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Santos, Reynald Russel O.

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Reflection Paper on Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)
Koreyano 10
I believe that this film is reflective of the situation in the Philippines, where cultural,
racial, even sexual minorities are oppressed and abused. Likewise, those who have mental or
physical disabilities are most of the time not given equal opportunities and chances like those
who are normal. This film never fails to remind me why I want to become a human rights
lawyer; why justice must always prevail, no matter how big or small an issue is. A voice to
create change is not a gift everyone receives. Same with the ability to stand up against abuses is
not something everyone is willing to share. What this film teaches and reminds me is that the
voice I have, alongside all my experiences and learnings, must be used to create change, and to
stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, whatever reasons they might be having.
To use this voice to protect and defend my fellow LGBT and the rest of the minoritized
Like what has been told by the film, injustice and impunity is also very rampant in the
country. Criminals sit on high positions in the government, or their comfortable and cozy homes,
glorified by more corrupt officials sitting lower than them. Due to the faulty justice system, those
who are guilty freely roams in the streets, some even living luxurious and flamboyant lives,
while the poor, no matter how small their involvements are to the crime, or even uninvolved but
was unfortunately in the crime scene, serve life sentences for stealing a loaf of bread. Meanwhile
capitalists who continue to rape our minds, our countrys natural resources, and our labor, are
seen only as successful businessmen helping boost our economy. One is because they have
connections, two is that they can pay they can pay good lawyers, they can bail, and they can

pay the judge or the police or anyone who acts in the service of justice. Justice for the rich. The
great divide is really great after all.
The most powerful message that I got from this movie is that its never too late. If you
have the most noble intentions, the wrongs of the past can be corrected today, or like Yesung, as
soon as you are in the position you have worked your ass off your whole life to defend the
underdog. I believe that our country still faces a fortunate future, if the government is put into the
right hands, or the leftists win. We cannot just give up, right? No one will express true love to a
country than those who understand its roots and are willing to shed blood for its future.
Ironically, the enemies are the same people who call themselves our leaders.
I wont stop thinking about the future that our country faces. A few years from now, I
will be one of the core citizens of this country, and I will not waste my opportunity and my voice
to create the change that our fellowmen deserves, and to make them understand that they are the
ones that these activists (and slack-tivists) are fighting for, no matter how the media brands us. I
look forward to the miracle that this country will undergo, and I hope it wont take long for the
miracle to be realized.