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The Youthly Scribe


Call for Papers

The Youthly Scribe, is inviting submissions. It is a United Baptist Church of Zimbabwe Christian
themed Journal. This is an initiative by the Harare East District UBCYF youths to produce a
periodic journal which tackle contemporary issues that face the present day youth. The journal
aims at providing space for sharing the word of God and advising youths so that they can grow
This journal enables the present day youths to have access to helpful Christian literature based on
the teachings of the bible and the UBCZ. This initiative was necessary because youths have a
hunger for the word of God and there is little literature in our church which youths can read from
time to time along with their bibles for their Spiritual growth.
This shall be the first publication, it shall be published in print, electronically and also over the
internet. Only one article per author or co-author will be considered for possible publication.
Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not be subject to copyright elsewhere. Papers will be
reviewed by at least two expert referees.
To publish an authoritative and concise journal through combining UBCZ Christian writers efforts
and spiritual insight. It is our mission to create a forum that allows the discussion of challenges
facing the youths of today in Zimbabwe and as well as the continent.
Rightly dividing the word of truth 2 Timothy 2 verse 15
To create a spiritually mature Youth who lives by example. 1 Timothy 4 verse 12
Organisational Structure

Patron ~ Rev. P Sithole

Editorial Board ~ Rev. P Sithole, Rev G. Dandato and Rev Manzanga.
Associate Editor ~ Emmanuel Nhachi
The Editorial Board
The Editorial board is composed of Pastors and Christian academics of repute whose role is to give
mentorship and direction to our committee and editors. The Editorial Board approves materials
for publication and provide guidance and direction to editors.
The Patron
The Patron is our Youth Pastor who serves the role of providing advice on the day to day dealings
of the youth group.

Format of Presentation

Submissions must strictly be in line with the Holy bible and the UBCZ doctrine

Submissions must be in English.

Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word using 12-point Times New Roman and double

The manuscript should have the title, authors names, addresses and affiliations; plus email
address, telephone number of the corresponding author.

The manuscript title should be brief and informative.

All pages must be numbered consecutively.

The length of articles should be a maximum of 1500 words including tables, figures and

The Journal uses thes form of English spelling: recognise, emphasise, analyse, realise,
organisation (but assets are realized). We say in so far as and not insofar as.

Manuscripts should be submitted to this email, enhachi@gmail.com or personally to any UBCYF
Harare East Committee member or Pastor