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Creativity in advertising












1. Creativity in AdvertisingALI HEYDARI3RD SEMESTER

2. Table of Contents What is creativity ? Creativity in advertising It is not creative unless it sells.
Why creative advertisement Advantages of creative advertisement Pictures Conclusion
3. What is Creativity ? Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated
simple, awesomely simple, thats creativity.
4. Creativity in Advertising Creativity in advertising fulfils psychological, marketing and corporate
requirement of the consumers. Creativeadvertising adds new perceptions and enjoyment of the
5. Its Not Creative Unless It Sells. Creative means dramatically showing how a product fulfills a
consumer need. It can be as simple as casting the right actor or character for a brand. A unique
demonstration of product superiority is creative. If it doesnt motivate the consumer to do something
or stimulate some part of the brain, then it doesnt work.
6. Why creative Advertisement ? 1.Memorable Ads The purpose of an ad is to interest potential
customers in your product and service, and to get them to remember you. A creative ad sticks out and
increases the likelihood that a customer will recall information about your company. A car wash
company in downtown Seattle uses a big pink elephant as an advertising gimmick.
7. 2.Impressing Customers Your advertising should demonstrate that you can provide worthy content
and enjoyment to clients who want to entertain their guests or draw attention to their own products and
services. A clown service that arrives at parties in a colourful, quirky van, for example, signals to
potential customers that its clowns will be colourful and entertaining, as well.
8. 3.Likeability Creative advertising makes your company likeable, and this likeability is an important
marketing tool. An insurance company in the Pacific Northwest has an ad campaign based on
archetypal local personalities, caricaturing that are typical in the region.
9. 4.Budget A creative advertising idea often doesnt cost any more than a dull one, and it can bring in
considerably more return for your money. A bar that hosts an ugly Christmas sweater contest the
week before Christmas.
10. Advantages Of Creative Advertisement Increasing sales The expenses of advertising may be
justified on the ground that it helps to increase sales, which there by results in increased production.
Saving time Advertising enable the consumers to spend a short deal of time seeking products to meet
his requirements because he has already been informed about many standard goods through
11. Prevention of lost salesMuch advertising is aimed at preventing the erosion of its salesby
competitors. So advertising may be regarded as beingdefensive. Introduction the new productsNew
products can be introduced and popularized in the marketby advertising.
12. Creating market attitudeAdvertising can create a market attitude for product whichwould not
otherwise be desired. Thus artificial demand canbe created by exploiting fears. Impression the
publicAdvertisement is considered important branch of businesswhich impresses the public about the
superiority of product.
13. Informing consumersAdvertising provides the information to consumers aboutthe choice, prices,
quality and other description ofproduct at their home, which guides them for quickdecision. Providing
employmentAs it helps to create the new demand of the products, ittends to increase the sales volume
of goods. So newindustry will be established and old industry will beexpanded where thousands of
persons may be engaged.
14. Some Pictures of Creativity in Advertising

15. 15. Conclusion Whatever you do, youll do better with a little...Effective Surprise.

The importance of creativity in advertising


1. October 1, 2011
2. Presentation Outline My version of good vs. Poor creative Why good creative can make a
difference Relevance and divergence An example using radio Divergence does not always
work Pakistan study Final words
3. 3. Good vs. very ordinary creative The first two examples are dull. The Reagan spot created by Hal
Riney is full of emotion. Liberal Party of Canada Conservative Party of Canada Ronald Reagan
4. 4. Cluttered media environment Exposed to advertising in every aspect of our daily life. It was
already cluttered and then we added the internet and mobile devices to the mix. What do you think it is
like to be a media buyer now? Need to cut through the clutter and deliver the message Need to be
memorable Need to give the consumer a reason to buy your product and not your competitors
5. 5. Entertain/Educate/Persuade Need to entertain the audience to be able to deliver your message or
to get their attention Need to make the audience think to have the most impact Need to
understand your audience and what appeals to them. If you are not the target audience your opinion
may not be relevant. Effective advertising needs strong creative
6. 6. Impact of Good Creative Dan Weiden co-founded the advertising agency Weiden and Kennedy
Built the Nike brand Recently developed the Old Spice tv spots Dan Weiden
7. 7. Relevance and Divergence Creativity in advertising needs to have relevance and divergence
Needs to be relevant to the target audience Divergence (present an idea in a novel, different or
unusual way) When consumer involvement is low or ad clutter is high it is difficult for an ad to get
noticed. To achieve this goal the ad must be frequently repeated or include colourful, moving, novel,
unexpected, or affect-evoking stimuli. (Greenwald and Leavitt 1984)
8. 8. Divergence Divergent ads should be more challenging to decode and interpret than convergent
ads and thus require more elaborate processing to achieve understanding Smith and Yang 2004 In
other words creative ads work by making the target audience think. If you make someone think they
are more likely to remember, and be impacted by, the message
9. 9. Need to Make the Audience Think
10. 10. Creative Brief Client: Big Rock Brewery Product: KOLD lager Target Audience: 18 to 24 year
old men Key Product Features: Brewed with glacier water Easy drinking lager style beer
Kraft brewery manufacturing process Product is new Key Product Benefits: Lifestyle KOLD
drinkers are cool
11. 11. Potential Radio Script Voice Over: Introducing K O L D, KOLD beer from Big Rock A great tasting
beer that is easy to drink and quenches your hard earned thirst Its brewed from fresh glacier water by
the award winning brewmaster at Big Rock Brewery A great lager style beer that will bring your friends
around and keep them coming to your place to keep themselves KOLD KOLD is now available at your
local liquor store, your favourite pub and selected restaurants So remember the next time youre thirsty
and are looking for a great cold beer ask for a KOLD beer from Big Rock. This gets the message
across but it is very dull.
12. 12. No Question SINGERS: K-O-L-D all beer radio. JERRY: Im Jerry Lagerfeld and youre
listening to K-O-L-D all beer all the time. Lets go to the phones. WARREN: Ah, hi Jerry its me
Warren. JERRY: Whats your question Warren? WARREN: Ahhh, no question. JERRY: No








