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9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis Part One


This series will introduce you to a new

divinatory approach in 9 Stars and Luo Shu analysis, but one that will yet importantly boost your
score in forecasting news events.
With exception of the basic Magic Square of 5 Earth, each Luo Shu produces what we baptized
a Reversed Luo Shu Axis. Technically, Reversed Luo Shu Axis will be instigated by the Star that
appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace, so that the Reversed Luo Shu Axis is the magnetic
directional axis in Luo Shu where energies may be deemed off or uncharacteristically going
Now, for reason that annual Star 7 Metal arrives opposite its native Luoshu Palace for 2009, the
years Reversed Luo Shu Axis appears along Luoshu East-West.
If we then freeze the annual Star configuration and limit to just the yearly progression of monthly Luo
Shu, either one of your personal 9 Ki Stars would be stepping onto the Reversed Luo Shu Axis, such a
couple of times in 2009 or any other year. Consequently, this may affect both personal fate progression

and news events. We will here introduce and explore a new approach to 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis,
whether used for purpose of 9 Star Divination or Flying Star Feng Shui.
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
Basically, for sake of your personal fate progression and here for the 9 Fire year of 2009 -, youd be
looking at either one of two situations occurring for your personal 9 Ki Stars. Since the Reversed Luo Shu
Axis for 2009 will be occupied by annual Star 2 Earth in the West and annual Star 7 Metal in the East,
then of course, if you are a 2 Earth native or a 7 Metal native from birth, the portents may apply to you for
the duration of 2009.

It may be even that your Stars are either 2.7.x or 7.2.x, in which case both your birth Stars will be on the
Axis for the full year. If neither Star 2 or Star 7 makes up your 9 Ki birth map, whatever then your
personal Stars, your Stars would be at one point still arriving on the East-West Luo Shu Axis for a month,
or even a day.

Ok, lets study and if you take notes, youll be sitting on strong new 9 Stars and Luo Shu syntax for your
divination of personal fate progression and news events, while naturally, the occurrence applies past,
present and future, so you may go ahead and pull your life chronology to see how the Reversed Luo Shu
Axis might have perhaps manifested for you 9, 18, 27, 36 years ago.

If we look at the Magic Square as used for purpose of Nine Star Ki astrology, 9 Star Ki Divination and
Flying Star Feng Shui as if it is a huge battery, we may say it distributes its magnetic energies over the
cardinal and subcardinal directions, just as if it would be a compound of batteries, with all the plus and
minus poles duly in place. As a consequence, neither single Luoshu Palace just lives on its own, on the
contrary, whatever event occurs for a Star in one Palace will be greatly affected by the Star and Palace to
its opposite direction.

It so happens that, with the exception of the basic Luo Shu of 5 Earth, each 9 years, months and days one
particular Star will appear opposite its original Luoshu Palace.
Each time we mention East-West Luoshu axis or Southeast-Northwest Luoshu axis and so on, it is to
emphasizeinternal Luoshu dynamics. Luoshu taken as a whole, is a magnetic commodity. In fact, if for
purpose of divination you took those directions literally, you will find that most your forecastings will be

inacurrate. For example, if a missing persons 9 Ki Star is in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace and you took that
as indication for the person to be traced in the East, you may be incorrect as, to concern of actual
directions, person may be traced into just any direction at all. Just quickly, what you do is, you take 9
Stars and Trigram properties of just the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, then attributes of the other Stars there,
plus you would incorporate those Stars to appear into opposite Luoshu Palace (same Luoshu axis), then
find that the event had evolved along 9 Stars and Trigram attributes (which you simply reduced to their
associated people, objects, activities, event progression), rather not actual directions implied.
If you refer to the basic Luo Shu of 5 Yellow to the left, you will see Star 7 Metal in its native Palace in
Luoshu West. If we look at the Luo Shu on the right, we see that 2009 is a 9 Fire year, so that Star 7 has
migrated to Luoshu East in the annual Luo Shu, usually home to the 3 Wood Star. We note how Star 7
Metal has moved opposite its original Luoshu Palace for 2009. Annual Star 7 then instigates the annual
Reversed Luoshu Axis, affecting annual Star 2 into opposite position.

Now, so far and if youd ask any 9 Ki adept nothing is new and actually pretty much business as
usual, but while keeping an eye out on annual Star 7 for 2009, much of the focus will go on annual Star 2
Earth in the Luo Shu West for 2009, because we may say that annual Star 2 will have its associations
going nowhere.

This series then not so much only focuses on the Star that appears opposite its original Palace, but (bear
with me here), pretty much the Star that appears opposite the Star that appears opposite its original

But well be still looking into annual Star 7 a bit. The single occurrence of a Star appearing opposite its
native Palace and this is what anyone in 9 Ki already knows would be sufficient to say its associations
to reap opposite result from what one had set out to achieve.

Any Star appearing opposite its original Palace (wrongly deemed House by some) and by magnetic
dissonance would have its portents magnetically off, while portents for the Star yet arriving opposite
this Star (annual Star 2 for 2009) would then have its associations going nowhere. So, for this series,
note designations such as off and going nowhere.

9 Ki is numerology in nothing, so that, you would not use Number in your pointing out any of the 9
Stars. Just as you would not use House if at any time you were pointing out Luoshu Palace. Whilst the
notion of house would have somehow made its way to Luoshu nomenclature, it comes from Western
astrology, whereas both 9 Ki Divination and Nine Star Ki Astrology would be perfectly unrelated to
This is short for saying that, due to the occurrence of Reversed Luo Shu Axis, annual Star 7 may have its
portents off for 2009, while annual Star 2 may have its portents going nowhere for 2009, with
connotations here then either mild or rather more noteworthy.

The East-West Luo Shu Axis for 2009 by itself could involve magnetic disturbances affecting health,
your marriage, relationships or career, but also smaller or larger scale contracts, merges or negotiations,
such then not just into the suggested East-West directions for 2009 but, as we have witnessed and as your
media will show you, to account of whatever generally associates with the Stars arriving on such Axis.
For example, Star 7 bodes the monetary field, finances, places for financial transactions (such as for that
aspect supermarket), singing, sailing vessels.

Having safely gone passed last paragraph, we need to stop the clock for a moment, as you may have
noticed it actually claimed how the Reversed Luo Shu Axis might involve magnetic disturbances that
could affect health, marriage, even news events.

Now, as always, we need to approach Luo Shu from just cold soil advance and be guarding against any
active statements or any suppositions stemming from this, or if not, wed be soon advancing into Luo Shu
from all too emblematic or conceptual notions.

Of course, there is no Luoshu or Star or Palace there to have been assigned singular command over
fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents, health, births or deaths. However, on your quest of foreseeing
tendencies either for personal fate progression or news events, you wouldnt stand a chance if not you had
some parameters to go by, lets call it 9 Stars and Luo Shu syntax. Having said that, yes, were you to from
hereon involve the Reversed Luo Shu Axis in your readings, youd be seeing your score boost by certain

As a round up of Part One of this series, once more note the East-West Luo Shu axis for 2009, it is the
Reversed Luo Shu Axis for the year, affecting annual Star 7 and annual Star 2 and all of their

If you look at annual Star 7s position for 2009, it is in Luoshu East. It settles opposite its native Luoshu
Palace, so it would be out of character there, it will have its portents off.

