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4th August 2015

Captain Hilliard
Questions included:
Safety officer duties.
Where would you find info on what is required of safety officer not SMS.
Heavy weather preparations.
Preparations for loadline survey.
Preparations for safety equipment survey.
Where would you find info on the specific LSA to be carried on your vessel not
What are the required rest hours on board.
What about hours of rest if an engineer attends an alarm during the night.
Maintenance requirements of a free fall lifeboat.
How often should the free fall lifeboat be tested in water.
Where would you find info on maintenance of the free fall lifeboat.
Two anchors out and foul hawse no thrusters no tug wanted full disconnecting
procedure etc.
Actions aground.
What's in damage stability book.
Validity length of certs and length between surveys for loadline, class
Tug 2 points port bow (not ram)
Pdv 1 point abaft stbd beam
Pdv on stbd beam
Pdv 4 points on stbd bow
Fishing vessel (red over white with stbd light) 1 point port bow.
Restricted vis:
4 plots - true trails rel vectors
1) port bow we are 1 point abaft it's beam CPA 0
2) stbd beam same course as us
3) stbd quarter
4) port quarter passing astern of us no risk of collision

Chief Mate Unlimited (Master <3000t) Oral Examination (Leith)

Candidate Name: Manoj Damodharan Nair
Date & |Time : 12/01/2015(10.30-1200)
Oral Examiner: Capt. Douglas W Temple.
Vessels served: Tankers.
Result : Pass

I reached the examination centre 15 min early. Temple greeted me and told me to sit
outside till he finishes his first candidate. After that he invited me inside and told that I have
to answer questions in the capacity of chief mate. He told that in most of the cases my first
answer will be considered as the final answer and to answer questions after understanding
the question. He also told that he will be asking questions as per mgn 69. He then briefed
me about the fire alarm and then he started asking questions.
1. You are on a loaded passage to some port via suez, What info you need from Second
mate and what info you give to second mate for passage planning?
2. Why load line Zones?
3. Anything regarding Piracy you need to know?
4. What piracy arrangement?
5. What is SSP?
6. Your engineers said that they need to discharge oil from machinery space in North
sea, Can they?
7. What are the criteria?
8. What is special area?
9. Annex 2 Discharge criteria?
10. Documents needed for annex 2?
11. What is SMPEP?
12. What is P&A Manual?
13. What is angle of Loll?
14. How will you beach a ship? What factors?
15. What do you know about the incident which happened in Solent?
16. What must have happened to car carrier?
17. How to correct angle of loll?
18. Heavy weather Precautions?
19. How will you advise your second mate for ballast space entry?
20. What is enclosed space entry?
21. What is permit to work?
22. What is hazard?
23. How will you prepare vessel for load line survey?

24. What in engine room will you check?

25. How would you load a heavy lift?
26. What stability precautions?
27. What is mates receipt and Bill of lading?
28. What if shipper gives a letter of indemnity of a clean bill of lading?
29. What is Towing?
30. What towing arrangement you had on board?
31. Salvage?
32. How will you advise your cadet in checking density of sea water?
33. LOLER Regulations?
34. Who is competent Person? Can chief mate be Competent Person?
35. You are on bridge and you receive firm alarm from galley actions?
36. Master on Bride actions?
37. As a chief mate what night orders will you give your officers during cargo
38. Factors You consider for anchorage as Master?
39. Night orders for vessel at anchor?
40. Anchor dragging reported by OOW Actions?
41. Berthing Ship with tide behind, Vessel to berth in a sheltered jetty?
Berth here
own vsl


Vsl abeam 8 miles away in radar Action? Does Risk of collision exist?
Vsl exactly 22.5 deg abaft beam?
Sailing & Fishing Vessel?
Tug and tow with diamond shape on port side?
Vsl engaged in Fishing?


Can Fishing vsl be in lane?

When can be a vsl in Seperation Zone?
Tug and Tow in Port Side?
Sailing Vsl in port side?



Tell about the following Buoys:


Isolated danger Mark.

Safe water mark.
South cardinal mark (heading North west Action)
Emergency wreck Mark.

Smart Board

Pilot Vsl
Trawler Hauling Nets
RAM Tug and Tow
Aground Vsl.

Restricted Visibility
Kept in front a radar plotting sheet and kept blips completing the plot himself and asked action
1. Own vsl Overtaking situation
2. Vsl exactly Abeam
3. Vsl in port side forward of beam, he kept three blips and said to complete the plot?
Finally he declared me Pass and handed me my NOE with Pass stamp. I would like to Thank Capt
Nadeem Anwar and Anindya Banerjee for their unbound Support and their excellence in

Chief Mate Oral 2015

Chief Mate Oral Liverpool

4th August 2015
Examiner: Hilliard
Candidate: Ben Clogg
Vessel Type: Super yacht (Passenger Ship)
Welcomed me in,

Poured my self some water.

He had a little look over my SDB, Passport, CoC , and Certificates

Asked me what vessels I have sailed on as a Cadet, and what I was on now.
As soon as I said Superyachts, he looked at me as if to say. What are you doing
here, so I explained that she was a Passenger Ship, and handed over the copy of
the Certificate of Registry. I would highly recommend getting a copy if you are on
a Yacht and apply for a unlimited ticket. The COR clearly states Passenger Ship.
I was then quizzed on,

What is a Passenger Ship.

