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Position Title: Veterinary Officer

Reports to: Manager, District Equine Welfare Unit
Location: Respective headquarters of Direct Equine Welfare Unit or other major towns within the
district, with regular travel to all operational areas within the district. He/ she will be required to travel
anywhere in India or abroad as per organisational need.
Purpose of Role: To provide technical support on animal welfare and equine veterinary treatment to
the Direct Equine Welfare Unit and work towards ensuring quality equine veterinary services are
made available, accessed and utilised by the animals in the operational area through Brooke staff,
local service providers and other local stakeholders.
He/ she shall be mainly responsible for capacity building, monitoring, correcting and upgrading
veterinary skills (preventative, first-aid, primary and secondary treatments) of staff, local service
providers including government and private veterinarians, animal owners, community based animal
health workers, traditional practitioners, etc in the operational area on basic equine veterinary
services. He/ she shall also support and deputize the Direct Equine Welfare Unit Manager on day-today activities, and lead the veterinary team on provision of specialized/ emergency treatment. Support
the staff in carrying out required and correct veterinary/ technical message transfer.
This position has a critical role in achieving Brookes vision of minimizing the pain and suffering of
the working equines in areas of greatest need and achieving sustainable equine health delivery
systems in areas of work and improvising day-to-day program implementation effectiveness.
Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
Core Duties:
1 Closely interact with various stakeholders (animal owners, local traditional healers, farriers,
other veterinary service providers, pharmacies, and vets) through Direct Equine Welfare Unit
staff to ensure better animal husbandry, management and healthcare practices amongst owners
and influencing those individuals and factors that are critical in reducing pain and suffering of
the equines.
2 Provide and/ or lead the emergency veterinary services to all needy equines within the
operational area. And ensure that the services are available in time (through local service
providers or directly by Brooke staff).
3 Enhance the skills of the local health care providers. Enhance the quality primary treatment
qualities available to the animals through various sources.
4 Work towards influencing various factors that affect the welfare of animals through
employment of effective and efficient participatory tools along with community motivators/
facilitators/ community development officers.
5 Develop and maintain good public relations with partners, government offices, local bodies,
and other key stakeholder as required to handle the above activities.
6 Deputize the Direct Equine Welfare Unit Manager on all day-to-day activities.
M.V.Sc.* (from a university recognised by Veterinary Council of India)
B.V.Sc. (from a university recognised by Veterinary Council of India) with two years equine
* M.V.Sc. in following subjects will be preferred Medicine, Surgery, Parasitology, Pathology.

Experience of providing equine veterinary treatment
Experience of capacity building, monitoring, correcting and upgrading veterinary skills
Experience of managing & supporting staff
Liaising with senior management on the completion of key projects
Experience of developing rapport with stakeholders and interaction with community

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Flexible approach to work
Strong attention to detail
Strong sense of responsibility and control
Good writing skills of reporting of activities of community work

Core Competencies
A high degree of competence in Teamwork
Leadership qualities, team supervision and monitoring
Integrity & personal conduct
Sensitivity to diversity, adaptability, initiative & direction
Planning, management of resources, supervision and control