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Terrified US Aircraft Carrier Flees From Russian Subs To UK Safety

Monday, March 23, 2015 15:06

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The Naval Surface Forces (NSF) of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) are reporting today that three
nuclearpowered Akulaclass submarines belonging to the 24th Submarine Division of the Northern
Fleet (NF) successfully wargamed the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt causing it to
flee in terror towards the waters off the Hampshire coast in the Unitedin the United Kingdom.
Within hours of the NSF reporting this critical incident, its interesting to note, British press sources
confirmed that this US Navy behemoth of 100,000 tons of firepower did indeed dock off Stokes Bay
in Gosport stunning the thousands of spectators who jammed roads and lined the banks of the River Solent to see it, but which they, also, described
as a port call, though none had been scheduled.
According to this NSF report, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and its combat escort ships, had been detected on a course towards the operating zone of
the Northern Fleet which President Putinhad put on full combat alert last weekin response to aState of War threatdetected from the United
Kingdoma threat, the MoD adds to this report, was, likewise, in response to the FederationsShock of March battle plan revealed on 4 February.
With NATO forces, literally,lining the entire western border with troops, including the unprecedented US ArmysDragon Ride armored
convoycurrently winding its way across six European nations, and Norways equally unprecedentedJoint Viking combat war moves against the
northern border, this report continues, President Putin himself gave the order to target and disable the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
As Russia hadwarned its citizens last week to prepare for nuclear war, and Moscowsbomb shelters began to fillin response to the direfirststrike
nuclear attack being planned by the US, and nearly all of the Federations military forcesbeing on full combat alertacrossall 9 time zones, this report
further notes, the approach of the USS Theodore Roosevelt towards the Baltic Sea made it a legitimate target.

To how this US aircraft carrier was disabled by the Northern Fleets attack submarines, this report says, was due to the Federations successful
implementation of magrav technology weapons which had previously been used against American warships, and had disabled them too.
In fact, NSF experts in this report state, it was only a few weeks ago that theUSS Theodore Roosevelt was sunk by a French submarineusing magrav
technology off the coast of Florida during a war game wherein the Americans were testing their countermeasures against this revolutionary new
weapon prior to their ships deployment to confront Northern Fleet forces.
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