What is a Passenger Certificate?

How Many Crew?

How many Passengers?
How many Pax Cabins?
How many Bridge Officers?
Whats the legal requirement, for Bridge Officers/

What are the duties of a Safety Officer

Where can you find more information on this?
What are the sections of a OLB

After each section I mentioned I had a question,

Im in the St Laurence, the helmsnan reports Rudder is hard over,

Actions? Aftergoing though the motions of
He pushed me for NFU.
How Does NFU Steering work,

So you are doing a Galley Inspection with the Master what would you look for?
What was the fire-fighting medium on board you last ship? Hi Fog

You are in your cabin, and thrown out of bed, what has happened? Run ground.

Chief Mate Oral 2015

Where will you go? Bridge
What will you do as Chief Officer? Damage Assessment.
What is a Decision Support System?

You need tugs to get you off the bank,

Tugs considerations Bollard Pull of Bits

Where can you find this information?

What announcements would you make to the passengers?

They are getting board and complaining what do you do now?
I said get drinks, and food to them keep them In the same place, hold back on
Alcohol, give them just enough information but not too much to cause panic.
Although the vessel is aground, a storm is coming, you need to abandon ship
What Lifeboats did you have? Davit Launched Liferafts.
What types of lifeboats are there?

What checks would you do on the Lifeboats prior to launching?

He likes limit switches.
How often are LB drills required?
What was changed after the Costa Concordia sank?

You are now recovering your lifeboat after a drill it gets damaged.
What do you do now? Actions

Non Conformity
Report to MAIB

As a result of grounding your ship has blacked out,

What features are there for the passengers how would they know where to go ?


Low Location Lighting.

How often do you check these?

Chief Mate Oral 2015

What checks would you perform on the WTD

How many modes of operations are there?
Durations of batteries on WTD?

As the ship has grounded, you get a call from the Press what would you say?
Nothing Refer to company. We would have enough to deal with.
Lets talk about the MLC

You have a crewman who is complaining of overheating, as cabin is too hot

Check thermostat - Broken

Call Engineers, They cant fix it.
Relocate Cabin, you dont have the space
He has collapsed, what now? Hospital
Normal Body temp?
Get him ashore

Tug on my Port Side,, length of tow less then 200m. VSL IS NOT RAM. not giving
way. Actions.
Fishing Vessel Engaged in fishing other then trawling on my port side.

PDV, CBD, from astern! Dead ahead, actions.

I said, I will avoid impeding safe passage, Im overtaking, One short blast A/C
Warship, 1 point abaft stbd beam
Wanted ARPA and Broad alteration to STBD
One Radar Plot, four targets,
Trial Maneuver

As risk of collision only existed with ship in STBD quarter

Chief Mate Oral 2015


He may have asked:

Where can I find region B

Dry Dock actions?
Fog Actions?
Look for when joining ship?
What is in the stability book. ?

Although I have been looking at these in the car before I went in.
All the best

Examiner:Capt.Andy Milner.
Candidate:Baba Fakrudeen A A J Welcome Mr.Jinnah Take ur seat.He went tru my
CDC n All my vsl's Type & Trading Area (BC,Contnr n GC).
-Joining as a chief officer
-New joiners Docs check
-Master instrct to officer under pilotage. -passing HRA (Mundra - Africa)
-prohibition n Improvement Notice
-Safety Officer Duties
-Dry dock Prep
-Instructions to crew in Dry dock Regarding Safety
-Instructions to newly joined 2/off on cargo watch(Iron ore)
-where u will find list of Apprvd med centre for ENG 1
-Hanging of Anchor
-Collisin On Acc.Master n Gs Injured(Master got major Injured Bleading on Head)
-Helicopter Operations
-Anchor Dragging n went Aground.
-Heading Canada or Baltic sea(Ice prep) -lifting Applainces req n How to carried out
Maintenance n Test.
-possible places of crack on board
-crack on deck
-Hole on ship side
-Rule 8 & 17
-pdv on 2-3 points on stbd bow
-Pdv on port side
-pdv vsl abt 22.5 ferrie cmng very fast(Here he tried to Test my Confident)
-Head on
-TSS (Fishing vsl,Sailing vsl)
-Narrow channel near an bend wat sound signal RV
-vsl on stbd bow
-vsl on stbd quarter
-vsl on port quarter
-Two vsls (port quarter collision co & stbd quarter same co cpa 2.0 miles)
-stbd Ltrl mark(B)
-port ltrl mark (B)
-pref to stbd(A)
-cardinal mark(W&N)
-Spcl mark
-Iso dngr mark
-New wreck buoy.
-nuc,fv,Sv,cbd,Aground,Anchr,Dreg wit ram,One single white. He said Exam is over
and u hv passed ur orals.
I Would like say Thanks to All of My Lectures n my mates.
Best Regards

Baba Fakrudeen.A
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Ross Thorburn
Chief Mates Unlimited / Master <3000GT
Royal Fleet Auxiliary
10th April 2015
N Jobear 1st Attempt Pass 1 hour
This was one of Nowshads first exams, if not first, since leaving FNC and therefore Mr Leggett was in
attendance too. Nowshad was very fair throughout and gave gentle prompts to steer me toward the
answer he wanted to hear.
For the purpose of the exam I was Chief Mate on my last vessel, a product tanker, on passage from
the UK to the Falkland Islands.

