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This chapter presents the methodology that was used in conducting this study and it
includes the discussion of research design, respondents, data gathering and statistical
instruments used.
The study used a descriptive survey design in its attempt to determine, describe ,and
analyze relationships significance between the age, gender, study load, place to study,
and study time towards the academic performance of regular nursing students of
PHINMA COC. It tries to find out if the independent variables significantly influence the
dependent variable.
The study was conducted in PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College, a private non-sectarian
college located at Max Suniel St, Carmen Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. The college
offers a wide range of courses including criminology, education, arts and sciences,
engineering, commerce, nursing and vocational education. It is one of the leading
educational institutions in the country in the field of criminology, having produce a
number of top-notch graduates since its inception in1947. The college also offers
preschool, elementary and secondary education, which primarily serve as laboratory
schools for its teacher education programs.

In this study, judgmental sampling or purposive sampling has been used in selection of
the respondents. The researcher chooses the sample based on the respondents
subjects enrolled especially NUR 041 ( Fundamentals of Nursing Practice ) and HES
066 ( Anatomy and Physiology ). The method is used primarily to select the respondents
who are qualified entitled as regular freshmen nursing students.
The respondents of this study are regular freshmen nursing students of PHINMA COC
who are officially enrolled during the school year 2015-2016 2 nd semester having the
prescribe major subjects of NUR 041 ( Fundamentals of Nursing Practice ) and HES
066 ( Anatomy and Physiology ). There were 42 first year nursing students who enrolled
on the said school year and semester. However, there were only 28 students who
qualified to participate on the study.
The researcher sought a letter of permission to conduct the study from the Dean of the
College of Nursing. Upon approval, the researchers then approach each of the
respondents and solicited their consent. An explanation on the purpose and objective of
the study were thoroughly done. The researchers requested the respondents to answer
the questionnaire during their free time. The answered questionnaires were then
retrieved for statistical analysis.

A self-developed questionnaires was used in this study. The researchers instrument
consisted of two parts. The first part solicited the information on the respondents profile
in terms of name, birth date, age and gender. The second part aimed to determine the
respondents differences in terms of number of units enrolled, their preferable place to
study and their estimated time spent studying in preparation for an exam.
Inferential statistics such as Chi-Square ( x2 ) test was used to determine the existence
of significant relationship of the factors affecting the academic performance of the
respondents when grouped according to age, gender, study load, place to study and
study time.
x2-test formula:
x2=E ( 0-E )2/E
E = Summation or sum of all values in range of series
O = Observe value or actual data gathered
E = Expected value