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Reflection on Engineering

My decision to become an Engineer.

My dream of pursuing a career in Engineering started at very early age. I
dont recall the exact moment when I decided to become an Engineer but I
believe I was influenced by my father who was an Electrical Engineer.
I was born in Mumbai, India and spent most of my childhood there. My
parents were originally from Nepal but my dad used to work in aviation
industry and thats where I first came in contact with someone who was
related to engineering. I used to spend hours watching my dad doing his
drafting. I hardly understood the circuit diagrams but I asked him questions
and always tried to relate things in day to day life.
I knew I was going to become an engineer and do what I saw but one day I
saw Boeing 747 landing. Being very impressed by the enormous size of the
plane I asked my dad what that was called and he simply replied Its called
Jumbo Jet. To me it was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen
and at that point I decided one day I will build one of them.



After finishing year 8, my parents moved back to Nepal. My dad was still
working in Mumbai so I could visit him every now and then. I stayed true to
my dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer and followed my fathers
guidance. As I grew older, I had better understanding on what engineering
was. My initial perception towards engineering was somewhat different than
what an actual engineer is. I believed engineers were scholars who knew a
lot of math but that changed once I finished my high school and started
working as a motor mechanic. I realized Engineers did not only accumulated
mathematical knowledge but they also understood natural science. The
knowledge was not only gained by study but it was also gained by working
and as the knowledge becomes profound, an engineer uses his knowledge to
solve problems and make peoples life easier.
I formed a crew with my class mates and started building model gliders and
airplanes. When I was in year 12, my passion for airplanes finally started
showing results and I built my first airplane which could fly and was
controllable. A lot of people were impressed by what we achieved in such
situations. We had very few resources and the knowledge was very limited.
NASA was the only source of truth I knew and back then internet was just
evolving. After completing my high school, I moved to Australia and finished
my Diploma in Engineering and started working. After working for almost
four years, I realized that I enjoyed my work but mechanical engineering was
not the desired field of work and in order to become involved in aerospace
industry, I needed a degree in Aerospace engineering. Hence, I joined RMITs
Associate degree so that I can get better opportunities.
The course is being very helpful so far. I have understood the basics of
Aerodynamics like never before and I have developed better ideas in
mathematics, computational knowledge, materials science and much more.
Once I started on the project, I have clearly identified the flaws in my old
designs and the project has been very helpful in implementing my
knowledge of material science, airfoil design and team work skills. My
interest in aircraft design have taken a very new direction after the project
and I am learning time management skills, collaboration techniques which
will be very helpful for my career in future.