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International Programmes in Germany 2015

Electrical Engineering Kempten University of Applied Sciences


Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

from Kempten University of Applied Sciences
and from the University of Ulster

Hochschule Kempten
Fakultt Elektrotechnik

In cooperation with
University of Ulster
Course language(s)

Prof Dr Helmuth Biechl

Bahnhofstrae 61
87435 Kempten

Classes are held in English (100%).

Tel. +49 (0) 8 31-2 52 32 53

Tel. +49 (0) 8 31-2 52 31 71
Fax. +49 (0) 8 31-2 52 31 97

Admission semester



Summer and winter semester




Winter semester - October

Summer semester - March

Course website

Programme duration


Three semesters (one and a half years)


Application deadline
Application period for the following winter
semester: 1 December - 15 January
Application period for the following summer
semester: 15 May - 30 June
Course content
With the introduction of the new international
Master's programme "Electrical Engineering"
the faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science has reacted to the ever more
complex challenges in the area of electronic and
information technology in internationally
operating companies.
The Master's programme takes three semesters
and is completely taught in English. The
curriculum aims at covering a broad spectrum
of topics. On the one hand you will learn how to
operate flexibly in a company with dynamic
business requirements and on the other you will
have the opportunity to work right where
challenging and complex topics in electrical
engineering and communication technology
The study is designated for German as well as
foreign applicants. Foreign students are
especially welcomed to our Master's programme
"Electrical Engineering" and should always feel



Submit application to
Hochschule Kempten
Fakultt Elektrotechnik
Bahnhofstrae 61
87435 Kempten

encouraged to apply. The international

character of the programme, i.e. German and
foreign students studying side by side, allows
our students to hone their social competencies
and skills with people of different cultural
backgrounds. This adds an extra dimension to
the programme, which is highly regarded by
international companies.
We have established and maintain links and
foreign exchanges with about 80 universities
around the world and we intend to expand
international relations by offering this Master's
As a graduate of our Master of Engineering
programme you will find open doors worldwide,
because aside from the pure technical
qualifications, this programme will also prepare
you for a future leadership position.
The Master's programme "Electrical
Engineering" takes three semesters. It consists
of two semesters of lectures and practicals and
laboratory work, and a third semester primarily
dedicated for completing your Master's thesis.
The course is mostly application-oriented and
very practice-related. Through the choice of the
Compulsory Optional Subjects and the topic of
your Scientific Project as well as the topic of
your Master's thesis you can, to a certain
extent, apply a major to your studies.
The Master's thesis can either be done in a
company in cooperation with a professor from
Kempten University of Applied Sciences or with
a professor from a partnering university. It can
also be conducted in one of the university's
The programme is designed in a way that
students who have completed their Bachelor's
or Diploma degree at Kempten University of
Applied Sciences have the opportunity to
complete their studies in Northern Ireland at the
University of Ulster in semesters two and three
and will receive a joint degree. We are looking
back on more than 15 years of successful
experience in this respect.
Graduates of the German "Diploma programme"
of Electrical and Telecommunication
Engineering have the opportunity to skip one
theory semester with a formal acceptance
Study abroad unit(s)
Participants who have completed their
Bachelor's as well as their Diploma degree at
Kempten University of Applied Sciences have
the opportunity to spend the second and third
semesters in Northern Ireland at the University
of Ulster to complete their studies.
Forms of assessment
Typical form of assessment:
examination: 70%

coursework: 30%
ECTS credits
Diploma supplement
German language
Course objectives
The large spectrum of study topics enables you
to familiarise yourself quickly with any new
assignments within the field of electrical and
telecommunication engineering but also to dive
deeper into specific areas.
There are numerous areas for you to work in:
research and development as well as
production, planning, operation and
management. The degree "MEng" may enable
you to get a high level employment in
governmental organisations. The typical areas
in which graduates of this programme go on to
work in are: energy generation, -transmission, distribution, and application, electrical drives &
automation technology, mechatronic systems,
electronics, micro computer technology,
communication technology, microwaves and
high frequency technology just to name a select
The majority of employment opportunities for
Master graduates is in the electrical industry.
Electronic products and systems and therefore
jobs, are also found in other areas, like
mechanical engineering - e.g. the automobile
and aircraft industry, power tool industry and
robotics etc. - but also in building technology
management as well as in the general medicine
& hospital area; e.g. a promising discipline AAL
(ambient assisted living) is currently being
The title "MEng" allows you to apply for a PhD
programme at any German or foreign university.
As a graduate of the Master's programme
"Electrical Engineering" you have a notably
improved competitive advantage over other
Bachelor's graduates. Because of your advanced
subject matter expertise along with your flexible
field of application, you will enjoy tremendous
career opportunities.
Tuition fees
Enrolment fees
42 EUR per semester
Costs of living
Approx. 600 EUR per month to cover personal

Evidence of English language proficiency: CEFR
level B2

Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in engineering
Where to apply
Hochschule Kempten
Fakultt Elektrotechnik
Bahnhofstrae 61
87435 Kempten
?L=1 [http://www.hochschule-kempten.de/studie
Arrival support
For more information, please contact the
Director of the Master's programme "Electrical
Engineering" or the International Relations
Coordinator of the Faculty of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science.
Services and support
for international
More detailed information for foreign students
with regard to residence permit,
accommodation, costs of living, climatic
conditions and the public transport system can
be found on the English website of the Kempten
University of Applied Sciences (
L=1 [http://www.hochschule-kempten.de/home.
). Our team from the International Office will
always be happy to help you with any queries.
Reasonably-priced accommodation in the
student residences and on the open housing
market makes the choice of studying in
Kempten very attractive.
Course website
urses/engineering/electrical-engineeringmasterof-engineering.html?L=1 [http://www.hochschul
About the university

Kempten University of Applied Sciences offers

you high-quality courses in an attractive
environment. Lecture rooms, laboratories, the
library, computer rooms and the cafeteria are all
very modern and equipped with the latest
technology. All of these facilities are located on
our campus.
In the region there are many small, mediumsized and large companies operating in the field
of electrical and telecommunication engineering
worldwide. We have developed very close
contacts with manufacturing and industry
branches through many projects, Bachelor's and
Master's theses, technology transfer, internship
semesters as well as practice-oriented research
and development.
All in all, these are very good reasons to choose
the Master's programme "Electrical
Engineering" at the University of Applied
Sciences in Kempten, an attractive, scenic hightech region in the south of Germany. We look
forward to welcoming you!
Total number of
Total percentage of
About the city
The amazing Kempten area with its Alpine
landscape offers many leisure activities
throughout the year. The lively metropolis of the
Allgu region with its 62,000 inhabitants is a
popular shopping area for both the younger and
the older generation. Kempten and the
university are about 120 km away from Munich,
the Bavarian capital, and its international
airport. It can easily be reached by car as well
as by public transport. Another airport is located
just 30 km away in the town of Memmingen,
which is good for connecting flights, etc.

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