What preparations will you undertake prior to loading cargo?

Whilst loading an AB reports a minor oil spill at the manifold, actions?
How do you conduct a passage plan on ECDIS?
What is a safety contour?
What is the difference between Mercator and great circle?
How do you plot a GC on a Mercator chart?
What drills do you conduct and their frequency?
You sail and vessel goes aground, actions as OOW?
You are relieved on the Bridge, actions as Mate?
What are the intact stability criteria?
How are bending moments and sheer forces represented on the loadicator/pre sailing
You are OOW and lookout reports MOB, action?
You are relieved, procedure for launching and recovery of rescue boat?1
What statutory certificates are held onboard?
Who issues MLC, validity and surveys?
When MCA conduct survey for MLC are any others done simultaneously?
What does the SEQ cover?2
Which certificate covers dry docking?
Hours of rest for standard seafarer over 18?
What are the roles of the Safety Officer?
How often must they conduct inspections?
Who chairs the Committee meetings and how often are these held?
Turn a vessel short round in narrow channel.
What part of the world covers Region B?

1. He specifically waited to hear that you test the davit limit switch prior to launch.
2. Once I mentioned that Form E was annotated accordingly if the vessel was paperless he cut me
off promptly.

Buoyage: Presented one at a time and each had their top mark already attached. Colour/rhythm of
light and action when sighted right ahead:
Safe Water Mark
West Cardinal (heading south)

Can Shaped Special Mark (leaving Japan)

Region B STBD Hand Lateral (leaving port)

Smartie Board: Only wanted one piece of information for each situation, either day signal or fog
signal. Was told all were two points on my port bow and steady bearing:

Vsl engaged in fishing, other than trawling, making way viewed from STBD with nets outlying
>150m over her bow.
Vsl engaged in towing, Tug >50m, Tow >200m STBD aspect.
Vsl engaged in towing RAM, Tug >50m, Tow >200m STBD aspect.
NUC making way STBD aspect.
Sailing vsl STBD aspect.



PDV two points on STBD QRTR steady bearing.

He reacts to your sound signal, overhauls to STBD then alters again to steady bearing.
Following a TSS, sailing vsl crossing from STBD.


TIME 0915-1020/14.08.15

Surveyor called me inside at exactly 0915 and checked my cdc and passport then one
or two question about my last vessel (bulk carrier panamax) and company then directly
started question.

1.As a master how will u take over ? (he was listening full without any interruption)
2.what are the certificates for bulk carriers you expect to take over?
3.what are the rest hours you maintained in your ship?(he said as per uk law)
4.will you give overtime? how much ? does it interfere the rest hour requirement ?
5.fire in engine room action as master?(listening full without any interruption )
6.your vessel collided with another vessel action as master?(he want to listen
7.DB tank inspection procedure? what you expect from your chief officer to check inside
tanks?( looking
for steel/ plates conditions ,structural condition ,and dent or vent and corrosion etc)
8.heavy weather precaution as master???
9.now you are going to dry dock your ship? how will u arrange as master?
10.what is dry dock requirement for more than 15 years old ship?
11. your bulk carrier forward tanks and no.1 cargo hold is flooding ? how will you identify
that vessel

trim and list changing in night from bridge? what is your action as master? (looking
for muster the crew and prepare life boat and sending distress message. trim /list
identification as per college note. check mgn 335 and msc cr 1143).
12.what are the content of sea? how will you sign on young crew ???
13.explain life boat maintenance? (msn 1803. detail explanation need specially annual
test and 5 yrs test and examinations)
14.how will you get MLC certificate? (need to hear DMLC 1 and 2 and how do you
arrange for survey
15.ROR ( all situation risk of collision exist)
TSS cbd crossing from stbd to port??? action
TSS sailing vessel crossing (port bow 3 point single green light) action
TSS PVD crossing from stbd to port (stbd bow 2 point) action?
RAM crossing port to stbd open sea ? action
a single vessel stbd bow 3 point ? risk of collision exist? action as per 19 rule? what
is restricted visibility?
17. tell me what are the procedure and precaution as a master you will take in restricted
18. he put a south cardinal buoy in front of me and said you r heading westerly and
looking this buoy
right ahead what action? ( i didn't mention after alteration will look for west cardinal
mark. so he started asking will you do anything after alteration of your course ? i was
not sure whether to look for east or west cardinal buoy after alteration. so i said i am
thinking . suddenly he said with laughing i understand your problem show me the west
cardinal with respect your south cardinal buoy on the table. i showed him on the table
pointing my finger .
is your future plan and when are you going to india? where do live in blackpool? when i
said bold street 87 he replied it is fisherman's street not bold street and laughing.

capt . leget seems to a gentle and good examiner/ cool and easy going .
many thanks to our all teachers and friends for all support s.

