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Marcelino, Mary Annedrei A.

For us to comply with the Practicum, we have to undergo an on-the-job training for
200 hours. It took me more than a week to decide where I will apply as an intern.
Among my pool of choices, I decided to choose the Rizal Provincial Government
specifically the Provincial Legal Office. It is because I only live near the Capitol and it
will be convenient for me to travel from and to the office.
Aside from that, I want to know if the government employees really do something
other than what I am told. For almost two months, it became my daily routine to
wake up early, given the fact that I also have summer class to attend to because I
was excited to what was ahead of me every day. After my class, I rush into going to
our office so that I can maximize the hours for that day.
As the days passed by, I notice that many clients who are mostly from low and
middle class go there to get their documents notarized, get an affidavit for
whatever purpose it may serve, or get legal advice from our lawyers concerning
their legal rights over a property/child and other issues. Our office even represents
the Rizal Provincial Government in their cases. Our office handles the cases filed
against our Provincial Government. I also notice that even though the lawyers there
are handling too much cases whether it is the Governments or their clients, they
are still enjoying what they do as they usually crack some jokes about their burdens
as regards to the load of work they have to do. I thought that the employees there
were strict or really serious when it comes to work but I guess theyre not, they
even treat us as their own children, and they really enjoy our company.
I really dont think that the tasks given to me were stressful or hard, guess I was
enjoying it and I really want to learn more from this different environment. Tasks
given includes encoding documents, revising an Implementing Rules and
Regulations, searching of some jurisdiction and related laws, going to other office to
get our documents received and stamped. I even learned how to use old model
printers, fax machine and many more. And my technical skills were tested when
they asked me to do some xls files which is really hard to understand and use.
This on-the-job training experience is very memorable and fulfilling how I wish that I
can extend my stay there to learn more things that I will surely use in the future.
The office was my temporary home this summer and I was grateful to spend my
summer vacation with that environment and with the employees there.