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Master Shoulder Flexibility

1. L1: Shoulder mobility

Make circles as large as you can

Make some arm-only movements; add more
joints as you warm up

Use light cords

Experiment with as many angles as you can
Press the hands as far off the body as you

Move shoulder only first

Set shoulder in a position, then draw circles
and infinity symbols with hand
Add internal and external arm-in-shoulder
movements where you can
Have fun with these movements; they feel

2. L2: Rubber cord sequence

3. L3: Yuri band mobility sequence

Master Shoulder Flexibility

4. E1AE1B: Cat pose
E1A: Cat pose stall bars

Hold bars and press away hard; think HS

Partner squeezes knees into hips and leans
back to traction arms, shoulders, and spine
Once tensioned, partner leans weight down
on shoulder blades. A second partner can do
this movement, too.
Once partners weight is felt, keep pressing
arms away (in plane of the floor) and take
your chest down to the floor

E1B: Cat pose floor

Press arms off body hard (like HS); look at

Ensure hips are above knees
Lower chest to floor, arching upper and
middle back
For second version, move R hand to where L
was, trap R with L, lower R shoulder slightly,
and draw R hip away from R hand.
Repeat for L side

5. E2AE2B: Pec. stretch with fascial dimension

E2A: Pec. stretch wall version

Stand next to wall with shoulder on the wall

(use a pad if you cant, between shoulder
and wall)
Ensure arm angle is 45 to spine
Turn away; other arm in push-up position
Get mild stretch, then use push-up hand to
drag waist fascia forward
Rotate wall hip forwards
Cr: press straight arm into wall

Master Shoulder Flexibility

E2B: Pec. stretch floor version

Make sure arm is 45 to thoracic spine

Other hand push-up position
Press push-up hand shoulder away from floor
If needed, reach top leg back (rest on
support as necessary)

Hold stick in widish grip

Lift chest
Partner place one foot at base of spine; other
over shoulder blades
Cr: try to pull stick directly forwards
Re-stretch, then force the air into the top of
the chest
Release final position slowly

6. E3: Partner stick pec. stretch

7. E4: Ring single arm reach solo and partner

Kneel, and hang from single ring

Use other hand to press shoulder away from
floor; use bodys weight to stretch.
Partner can add weight and adjust shoulder
Cr: Sweep holding hand/arm to floor

Master Shoulder Flexibility

8. E5: Standing ballband external rotator cuff strength

Hold band in hand, with loop around thumb

Have ball in between working elbow and
Walk away from support to get best tension
While squeezing ball, press band outwards
Try three different angles in the one set
69 repetitions

9. E6: Wall internal rotator cuff

Lean on wall as shown, forearm parallel to

Hold upper arm with other hand
Use friction to hold hand in place
Rotate away from hand to stretch
Cr: try to slide hand along wall against

10. E7: Standing external rotator cuff

Place fist on waist as shown

Reach other hand to elbow (or use wall to
move working arms elbow forwards)
Pivot upper arm on fist to stretch
Cr: press elbow backwards

Master Shoulder Flexibility

11. E8: Solo supraspinatus-middle deltoid

Hold support from behind back

Use other arm, and bodys weight, to apply
Cr: pull on support directly to the side
Re-stretch, then incline head towards support
if desired

12. E9: Partner supraspinatus-middle deltoid

Use trapeze grip on wrists for most secure

Partner supports other arm directly opposite
working forearm
Cr: press held arms elbow directly to side
Re-stretch, then incline head towards partner
if desired

13. L4: Rotator cuff stick work

Basic task is to explore widest possible ROM

in all possible upper arm planes of
movement, both in external and internal
rotation actions
Cr can be done at any line tension is felt

Master Shoulder Flexibility

14. E10: Lat stretch on stall bar solo and partner

Basic template is to use relaxed partwhole

bodys weight to stretch
Use non-hanging arm to add sideways vector
Hang for at least 30
Cr: pull as though trying to do one-arm chin
Partner assistance includes adding weight,
pressing working hands waist towards floor,
and resisting the Cr

15. E11: Ring side bend

Wrap working sides arm around ring first

Secure grip with other hand
Try different ring heights
Roll hips forwards, backwards, and increase
lateral flexion using feet
Cr: pull as though trying to do one-arm chin

16. E12: One arm hang

Our personal favourite: hang for time

Press thumb against index finger to monitor
Cr: pull as though trying to do one-arm chin
Let whole weight hang from hand
Press same-side hip towards floor to tilt