Perhaps a bit less obvious but a critically more significant scheme for purpose of this series, occurs to
annual Star 7s opposite position in this Luo Shu, involving annual Star 2 in the West. So, we may say
that (mind you, once more a mouth full) the Star that appears opposite the Star that appears opposite its
original Luoshu Palace would be going nowhere.
What is implied here is that, magnetic energies on such Axis will not calibrate, rendering matters to no
avail, or whatever other classification of sorts you may glue to the occurrence from your personal

We will use Part Three of this series to yet show you a choice of attributes for Star 7 and Star 2, which
just as this series derive directly from our Heluo Qi Explorations class manual 9 Star Divination
personal and news events and which class manual besides our 4-day master classes in the Netherlands
you can obtain as Distance Learning Training (2 months of one-on-one training with Heluo). Again, if
you dont know your personal 9 Ki Stars or for any other question, you may call Heluo in the afternoon

(GMT+1) at +31 23 5333375 or you may email if you like to arrange for a Skype meeting. We will use
Part Two to discuss what the Reversed Luo Shu Axis may mean to you personally.

To be continued

9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis Part Two

In Part One we established how either one of your personal 9 Star Ki Stars may move on the
Reversed Luo Shu Axis for a year, but this may occur also for a day, a month or a period of 9 years.
Of course, all opposite Palaces in the Luo Shu may be regarded as directional axes, but by using the
term Reversed Luo Shu Axis we will be pointing to a special occurrence. We have seen how by Luo
Shu for 2009, annual Star 7 Metal will appear opposite its native Luoshu Palace, so that Star 7 be
reaping opposite result from what it had set out to do in other words, Star 7 may have its
portents off and we have seen how by itself this has been a known fact in the world of Japanese
astrology and 9 Star Divination. However, the crux of this series is on the Star that appears
opposite the Star that appears opposite its native Luoshu Palace, which for 2009 is annual Star 2.
By appearing opposite annual Star 7, we may say that annual Star 2 will be going nowhere.
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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

While here introducing the occurrence of Reversed Luo Shu Axis by the hand of the 9 Fire year of 2009,
we may just as well be looking back at the Luo Shu for 2008, which equally had its East-West magnetic
directions off, this time on account of annual Star 3 Wood and annual Star 8 Earth. We will be therefore
devoting Part Three of this series to give you some of the Star attributes for Star 3 Wood, 8 Earth, Star 2
and Star 7. While this be giving us ample opportunity also to further investigate into the credit crunch and
the global economic crisis, wed be here first looking into what the 2009 Axis may portent for you

What does it mean, if you find your Star on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis, either for a full 9 Ki year, a
month or even just a day. How will it affect you, i.e. your Star (you are not your Star, your Star is merely
taken to energetically and more typically represent you).

Now, if you havent been aware of your personal 9 Ki Stars, you may either email me with your birth
data (including time and city of birth) or you may go to our free online course 9 Star Ki Prediction
personal and news events on www.heluo.nl, it is all there.
Then, concerning 2009 and if your Star is 7 Metal either by year, month or day of birth or any of your
birth Stars is 2 Earth, you may expect events ranging from general unrest, over turbulence to uproar, or
matters may be not what they seem.

You may be asking yourself whats going on as progressions may not be working in your favor.
Incoming events may have you do extra effort and go the extra mile in order to accomplish what would
otherwise seem a simple task. What does incoming mean? Well, incoming can be that phone call that
suddenly takes a turn and will have you deal with things you had not anticipated. It may be a quarrel, an
email, or your usual daily goings on disturbed by your employer, a team mate or a client. We have no way
of telling, unless we know context and subject matter. Perhaps the occurrence be best mirrored against
what you would otherwise designate your bad hair day, where you would even stumble over your own

Projected on the 2009 Luo Shu, unexpected and uncharacteristic setbacks may typically occur on account
of finances (7) or provision (2), while on account of Star 2 mother, spouse, homestead, studies,
teaching and hospitalization may spring to mind too and be coming under the header going nowhere.

If you are a 7 Metal native and due to your Star appearing opposite annual Star 2 -, you may be not
seeing much of your spouse or homestead this year, perhaps because you have moved into a new
environment, a new community.

Overall, Star 2 be going nowhere because it is the Star appearing opposite annual Star 7 that by itself
appears opposite its native Luoshu Palace.

Now, what if your Star is 1 Water, or 6 Metal, will you be off the hook then? On account of the annual
Luo Shu for 2009 and to this respect, yes, for the month of August 2009, not quite. If your Star is 1 or 6
and at any time youd be reading this, you can pull the Luo Shu for August 2009 and hold it against your
personal events.

We will adjoin annual 9 Fire Luo Shu and monthly 8 Earth Luo Shu for August
2009. Monthly Stars be taken to the right hand side from the annual Stars, so that August is 8 Earth. 6
Metal and 1 Water people (the more then those with a Ki map of 1.6.x or 6.1.x or one spouse is Star 6, the
other Star 1) be stepping onto the Axis for August. We may now read all Stars on the axis (7 and 6 in the
East, 2 and 1 in the West) to see what exactly is off and going nowhere and you may check Part Three
for that.

Equally, if we look back on the month of June 2009 a 1 Water month -, Star 3
and Star 8 natives may confirm matters had been a bit off. Which brings us to any of these people then
asking yes, but what about last year 2008, things were pretty much off then too. And thats exactly it,
because why would the financial crisis have started in the housing industry in 2008? Because 2008 was a

1 Water year, annual Star 3 appeared opposite its original Palace for 2008, rendering Star 8 (real estate,
property) going nowhere.
We may be looking a bit deeper into the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 in another part of this series,
but to keep it a bit straightforward at this time, you may wish to pull your life chronology, the events
there, and see where they might mirror against the Reversed Luo Shu Axis. It is all a matter of noting
when either your first (annual), second (monthly) or third (day) Star had moved on the then designated
Reversed Luo Shu Axis, be that for a year, a month or a day. Once youre done, you may go see the
occurrence by expanding your survey into famous people or after the fact news. Then, youd be soon
projecting the Axis on before the fact news.

Here are the months for 2009 with monthly Stars moving on the East-West axis. At the last column, the
first Star mentioned be the one going nowhere for the month, relative to the annual Luo Shu of 9 Fire,
while all Stars at the East-West Luo Shu axis may be expected to be off. We will also give the Chinese
zodiac, the so-called Chinese animals, for the months, more appropriately referred to as Earthly
Branches, used for Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) and Zi Wei Dou Shu. Of course, besides annual Luo
Shu, each monthly Luo Shu will produce a Reversed Luo Shu Axis of its own, but for now, that would
take us a bit too far.