Liverpool Orals Report

Sarah Berry
Friday 7th August 13.15
Duration: 1h 15 minutes
Examiner: Nowshad Jobair
Result: Pass
Nowshad introduced himself and guided me into the examination room. He looked over my
documents and asked what ships I had been on since passing my OOW. He reminded me that I had
come for an unlimited mates ticket and so he could ask me about all ship types. He referred to MGN
69; are you familiar with it?
You're on a passenger ship, what certificates will you take over?
Preparations for a load line survey?
Who issues the load line certificate?
What class societies are recognised by MCA?
How many are there?
You realise your bulwarks are broken a month after the load line survey. What do you do?
You're on a bulk carrier; precautions for loading iron ore?
How do you know what cargo you can carry? What about the DG cargo you can carry?
Ship handling running moor; interaction with overtaking a smaller vessel and squat. Do you do
calculations for squat? Where does it say you have to do these calculations?
What precautions would you make when planning a route to Alaska?
How would you plan a passage plan on ECDIS?
What feeds are there into the ECDIS?
You have a gyro failure would there be a different display on the ECDIS? Would there be a different
display on the radar?
Approaching a fog bank what do you do?
Damage stability for a passenger ship?

You're on the bridge as OOW have a fire alarm in the engine room. Actions?
What if it's an UMS engine room?
What do you do if the ship went aground as chief officer?
How often does your compass get adjusted? You're on a bulk carrier. What do you do as chief officer
to prepare for the compass adjustment?
Man overboard port side. You as OOW actions?
You're on watch you receive a distress what would you do? (He wasn't specific so I said if it was VHF
or MF, etc and if we were to proceed make arrangements as per IAMSAR.)
1 radar plot with true vectors only
1 radar plot with true vectors relative trails
East Cardinal - heading south
Safe water mark - coming out of port
Starboard hand special mark
Region B preferred channel to stbd - where is Region B and coming out of port actions?
Emergency wreck marking buoy
Open sea PDV port side crossing
Now you see 2 cones apex together (fish vessel port side)
TSS fish vessel on port side.
What can use inshore traffic zone?
TSS SV starboard side.
Towing vessel <50m <200m tow
Vessel engaged in dredging/underwater ops stopped making no way. Can she be at anchor? Actions?
Fishing vessel with outlying gear. Actions?
Sailing vessel with sailing lights. What would she show if she was power driven?
Mine clearance vessel. Actions?
Towing vessel seen from astern
Vessel aground <50m
I would like to say thank you to all lecturers and class mates for their help at FNC. Wishing you all
best of luck!

Oral Report Liverpool

Name: - Srinivas Rahul Peyyeti, CM Jan 2015.
Date: - 7th August, 2015
Time: - 09:15 am to 10:30 am
Duration: - 1 hr. 10 mins
Examiner: - Nowshad Jubair
Result: - Pass
Ships: - Offshore
I reached Liverpool MCA office by 0900 am. Mr. Nowshad promptly took me in by
09:15 hrs. He looked at my documents and commented that I was from offshore
and reminded me that I had come for an unlimited certificate, so he can ask
questions about any ships as per MGN 69.
He straight away put me on a brand new 2015 built bulk carrier as a chief officer.
1. You are taking over a brand new 2015 built bulk carrier for the first time from
the yard. How will you go about it?
2. What certificates do you expect to find on this bulk carrier?
3. What about SMC, ISSC, MLC?
4. How do you go about getting PSSC for your ship?
5. What are the duties of SSO & CSO?
6. What is the CSR and what is the purpose of it?
7. If you note any errors in CSR, how would you rectify it?
8. Your initial ISSC is about to expire shortly (3 days) and you are hit by a Major
NC. How do you deal with it?
9. Can Initial ISSC be extended?
10.What is SSAS?
11.What type of life boat do you expect to find on brand new 2015 built bulk
carrier? (Freefall)
12.What are the different checks you will carry out on a lifeboat?
13.Life raft carriage requirements with free fall life boat?
14.What equipment will you find in free fall lifeboat?
15.Explain in detail how will you carry out Annual Thorough Inspection of
Lifeboat? (MGN 1803, All)
16.Which critical components need to be checked after the Annual inspection?

17.Explain LOLER in detail?

18.What tests do you carry out on GMDSS equipment?
19.During your daily tests you find your battery voltage is showing zero/dead.
How would you deal with this situation? You are in middle of Atlantic.
20.How do you carryout battery capacity test?
21.How frequently would you do it?
22.How would you avoid such situation in future?
23.You are Master on bulk carrier and have just come out of Suez Canal at Port
Said, You receive a distress message from MRCC on EGC. The message says
that a passenger vessel is sinking off Libyan coast with 100 people onboard.
You are 90 NM away. What will you do? You have not received any DSC
distress alerts.
24.What preparations will you make while proceeding to distress location?
25.You are involved in SAR for two days. How will you manage your hours of
Work & Rest?
26.Now distress is called off and you are proceeding to the nearest port to drop
off survivors. Your crew have been working nonstop for last two days. How
will you manage your Work and Rest hours now?
27.While in Mediterranean you see a boat full of people, moving their arms up
and down. What will you do?
28.What is LOF, Article 13, and Article 14, SCOPIC?
29.What is GA?
30.What are the hazards associated with offshore supply vessel operations?
31.What is free trim?
32.What is parametric rolling?
33.How do you prepare for dry docking? Tell me completely from preparations
before entry till you are safely back alongside a repair berth.
34.What preparations and checks will you do before you sail out to sea after this
35.What do you mean by virtual loss of GM?

