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UAP- Dubai COMMITTEES- FY-2016-2017- Appointed -22July2016

The following are the Newly Appointed Chapter Committees Chairmans, Deputies and
Members and Execom Director.
Executive Committee
Director : Ar. Raven Villareal Mob. 055-8852912 email: raven.villareal@gmail.com

Committee on Internal Affairs

Deputy Chairman: Ar. Jun Pamintuan 056-4081980 email: junepamintuan@rocketmail.com
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Tanya Geranco Mob. 055-5237661 email: anya_geranco@yahoo.com

Committee on Ways and Means

Chairman :

Ar. Lea Contreras mob. 056-7481992 email : leicontreras@me.com

Committee on Information Technology and Media Affairs

Chairman : Ar. James Magadia - Approved
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Jerween Jagz Capian 050-9187741 email: arjcapian@gmail.com
Members :

Ar. Danielo Muel Jr. Mob. 050-6844851 email ; danjon_23@yahoo.com

Ar. Rey Patrick Valencia Mob. 050-9104888 email : pen.ideas@gmail.com
Ar. Russel Octavo Mob. 056-4089259 email : russoctavo@yahoo.com.ph

Committee on General Welfare

Deputy Chairman: Ar. Noel R. Opea

Mob. 055-5474754 email: desatch@gmail.com

Committee on Awards
Chairman :

Ar. Femie Magtubo

Mob. 056-4085519 email : fmgella@gmail.com

Committee on Membership
Chairman :
Ar. Christine Joy Olidar Mob. 050- email: olidarchristinejoy@yahoo.com
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Ruth Buenaventura 055-2876438 email:alex_lance1975@hotmail.com

Committee on Library and Archives

Chairman :
Deputy Chairman:

Ar. Alexander Paguio 050-8564127 email : alhekz_paguio@yahoo.com

Ar. Alona Camagong 056-9367084 email : aa.camagong@gmail.com

Committee on Professional Practice

Deputy Chairman:

Ar. Datsbenztly Gonzaga

Mob. 050-4392798


Committee on Private Practice

Chairman :

Ar. Dan Cabutin

Mob. 052-7269995 email: danny_2675@yahoo.com

Committee on Government Service

Chairman :

Ar. Roxen Subano Mob. 050-5074473 email : roxen_dxb@cenyar.com

Deputy Chairman:

Ar. Epi Buen Mob. 050-1493518 email: esbuenjr@yahoo.com

Committee on Competition
Chairman :

Ar. John Bolus Mob. 056-1702144 email : johnfelbolus@yahoo.com

Committee on Governmental and External Affairs

Chairman :

Ar. Shay Michaela Tan 055-4824483 email: shay_micha_tan@yahoo.com

Committee on National and Civic Affairs

Deputy Chairman :

Ar. Jhoy Lugue

Mob. 050

Committee on The World Architecture Day Celebration

Chairman : Ar. MaryJes Mendoza 056-7693636 email : maryjesmendoza22@gmail.com

Committee on Education
Deputy Chairman:Ar. Frijohn Manalastas mob. 050- 056-1227987
email: fkb_manalastas@yahoo.com

Committee on Graduate Auxiliary of UAP


Ar. Jerelyn Muel

Mob. 050-7199754 email : jeri.gesmundo@gmail.com

Committee on Professional Development

Chairman : Ar. John Carlo J. Carlos Mob . 056-1011835 email: jccarlos91@yahoo.com

Committee on Continuing Professional Development

Chairman : Ar. Anna Jessica Basuan 056-1707985 email: anajezscabasuan@gmail.com

Committee on Scholarship and Training

Chairman : Ar. Edward Morales c/o Ar. Anna Jessica Basuan

Committee on UAP Publications

Chairman : Ar. Jeff Lopez ( Dyarkitekto Team)
mob . 050-8767326



Committee on Filipino Architecture

Chairman : Ar. Haydee San Jose

Mob. 050-7409098 email : haydzsjp@gmail.com

Committee on Ethics and Discipline

Chairman :

Ar. Virgilio Lacuna Jr. Mob. 056-1357576 email : seng_lac@yahoo.com

Committee on Special Projects

Chairman : Ar. William Brandis Mob. 050-5567053 email : william.brandis@teknion.com
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Jennifer Brandis Mob. 050-2842483 email: jennbrandis@gmail.com

Committee on Operations and Logistics

Chairman : Ar. Joseph Reyes Mob. 050-1496880 email : joseph.reyes0219@yahoo.com
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Ronald Allan Ocampo 050-9623984 email: ocampo6411@yahoo.com
Deputy Chairman : Ar. Joven Nzareno Mob. 055-1031879 email : nazareno.joven@gmail.com

Committee on Events
Chairman : Ar. Krisanne Bianca Monsato mob. 050-2878452
email : krisanne@alabbargroup.com

Committee on SPLBE/FLEA
Chairman : Ar. Dan Maurice Totaan
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Virgilio Guia Jr. Mob. 050-1018137 email : vjguia@yahoo.com

Committee on Sports and Fitness

Chairman : Ar. Ron Aragon - Approved
Deputy Chairman: Ar. Dennis Maliwat Mob. 050-2872295 email : d.maliwat.gmail.com

Committee on International Affairs

Chairman : Ar. Rhea Jessica Mira mob . 056-4303645 email: rheajessica.mira@gmail.com