What to say? With any Star on the Axis, strange events may happen in the house, so that it would seem
something other than just the people actually around there be deciding the goings on, misunderstandings,

the parcel doesnt seem to arrive, simple things seem a task so that your usual schedule seems uprooted
and you need adapt.

Note that in order to give you the notion of Reversed Luo Shu Axis, we have so far summed up all of
those negative portents, while, as always, there is no such thing as any Star and any Palace can of course
surface either its beneficial and inauspicious traits, the Reversed Luo Shu Axis not an exception where it
comes to positive outcome.

Having said that, well yet discuss what exactly may be off or going nowhere on account of annual
Star 7 and Star 2 in Part Three of this series and once you check what will be then said on either your own
life chronology or when following news events, it is my guess youll be sitting on a new toy for your 9 Ki
divination. That is the beauty of 9 Stars and Luo Shu analysis, it is all right there by Luo Shu, not just for
astrology, horoscopes or Feng Shui, but for divination and forecasting personal and global news events.

To be continued
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9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis Part Three

In this series on 9 Ki Divination we are discussing the going nowhere principle on the Reversed
Luo Shu Axis. Any Luo Shu produces a Reversed Axis, be that for a year, a month or a day, with
the exception of course of the basic Luo Shu of 5 Earth. For this series we will be concentrating on
the annual Luoshu for 2008 and 2009. It once more shows the significance of opposite Luoshu
Palaces and how we should not tunnel vision on any Luo Shu Star in particular, without
simultaneously incorporating properties of the Star and Palace it finds to its opposite. The notion
can be equally applied for purpose of Feng Shui (if you are a practitioner of Xuan Kong Flying Star
Feng Shui), in understanding Nine Star Ki astrology and fate progression, as well as in 9 Star
Divination where you would be engaging into forecasting before and after the fact news events.
Print and study this series
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
Because for either 2008 and 2009 the Reversed Luo Shu Axis occurred East-West, involving Star 3 and
Star 8 for 2008, then Star 2 and Star 7 for 2009, we will need to know what these Stars portent.

In this part of the series you will therefore find some of the more significant attributes to Stars 2,3,7 and
8. Besides this, if you scroll, you will find all Reversed Luo Shu Axes.

We have seen how for 2009, portents pertaining annual Star 7 Metal may be off because annual Star 7
appears opposite its native Luoshu Palace, by that rendering annual Star 2 to its opposite direction going
nowhere, which last observation is at the actual subject of this series and here introduced to 9 Stars and
Luoshu analysis. It is then a matter of knowing some of the attributes pertaining Star 7 and Star 2 to see
where to expect the news to go.

We will in this series also reason into the Reversed Luo Shu Axis and see 9 Ki relevance for the financial
crisis of 2008, prolonged then also in the overall economic debacle of 2009, which you will see is right
there in Luo Shu, but without knowing the Reversed Luo Shu Axis would be a bit more difficult to spot.
In order to be able to show you either dynamics for 2008 and 2009, we must first consider attributes for
Star 2, 3, 7 and 8.

Find Star 3 and Star 8 on the Axis for 2008 on the left, Star 2 and Star 7 on the Axis for 2009 on the right.

Now, noting this dynamic is one, taking this into actual practice is another. There are basically two things
you will find yourself doing with 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis.

This series may more or less assume a certain background in 9 Stars and Luoshu. If you are reading this
as a beginner, we have made it very easy for you to step on the wagon. In fact, if you go to our free online
course 9 Star Prediction personal and news events on www.heluo.nl written from scratch and with
the true beginner in mind -, I made sure you will be in front of your television screen following news
events with a Luoshu in your lap in no time.




Here you will sit at your table, staring at any annual Luoshu past, present, future. You will be reading
into the Luoshu to make sense of certain experiences or life events, pertaining yourself or anyone you
know and you may involve the month Stars too.


This time you want to take me up on your television screen is like a moving Luoshu and youd sit in
front of your television (or news paper) with Luoshu in your lap. Here, your eyes will alternately move
between the Luoshu Stars and your television screen, while youll be finding yourself at growing
astonishment, seeing such 9 Ki relevance in the news.
For now, and to stay in line with this series, you may want to concentrate on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis
and see what it does for you. Here are all possibilities.





Here are all 9 Luo Shu. Even though we will here focus mostly on annual Luo Shu, any such Star
configuration is a Solar calendar to its own respect and can be taken to last from an hour or less, a Solar
day, a Solar month, a Solar year, a period of 9 years, 81 years up to the approximately 25,920 years
Great Year (which will be an interesting look up on www) and beyond.
If you go look for Great Year on www and while youre at it, also helpful will be Precession Cycle,
Precession Circle, Magnetic Pole Reversal, Pole Shift, Alpha Draconis (Thuban), Star Vega and youd be
busy enough even following up on all those links youll then find.
Note how:

Stars in blue font signify the Stars that appear opposite their original Luo Shu Palace, while then finding
the encircled Stars to their opposite, so that youll note how the Stars we labeled going nowhere will be
always Star 2, Star 5 and Star 8.



Here are some of the properties for Stars, 2,3,7 and 8, but note how we are not in the field of prediction.
Anyone at all can practice 9 Ki Divination, it is not a matter of being clairvoyant, at all.
What youll do is foresee tendencies and simply: translate Stars into events and event into Stars.

The rest is a matter of knowing how to do cross-references between Stars and Palaces and read the Stars
to build the story.



Provision (simply: any food, fuel, service and either tangible or intangible). Homogeneous group relying
on central kitchen or organization, such as students, inmates, the elderly, even zoo animals. Small (food)
shops. A mob. Fruit producing fields such as agricultural areas, farming, labor mines. Also fruit, such as
vegetables but by extension also the gold or coals produced at labor mines, even the sky and water being
fruit producing fields so that birds and fish may fall within this group. Submerged hollow space.
Educational field including students and teachers, civil servants, the medical field, hospitals. A platform
(e.g. surface) we rely on for safety, be that a railing or balustrade, a wall or a dam, a landing strip, a ships
deck, a stage at a theater. It is teargas and comparable. It is ground troops (as in soldiers). It is mother, it
is spouse, homestead (not the house as such, but where you dwell).


Against popular believe, Star 7 is not so much a business or business management, which be a bit more at
the domain of Star 6 for authority and corporations. There be Star 6 for Big Metal, Star 7 for Small Metal,
then undoubtedly still some management and a fair amount of leadership left in Star 7, but rather more
Star 7 associated with finances, the monetary field, accounting, more refined instruments, utensils,
jewelry. Where Star 6 is your employer, Star 7 is your salary, so to speak. Star 7 is mouth and a mouth is
a portal for upload and download, in other words, things such as food, fluids and air (read provision) can
go in, while speech or singing may spill out. Star 7 is demolished building or messy surroundings. It is in
bad mouthing, it is a knife (thus stabbing) and a collision under slight angle (Star 6 be a heads on
collision), less likely fatal. It is Large Intestine and upper jaw. It is young females, wife, concubine,
singers, metaphysicians, contempt, violent robbery, violent attack (not so much involving explosion such
as with Star 6) involving rape (Star 7 is eroticism).