7 buoys for identification and action

PDV 3 points abaft beam starboard side
PDV 2 points abaft beam on starboard side
CBD port side crossing

5. TSS, SV starboard crossing

6. TSS, SV starboard side, now you see inverted cone
7. Smarty board, towing vessel, less than 50m, tow less than 200m, crossing
from port side. Day shapes?
8. Smarty board, vessel aground, probably more than 50m in length.
9. Smarty board, RAM, towing, 50m or more in length, length of two more than
200m, making way
10.Smarty board, FV, net extending more than 150m horizontally, not making
11.Smarty board, a single white light, 1 point on port bow, ROC exists, Range 5
After this question Mr. Nowshad declared that I had PASSED. There were some
more situations in ROR which I am unable to recall now. None of the situations
were tricky. I might have missed few questions from other topics. I was not asked
any questions on RV, Radar Plotting, Meteorology, Ship Handling & Emergencies.
I thank all the lectures at FNC and my colleagues for helping me in preparing for

DATE : 15/OCTOBER/2015
TIME : 1500 1625 Approx (IH 25MINUTES )
1. What type was your last vessel? Trading area etc
2. He then went into my previous vessels from the last, back to 2008. Type, trading area, cargo etc
3. He then showed me a tug I served in 2008, and asked me to show him where the deck line was
4. How is the assigned free board marked?
5. How do you know which load line you can load up to?
6. What is summer load line?
7. What is free surface effect FSE?
8. Do tanks have same FSE?
9. Your vessel listed 4 degrees to starboard, what do you do?
10. What is angle of loll?
11. Would you ballast the high side? Why
12. You are a master of a vessel less than 500gt, What certificates do you expect to find?
13. Validity of a few certificates
14. You are a master of a vessel less than 500gt, what certificates do you expect the crew to have?
C/O, C/E, ratings etc.
15. Security certificate requirements for the crew?
16. Do you carry DG goods?
17. I said we once carried a container on deck but not with DG goods just ship spares for offshore rig
18. How do you do lashing of the container?
19. What are the contents of cargo securing manual?
20. Where do you record the ships drafts?
21. What are the classes of DG?
22. How do you mark the container with DG cargo?
23. Where do you put the mark?
24. You are on watch as chief officer, vessel went aground? Action
25. There were questions on damage stability. Number of compartment the vessel can withstand in
flooded condition
26. You are now a master of a vessel less than 500 gt.fire in engine room action?
27. You are a master of a vessel less than 500 gt. You are at sea; you see water splashing on deck
action. He told me it is a gale. Action. He showed me the chart where the vessel is. It was close
to a TSS not far from land. A TSS close to Bishop rock

ROR- Open sea situations

1. PDV engaged in towing, length of vessel less than 50m. length of tow less than 200m
2. PDV three points abaft the starboard beam
True vectors, relative trails
Three targets one port side forward of the beam, two abaft the beam on both sides

Date: 11/05/15
Examiner: S. Hill
Candidate: J J Uliong
Office: Plymouth
Result: Pass

I arrived the oral centre at 09:10hrs. I went through documentation with the receptionist and
was thereafter offered a seat to wait until 09:30hrs.
At exactly 0900hrs, I was ushered into the exam hall by the examiner. He requested to see my
discharge book and Passport.
Might miss out on couple of question but will try to put as much as i can down here.
1. What is SOPEP and tell its content.
2. What are the entries in ORB part 1 & 2 and which vessel carry them.
3. Tell me about ISM, cut in and said what are the Responsibilities of the Master and
asked about DOC, SMC and validity.
4. What is the Hour of Rest on a UK flag Ship,
5. What measure must be taken when the Hour of rest of your Chief officer has been
violated for more than 2 days consecutively.
6. Steering gear Testing, how to go about it as per SOLAS(including the timings)
7. List Certificate Issue by MCA
8. Vessel to use Ships crane to pick up 50t heavy lift, state precautions.
9. Heavy lift correctly placed onboard, and vessel now heeled 11degree, what do you
think happen?
10. Define Angle of Loll and talk me through how to correct it.
11. What is CSS and List the content.
12. Vessel has been laid off for over a year, and ship owners decide to bring it back to
service after carrying out all major repairs and delivery, Explain to the ship owners
what as a master you think has be looked into before vessel can be declared seagoing.
13. Can the vessel sail with her previous SMC? No vessel has to apply for a new SMC
certificate, through the company .
14. What is Heeling error bucket.
15. Define Coefficient B
16. Fire in Engine room... Action? in depth and he is so keen with starting Emergency
Generator and Fire pump.
17. 3rd Engineer missing and in 5mins time Fire will get out of control except Co2 is
activated, as master what are your stand?

