10.0 Reproducing the Issue NA. Cause ‘This new NF-e layout brings several modifications on customizing, BADIS, methods and the tedefiniion ofthe NF-e field mapping Resolution ‘Aer you have successfull installed the NF-@ soktion you wil need to implement. I not, refer to NEE blag or SAP KBA Note 2058762 - Guidelines fc ‘SAP Notes instalaon, Now you want to configure your systems to enable NF-e generation in XML layout 3.10 1. NewERP configuration sets 414. Business Place configuration 'SPRO> Cross-Appkcation Componens » General Application Functions » Nola Fiscal> CNPJ Business Places > Define Business Places ( View Greate @ new entry based on the previous entry fr 2.00, but the felds "XML version” and "Valid from’ must be filed respectively withthe version 3.10, go ive date as you can see in the image below New Entries: Details of Added Entries yaaa J cman ce) 1 dames Pace 5) } -[Bieecvone FeciOee emidel [SSN F- Noses 7] [ai fom ___eocremae "Gacrond Fea Doavar orton “ype Enteoment_ [2 Fornboaton ies) "DSA Mes. Sm “Dut, Seve at Dxatnaton (REC DESTRUTION ROPLSISD—] faa vesor [3-20 eo Veson ——eSSETG STD aerenen (6 sera fl cemmaeny reve Paces [0 ned Wy ortbuton anion =] Fo UFvave fe] Fox, MUN Vote (998888) Foe XMM Val (exzenron Evert Grout 1.2. DANFE fomat determination 'SPRO > Cross-Application Components > General Application Functions > Nota fiscal > Qutput > Assign Numbering and Printing Parameters (Viev Here, the flelds "RFC Exec." and "DANFE format’ must be filed respectively with the values from the search help as shown inthe image below accor 09 soucte company cade me] Seaainadqares | ~ Scere PEND Pa! ayers ce zs] io stings ~ Dake Sere Pere Na Fscl Fan“ (ene ne Narbes Fan 1 ses Teta nes sere 2 Uresteadmes [| subseres memes |] (ne tua aa Sa Prats Siac fv fie BB |) Lk) Dyan Key for inmng conuaton | Reet shore eset ee = r Tiongerna a WC trogeTet vate Nontor P Iuumtema Nona Rapor = Cv batch E Number & RC roger va Btn ep or No, Range No. (G2 ——_Cnumbering Cont. | FC Exec. [3] ‘put fr centngency utaut Dee aa Es srovied DANTE SO ——— > IMPORTANT. Field REC Exec’ must notbe lft blank. you use the option 3, you' need to schedule @ job for program J_BNFECALLRFC. More dei ‘decouple solition can be Seen in SAP Note "1265172 - NF-e- Decauple REG from DB Update” DANFE NCe va Eectonic ase 2. New SAP NFE coniiguration sets With $P16, to enable parallel operation between layout 2.00 and 3.10, new configuration activlles are delvered in the SAP Note 1988480 (SAPK.9 ‘Suppott Package 10 for SLL-NFE) 2... Maintain Control Parameters for Process Flow 'SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica > Outbound > Maintain Control Parameters for Process Flow You are using SAP NFE as a messaging system, There isa system table which descnbes all the process sieps executed fora flow ofthe nota fiscal and this Should not be modified ‘There is another table /XNFE/AUTOFLOW where you can create some exceptions while the flow is executed. For outbound NF-e 3.10 the only proce changed is the step NFOTRB2B (for he B28 sending ) of processes NFEISSUT/NFEISSUE2. ‘More information about NF-e Processes and steps can be seen in he SAP GRC NF-e help 22. NF-e: Maintain Version of Message Types 'SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica > Outbound > NF-e: Maintain Version of Message Types Enter your logical system and your tax number. A blank tax number is also permitted. To achieve tis, you can either delete the tax number after selec ‘or you can manualy enter te logical system. Then selec the document fype, the message type, and the desired XML version. To determine the XML version, the system frst searches an enty forthe respective tax number. Ifo such erty Is found, the system uses the entry wi no such entry can be determined, the