Star 3 is speculative, inventive, with a taste for gambling. Its force can be sudden, its motion piercing, it
inclines upward and expansive, it is impulsive besides creative and aggressive. If Star 3 can be stopped,
such be less likely at its beginning impact. It is highly liberal. It can be the factor behind earth quakes (to
be read from Luoshu for example when 8-3 appears), or a demolished wall or dam (2-3). It is uniformed
personnel such as police or riot troops, rather then not army that would come under Star 5. Star 3 is a
male, husband, intruder. It associates with Liver, Gallbladder and the leg. It is electricity, an electricity
plant, electrically powered machinery, electrical detonator or vehicles such as a train, metro. When Star 3
arrives at the central Palace it may be a railway station. Star 3 is railway personnel, it may be the
electrical ignition underlying armed assaults, it is highway, a dog bite. It can be stock market.



Star 8 is built structures, more in particular buildings, so that there is our first association with the 2008
financial crisis, because it involved real estate, property, mortgage and insurance concerning these
properties. Star 8 is immovable, it is revolutionary and it can invoke uproar, in particular involving racial
or ethnic issues. Star 8 can also invoke revolution, so that we may see riots. Star 8 says up to this point
and no further. Star 8 in particular in company of Star 3 would be indicative for earth quakes.
Now, if you go over these Star attributes carefully, you may at times and this may take some practice
find yourself combining several portents (either more properties same Star or relating portents of different
Stars) to make soup of the events you read in the news. But it will come, certainly once you started
following global news events, because certain things there be simply exploding in your face, so to speak.

It is from the Reversed Luo Shu Axis that the world could have foreseen the 2008 housing debacle long
before it occurred, which is exactly what I did when I was preparing the forecasting 2008 for my students
around November 2007 and I projected this somewhat less than a year before it happened: Dow Jones
to fall below 10,000 points in October 2008, then, based on this and because it didnt seem likely, taking
a sneak preview into the annual Luo Shu for 2009, a 9 Fire year, just as 1991, 2000, but this time adding
context of course, as always.

Looking at the Star configuration for the 2009 Luo Shu, adding logarithmic spiral (may talk about that
later) as to context, I had to reach a rather uncanny pallet of projections, some perhaps far fetched, some
disturbing. Please mind that I had not projected same with my projections for the Fire years of 1991 or
2000, which years happened in an entirely different global environment, a whole different context, but
also, you must have noticed some sort of acceleration in successive events, more on that another time

So, lets use Part Four of this series to engage into the Luo Shu for both 2008 and 2009, pulling your
attention to the special feature of Reversed Luo Shu Axis to see what it means that Star 8 be going
nowhere for 2008 or Star 2 be going nowhere for 2009. Next time we will be looking into this, both
for news events as we will see what this may do on a personal level. This part was just to park some of the
belonging properties of Stars involved on the Axis. In the mean time, you can pull your annual and
monthly Luo Shu for any event and see the dynamic happen. Let me know what you think and how the

Reversed Luo Shu Axis strikes you once applied on your fate progression or sitting in front of your

To be continued

9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis Part Four

We will continue our series on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis after last time we shared attributes of
Star 3 and Star 8 for the 1 Water year of 2008 and Star 2 and Star 7 for the 9 Fire year of 2009.
Besides projected on the financial crisis and the global economic debacle, you may apply the Axis
on any whatsoever event, be that disease, accidents, divorce, to name a few of the more negative
outcomes, because besides that, the Axis can of course instigate fortunate events just the same. In
order to become really proficient at 9 Star Divination you will see how youd be much engaging into
head line news, which for the greater part will be negative.
Print and study this series
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
You wont be reading Luo Shu just at random, there is a distinct structure grammar, if you will just as
with any language. Once you set yourself to read any Luo Shu, the central Star gives Luo Shu Trend, so
well be always minding either annual-, monthly- or daily Stars arriving at the central Luoshu Palace, for
example in the 1 Water year of 2008, objects be deemed to fall into a depth, thats the trend.

Once established Luoshu trend by way of the cental Star, we select a subject, so lets pick Star 6 for
vehicles. We may then find annual Star 6 for vehicles in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace plunging into ravines,
rivers or ditches, as, yes, we will have seen more of our share in any 1 Water years (2008) or 1 Water
months, but that aside.

As little as 10 or 11 months before it happened and no much more than having involved the Axis in our
projections for the then upcoming 1 Water year of 2008, we said Dow Jones to fall below 10,000 points
in October 2008. Because at the time this seemed not too plausible, we took a sneak preview and
involved the 2009 annual Luo Shu and that lead to an even more uncanny IMF to proclaim our planet at
bankruptcy, which would as a statement admittedly seem a bit intense, but nonetheless. Such due of

course to annual Star 7 to arrive opposite its original Luo Shu House for 2009. Now, concerning last
remark, soup may not be eaten as hot as it is being served, but we did see major economic disaster,
meanwhile several USA States and many developed countries in dire trouble and on the verge of
bankruptcy, with IMF pumping billions in many countries.

Seeing the occurrence and for lack of better, going nowhere is a term I started using upon noting how
Stars involved on the Axis seem to be off at their base magnetism, thereby common properties of Stars
involved consequently and proportionately affected. Lets look into the dynamic a bit more technically
and see if you can use it if you follow news progressions (and let me know when you do).

Luo Shu is like a bar magnet involving several sub-batteries, if you will, each one involving the central
Luoshu Palace (N-S; NE-SW; E-W; SE-NW), so that any of these will be called axis of course, however
in the sense intended here:

Any Star opposite its original Luo Shu Palace be off and rendering the Star to its opposite going
nowhere, thereby instigating the Reversed Luo Shu Axis for all Stars arriving there at any time.
Our going nowhere may be just as well read otherwise, such as perhaps deprived of or any such
connotation you may find valid once youd be reading into the dynamic and for as long as you
discriminate between the Star off and the Star going nowhere.

A Star appearing opposite its original Luoshu Palace will be off because it would have altered its
original Yin or Yang temperament, induced by magnetic pole reversal and magnetic pole reversal of

course always on account of Star 5 Yellow. While this Star will then feel out of place it will act out of
character and you may imagine it would do effort to move back to its original Palace, where it will
meanwhile find its place taken by an uninvited guest, so that this latter Star on the verge of being
displaced would be pretty much having its portents going nowhere.

While describing the dynamic for the actual Star appearing opposite its own Luoshu Palace, we could use
reaping opposite result of what one had set out to do. Annual Star 3 appears opposite its native Luo Shu
Axis for 2008, so rendering annual Star 8 to its opposite going nowhere. We would only need look at
annual Star 8 for the 1 Water year of 2008 what that could mean for real estate and property.

If negotiations happen not just on such directional axis (lets say parties involved in negotiations or a
business deal had to actually travel East-West for 2008) but now just simply involving properties relating
to Stars involved (this time parties involved may not have to travel at all), any endeavors such as treaties
may fail, at least by first attempt(s). Lets look how George Bush responded to the debacle and what it did
as you will remember his bail-out plan. First attempt failed.