18. 24hours later chief engr reports to you that outside temp from engine room now
dropping, why is it dropping and will you consider sending crew in to check the
condition of the Engine room?
19. Ship handling section and he placed my vessel alongside in between two other vessels
and asked me to take the vessel out and proceed out, Tide and wind where coming
from stern of vessel ( asked him what kind of propeller I have and he said it was
RHCP, so key word he wanted to hear was stern will seek the wind and effect of
transverse thrust).
20. Then he placed Line of Buoyage (Region B) and told me vessel is outward bound
describe each buoy as you pass them and tell me, when I got to Port hand special
mark buoy, he said how will I know information about the buoy and I told him
through Nav warning so he said there is no information about the buoy and that he
wants me to choose the correct side to pass clear the buoy, so told port hand special
mark outward bound region B will keep the buoy on my starboard side and pass clear
of it.
21. RV: asked me to identify True vector and relative vector. Then place a target on my
portside and my starboard qtr, both taget are having cpa of nil, told him I will stop
take all way off and change my FOG.
22. Single Green light
And after this question he said hes gonna stop here and that I have passed. These are
the question I can remember.
Best feelings ever.Many thanks to God and also to Mr Anindya Banerjee & Mr
Jonathan Ward. My class mates ( Matt, Sajid, Huw and Duncan).

Candidate: F Menezes
Ship Type: Self Unloaders & Pure car carriers
Exam Centre: Cardiff
Examiner: Capt.I Luis
Time: 1500 1555
After initial formalities we started with the examination.
I was asked the following questions during my examination:

Take over as a Master on PCC. (started from company office inc Man charat, Narcotics,CSM,
STAB and Damage stab until OLB entry)
What all statutory certificates will you take over.( included Wreck removal)
What certificates under ISM and surveys
Duties of Master under ISM
When did MLC come into force
How you will sign on Polish 2/ Eng and AB.( inc CEC and familarisation)
Under which regulation does SEA comes under (MLC 2006)
Name all Fire Fighting Equipments in car Dk( inc Manual call pts and smoke detectors)
Fire alarm in car Dk action.( Raise alarm, send 2 persons in car Dk to cnfm)
What factors will you consider for composition of Navigation watch while approaching
English chanel.( inc Reporting and extra care if 3 off is new or inexp)
What is HSSC and surveys
Care and Maintenance on Magnetic Compass
Chief cook not returned from shore leave action. ( started with search onboard until sign off
if Dispensation granted)
Heavy weather Preparations.( inc checking Ramps for locking)
How will you check Ramp locking( Alarm panel indicator on bridge and physical chk)
Vessel alongside berth port increases to security level 2. ( Raise level, exc DOS with PFSO, inf
Before Arr Bremerhaven preparation ( Pre arr chklist. From marking notices to eng rm until
Pilot boarding)
Master to Pilot Exchange
Pilot to Master exchange. (inc Bollard pull and positioning of tugs)
Near Miss with another vessel due to 3/ off negligence what action ( MN code of conduct
OLB entry with witness)
Collision with Another vessel. ( since car carrier Alert crew send Distress and prepare for
ROR ( all straightfwd situations)

After which Captain Luis told me u r passed.

A big thank you to the teaching staff at the college and to my batch mates.

Oral examination (Liverpool)

Candidate Prikshit khajuria
Examiner - Capt. N.JOBAIR
Vessel- Bulk carrier
He checked documents as per mentioned in notice of eligibility.
Then he started examination.
*First question what is your understanding about safety of gangways and accommodation
Answer- mentioned as per MGN- 332
*What are the test required for gangways and accommodation ladder?
Answer- static and dynamic test
*What is DG DOC and the contents of DG DOC.
Ans- when bulk carrier carry dg cargo, there must be dg doc on board prior starting any
*Emergency response procedure.
*How will you prepare your vessel for Loading coal cargo.
Ans- He wanted to hear all the hazards associated with coal cargo.
Methane, depletion of oxygen and increase carbon dioxide self-heating, spontaneous
combustion, toxic and flammable gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, may react with water
and corrosive.
*Content of Shippers declaration
*Duty of safety officer
*Components of safety committee.
*Static stability requirements for bulk carriers.
*Why bulk carriers are provided with free fall lifeboat.
*What is the weekly test for LSA equipments?
*How will you prepare your vessel for safety equipment survey?
Ans ship is maintained as per PMS, which is component of SMS. Vessel is in state of
readiness for survey at all the times still I will check all the items thoroughly as per form E.
*You are on watch, what you will do I case of water ingress alarm in hold no. 1
Ans- Raise general emergency alarm, send distress as soon as possible. Hand over watch to
master, I will go to muster station as soon as possible with proper PPE, proper
communication, my first priority crew is safe, head count taken, second priority ship is safe,
third priority is there any pollution,
Prepare emergency team and back up team, find the cause by taking soundings whether
water level increasing, if yes coordinate with chief engineer and start bilge pump and ships
portable pumps, check where is breach, check extent of damage and check damage stability
to confirm whether the ship can still afloat in satisfactory condition of equilibrium.

Back party to prepare lifeboat ready to lower if it is required for worst-case scenario. Inform
owners, charters, P&I club, nearest coast radio station, MCA,MAIB
*What do you understand by annual winch break test?
*What is the validity of SMC.
*Who issue SMC.
*What are the certificates issued by MCA.
*RORSouth cardinal buoy westerly heading action
Preferred channel to port region b
Special buoy and where can I find it.
Vessel on 22.5 degree a abaft the starboard beam action
*Narrow channel
Fishing vessel crossing from STBD to PORT action
Vessel less than 20 meter crossing stbd to port.
Fishing vessel crossing from port to stbd.
Fishing vessel crossing from stbd to port.
-Vessel of less than 50 meter engaged in towing, length of tow over 200 meter underway
seen from stbd side towing inconspicuous partly submerged object. 2 points on port bow
steady bearing and range reducing. Action
-Vessel engaged in trawling more than 50 meter making way seen from Stbd side shooting
nets. Identify and action steady bearing and range reducing.
I would like to thank my entire tutors, FNC B Jan-15 group and Sunil Sharma helping me to
reach this stage.
Prikshit khajuria.

