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Date of Birth: 12 J... 19..

Email: s.......@gmail.com
Mob: +91-99........
Professional Summary
Over 4+ years of experience on Microsoft Technologies.
-C#,.Net 3.5, Asp.Net 3.5, ADO.NET, Ajax, SQL Server-2005
-Worked on MVC 2.0 and JQuery
-Knowledge on MVC 3.0 and ADO.NET Entity Model
-Experience of working in the complete Software development life cycle involving development, documentation, testing
and maintenance.
-Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment, work on any project and relocate
-Worked on Reporting Tools like Action Reports, Fytek, Fusion Charts, Crystal Reports
-Proficient knowledge in HTML, Java script
-Knowledge in writing SQL Queries and T-SQL using MS-SQL Server.
-Good knowledge of Database Management, programming and Web Application.
-Good work ethics with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
-Ability to work well in both team environment and individual environment.
Work Summary
-Working as SSE in ABCInfoTech Pvt Ltd from Jan-2011 to Till Date
-Worked as SE in CBA Tech Pvt Ltd from May-10 to Dec-10
-Worked as SE in BCA from Aug-2007 to Dec-2009
-Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) from O......... University
-Bachelor of Computers (B.Sc.) from O....... University
-Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID: 7502293)
Technical Skills
Microsoft Technologies : C#.Net, ADO.NET
Framework : .Net 2.0/3.5
Web Technologies : Asp.Net 2.0/3.5,Ajax,Webservices,WCF
IDE : Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008
RDBMS : MS-SQL Server 2005, Oracle, MS-Access
Reporting Tools : Active Reports, Fytek, Fusion Charts, Crystal Reports
Operating Systems : Windows-XP, Windows Server-2003
Version Control Tools : Microsoft VSS, SVN
Web Server : IIS 7.0
Project Details
Project 1#:
Project : Integrated Health Care and Information Management System (IHCIMS)
Client : MOHSS (Government of Namibia)
Technology : Asp.Net 3.5, C#.Net, Oracle 10g, Silver light, MVC 2.0, JQuery
Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports
Version Control Tool: VSS
Role : Developer

From Jan-2011 to Till Date

Integrated Health Care Information Management System is a web based application which is comprehensive
enterprise-wide software, which covers all aspects of hospital management and day-to-day
operations of a hospital. Accessibility of all information is role based.
Effective management of information plays a significant role in the delivery of health care services for health care
providers. Information Technology (IT) is changing the face of health care
dramatically all over the world. IT is moving from merely automating current processes to becoming the center piece of
health care integration.
The system should be patient record management system with the goal of enhancing health care by lessening the
workload of health workers. It ensures that complete and accurate patient records
can be shared across health institutions, so that health workers can make informed and responsible decisions
My Responsibilities:
-Designing the screen according to requirement.
-Writing the stored procedures and java scripts.
-Analysis of many customizations done.
-Reporting the status and progress of Interface related activities on regular basis to Onsite and offshore leadership.
-Testing of various customizations.
Project 2#:
Project : Clinic Management System
Technology : Asp. Net 3.5,Ajax,C#.Net.
Databases : SQL Server-2005,MySQL
Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports
Version Control Tool: SVN
Role : Developer

From May-10 to Dec-10

Clinic Management software which helps in efficient clinic management by managing Doctor's appointments,
scheduling, patient registration, medical billing, Inventory, Lab Analytical reports,
Phlebotomy, Result Entry and the administrative activities. The master entries can be made in the Definition module.
The definition module is used for defining Organization Details, General
Parameters such as Blood Group, Doctor's Specialization, Departments etc., Allergies, Lab Analysis Parameters, and
Drugs. etc. A comprehensive patient data is collected using Patient
Registration Module Patient contact information, Patient's Doctor, Company Information, Emergency Contact
information, Blood Group, Height, Weight etc. The Appointment Module consists of
scheduling the Doctors Appointment, Canceling the Doctors Appointment and remainder to the Patient by means of
SMS and email. The Inventory module mainly speaks about the available stock,
list of items being purchased, purchases returns, department Indent etc .The various reports that can be taken CMS
are Appointment Details, Patient Profile, Doctor Contact details,
Billing, Inventory, and Lab Analysis Reports.

My Responsibilities:
-Involved in Coding, Design and Test Phases.
-Used Java-Script extensively for performing client side validations
-Involved in writing Queries, Stored Procedures
-Used Crystal Reports to generate the reports
-Used SVN to maintain the versions of the applications
-Web forms were implemented using various server controls like Grid view, Calendar, and various validation controls
Project 3#:
Project : PathwaysToSuccess
Technology : Asp. Net 2.0/3.5,C#,Sql Server 2005, Ajax
Reporting Tools : DotnetCharting, Fytek, Fusion Charts, Fusion Widgets
SMS Gateway : Clickatell SMS Gateway
Role : Developer & Support
From March-09 to December-09
PathwaysToSuccess is a web application that is divided into 2 modules PPEPM and Pathways for Orthopedics
Physicians Practice Evaluation and Performance Management (PPEPM) is a module under
PathwaysToSuccess for Physicians This is used by doctors and their sub-staff members to input their financial,
marketing data and provides tools to analyze the data in a methodical manner.
Pathways for Orthopedics is a module being developed for the Orthopedics department of OHIO University under
PathwaysToSuccess When the authenticated doctors uploads his/her file, the file is
encrypted and encryption key is generated and key is send to doctors mobile It contains the various calculators which
let them calculate analyze their current status. The various calculators
like Buy or Lease, ROI, Breakevenetc various kinds of reports are generated consisting of 2D & 3D diagrams
My Responsibilities:
-Involved in Coding, Design and Test Phases.
-Used java script extensively to perform Client-side validations and calculations
-Used static and dynamic themes, CSS to set style on Asp.Net pages, controls.
-Web forms were implemented using various server controls like Grid view, Calendar, and various validation controls.
-Used Asp.net Ajax Controls and User Controls extensively
Project 4#:
Project : Aultman Hospital Performance Management- (AHPM)
Technology : Asp.Net2.0, C#2.0, SQLServer-2005, Ajax, Asp
Reporting Tools : Fytek, Fusion Charts
Role : Developer
From August -08 to February-09
Aultman Hospital comprises of 60 Practices and 600 Physicians located at OHIO. This web application enables them
to create Month-wise, Quarter-wise, Year-wise reports describing their
financial status. Reports are generated based on the Practice locations. Reports mainly contain the details of individual
practice locations RVU (Relative Value Unit), Charges, Payments,
Adjustments etc...Various kinds of reports are generated consisting of bar-diagram (2D, 3D), Column 2D, 3D, Pie

diagrams, Line diagram, Scroll charts. Reports are generated in the form of
flash charts (Fusion Charts) and can be exported into PDF's
My Responsibilities:-Involved in Coding and Design phase.
-Have implemented the user interface and web forms part of application
-Used ASP.NET,ADO.NET,SQL-statements to develop server-side data base connections
-Used Java-script for client side validations
Personal Details
Current Location :Hyderabad
Language Known :English, Hindi, Telugu.
Permanent Address:H.No: 1234, Road no: 5, Ve.......... Colony, Nagole, Hyderabad-500....