We have seen first attempt fails with the 700 billion bail-out plan
earlier in USA, whereas such would have been collectively concerning real estate associated with Star 8
at the Axis. Once again, November 2008 and with Star 6 for a.o. vehicles arriving the Axis for the
month, first attempts to come to aid the auto industry also failed, while if youd allow a stretch a bit into
the domain of far-fetched perhaps (as we must caution at all times not to bend Stars to then agree with
whatever event, or soon anything at all we project on Luo Shu would fit).

Barack Obama is a 3.9.x and he was taken the oath by John G.

Roberts who is a 1.6.x. Here is Luo Shu for the inauguration. You may involve both annual and monthly
Axis for either gentlemen, where first attempt for the oath failed, but that aside and only for what its
worth. Similar dynamic helped us project for 2009 that, since by same reasoning Star 2 would then be
going nowhere, this should mean negotiations may go fine for as long as they then not involve any of
portents for Star 7 or 2, such as anything monetary (7) or concerning food and provisions, education,
medical field, farmers, mobs, inmates (2). Star 2 be going nowhere, in other words, we will likely see
deprivation by famine and rather massive displacement.

We here deliberately give natives third Star as x,

due to several formulae in use for different purpose.
The United Nations food program is at its worst ever shortage of 10 billion USD with it says a record
number of 1 billion people in the world on hunger, Kenya at its worst drought and famine in 9 years. The
Reversed Luo Shu Axis for 2009 will suggest a tension between money (Star 7) on the one hand, food
(Star 2) on the other hand, which once more demonstrates when Belgium farmers demonstrate to demand
higher compensation for their milk.

You may note how, what I here introduce as a Star going nowhere will by any single Luo Shu always
concern only Stars 2,5 and 8, which be an interesting notion by itself because it would imply that
whatever be going nowhere, would always only concern the belonging properties such as built
structures for Star 8, food and provision (spouse or homestead) for Star 2 and construction related events
(or authority related) for Star 5, to name just a few, but this would then be still pretty crude, so that we
may then yet look beyond this and add more detail, so that at least this would be not further limiting
your divination to just the properties of these Stars. Not just would the annual Stars 2,5 and 8 connect to

the ever migrating monthly and daily Stars, what is more and so as in order to approach this issue, we will
by next part of this series discuss your personal birth chart.

To be continued
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9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis Part Five

by HELUO HILL on OCTOBER 11, 2009
In Part Five we will side step to handle your personal 9 Ki birth chart. Besides using annual- and
monthly Luoshu for personal forecasting, you may involve your personal birth chart for finer
detail. We can construct and examine an annual Luoshu separate from a monthly Luoshu, then
once more separate from a personal birth chart. We can also conjoin any 2,3 or 4 Luoshu. In fact,
most in 9 Star Ki astrology and divination will be a matter of superimposing one Star configuration
onto another to acquire (what appears) one image. Just as in Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui, our
Flying Star chart (Man chart Ren Pan) may appear as one unit, but is in fact an amalgamation of
the Heaven chart (Tian Pan) and Earth chart (Di Pan) into an integral whole (Heluo explains how
to construct a Flying Star chart and how to treat the central Stars in Luo Shu in his extensive
articlehttp://www.heluo.nl/articles/HowToBuildYourFlyingStarChart.pdf). Without you being aware
perhaps, it is actually how Luoshu itself is constructed, in other words, Luoshu may appear as one
unit, but it actually conjoins two cycles, one consisting of odd numbers (Heaven Yang), one of even
numbers (Earth Yin).
Print and study this series
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

Not just that, it is interesting to note how by itself and even once odd and even numbers conjoined to
form our so esteemed Luoshu (River Luo Map) the magic square of three is an extract of Kanagi
Guruma. Kanagi Guruma may be regarded the worlds oldest calendar, taking the 45 degrees Luoshu
sectors into 80 units of 4.5 degrees each for greater accurracy on account of prognostication. You may see
example of Kanagi Guruma if you scroll down main page on Heluos website http://www.heluo.nl.
In this series on Reversed Luo Shu Axis we have sofar established that:

The 2009 annual Luoshu for 9 Fire produces the Reversed Luo Shu Axis into the East-West, rendering
annual Star 7 off, annual Star 2 going nowhere.

Regarding 9 Star Ki Divination, Trigram properties pertaining annual Stars 7 (finances) and 2 (provision,
mob) will be affected regarding news events.

Regarding 9 Star Ki Astrology, 7 Metal and 2 Earth natives will come under influence of the Reversed
Luo Shu Axis for the full year. Examine for (in)auspicious outcome.

Regarding Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui we may examine the East and West 45 degrees sectors of
our house on account of annual- and monthly 9 Ki Luoshu. Remember however, 9 Ki annual- and
monthly Stars are always timely, Yang and mobile.

Concerning their position in the 2009 annual Luoshu, people with other 9 Ki Stars (than Star 2 or 7
natives) will be off the hook regarding the annual Axis, however by Stars migrating on a monthly and
daily basis, all Stars will see the annual Axis at set times.

We also ascertained that by any Star configuration, Stars 2, 5 and 8 be always going nowhere, but we
needed more detail. We may of course obtain finer detail once superimposing the monthly- or daily
Luoshu, or we may simply involve our birth chart.

Here is first the 2009 East-West Reversed Luo Shu Axis, then the birth chart for a 6 Metal person, by
which we take Star 6 to the center of an empty Luoshu, then fly the Stars along their fixed directional

Your personal Ki map consists of a first Star (year of birth), a second Star (month of birth) and a third
Star, which latter we will in this series depict as x (e.g. 6.3.x), because of several formulae in place
concerning the third Star. If the third Star is your day Ki Star of birth, it will have its own birth chart. An
example, using 6.3.4, where the third Star denotes native born on a 4 Wood day.

You may first construct and read into the components:

Then, if you can handle it, you may just conjoin all three and once more superimpose on whatever Luoshu
of your choice, be that the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow, annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu, the Luoshu for
the 9 year Period of 3 Wood (2008-2017).

Now, gazing at either these single birth charts is a task by itself, whereas of course we may i.e. if we
choose to squeeze all into our 45 degrees Luoshu conjoin all three to obtain this:





One principal justification for your personal birth chart is, it will have you locate birth Star 5 Yellow in
each one to denote motive or inner drive. Remember that 5 Yellow is at the base of magnetic pole
reversal and that your birth Star 5 appears opposite your original Stars Luoshu Palace, either one the
inverse of the other. Said differently, what we will see you exert by your Star X, may be much instigated
by Star Y, one Star being a splash out, the other a splash in, if you will. Star 5 is either magnetism or
gravity, so that gravitational pull be much at birth Star 5. As a consequence, astrological character
descriptions would best incorporate either Star.



