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Dear unconcerned voters,

Watching this primary cycle unfold was a wonder and education in real US politics. I did. I
learned all about the processes involved; how it was supposed to work, and how it
actually works. All I can say is if youre not angry, youre not paying attention.
I now view any who would cling to the moniker of Democrat the same way I do those
who call themselves Republicans; people with a naivety and Orwellian two-four leg bias
that clearly place more value with what the media tells them that any type of truth.
Republicans are so concerned with their ideals that they cant see how it effects the
people they claim to care about. Democrats are willing to complain about anything that
gets the media attention while ignoring travesties left and right, many stemming from
their own failed policies. Both parties take dark money. Sometimes from the same
lobbyists, from the hand of the same corrupt masters, yet both claim no master. Neither
party is able to make any real change or progress. Neither party can work together.
Neither party is really a political party anymore. They are just sides. Just the color of a
shirt in a big game being played.
So I took the shirt off, tossed out my bias-ball, and started watching from the sidelines.
Americans are fearful of change and idealize the zealousy of Political correctness. The
democrats would now like to be represented by someone who does not adhere to the
groups core values, but rather is of the correct gender to keep the illusion of progress.
Republicans are so fed up with rhetoric and politicians talking around issues they will
vote a joke like Trump to head their party. Both are shameful and ignorant choices.
If you voted, or support Hillary, you, as a person, support Monsanto, fracking, big money
in politics, the Iraq War, and (until very recently) the Keystone pipeline. These are facts.
You voted for these atrocities to continue and be brought to fruition. This is your legacy.
You get to look at yourself in the mirror and be aware of these facts. No way around it.
Sorry. Hillary has an abysmal record and the approval rating to go with it.
I would like to see a woman as president. The difference between me and Clinton
supporters is I would like to see more than one. Clinton, already hated by half of the
country, will be easily brushed off. Any failure, and there will be many, will be lumped
together with her gender and/or with the idea she is riding her husbands coattails. She
herself said she would let Bill handle the economy, essentially proclaiming to the public
women arent good at handling money. Do your job! So disappointing and
This Democratic primary cycle had more individual complaints of voter suppression,
fraud, and repression than any other in US history. Individuals just like you brought these
complaints. Not a campaign, not some media outlet, not conspiracy theorists, but real
voters in real states denied their right to vote. Please note this happened only on the
Democratic side. The side that supposedly has been for encouraging voters has now
disenfranchised scores of lifelong party members. I have always been a registered
democrat. I have always voted democrat. I guess this time I just paid attention.
There is a storm coming. A burn. The voters of the generation that takes anything that
the TV spews forth as gospel fact are getting old. The generation so used to corruption in
politics that they brush it off and accept it as a casualty of war will be gone soon.
This primary cycle was the dying gasp of the major political parties in the US. The GOP
was so disillusioned and out of touch the voters no longer listened to their

gerrymandering and tired rhetoric. The voters spoke. The DNC coronated their queen
before voting happened and even then almost lost to the longest longshot in political
history; the first US political figure funded entirely by the people. The DNC showed their
corruption and dark side, letting their true interests out and now sit like an inverted
turtle baking in the sun crying We won, we won! This election cycle was a major loss
for democrats. I changed my registration, my affiliation with the political party I have
supported for my entire life, not over any candidate, but over the process.
I now view myself as a recovering democrat. The first step is to admit you have a
problem. The DNC and its voters need to take that step. Republicans already have. Who
ever thought they would be more progressive
So no, I will not vote Four legs bad, two legs good. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I
will not vote for Donald Trump. I will not vote to be Politically correct to the detriment of
the country. I will not vote to pander to the lowest common denominator. I will not vote
my fear. And, honestly, I dont know which candidate I fear more. Trump is a clown but an
obvious one. He is easy to spot. He says whatever the disenfranchised GOP voters want
to hear. I dont think he believes his absurdities. He knows the game. Hillarys voting
record scares me more. She is more to the right than many republicans; pro war, pro
Monsanto, pro corporate politics, pro keystone pipeline (until Sanders forced her to
redact), pro continued US drone strikes, pro Iraq war, etc. You know, all those reasons
people didnt want her in 2008. She will gain the most from continued conflicts.
So have your Trump, your Hillary. Have your family regimes, bigotry barons, bought outs,
and Oligarchal orgies while you can. Impede progress in the name of Political
Correctness; making it more important to have a woman as president than to have a
decent human being there. Fool us with your buy outs, and corporate funded media
whores. Have your to-the-highest-bidder presidents while you can.
The wind is blowing now. The storm is coming. The unconcerned tyrants of this country
have been left to feed freely long enough. The Oligarchy will end. The purchasing of our
freedoms is over.
We will burn this country down if thats what it takes.
A recovering Democrat,
Brendon Lamoreaux