Sahil Choudhary
Sailed on: Suezmax Tankers
Oral - Chief Mates Unlimited/ Master <3000GT
Examiner: Capt. Alec Keep
Time: 1 hr
Result: passes (1st attempt)
Centre: Liverpool
12th may 2015
Initially me and Huw went to centre to check reporting time for orals, its clearly mentioned that
report at reception just 10mins prior to exam. On entering, I met one of centre candidate who was
about to call me on mobile as it was just 12 minutes left for my exams, I thought he is the examiner.
I was waiting at waiting area, after some time then was called inside by Capt Keep.
He started observing me from there itself. Its true that the first impression is the last impression.
Although I was nervous about exam but I act confident.
He asks me be relax and if I want, I can take off my jacket, I did that. After that he gone through my
documents as I did my 2mate COC from New Zealand. There were about 5 minute initial
conversations about my COC, New Zealand College. Then he started with the questions.

He said as you sailed on Tankers only, he gave me voyage loading from Persian Gulf and going to
west coast of America, what things you will consider.
(I explained him almost everything but slip of tongue I mentioned about damage stability,
its a request and suggestion to all candidates please reply what examiner asked and then

Next question was what is damage stability, as per which convention it required and where
you will find it on ship. ( MARPOL, stability book and in loadicator)
What is righting liver, what is GZ on Y axis, what is moment
(I asked for pen and paper and explained him with the help of diagram)
What is TPC, MCTC and where will you use it.
What is GM and which ship will have more GM, which will have small, there effect on ship
In what condition you can submerge your summer draught.
What is density explain it.
Effect of tidal streams on vessel, full explanation of spring tide and neap tide and how you
will find in tidal table which one is spring tide and period.
(He was looking for the black dot in my reply and I mentioned it)
Then he said you discharge the cargo now there is change of grade.
(Explained him tank cleaning and said will transfer all in slops)
What you will do with slops.
(explained all as per the MARPOL oil discharge criteria at sea)
What is the MARPOL machinery bilges discharge criteria at sea
Emergencies: collision at sea early morning 5:00 am. What all thing you will do.
Do you have any responsibility regarding other vessel.

(I asked him that whats my rank is now. Chief mate I said NO he said explain. I
asked him that the other vessel collision bulkhead is intact, he said Yes .Then I explained
him that the other ship collide on my mid ship port side and my hull breached, I need
assistance and. He was happy and said well done)
Then he put me on the other ship and asked me, now do you have any responsibility.
To whom you will inform about collision.
In between he asked why to MAIB.
Then he started with certificates asked me all statuary certificates required on vessel.
(I asked him for all vessels or for particular vessel, he said as per your last vessel, explained
him all)
What do you know about ISM what is there in ISM.
(Explained all contents of ISM)
Is there anything about ship and equipments.
(Yes, maintenance of ship and equipments)
Asked me to explain about the certification for ISM with all the surveys and who will do that.
(Explained him full details)
In between he asked what you understand about HSSC.
LSA requirements.
(All question he was asking with relation about my last ship)
Then he put me on GC and asked what all check will do on heavy lift crane.
(I told him about all maintenance work, here I lost my way but he brought me back to
track, he asked that as per which reg. it required, replied LOLER REG even though I was out
of track then he said that there is heavy lift on berth then I explained him about heavy lift
Explain full requirements about L/B onload, offload, static, dynamic tests
(I explained full MSN 1803)

BUOYAGE: Entering Japan port

Preferred channel to port, light characteristics, which side to pass.

Three VQ flashing and heading 180 degrees. Identify buoy and action
Sailing vessel ahead of PDV in narrow channel, Actions, which vessel is giveway vessel.
Light sector, where will be there cut off limits and overlapping degrees for lights.
PDV overtaking from stbd side, actions, and then changed the bearing became crossing
situation, asked me to explain it.
Night time: sailing vessel port bow one green light, Actions
Night time towing vessel(not RAM) port bow, Actions
Radar Plot: RV, 2 vessels, one on stbd quarter, the other port beam, Actions.
(Relative vector and relative trails)

Capt. Alac Keep is a very nice examiner, if you are going out of track he will push you back to the
track by asking different question related to the same topic