Used for professional character descriptions and fate readings, it seems there is work to do if you are a
counselor or teacher. Or, you are just a practitioner, but you wish to make soup of your spouses
character. Much in line with TCM and Internal Chinese Medicine we say organs produce emotions and
what lies innate must externalize. Stars govern organs and meridians. If native is a 6 Metal, you would
still see character descriptions evolve from just Star 6 properties alone, right? So, lets stay with our 6
Metal example and see what youd come up with once you did this: you would start build the archetype
by describing pure 6 Metal behavior, always remembering of course how Star 6 governs the Lung. The
Lung, just as any of the organs, can produce plus and minus emotions and temperament, so there youd
have your 6 Metal righteousness, strategic abilities, demanding on self and others, perfectionism, grief or
recluse. Youd be done if not this is where your character description starts, not ends. You would then
move to Star 6s Add Up To Ten fold in and further flavor your life reading by involving 4 Wood
qualities, just as if you were reading for a 4 Wood native. Star 4 governs the Gallbladder, it is empathy,
compassionate, feeble, sociable. Now you merge the two and you will have done something on the
feedback coming from your clients. You will do the same for 1 Water natives, and build their character
from your knowledge of the Kan Water Trigram, then understand inner drive and motive by reading its
inverse, the Li Fire Trigram (now finally you understand why our otherwise silent 1 Water native can be

at times so talkative). This notion alone will have you think (or re-think) if the Wuxing Controlling Cycle
(Ke) be altogether a negative structure.
If then we superimpose the 2009 annual Luoshu over the birth chart for 6 Metal, we see annual Star 7
Metal to visit and affect birth Star 4 Wood, annual Star 2 Earth to visit and affect birth Star 8 Earth. It is
then a matter of knowing each of these Stars properties, the flavor of the Luoshu Palaces involved and
build the soap opera, or read the Stars and build the story. No two identical birth charts projected on the
same annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu can give the same outcome, since on account of personal
prognostications wed be at least always involving a) context, b) proportion and c) personal health.

Of course, in line with this series subject matter wed be for the occasion only zooming in on the
Reversed Luo Shu Axis, actually not involving any other reading technique. For sake of simplicity, we
will here separately project the annual Luoshu for 2009, the monthly Luoshu for August 2009 (8 Earth)
and the 6 Metal birth chart, but which you may actually conjoin to read personal fate progression.

As stated before and for any single Luoshu except basic Luoshu for 5 Earth the Luoshu Axis will
always render either Stars 2,5 and 8 going nowhere. We may now add finer detail as we read the
monthly Stars for August 2009, so that monthly Star 1 Water joining annual Star 2 Earth in the Luoshu
West bodes different portents than other Stars teaming up with annual Star 2, until if conjoining these
three Luoshu we get to 7-6-4 in the East, 2-1-8 in the West. We would inspire you to take it easy on
yourself if you are a beginner and read single Luoshu before attempting to read into two or even three
conjoined Luoshu.

Now, our 6 Metal native arrives at the annual 2 Earth Luoshu Palace for the year 2009 and we could be
reading that for all the right reasons. Since for this series we are interested in reading the annual Reversed

Luoshu Axis, we will examine the birth Stars for our 6 Metal into the East-West directions of the birth
chart, here 4 Wood and 8 Earth.

Translated into Star or Trigram properties and if we involve annual Star 2, this could then have us read
into for example spouse, homestead, education, mother, diet, hospitalization and so on. Still concerning
our 6 Metal native, his birth Stars 4 and 8 arrive at the East-West Luo Shu axis, thereby birth Star 4 and
birth Star 8 associations probably a bit off too and enjoying some of the harvest of thus not being
magnetically all too calibrated there, so that once again we can reduce to base attributes such as Star 4 for
documents, contracts, travel, compassion, older female, chest and respiratory ability, then Star 8 for built
structure, critical change (transformation), small bones, nose, Spleen and digestive tract.

We already know that we always simultaneously read opposite Stars and Luoshu Palaces, so that (just as
with anything else pertaining Yin and Yang) one be not going anywhere without taking the other, or,
whatever befalls Star X, Star Y to its opposite direction may have a say in it. All be then a matter of
knowing subject matter, context, also of course proportion and probability. We will first derive readings
out of same context (health + health), whereas once done, we may pull in from other context (health +
physical object).














If Star 7 Metal is a knife and robbery, Star 2 Earth may be food shop, inmates.
















































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If Star 7 Metal is a young girl, Star 2 Earth may be submerged hollow space.
To be continued
















9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis Part Six

by HELUO HILL on DECEMBER 11, 2009
Heluo continues his 9 Star Ki series on Reversed Luo Shu Axis by the hand of the annual Stars for
2010. The year 2010 is 8 Earth in 9 Ki and the Reversed Luo Shu Axis appears on the NortheastSouthwest. Annual Star 2 Earth arrives opposite its native Palace in the Magic Square of Three.
This means, annual Star 5 be going nowhere.
Print and study this series
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
As always, you will refer to the basic Luo Shu of 5 Earth on the left, where you may note Star 2 Earth in
its native Luo Shu Palace in the Southwest. To the right is the annual Star configuration for the 8 Earth
year of 2010, where you will find annual Star 2 in the Northeast Luo Shu Palace, so that it appears
opposite its original Luo Shu Palace. By this we say, annual Star 2 will have its portents off. This is
because Star 2 finds itself magnetically displaced, its native Palace being taken by annual Star 5, thus we
will find the 2010 Reversed Luo Shu Axis on the Northeast-Southwest. As a result, annual Star 5 Earth
appears opposite the Star that appears opposite its original Luo Shu Palace, so that Star 5 may have its
portents going nowhere.

Now we wish to first know some of the basic properties related to Star 2 Earth, 5 Earth and 8 Earth, then
resort to reading a Luoshu using protocol, syntax for 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis.





In our approaching any annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu, well first zoom in on the central Star to

read Luoshu trend. The year 2010 hosts annual Star 8 Earth at the central Luoshu Palace (Heavens
Heart), so that it will carry to the news both its tangible and intangible properties. Tangible 8 Earth is
mountains and hills, caves, predominantly buildings, it is in earthquakes (the moreso when in company of
Star 3 or the Earthly Branch of Chen Dragon), it is in volcanos, but volcano outburst when in company of
Star 9 Fire or one of the Earthly Branches of Si Snake, Wu Horse or Wei Sheep. Other 8 Earth outings
may be revolution and change, riots and clashing related to ethnicity, student protests. Intangible 8 Earth
can be read from its Trigram Gen Mountain and may be (sudden) stillness, immovability, it may
manifest as hidden, silence, open gate, carrying a sense of spiritual deafness. Star 8 can be fairly
ascetic, or scholarly.
Star 8 Earth governs the Spleen. It is Youngest Son, so denoting young males. It is built structures, real
estate, property, more in particular buildings. If Star 2 is your homestead, your actual house the bricks
will be Star 8. Since Star 8 Earth resides at the Luoshu center, these buildings become prominent
buildings, but not as governmental as Star 5 buildings, or even as accessible to the public as Star 5
compounds, so that we would need a certain affiliation in order to enter the building, thus Star 8 relating
to universities, laboratories, libraries, places for science or buildings to host sub-authoritative levels of
leadership. Lets say, Star 8 is not the imperial palace, but a ministery. It is the building in front of which
protesting students appear in order to invoke change. It then depends on which monthly Star visits Star 8
at the center to see news events, such as Star 6 Metal teaming up with Star 8 can be an assault on a
building, Star 3 Wood can be surge by uniformed personnel, say police. Star 9 Fire with Star 8 may be a
building on fire, while Star 1 looking up Star 8 may be a flooded building. If monthly Star 4 visits Star 8,
it may be an airfield, or an airplane crashing into a building. Star 8 Earth may denote earthquakes, so that
seaquakes would occur with Star 8 Earth visiting the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. You shall have to lay the
annual- and monthly Luoshu over the news in order to see the hand of 9 Stars.





