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ME 322 Syllabus 122-semester

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Department of Mechanical Engineering
ME-322 Manufacturing Processes I
Second Semester 2012- 2013 (122)

Mission Statement of the Mechanical Engineering Department: The Department is

committed to providing highest quality education in mechanical engineering, conducting worldclass basic and applied research, addressing the evolving needs of industry and society, and
supporting the development of more competitive and new industry in the Kingdom of Saudi
Office Hours

Dr. Sulaiman Pashah

Office: 22-229, Tel: 2575; email: anwarks@kfupm.edu.sa
8:00-8:50 SMT in 24-106 and 10:00-10:50 in 24-236A
11:00-11:50 SUMTW

Prerequisites: CE 101 or ME 210, ME 216 (Materials Science and Engineering)


Kalpakjian, S., Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials, 5th edition, Addison-Wesley,

Manufacturing has gained a wide economic base in the increasingly competitive market place.
Modern manufacturing involves making products from raw materials by various processes,
machinery, and operations, following a well-organized plan for each step. Mechanical
engineering students are expected to study the technological, organizational and economical
aspects of both conventional and modern manufacturing processes.
Course Objectives:
The purpose of this course is to
Discuss basic manufacturing processes and stress their capabilities and limitations.
Teach students to analyze material processing and manufacturing systems.
Relate the dependence of manufacturing process on material properties and of the integrity of
the manufactured part on processing method.
Prerequisites by topic:


Reading technical drawings.

Properties of engineering materials.
Phase diagrams.
Heat treatment processes.
Testing of materials.
College physics
College chemistry

ME 322 Syllabus 122-semester

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Lecture Topics: (Three 50-minutes lectures per week)


Lecture Topic

Lecture Hours

General Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and Technology.

Material-Removal Processes: Cutting: (Sections 8.1 8.9 to be


covered in the lecture sessions) (Exam I)

Casting Processes. All sections (Sections 5.6 & 5.11 on heattreatment will not be covered in the class. Students should study it
as a reading assignment.



Joining and Fastening Processes: Sections 12.1 12.10 and 12.7.1

(Sections 12.13.1 and 12.13.2 are given as Reading Assignments)
(Exam II)


Fundamentals of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials: In the

class sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.11, and 2.12 will be covered.

Bulk Deformation Processes. All sections.


Sheet-Metal Forming Processes: Sections 7.1- 7.5 (Materials

covered in the sheet metal lab will be included both in the final
exam as well as in the lab quiz at the end of the semester)

(+1) Means each individual instructor will decide whether a class may be given off in lieu of evening
Exam. This is optional and depends upon the instructor's judgment about the pace at which he is covering
the material
Important Dates:
Examination Dates and Grade Breakdown:
First Exam. (weight fraction within the total grade: 20%)
Exam Duration 1 hour & 30 minutes.
Material to be Examined (Chapter 1 and Chapter 8) ( Both Numerical and MCQ)
Exam consists of ~60 % Numerical Problems and ~ 40% (Multiple Choice + Short Questions)
Time and Date of 1st exam: Wednesday, March 6th 2013. (7:00-9:00 PM)
Location: TBA
Second Exam. (weight fraction within the total grade: 25%)
Exam Duration 1 hour & 30 minutes
Material to be Examined (Chapter 5 and Chapter 12) ( Both Numerical and MCQ)
Exam consists of ~60 % Numerical Problems and ~ 40% (Multiple Choice + Short Questions)
Time and Date of 2nd exam: Tuesday, April 16th 2013 (7:00-9:00 PM)
Location: TBA

ME 322 Syllabus 122-semester

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Final Exam. (weight fraction within the total grade: 40%)

Exam Duration 2 hours
Material to be Examined (Chapters 2 ,6,and ,7( Both Numerical and MCQ)
Exam consists of ~60 % Numerical Problems and ~40% (Multiple Choice + Other Questions)
Time and Date of final exam: Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 (8:00 AM)
Location: See Registrars notification
All exams will be conducted with closed books. A formulae sheet consisting of summary of equations at
the end of relevant chapters will be provided in each exam. Other basic formulae will not be provided and
students are supposed to remember or derive such fundamental equations.
Homework (weight fraction within the total grade: 5%)
Homework must be submitted in the class on the due date.
Homework solutions will be posted at WebCT
Quizzes (weight fraction within the total grade: 10%)
No excuses will be accepted for missing any quiz. However, if more than 5 quizzes are taken, the
quiz with the lowest grade will not be counted.

Attendance and Discipline Policy

Attendance is MANDATORY and will be checked at the beginning of each lecture. Late coming is not
encouraged as it disturbs students and instructor. Three (03) late coming will be counted as one (01)
absence. Excuses for absence should be approved by the Deanship of Student Affairs and submitted to
the instructor within a week following the last day of absence or it will not be accepted.
Each unexcused absence will result in a loss of 0.5 point of the final grade of the course, with a
maximum loss of 4.0 points for excessive absences. A DN grade will be immediately reported for nine
(9) unexcused absences, according to the regulations. A DN grade will also be reported when the sum
of the excused and unexcused absences reaches twelve (12).
The use of Mobile devices is strictly prohibited during the lecture. Any such student will be expelled
from the lecture and marked absent for that lecture.