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1.) ---- Americans are generally marrying less,

they still marry, divorce and especially remarry
at rates higher than in most other countries.
A) As
D) Just as

B) When
C) Since
E) Even though

2.) ---- English contains a vast lexical inheritance

from Latin, Persian has absorbed a great
number of Arabic loanwords.
A) As long as
D) Just as

B) Because
E) Whether

C) Even if

3.) Some 30 women are running in the Kuwaiti

general election, ---- few, if any, are expected to
A) so that
D) because

B) in that
E) although

C) whether

4.) Studying the origin of language was once

thought to be ---- an endeavour ---- scientific
societies actually forbade it.
A) rather / than
C) not / but
E) both / and

B) such / that
D) either / or

5.) During the second half of the 20th century,

the fracture rates among high-risk European
populations grew higher, ---- this increase was
modest compared with that of the urbanized
populations in Southern Asia.
A) in case
D) but

B) because
E) now that

C) unless

6.) Citizens of countries that are members of the

EU, as well as citizens from the US, Canada,
Australia and New Zealand, do not need a visa to
visit Germany ---- their stay does not exceed
three months.
A) whereas
D) whether

B) as if
E) so that

C) so long as

7.) Every Turkish citizen over the age of 25 is

eligible to be a deputy in Parliament ---- he or
she has completed primary education and has
not been convicted of a serious crime.
A) with the idea that
B) from the point of view that
C) despite the fact that
D) by the fact that
E) on condition that

B) by whom
E) with whom

A) and
D) also

B) nor
E) not

C) or

10.) It is assumed ---- an educational programme

should emphasize the valid aspects of the
cultural and historical past.
A) whereby
D) that

B) since
E) in case

C) as

11.) The most rewarding aspect of taking

photographs is to be able to immortalize on your
film peoples hearts, smiles, and soul ---- you
can always feel like you are a part of their world.
A) while
D) whereas

B) as though
E) whenever

C) so that

12.) Painters ---- diverse ---- Goya, Manet, and

Picasso were inspired by Titian and other
Renaissance painters.
A) as / as
C) not only / but also
E) such / as

B) both / and
D) so / that

13.) It is generally thought that animals love us --- who or what we are.
A) so long as
C) provided that
E) for the sake of

B) no matter
D) because of

14.) If there is one thing that is more astonishing

than the ability of the adult human to talk, it is
the process ---- he learns to do it.
A) whichever
D) however

B) where
E) by which

C) that

15.) ---- everyone appears to dislike a person

who is known as a gossip, it is an exceedingly
unusual individual who doesnt enjoy a bit of
A) If
D) Whenever

B) Unless
E) Once

C) Although

16.) ---- influencing how we think, digital

technology is altering how we feel and how we

8.) The number of frauds in the US ---- the

criminal uses someone elses credit card
number doubled to 162,000 cases in 2002.
A) in which
D) which

9.) Unlike many other European nations, Finland

has not been the destination of large groups of
foreign workers, ---- has it ever been a colonial

C) of which

A) Despite
D) As if

B) Besides
E) Owing to

C) Whereas

17.) ---- scientists can tell, our prehistoric

ancestors lived in relatively small groups where
they knew everyone else in the group.
A) Despite the fact that
C) As far as
E) Unlike

B) Apart from
D) As much as

18.) One type of family is the single-parent

family, in ---- children live with an unmarried,
divorced or widowed mother or father.
A) which
D) where

B) that
E) whom

C) them

19.) ---- being a personal relationship between

two people, marriage is one of societys most
important and basic institutions.
A) Instead of
C) Because of
E) In case of

B) In addition to
D) In opposition to

20.) An increasing number of young adults in

India wish to have more choice in the selection
of their future wives or husbands ---- they still let
their parents arrange their marriages.
A) because
D) until

B) although
E) as if

C) unless

21.) ---- you were born poor and lack good looks,
there is still plenty you can do to improve your
chances of success.
A) While
D) Even if

B) As if
E) As far as

C) When

22.) ---- an individual grows to maturity, he

acquires a personal structure conditioned by the
position he occupies in the social system.
A) Unless
D) Whether

B) Although
E) As

C) Before

23.) Soon after the end of World War I, pioneers

began to show that, ---- popular opinion,
longdistance flights across oceans could be
made in safety.
A) due to
C) in order to
E) as regards

B) owing to
D) contrary to

24.) It is becoming increasingly evident that the

disposition and the behaviour of the individual
are shaped by the cultural groups ---- he
A) as
D) of whom

B) to which
E) as if

C) in case

25.) ---- many people these days regularly use

and rely on computers, many others do not even
understand how the computer works.
A) Though
B) When
C) Because
D) In case
E) If

1. E
2. D
3. E
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. D
9. A
11. C
12. A
13. B
14. E
15. C
16. B
17. C
18. A
19. B
20. B
21. D
22. E
23. D
24. B
25. A