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My few thoughts:i) The objective of a HR function is to get the best talent, retain the talent and make sure

they are
able to fulfill the demands of the role/position
ii) Also it is the duty of the HR function to have the right environment created for people to achieve
optimum level of efficiency
iii) Working with different dept. heads to understand the talent required for them and accordingly
prepare a policy of hiring, training & retention.
iv) A person from HR person can always become the face of the company - however it depends on
her/his ability to quickly grasp and understand the P&L (Profit & Loss) accounts and the sales &
distribution function. And generally it is the representative from HR function who is the spokesperson
of the company, though some might agree that people with media expertise are the ones who do
v) Since for a company - most important 3 Ps are:Process
If you have got the right people & train them on process & product, there is no doubt that the
product/services would be sold in huge numbers.
## So bottom line is it is a given that generally people from Sales & Marketing go on to take up the
top job, but there is no restriction on people from other branches to take it as well - as long as they
fulfill the criterias which is quick learning & high visibility.

The following are some of the essay topics asked last and last to last year
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2)Wage differentials across sectors Something related to Inclusive 3)Growth in India
"Patriarchy is still dominant in the Indian Society". 4)Express your views on this topic.

5)Do B-Schools create great leaders - elaborate .

7) how our society is patriarchal?
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4)Impact of Media on the progress of Society
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Privatization of higher education
1.Role of Caste and religion on Indian Politics.
2. How social media is helpful for HRs ?
3)"Privatization of Higher Education" Privatization of higher education
Role of emotions in HR ( Something on these lines. Don't remember exactly) Something
about caste and politics....
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2. Globalization in India Impact of Globalization on Employmen 1. How IT can be used
in management ?
2. How religion affects Politics ?
Role of HR in modern corporates Do not remember it exactly
1. Role of media in bringing a positive change in Indian society.
2. how is compensation determined among different job levels (it is the gist i forget
original words)
Impact of Media on society/nation