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Ann Margaret Faye Ardena


Prof. Froilane Chika

The Last Trial and Martyrdom

Rizals Approaching End

Martyrs are rare in races of humanity
Flashing across the sky like meteors of history
Risking of life is distinct in magnitude and direction
Exceptionally setting their lives with high purpose and dedication
Theyre the person whos put to death and punished greatly
Historical at it resulted to social transformation permanently
Rizals death was the great emotional event in our history
Fighting for countrys freedom but was put to death eventually
He was accused and served to death for subversion
By the dominant political forces in that generation
For Rizal presented a sector of society which caused trouble
That arouses constituted real threat and was subtle
The trial of him started as he was accused
With the crimes and cases which he cant be excused
One was being a founder of said illegal organization
Whose aim was to perpetrate the crime of rebellion
Accusation therefore followed by less moral penalty
That regular people would take it very dreary
He was served with a dish of life to death imprisonment
As if he fought for nothing and chased an endless pavement
The prosecution reveals information about Rizals dossier
Which detailed his hidden and subervise activities
The writing and publication Noli me Tangere that year
The El Filibusterismo and articles criticized friars social illnesses

Another accusation was establishing Masonic lodges

Which became propagandas center meeting place
For their hidden fund raising to support subervise activities
Up to Meredith, Hongkong established this case

After finishing as much evidences

Preliminary jurisdiction on Rizal began
Investigation lasts for five days within the case
And he was informed of the charges against him before Colonel Francisco can

Rizal replied in his defense absolutely

That he does not question the jurisdiction of the court
That he has nothing to amend except the issue during his exile in Dapitan in 1982
That he has nothing to admit on the charges against him of the witnesses too

Despite all valid pleadings and unanimous voted for the sentence of death
Polavieja still affirmed the decision of the court martial and ordered Rizal to be shot
On Bagumbayan Field, December 30 1896 at 7:00 in the morning
Rizal in all black was heavily guarded to prevent any rescue attempt and saving
His arms were tied behind him and was ordered to turn his back against the squad
Facing the sea he refused , requests to face bravely the firing squad
Hence, failing to have his request granted, he asked to be shot in the back instead
Before the shot run out, Rizal shouted Consummatum Est and the heros life ended.