Liverpool Orals Report

Tuesday 1st SEPT. 13.15
Duration: 1h 40 minutes
Examiner: Nowshad Jobair
Ships: Gas carrier & chemical tanker
Result: Pass
Nowshad introduced himself and guided me into the examination room. He looked over my
documents and asked what ships I had been on since passing my OOW & asked my SQA results also
after seeing my NOE said how u get that unique SDS no (0000134567) . He reminded me that I had
come for an unlimited mates ticket and so he could ask me about all ship types. He referred to MGN
69; are you familiar with it?
You're joining your last ship, what certificates will you take over?.Validity of DOC & SMC.And asked
by Which certificate you can get information How much max peoples you can carry. Looking for SEQ
cft Attachment E.
where you will get info that vessel has to do two bottom survey every five year. Dry docking full
procedure?. Why small stern trim & if vessel will enter with large trim what effects. What else you
will check after docking as CO.Why you need to open bottom plugs.
MLC two cadets join with MNTB 17/20 age compliance with rest hours. Can they allow doing
Navigation watch with 2/O. Any Additional measures.
Stability Explain Type A and B in your words. Type A Assumed flooding, assumed damaged, Stability
after flooding.
Types of gas carriers. Type of your last vessel. Tank type A,B,C Explain in your words.
Loading Preparation after dry docking full procedure. Asked why you need to cool down tanks
before loading.
After loading (Interval of SMC survey) Prepare for SMC survey for next port & asked give me specific
item u will check.
UK Vessel is having Security level-2 and proceeding to lebia where security level-1 .Explain
procedure and content and purpose od DOS.
BNWAS requirement. As per regulation max time setting of alarm.
Asked which kind of lifeboat in last ship (Gravity davit launch).Tell me if vessel having free fall
lifeboat, As per Uk regulation what else LSA requirements.
Ship handling Snub round turn and short round turn.
Plotting sheet Explain every thing. I have been given two targets with relative vector and true trails.
One target on port bow and another on stbd Quarter . Action.

West Cardinal mark with East cardinal top mark(Tricky Game).So if top mark is wrong what could be
top mark action when heading North.
Special Mark with top mark (this time no tricky game).
Port hand lateral mark preferred channel Stbd (B).Which countries comes in region B how abt gulf of
mexico. Coming out Houston channel action.
TSS sailing vessel crossing Stbd to port ROC (Smarty board)
TSS Towing vessel more than 50 tow more than 200 with Partly Submerged vessel. Crossing port to
stbd (Smarty board).
TSS Fishing vessel crossing port to Stbd ROC (Day situation).
Open sea vessel one point stbd abaft beam crossing (Day Situation).
Vessel aground less than 50m. Full action. When I said open up communication with aground vessel.
He asked me she is not replying where you will find Information. I mention all but he was looking for
Then After 1 hr 40 almost long session he declared me with those magic words which every student
Expecting PASS.
Friends be aware of latest UK regulations this is Capt. Jobair favourite Topic

I would like to say thank you to all lecturers and Mohan Samsani ,Arun, Shaijju, Lennon, Sunil Singh ,
Vergis for their help at FNC. Wishing you all best of luck!

Chief Mate Oral 2015

Chief Mate Oral
Vessel Type

6th August 2015
Vinod kamath
only Bulk Carrier

Welcomed me in,
Took my CDC, COC and Passport.
Chatting about my company and asked some question on my last vessel
and her trading areas, what type of cargo we are carrying etc.
Then he went through all my Certificates,
Then he told me that I am going to load a bulk carrier (coal)
How will u prepare hold for loading ( hold cleaning , testing of
Water increase alarm system, etc )
What are the details will shipper supply about the cargo?
How will u loading cargo? ( draft, load line zone, cargo loading
manual, tank top strength, loading rate etc)
Complete loading, explain Passage planning as Chief Officer?
Expecting heavy weather what are the precaution as a mate?
What u mean by heave to?
Passing through piracy area , preparation? ( BMP 4)
ISM , certificates and validity?
Hazards of coal cargo?
Fire in one of the cargo holds ( cargo coal) action?( boundary
cooling , port of refuge), he asked will u release CO2 in the hold,
I told we dont have co2 system for hold in my last vessel.
Fire out of control Abandon ship Action as mate?
Which are the surveys carrying out on my last vessel and how
often ?
How will you prepare for Safety Radio survey? who will do it.
What are the equipments checked during survey?
During u r voyage u received VHF distress alert from a boat with
50 refugees on boat, what u will do as a master? (masters
responsibility safe the life, contact nearest coast station)
Preparation for dry-dock?

Chief Mate Oral 2015

What maintenance on life saving appliances?

What tests carried out for lifeboats during dry dock and who will
be presence during this tests? (proof load test and Class)
Life boat lowering procedure?
Fresh water tank maintenance?


Definitions CBD, RAM, NUC, RV

SV 3 points on port bow action.
Explain Rule 7 & 19
Single white light 2 points port bow(he told stern light of a PV
range reducing bearing steady action) overtaking .
Heading south you see east cardinal mark, action?
Entering channel, isolate danger mark?
FV lights on smarty board, identify, action?
RV radar plot 3 points on port bow 1 target, ROC exist, we are
overtaking, and 1 target on 3 point stab bow crossing ( relative
motion, then he will draw the true vector of the target)
Annex IV distress signals?

Last few question after ROR

How to do a short round turn?
How to do a standing Moor?
Duties of safety officer?
How many safety committee meeting in a month on u r last
What u mean by risk assessment?
What risk assessment u will carry out during opening hatch cover?

This was my last question.

Finally he declared me Pass and handed me my NOE with Pass
stamp. With gods grace the exam went smoothly, even though I
made mistakes in a couple of places he guided me back on track.
Thanks to all my friends who help was invaluable.