system stops the process and returns the eror("D" - discrepancy; resend from ERP) to the ERP system. ‘The following document types must be defined foreach tax number you use: NFE for NE-e EVE for NF-e Event Document type NF-e mann ne AW. versions 101 ue Fon MESaUE pes NFE — Issue NF-e INUTNFE > Skp NE-e Document type NF-¢ Event ‘Sending of NF-¢ events requires an XML version forthe generic layout (attribute Versac" in tag issue Event 110110 > Correction Letter 110111 —> Cancellation 23. NF-e: Define Guery for Service Status for Authorty (SEFAZ) 'SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica > Outbound > NF-e Define Senvice Status Request for Authonty (SEFAZ) Here you have to determine the Interval for Querying Service Status in Seconds, TIMEZONE, Contingency system which is described in SEFAZ webs do Sul ipemis = 7), 91 ( National ipemis = 6) and SC and also the proses of contingency system, a aed fran Se.|T8 2008 cones. Check Conk | 24. NF-e Maintain Baich Parameters (also available as ‘Curent Settings’ forthe system administrator) ‘SPRO > Nota Fiscal Eletronica > Outbound > NF-e: Maintain Batch Parameters Hore is athe customizing for your SAP NFE prepare the BATCHES that are going to be sent to SEFAZ. The maximum size of MB in the same bate ‘which means the interval of ime the the SAP NFE will get Notas Fiscais to put info a batch. The maximum numberof nota fiscal in the same batch, th response from SEFAZ, the ies thal the SAP NFE wil consul the stalus ofthe batch. He ox Tn Mat teh Sed Mat Man Wak Ton (Seed Hany IMPORTANT: The settings on the customizing view may vary according to your business needs 3. Changes in the ERP design 3.1. New interfaces from ERP to GRC NFEVSrd party messaging systems 3.1.1 Interfaces from ERP to GRC (Interface Up to layout 2.00 Layout 3.104 | NFe Outbound —[RNFENFE_CREATE TXNFEIOUTNFE CREATE [NFe Cancellaton| XNFENSSUE_CANCEL_EVENT IXNFENSSUE_CANCEL_ EVENT) [NEe Skipping __|/XNFE/NFE_SKIP IXNFEIOUTNFE_SKIP INFeGAP | KNEEINEESKP IXNFEIOUTNFE_SKIP_GAP 3.1.2. Interfaces from ERP to 3rd party (Interface Uptolayout2.00 [Layout 3.10+ [NFe Oubound_|J 18 NEE XML_OUT |J_1GNEE_ OUTNFE CREATE) | NFe Cancelatoa|J-1BNFE_EVENT_OUT J_1GNFE_EVENT_OUT 3.2. New BAdifor NF-e data persistence for releases 606 and higher ONLY ‘With SAP Note 1860433 (NF-<: Storing Additional Data for DANFE & Reporting) you have available a New BAdl J_BNE_ADD_DATA wath the fo [ADD_DATA | Fifadtonal elds in Nola Fiscal FILL AUTXML jpetsons authorized to download NE-e XML FILL_EXPARAMETERS Fill Extension Parameters [ADE_DATA_JTB1N [Fil adciional fields after JTB1N IMPORTANT. The usage of the new BAd|is not mandatory, you can stil keep using he classic BAd| CL_NFE_PRINT. Please keep in mind that once implemented the new BAd, the methods FILL_ITEM, FILL HEADER, FILL. IMPORT, FiLL_EXPORT, FILL_NVE AND FILL_AUTXML inne BAdIC longer called inthe XML mapping 33. Newmethods in classic BAdl CL_NFE_PRINT [FILLEXPORT [FilEmpor Fes SSSSS—~d [FILLIMPORT __|Fillimport Fields. FILLNVE _—|FIINVE information FLL AUTXNL Fil persons aurorzedto downlad NF-e XML ut 3.1 3.4. Newheader fields editable via classic BAdl IND_FINAL NF-e Final Consumer fication [IND_PRES: NE-e Customer Presence [INDIEDEST INF-e Siate Tax Number indicator XLOCDESPACHO Dispatch FOREIGNID —_[NF-e Pariner Foreign ID. VICMSDESON — |NF-e Total of desoneration oF CMS [DCOMPET ‘Service Delivery Date. [CREGTRIB___|Special TaxRegme Code | 3.5. Newitem fields editable va classic BAd RECO [RECOPI Number PMIXGN, Porcentage of Natural Gas: NVE NE-eNVE Code VIPIDEVOL | NF-e1PI Retumed Value PIPIDEVOL _|IPlof Returned Goods \VICMSDESON | NF-¢ Total of desoneration ofICMS [MOTDESON JICMS Exemption Reason VICMSOP | Value of operation of CMS. PICMSDIE | Percentage of