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Name : Krishna Gadige,

E-mail :,
Phone : +91-8688130825.
Career Objective:
To be a qualified SAP SD Functional Consultant in a challenging environment using my
technical, analytical and management skills for the growth of the organization and improve and build upon
my knowledge and expertise for personal and professional growth.
Professional Summary:
Respected executive with notable 3 years career leading into marketing and operation.
Lead strategic planning and mission building initiatives for marketing department.
Proficient in leading the business development team, increasing the customer base and earning
potential of an organization.
Education Profile:
M.B.A (Marketing & Finance) from Dr. K.V.Subbareddy Institute of Management Affiliated to
Sri Krishnadevaraya University with 68% 2009 to 2011.
Degree of Bachelor of Education from Sri Shankars College of Education Affiliated to Sri
Krishnadevaraya University with 68% - 2006 to 2007.
Degree (B.Sc. Science) from S.B.S.Y.M Degree College Affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya
University with 67% - 2003 to 2006
Technical Summary:
ERP Packages
Operating Systems

: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 (EHP5), SAP SD, CIN & LE.
: DOS, Windows XP, 2000 & Windows Server 2003.
: MS Office 2003 & 2007.

SAP Skills:
Enterprise Structure: Define and Assignment of Enterprise Structure in Sales likes Sales Areas
(Sales organizations, Distributional Channels & Divisions), Sales Offices, Sales Groups ect.
Master Data: Creation of Customer Master Data, Material Master Data, Customer Material info
Record & Condition Master Data.
Define and Assignment of Account Groups and Partner Determinations
Sales Documents and Controls: Customization of Sales Document Structure, Designing complete
Inquiry to Quotation to Order cycle (OTC Process). Creation of Various Sales Document Types,
Delivery Document Types, Billing Types and Schedule Line Types & It Item Categories and
Pricing: Configuration of Condition Technique, Condition types and It Controls, Condition Index,
Condition Update, Condition Supplement, Group Condition, Group Condition Routine, Header
Conditions, Exclusion Groups and Reverse Pricing.
Basic Functions: Configuration of Free Goods Determination, Material Determination, Listing
and Exclusion, Item Proposal, Copy Controls, Delivery Scheduling, Incompletion Procedure,
Revenue Account Determination, Output and Text Determinations.

Knowledge on Credit Management (Simple and Automatic), Availability Check, Transfer of

Requirement (TOR) and Status Profile.
Business Process: Configuration of Complete Business Processes like OTC Process, Third Party
Process, Consignment Process, Stock Transport Order (STO) Process, Intercompany Sales Process
and Individual Purchase Order (IPO) and Make to Order (MTO).
Special Sales: Define Cash Sales, Rush Order, Free of Charge Delivery, Subsequent Free of
Charge & Contracts.
Knowledge on Rebate Processing, Logistics Information System (LIS), Shipping, Packing, Variant
Configuration, ALE IDocs, Functional Specifications, Functional Concepts (Debugging, ZReports, Script Forms & User Exists) & ASAP Methodology.
CIN: Knowledge on Tax Types, Configuration of Factory Sales, Depot Sales, Exports and Deemed
Exports, Configuration of CIN both Formulas Based and Condition Based, Type of Registers,
Cenvat Utilization & Configuration of Tax Pricing Procedure.
Logistics Execution (LE): Creation of Route Determination, Shipping Document, Shipment Cost
Document, Shipment Cost to invoice.
Non-Sap Experience:
Total 3 Years of Professional Experience in Marketing.
Worked as Marketing Associate in Davis Software solution (IT Industry) in Hyderabad from July
2011 to July 2014 (3 Years).
Roles and Responsibilities

Analyzing the incident tickets and provide permanent solutions.

Should take care of High, Medium and Low Priority tickets without complaints.
Quick Responding to resolve the issues if client is having any issues on products (products like
ovens, refrigerators and spare parts).
Operating Internet, Updating all records and documents (Hard copy as well as Soft copy),
Maintaining stocks, Data Entry, Updating accounts, Compiling MIS reports, networking with
different stake holders and organization.
Working on EM web tool, its client tool, this tool is having total client business information and
uploads all the data into this tool.
EM web tool having various processes likes 1. Manual process and Manual QC process 2.SIS
process and SIS QC Process and check these processes its relevant clients web sites.
Check the product titles and Model numbers mainly.
Only capture the product images from PDF files and edit the extra date on image if it is having
any data and take the parts list information to relevant images and apply the rules.
Checking each and every hot spot capture images.
Checking the product part number, Description and price in company relevant web sites.
Check the duplicate PDF files and delete its permanently from data base.
Done by parts list information model wise in excel sheet.
Gather the product model number, main product description, and product type and product

month/year from PDF files for Manual Process.

Maintain product model numbers, parts numbers and price list in excel sheet.
Gathering market and customer information.

Maintain client business information in excel.

Maintain good relation with U.S.clients
Regular interaction with team members.
Involved in weekly status meetings for clients new business products.
Maintain Stock and updating the stock in excel document.
Maintain Customer list and details in excel document.

Personal Profile:

Fathers Name
Date of birth
Marital status
Languages Known


G Yellaiah
English, Hindi & Telugu.

I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear
the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.