Star 5 Yellow may carry many properties, but it is and will remain the strongest Star always. Remember,
Star 5 Yellow doesnt own a Trigram, it is more of a principle than anything. Star 5 is at the base of and
it governs all at magnetism (magnetic pole reversal) and gravitation -, so, whatever the annual-, monthlyor daily Star configuration, it will have the gravitational pull, deciding on much of the news. Strong also
means, Star 5 is where power is, or where huge or significant news is, certainly where weird events
happens, i.e. those events that could perhaps not be immediately taken on account of the other Stars. Star
5 is a player to be reckoned with. It is Alpha and Omega, it can bring to the surface what lays sweating

inside, so that it may instigate marvellous news taking mankind to its brightest moments of achievement
or nobility -, it can cause grave obstruction and bring old conflicts to surface, resulting in armed conflict
of unseen brutality. Such magnitude in 5 Earths character brings the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to




If we copy/paste a bit from Part Three of this series, Star 2 Earth becomes provision of any kind, i.e. any
food, fuel, service or lack thereof such either tangible or intangible. So, a given substance can be any of
the 9 Stars, whereas the provision of the substance (or deprivation thereof) is a property of Star 2. You
may look into an airplane crash for example. The airplane may be Star 4 Wood, the explosion may be Star
6 Metal, but if Star 2 is involved, chances are what caused the explosion had to do with provision. One of
the first things you associate whenever you encounter Star 2 anywhere in Luoshu is people, it is a group
of people, or at least a group because it can be also zoo animals. Thing is, Star 2 Earth denotes a
homogeneous group relying on a central kitchen or a central organization, such as students, inmates, the
elderly, zoo animals. It may be small (food) shops. It is a mob. If Star 2 is a mob, the atmosphere can be
estimated from the accompanying Star. You may appreciate the difference between 3-2 or 2-3, for
example, where here the Star taken to the left is the annual Star Host and more receptive, the Star to the
right is the monthly Star Guest and more active. If Star 2 is a homogenous group of people and it appears
in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace for the year, you may expect a group of people to retreat into mountainous
area, which can be for any reason. As you can see, if such group of people were to move into the 8 Earth
Palace, by this they would be moving away from the annual Star 5, which could be an army, but Star 5
is also a community, so the group may be ousted from their usual community. Star 2 is fruit producing
fields such as for agricultural areas, farming, labor mines. Also fruit, such as vegetables but by extension
also the gold or coals produced at labor mines, even the sky and water being fruit producing fields so that
birds and fish may fall within this group. Submerged hollow space or a hollow tree. This should give you
a sense of a cave, because Star 2 for hollow space and 8 Earth for mountain hook up for the year. Star 2
strongly associates with the educational field including students and teachers, civil servants, the medical
field, hospitals. Star 2 may be a platform or a surface we rely on for safety, so this can be a railing or
balustrade, a wall or a dam, a landing strip (or an alternative landing strip for that matter, such as if Star 2
comes with Star 4 for airplane, this may be an emergency landing on a not supposed surface, such as the
plane lands of water or an agricultural field), a ships deck, a balcony, a stage at a theater. It is teargas and
comparable. It is ground troops (as in soldiers). It is mother, it is spouse, homestead (not the house as
such, but where you dwell). The 8 Earth revolution and change may befall Star 2 as significant events in

food industry, the female working force, hospitals, the mining industry, the educational field and
As always in 9 Ki forecasting, we look for 9 Ki relevance in news events. It must be again noted that so,
dont have yourself fooled neither 9 Star Ki, nor Chinese astrology will be dealing with predictions in
the popular sense of the word.

As a 9 Ki practitioner, or if you play with the 9 Stars on account of Flying Star Feng Shui, you are not
into predictions, as you will be merely following Wuxing Five Transformations, the natural rhythm of 9
Stars as they migrate through the Luoshu annually, monthly and daily. However, once you dive into your
Luoshu, this will be done from straightforward syntax and yes, you will positively see the hand of 9 Stars
in your personal life and how news progresses.

9 Star Divination personal and news events runs you through the full spectrum
of 9 Star Divination in an intensive 4-day master class. This class will be held twice a year. Class aims at
your full personal autonomy over the art in all of its facets, enabling you to apply the system to its
ultimate bounds. No technique will be held back, making this a must-attend program for professional
consultants, teachers, those handling health and fate for their students or clients. Once you deal with
people and energy, this class is for you and youll be glad you took the trip.
This master class is your one stop learning experience and for once and for all 9 Ki education. This class
shows all ins and outs pertaining personal divination and how to tackle past, present and future news
events, while class will cover Oriental cosmology in its rawest form, the true face of 5 Yellow, true face
of Hetu, Fuxi, while debunking other myths and red herrings. There should be no Flying Star Feng Shui
professional out there without profound training also in the art of 9 Ki, which even though departing
from the same 9 Stars is an autonomous system. Having covered just some 9 Ki basics during your
Feng Shui education will not be sufficient. 9 Ki adepts would never regard timeliness for annual-,
monthly- or daily Luoshu once employed on account of the Flying Star chart. See for upcoming 9 Ki
Divination class and select Option 1,2 or 3.

Practically, again, a) we are not into predictions and b) you may focus on the Northeast-Southwest
Luoshu Axis for 2010 and combine above properties so as to see the 9 Ki relevance. For example, you
and your neighbor will be digesting the same news item on television. Now, supposing at any point a
balcony collapses and you are able to note Star 2, you not your neighbor will see the trend. If looking
onto the Luoshu for the event 10 days before the event occurred, could we have predicted the event? With
almost perfect certainty, most probably not. Not only would same Luoshu occur too many times same
year, for a balcony to collapse a bit more than just Star 2 should involve. For an event to happen, youd
need the 9 Stars, context and all conditions coming together at the same time. But youll definitely see the
relation, year after year after month after month once youd set yourself to read Luoshu.

So, now that you find yourself in front of the annual Luoshu for 2010, how to go about reading it for its
portents. Fortunately, this process is a bit less random than it would seem as you may be following a
certain protocol. All you need is Luoshu mirrored to your context. Context may be some dynamic in your
personal life, a question you may be having on account of your marriage, your health, your career
progression, or it is a car accident, a missing person case, a riot in the street, a successful corporate merge.

