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DEAR NADIA Part 1., June, 2010.

The ‘Ethical Egg’ or the

‘Poetical Chicken’
BY NADIA ANNOUNCE S: boundary of art into sentimentality.
You may be surprised to know But, as I write this, maybe this
that there is a growing interest in ‘a d d - o n’ c r e a t e s a s t a l e m a t e
art today and I am delighted to between the work being a one-liner
announce, that I will be dedicating and something that the viewer can
this column to your questions on enter and question?
the subject through art event The other works in the space act
as adjuncts to Fitzpatrick’s ‘Dealer
review from September, 2010.
Ties.’ We have seen the views that
★ Holly O'Brien presents in more
DEAR NADIA: Skipping journalistic circles. Her photograp-
breakfast and replacing it with art hs, entitled 'Mor ning, Noon,
has become my new diet. Can you Night'(2008) of young ‘locals’
give me some insight into how the kitted-out in ‘Red Army’ regalia
artist sees their work in relation to morally relevant and not every duty is a moral duty.” and after-hours mini-skirts, fall
our current downtrodden Ethics. Von Wright sees his philosophy as a study of Ethics between chance document and
CURIOUS rather than an ethical work. Personally, art should rural city clichés.
★ encompass all our vices and virtues rather than having A n i n i t i a l t u r n o f f, A n g e l a
to use the ‘versus’ preposition between good and bad. Fulcher’s panels of tent canvas,
DEAR CURIOUS: First up, let’s As one of the only free spaces, art can use those sourced from the afters of a music
look at something that has been liberties objectively and not advance subjective festival, at first glance act as
bothering me for some time, what individual views which become self propelled actions. window dressing and rafter
is the real intention of the artist? Vitally, it is the balance between both Ethics and decoration for an other wise
Let’s start with some ‘food for poetics that stops the artist’s work from being formally tight show. But on further
thought’ by mentioning the stretched into an excessively formalist or activist reflection, Fulcher ’s means of
causality dilemma of the ‘chicken enterprise. Let’s look at a recent art event to formulate sourcing the materials fits nicely
or the egg,’ which was cleverly rep- some opinion on the matter. with the back-story behind Oliver
resented as a futile exercise in Ceal OCCUPY SPACE is centrally located in Limerick Heinzenberger’s inconspicuous
Floyer’s ‘Egg/Chicken’ rolodex, City. The gallery (or the more progressive term, ‘space’), ‘White Square’ on the back wall of
2005. Floyer succeeds in trans- is surrounded on all sides by vacant commercial units - the space. In the vein of Frank
forming a semantic puzzle into a evidence of projected faith in the markets overriding an Stella, Heinzenberger’s wooden
visual pun. This is art; language appreciation of the business definition of ‘worst case multiple, made up of L-Square
begets a question, then an image/ scenario.’ OCCUPY has the architectural appeal of a arrows sourced from a skateboard
object/sound is formed, which West Side New York gallery. The title of the show, ramp and pointing against the flow
begets another question. There is a ‘Surplus Value,’ curated by Michele Horrigan, reflects of the space - resembles a parquet
similar dilemma that exists in art on the economic woes - without the groan. Horrigan Equivalent of Carl Andre’s ‘100
between ‘Ethics’ and ‘poetics.’ has put together a selection of 5 old and new art works bricks.’ It is the discarded nature of
I am defining “Ethics” as a term that recycle provincial and foreign signifiers of the “surplus” materials and forms
that is connected to site-specificity, exhausted value within the space, teamed with the
political context and artist It is the combination of site and theme that gives this commercial vacancies without, that
objectivity; while poetics is formed show a poetic and ethical punch. Mike Fitzpatrick’s creates the play between worth and
in language and extends to how the 'Dealer Ties' (1996-97) has a real New York City feel. A insignificance.
artist measures and presents his/ line of white neckties with printed images of prominent Out the back in a fittingly
her subject formally. Ethics or New York art dealers, hang on a wall at neck height. haphazard dark-space, Sean Lynch’s
poetics: what comes first? Which is The cheap white neckties with colour portraits, 'The Bandits Live Comfortably in
more valued? Does the artist really document a time when art dealing was good in New the Ruins' (2006) is a presentation
know? Is Ethics just an add-on in York’s SoHo District, before it moved west into of archival news footage of the
the aftermath of exterior analysis? Chelsea. The only difficulty I have with this work is the ‘Failed’ attempt to demolish Rank's
The Finnish Philosopher George punch line; a yellow necktie with the image of a young M i l l s i n L i m e r i c k . Ly n c h’s
Henrik von Wright said: “ETHICS footpath beggar - acts as a literal quotation mark above universally understood and
is often said to be the philosophy the line of dealer ties. If this is a social pun on “dealers” currently apt ‘Paddy Irish Man’
of morals or ‘theory’ of morals. coming in all shapes and sizes, then it is a third wheel building caper, successfully avoids
Questions of morals are, to a large on an already conceptually and socially adroit work? If being a provincial in-joke. In the
extent, questions of good and evil it is a signifier for the unfair capitalist driven positions end, poetics and Ethics find an
and duty. Not all good, however, is in society, then the work extends beyond the ethical even footing at OCCUPY.
Contact: nadiaplease@gmail.com

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