deferral VICMSDIF__| Value of deferred IMS [PROCESO [sual r Aarts Process Naber wich ‘Suspends ISS | ROINGENTIVO Tax neerave NFOTH. wes incuding taxes VICMSSTRET Tax Value ‘More information about where the new fields are flled can be seen in he PDF attached to SAP Note 2060171 3.6. _Nfe Fields which are prowded wa master data for release 605 and higher ONLY ‘As part of the pre-requisites for layout 3.10 implementation, new fields can be provided via customer and vendor master data, This means that hese eed to be necessamly provided via BAG for releases 605 and higher Customer Master: | ele Cnn meena st ea ‘efotier custome: Y GeneralDsts Compary Code Dsta fl [Bata for ice Summary Oapan) coma __JEISLERED FFE Ewa eM ANGIENTEDE Porto Kage yectwnbers —_foeaseeaniaer7 recladcese cary code varneg. no.) chycode man a] sista goo |) Tens cert Present Technical pame_ _1BRG. ABEXP. BUF BRGDATE J IBRIC BRNE {BRNEDATE “CABSUFRAMA [SCIBCNAE Lega Natu ‘BLEGALNAT (CRT Number ABCRTN CMS Texpayer “CIBICMSTAXPAY indy Main Type “Ciewomye Tax Decaaton Type SCiBTDT Company Sie SCOMSIE Decl Rep. for PISCOFINS, ANF Code | sBDEcREGPC 4. Changes inthe SAP NFE design 4.4. Newmonitors ‘Afier SP16, for layout 3.10, new monitors are delivered, which must be actvated via transaction SICF, eau hast junrua. ora HOST * Gap [stp namespace; S15 OBLIGED NOT. © Bloc basis TRE= (aasis runcTIONS) ~ 1 websynoo Jeb Dynpro (iD) Runtime ~ Gore narasnace * Gatch mentor naw feeech Mortar ONL (Jara paxr monty — |ete match Montor + Baw tecwonoece (cre tncoring © Gc fee orice arch [cr incoming Pca Woripace fo are + @ cee montor lcr-sontor + (Blcezmontozer [Cte Montoro Aches CTs + Gece sansa mantor (cre sere satus Mentor = (G)doombad_ amar) [Download XML of NE-s / CT- a + @)evencrontor JB [event Monitor or tibound Events + (@)cateksener worotce |oate mono ficou onrToR — |o2s Montor + D nie_sab Dashboard NF-@ Appeston + Glaser baer ssechorocessseroos mate bat mantar — |uDF- Baten Mortar + BD meemantor nor Mentor + Gate sense mono |r serace satus Montor Deas Jana Repores for W + (Blorecaralecs out ferauators or Outbound + Gate batch montor |r siren Montor + @ofecfecLwosoace |Web Ore Aookaton ref fel. ‘Adkitional information can be seen inthe SAP NFE 10,0 help: hitps‘ihlp sap comisaphelp_nfe Omheipdata/en/89/c438c758d844dafO70919663eb8d The monitors are sted below. Layout 2.00 Layout3.10 NEE MONITOR_NEW_ NEE OUTB_MONITOR BATCH MONITOR NEW [NEE BATCH MONITOR [STATUS_MONITOR_NEW [NFE-SERVSTA_MONTOR [NFE_MONTOR ARCH NFE_OUTB MONITOR ARCH 42. Newtables. [Layout 2.00 [Layout 3.40 [XNFEIBAT_HIST, [XNFE/OUTBATHIST [XNFEIBATSTA. IXNFEJOUTBATSTA [XNFENFE_HIST IXNEEOUTHST ([XNFEIXML [XNFE/OUTNFEXML [XNFEINFERD. PXNFEJOUTNFEHD- [XNFESSRVSTA IXNEENFE_SRVSTA ([DXNEEINFEHD XNFEIOUTNFEHD ([DXNFEINFETT [Not relevant [XNFEINFEVALD IXNFE/XMLVALID freee INot relevant (Link between NFe and batchis done wa field BATCHD _ in XNEEIOUTNFEHD ) [Didinot existin 2.00 | XNFEJOUTHDSTA [Didnot existin 2.00 [XNFEJOUTNFEREF 43. New)obs | IRNFENFE_BATCH PROCESS |For Sending batches and batch requests (pave B28 SEND For sending auborized NF-es to the Business arners [DNFERNFE_SKP_SEND |For sending ship requests _BINFENE_CoNTRUE_PROGESS For repeating ie siaus update to ERP incase of jecrical problems _BRIFEEE_ CHECK saV_STATUS Fox checking ine Web Senvc® availiliy of SEFAZ, SCAN and SVC | BRNFEEEVENT_BATCH_SeND For sending Events (cancelation and comecion i ( RNFEIGET_AGKNOWLEDGMENT |For processing negalve acknowledgements rom PI ‘More details about the job planning can be seen in the SAP NFE 10.0 help: help sap comsaphelp_rfe10helpdatafew 8120841700584 194a05694e4d87d77Icontert hin 7fullscreen=true 4.4. New BAdl on GRC NF- (JXNFE/BADI_EXTENSION_B2B ) ‘The new NF-e BAdlis used to Store Extension Parameters