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Evaluation by Cooperating Teacher

Directions: Please note candidates strengths or areas in which s/he can improve in each category below.
When possible, please provide specific examples or comments to support your view.
1. Conducts self in a professional manner (e.g., attendance, preparation, respect) (conceptualization,
communication, integrative interaction; WTS 9, 10)
Hannah absolutely conducted herself in a very professional manner during her time at FHS. She
contacted me ahead of time to go over ideas and requested information about the class make-up in order
to best prepare her lessons. Hannah arrived early on the days she taught in order to write out the daily
agenda on the whiteboard and make sure copies were made. She always has a welcoming smile on her
face! Prior to teaching she would email her completed and well-thought out lessons. They provided age
and level appropriate material. Her lessons provided very interactive activities for the class- which is a
difficult task in and of itself due to the size of classroom and the number of students in there (33).

Encourages development of a positive self-image in learners (e.g., gets to know students,

positive interactions with students) (communication, integrative interaction; WTS 5, 6)

The first day Hannah came to observe, she willingly introduced herself with a smile and greeted
students on the days she taught. Her questions during lessons were strong and varied in levels of
complexity, proving to reach the various levels of understanding in the student body. Students were
comfortable answering her questions and participating.
3. Interacts effectively with students, colleagues, administrators, parents (integrative interaction,
communication; WTS 6, 10)
Hannahs interactions with my colleagues, students, and administrators was genuine and intentional.
She carries herself well with great confidence. Since she was unable to meet our principal the first day
she was there due to time conflicts, she remained conscientious about this and continued to try each day
she was there.

Demonstrates effective preprofessional teaching skills (e.g., planning, implementing

lesson) (conceptualization, coordination; WTS 2, 5, 6, 7)

As stated above, Hannah was effective in her teaching skills with planning and implementing her lessons.
She always asked me to double check her lessons prior. Her lessons remained strong and thorough with
excellent critical thinking questions on a thorough layout. She had each part of her lessons timed and did a
great job trying to adhere to these times. She did not allow technology difficulties to stop her. In one lesson,
the website would not load, and she moved right on without minding this glitch. This is important since it is
so easy to lose the attention of freshman!


Communicates effectively through speaking, writing, and listening modes (e.g., gives clear
directions, listens to students, uses media) (communication, integrative interaction; WTS 6)

Hannah provided daily and unit goals. She carefully and concisely explained these goals/activities in
each lesson. She provided strong examples to share with the students that provided great clarity. Her
volume was clear, pronunciation and enunciation as well!
Final Comments/Suggestions for Candidate:
Hannah has a strong and natural teaching skills that will continue to only grow as she is in the
classroom. I wish I could have had her more in my classroom! She reminded me of how important it
is to time out each part of the lesson.
Date ___April 5, 2016__

Candidate's Name ____Hannah Weinberg-Kinsey

Grade/Subject __English 9th grade______


Cooperating Teacher ___Leah Tindall__

Franklin High School