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Shopping Mall Implementation

Basic Engineering
The basic engineering phase will include the following:
A cost estimate
A detailed project schedule
A basic design package with refined design, procured equipment quotations and
project planning deliverables that will provide the basis for the detailed design
Details on the execution, procurement and construction strategies for
the project

Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction

This phase will include detailed design, procurement of equipment and materials,
issuance of construction contracts, and construction management and support
through to facility start-up and commissioning.
The EPC phase will also include:
a safe work environment for the workforce
protection of the environment during construction and operations
a reliable and economic operating facility
project management and controls to achieve the project schedule
a contractor selection and construction approach that optimizes use of local and
regional resources
a plan to attain the maximum practical efficiencies in operations
The sources and amounts of goods and services purchased for the project will be
and maintained in summary statistics.
Temporary Facilities
Temporary facilities will be required during early site works and construction. In
addition, a temporary fuel system will be in place for diesel-powered equipment
used for early construction activities.
Project Camp and Transportation
Space has been allocated for a project camp, equipment and material laydown, and
construction staging. These areas will be located near the construction site.
Project Camp
A project camp will be built to accommodate personnel during project construction
operations. The camp will be located at xxxxxxx

During construction, temporary camp facilities will be available to accommodate

approximately xxxx personnel. During operations, permanent camp facilities will
available to accommodate approximately xxxxxx personnel. Commercial camps in
the area
will be used before completion of the project camp and to accommodate peaks in
construction workforce.

Air/road/rail transportation is planned to bring both construction and operations
personnel to the
region. The plan is to use the existing regional airport for this purpose. Personnel
will be
transported to the project by bus.
An estimated xxxx construction hours will be required between xxxxx and xxxxx.
The construction workforce is estimated to peak at xxxx in late 2015 and early
2016. The site
construction labour force plan is based on a 14 days on/7 days off, two-shift, 10 h/d
Lessons learned from previous large project labour sourcing experiences will be
to develop and maintain control strategies for efficient project execution. The
plans to use a managed open-site labour strategy. The project labour execution
plan will
access to the contractor community and skilled construction trades workforce
providing local employment and business opportunities
providing training opportunities for unskilled workers, and skills training and
upgrading for other workers
providing opportunities for innovation and flexibility related to issues such as
of work, use of project camp facilities, transportation of workers, and additional
rewards to workers for safety and work performance
identifying creative approaches to work execution that increase performance
optimum use of worker skill sets and knowledge, and reducing artificial barriers to
offering flexible and competitive wages, benefits and allowances that are
for the type of work, job location and skill sets of workers

ensuring the project is executed safely and on budget