from ERP Back-End System. You can use this BAd!1o sore the extension parameters irc module IXNFE/QUTNFE_CREATE. Tris enables youto transfer all kinds of values fram the back-end system to the NFE system, where they can be ‘can store communication parameters about a business partner (such as the e-mail address), which were transferred from the ERP system to the NFE 4.5 BAdl /KNFEVQ08_SIGN_NFE_OUT's not avilable for NF-¢ layout 3.10 ‘This BAdl is not valid for NF-e's with Layout 3.10 and there is no replacement fori. You can only use it with NF-© 2.00 ‘5, Changes in the PI interface 5.1 Changes in EVENT interfaces Up to SP15, event interfaces were separated by event type (EVENT_OPPRG for recelver acknowedgment, EVENT_CANCEL for cancellation, EVE 'SP16, the interfaces were grouped ino a single interface called EVENT. + Cora Up to SPS fiayout 2.00) Pier ut 3.10) ese ee 7 ees ast 5.2. Inietface Mapping for SEFAZ regions BAPR. Daspite the Technical Nate fr layout 3.10 mentioning that all webservice names wouid folow a standard, a few SEFAZ have create different ones. F (Bahia) and PR (Parana) are working with diferent webservice names, So, different han in the past, now we deliver different mappings forthe region customized accordingly Details are in SAP Note 2055609 5.3. Inierface Mapping for SEFAZ region GO. For the SEFAZ web service SOAP response there usually the name of the operation s used forthe Body tag name, with appended 'Rasu’, for exam ‘nfeAutorzacaoLoteResut. his convention is violated by some SEFAZ system, then the expected structure does not match and the mapping in Pf sence response, ‘A solution is provided for SEFAZ GO whichis the one that violates this convertion. Details are in the SAP Note 2031620 See Also 2086672 - How to import SEFAZ cenicates in PI system 2088550 - How to configure the New Nota Fiscal Writer Screen Control NF- documentation: - For mote information about SAP ERP Electronic Nota Fiscal (NF-e), access the SAP Help portal (hitp help sap com) and go to SAP Business Su Management >» (select your release)» Application Help (English) » SAP ERP Central Component - Logistics -» Country Version (select America ‘Application Companerts > Nota Fiscal > Electronic Fiscal Documents > Electrenic Nota Fiscal - For mote information about SAP Nota Fiscal Elenica 10.0 and the communication with your SAP ERP system, access the GRC area inthe SAP_ (ito.thelp sap.comiarc) and goto the SAP Nola Fiscal Eletronica System Administrator's Guide, ‘You are welcome to leave your anonymous feedback on the content ofthe application helo documeniation. For that, see the Feedback section at the {are currently reading. your feedback is relevant fr this type of documentation, the documentation wil be updated accordingly NF-e main SAP KBA Notes: ‘Check the SAP KBA Noles listed below, which are up to-date guidelines of installation and customizing of NF-e soluffon. Review the conlent carefully informed SAP Notes are valid for your version, and apply their prerequisites in chronological order. 2056782 - Guidelines for the SAP Notes installation of layout 3.10 2051942 - Guidetines forthe customizing of layout 3.10 in ERP and GRC. 2125859 - Golve checklist for ERP. 2423768 - Golve checklist for GRC and other messaging systems ‘799222 - Tool to compare manuel sieps of he SAP Nole 1933985, 208650 - Implementation and usage of screen contr NF-e blog: Visit the SAP NF-« blog using the link below, which is being constantly updated with news on this legal requirement and new SAP Notes recently ele bniplisen sap comblogsiNEE Header Data Released On 01.06.2016 1746.18 Release Status Reoasedto Customer Component XX.CSC-BRNFE Nota Fiscal Fleconica Other Components) SLL NFE Nota Fiscal Electronica (Fe) Prony Noa Category HowTo Product a