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Lenskys Aria (Tchaikovsky Eugene Onegin)

Text by Alexander Pushkin

Translation Stephen Ettinger


, , ,
[ku-d, ku-d, ku-d vy u-da-li-lis]

Word-to-word translation
Stressed vowel

Where, where have you gone,

[ves-ny ma-j zla-ty-je dni]
golden days of my spring?

[shto den grja-du-schij mne ga-to-vit]
What does the coming day have in store for me?

[evo moj vzor nap-rs-na lo-vit]
It escapes my eyes,

[v glu-bo-kaj t'me t-ee-tsa on]
it is hidden in deep darkness!

; !
[net nuzh-dy praf sud-by za-kon]
But nevertheless, the law of fate cannot be wrong

, ,
[pa-du lee ja stre-loj pran-zjon-nyj]
Shall I fall to the deadly arrow,

, [eel mi-ma pra-le-tit a-n]

or will it pass by?

[fsjo bl-ga bd-ni-ja ee sna]
All for the better. For life and for sleep

[pri-ho-dit chas ap-re-di-ljon-nyj]
there is a pre-determined time

Anastasia Witts

[bla-gas-la-vn ee den za-bot]
Blessed is a day of simple tasks

[bla-gas-la-vn ee t'my pri-hot]
And blessed is the day of darkness.

[blis-njot za-ut-ra luch den-ni-tsy]
When the day beam shines in the morning,

[ee za-ig-r-jet yr-kij den]
And the bright day shall reign

, ,
[a ja byt mo-zhet ja grab-ni-tsy]
But I, perhaps, will descent

[saj-du fta-in-stvin-nu-ju sen]
Into mysterious darkness of my fatal tomb?

[ee p-mjat jun-na-va pa--ta]
And the memory of a young poet

[pag-lo-tit md-lin-na-ja l-ta]
will fall into Abyss

; , , ...
[za-bu-dit mir mi-nj no ty, ty Ol-ga]
The world shall forget me, but you, you, Olga!

, , ,
[ska-zhy pri-djosh lee dj-va kra-sa-ty]
Tell me, will you, the maiden of beauty,

[sli-zu pra-lit nad rn-nej ur-naj]
come to shed a tear over the early urn?
Anastasia Witts

: !
[ee du-mat on mi-nj lju-bil]
And think "he loved me,

[on mnje je-di-naj pas-yja-til]
he devoted to me

[ras-svt pi-chl-nyj zhiz-ni bur-naj]
The gloomy dawn of his troubled life!"

, , !
[ah Ol-ga ja ti-bj lju-bil]
Ah Olga, I did love you,

[ti-b je-di-naj pas-yja-til]
To you alone I devoted

[ras-svjt pi-chl-nyj zhiz-ni bur-naj]
The gloomy dawn of my troubled life

a, , !
[ah Ol-ga ja ti-bj lju-bil]
Yes Olga, I did love you!

, ,
[sir-dch-nyj druk zhe-ln-nyj druk]
My beloved friend, my dear friend,

, !
[pri-di pri-di]
Come, come!

, , !
[zhe-ln-nyj druk, pri-di ja tvoj sup-ruk]
Beloved friend, do come, for I am your spouse

, !
[pri-di pri-di ja tvoj sup-ruk]
Anastasia Witts

do come, for I am your spouse

, !
[pri-di pri-di]
Come, come

, ,
[ja zhdu ti-bj zhe-ln-nyj druk]
I am waiting for you, oh beloved friend

, , !
[pri-di pri-di ja tvoj sup-ruk]
Come, for I am your spouse

Anastasia Witts

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