question you have nothing to add to the intellectual discourse concerning the complex role beer plays
in our society today. Or no question KOLD is my favourite brew? WARREN: The second one?
JERRY: Good call Warren. SINGERS: K-O-L-D JERRY: Brought to you by KOLD the genuine
glacier water beer from Big Rock. Play No Question Radio This spot delivers the same information
but in a much more interesting and engaging way.
13. Elliot Radio Script SINGERS: K-O-L-D all beer radio. JERRY: Youre listening to Jerry
Lagerfeld. Hello caller. ELLIOTT: Hello Jerry, Elliott here. JERRY: Hey Elliott. ELLIOTT: Im
serving rack of lamb with a garlic demi-glaze and I was wondering what wine would you recommend?
JERRY: Sorry Elliott, this is K-O-L-D all beer all the time. You could try K- R-A-P the all wine station
but I recommend serving your friends some KOLD beer before they kick your gourmet ass. Lets pause
and reflect. SINGERS: K-O-L-D JERRY: Brought to you by KOLD the genuine glacier water
beer from Big Rock. Play Elliot Radio
14. Not Just Divergent Creative concepts developed just because they are divergent do not work
The Taco Bell Chihuahua dog tv commercials were popular but sales did not respond. Once the spots
were taken off the air sales trended upward again. Taco Bell TV
15. Thoughts on this Ad?
16. Its Also Not Just About theCreative Media buying can be as important as the creative.
17. Pakistan Study Empirical investigation of the Association between Creative Advertising and
Advertising Effectiveness in Pakistan Interesting study because the growth of tv channels grew
exponentially towards the end of the last decade in Pakistan Mahmood, Zahid, Wasid Ahmad An
Empirical Investigation of the Association between Creative Advertising and Advertising Effectiveness
in Pakistan March 2010
18. Pakistan Study Growth in TV Channels 2002 to 2008 120 100 80 60 No. Of TV Channels 40 20 0
2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 Mahmood, Zahid, Wasid Ahmad An Empirical Investigation of the
Association between Creative Advertising and Advertising Effectiveness in Pakistan March 2010
19. Pakistan Study Study tested award winning tv ads in single and three ad exposures Based on
recall they tested the participants for brand attitude and purchase intent. Found that for three
exposures creative ads developed significantly more favourable brand attitude and greater unaided
brand recall than control ads Mahmood, Zahid, Wasid Ahmad An Empirical Investigation of the
Association between Creative Advertising and Advertising Effectiveness in Pakistan March 2010
20. Pakistan Study Conclusion for the study was that, creative advertisements are really more
effective than conventional ads and bestow value to the advertised brands Mahmood, Zahid, Wasid
Ahmad An Empirical Investigation of the Association between Creative Advertising and Advertising
Effectiveness in Pakistan March 2010
21. Final Words of Advice It is often much easier to avoid risks and prefer what is comfortable and
familiar Do not equate creative that relies on shock value with good work An understanding of how
divergence works in advertising is a good platform to work with creative people to develop great
creative Great advertising creative stays on strategy and remains focused on building brand strength
and purchase intent Give your advertising a chance to work. You need to run an ad at least three
times for it to have real impact