We first note the central Star and reflect on all of its attributes pertaining our context, while then we may
locate Star 5 Earth, once more noting it for its properties, its influence on our subject our focus of
attention. Then, note the annual Reversed Luoshu axis to see what youd expect to be off or going
nowhere and finally advance further into Luoshu grammar by picking a Star for subject, then a Star for
verb, then a Star for objective, until you see the soap-opera unfold mirrored as always against our then
context, because Star X for context Y behaves differently once at context Z. Example, any Star in context
may be an event, while same Star in context of health may be an organ. Also, same Star may be a physical
object, it may be a person. We need to know context, then massage our way further into progression and

Here is what you may do.

Note the central Star for Luoshu trend. Annual Star 8 at the center for 2010 does not appear anywhere
into the magnetic directions. If the analogy appeals to you and just for the taste of it, it may be the Joker
set aside from a deck of cards. Did this cancel out Star 8? Remember how neither one of the 9 Stars will
be ever switched off, as each Star will be active to proportion of its location in the Luoshu. It is just that

the central Star, besides it adheres to its own mandate, becomes vulnerable to its surroundings, the other
annual Stars. Now, merely schematically and not for you to adhere to too much because in fact youd be
reading Luoshu on account of actual annual Star configurations linked to monthly Luoshu, annual Star 7
just from its position in the Luoshu Southeast 4 Wood Palace may denote finances. We know that finances
is a property of Star 7 Metal, while if it appears in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, this gives associations to
documents and contracts (or can be archives), the aeronautic field. So, Star 7 Metal linked to Star 4 both
have access to central Star 8, so that youd screen the news for related events such as funding for an
aeronautic research center or a new such compound built. When this happens would be read from the
monthly and daily Luoshu just the same, but for the rest you may leave this example for what it is,
because it is otherwise actually not at the base of how we read Luoshu.

Next, locate annual Star 5 and make a note. It is your gravitational pull, so to say. Annual Star 5 appears
in theSouthwest Luoshu Palace, domain to Star 2 Earth for provision, food, agricultural fields, the service
circuit such as teachers, medical personnel. Star 2 is also labor mines. Here, Star 5 is taking Star 2s
rightful place, casting Star 2 opposite its original Palace, and Star 2 will not be amused.
Then, since focus of this series is Reversed Luo Shu Axis, you may just as well look there. Because annual
Star 5 appears opposite annual Star 2 that appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace, Star 5 will have
its portents going nowhere. By itself, and if Star 5 is an army or an armed attack, such attack would
probably occur in rural areas or cities and be to no avail. Where Star 5 can be an army, Star 2 would be
ground troops. You see, any armed attack could have come from Star 4 missiles, but here Star 2 and Star
5 appearing on the same Luoshu axis clearly points to ground troops, while, if then Star 2, Star 5 and
Star 9 (or even just 9 and 5) meet up, the Star 9 Fire will produce armored vehicles (tanks) or fully
harnassed armed personnel, such as military riot police, so that such Star combination can be suggestive

for state of emergency, curfew or coup. See, you will have to combine Stars to give you the events, related
to context. Bottom line is, youd check the news for Star 2 being off, so that the news predominantly
promotes groups of people at some point of revolution and change, but also each first attempt to fail.
When you see negotiations between parties announced and these involve either Star 2 or Star 5 portents,
or you see an upcoming voting, first attempt might fail. For personal progression, youd first note if
either your Stars is 2 or 5 (2.2.x or 5.5.x or 2.5.x or 5.2.x), which tells you, you will come under the
influence of the Reversed Luo Shu Axis for the duration of 2010. Of course, by monthly migration of the
Stars, if you are a Star 3 arriving the Northeast 8 Earth Palace or the Southwest 2 Earth Palace, for the
month youd come under this influence and youd read accordingly. Now, suppose youre off the hook
because neither your Stars is 2 or 5, and your personal Stars arent anywhere near the Reversed Luo Shu
Axis, but now you are phoning up a friend and this friends Star is on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis. 9 Ki
directionology has it that, by mere act of contacting this person, youd be heading for off or going
nowhere just the same, to whatever proportion.
To get to the next step, well use a sample Luoshu. So far, youd have central Star 8 as trend, so that a
building be involved, while you now have monthly Star 9 Fire visiting the building, which could be a
blaze, so youd read further into the event by selecting verb, objective, the whole of the grammar. What
had caused the fire. Well look at one scenario and you may know before the fire department does.

8-9 at the Luo Shu center reads as monthly 9 Fire Guest to look up
annual 8 Earth Host. Annual Star 2 to the Northeast is off and visited by Star 3 for electricity, which
may link Star 2 provision to short-circuiting. Star 1 may be a cable, because Star 1 Trigram is soft on the
outside while containing something solid inside. Star 1 appears in West and Northwest, so you may
combine Star portents there, while always involving opposite Stars and Palaces in all of your 9 Ki
forecasting, e.g. Southwest Star 6 may be a blast.

But, remember context, so that same Luoshu but next page in your news paper could have you look into a
missing person case, so that by changing context, the soap-opera changes accordingly. Now, youd see

Star 9 visit a building at the central Luoshu Palace, which could be an actual 9 Fire person or a boldhaired person with a big belly. If the abducted person is a 2 Earth native, wed locate this person at the
Northeast 8 Earth Palace. Now we know the aggressor to be probably a male, because monthly Star 3 is a
male and it visits Star 2 for the person. How then was the missing person taken, by foot, by car? Opposite
annual Star 2 is 6 Metal for car. Was the person threatened by a knife or a gun. Same Star 6 opposite Star
2 associates with a gun. You can read layer by layer by layer deeper into same Luoshu, until you involve
all Stars and estimate if the person be traced in good shape or not. Person could have been taken into the
Southeast into an old and shabby (or demolished) building (7) in a greeny area, yes? For prolonged cases,
you may pull Luoshu for next day, day after and so on.




Ok, lets see what it will do for you if I gave you just a random exercise. Lets take October 2010, which
is a 3 Wood month in an 8 Earth year. Now, youre the script writer, but also the director, the stage actors.
The plot will be right there in Luoshu.

With this Luoshu, what would you expect to see once turning on
your television or opening your news paper. Better still, lets say you are being phoned up by your citys
mayor because he knows you for your 9 Ki skill. He tells you we were told we will have an attack
tomorrow. Can you give where and how (mayor wants to know where (not) to take his people) just
gazing into this Luoshu? As a hint, you may read page 58 of Heluos 9 Star Prediction personal and
news events for 9 Stars and buildings.
We may just as well use Part Seven of this series to side-step a bit into Chinese Feng Shui, so that we may
project Reversed Luoshu Axis for 2010 on our Flying Star chart. However, you will see that 9 Stars as
used for Nine Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui may share identical Trigram properties, it is not that we
can then mold annual-, monthly- or daily Stars into same notion of (un)timeliness as we would for
purpose of Feng Shui. Stars as per 9 Ki are always timely and they remain outside the realm of San Yuan

Jiu Yun, in other words, 9 Ki annual-, monthly- or daily Star charts may be superimposed over our house
floor plan, as such this doesnt keep to the twenty year Feng Shui periods.

To be continued
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