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AP Spanish Language

Fall 2016 Ms. Diana Solis
What is an AP class?
An Advanced Placement class prepares the student to take the College
Board Advanced Placement test administered in May.
This year long course counts as one elective class for high school credits. It is
considered a level 4 of Foreign Language in high school. It is equivalent to an
upper level course at a university.

If you pass the AP exam with a score of 3 or higher, then you receive
university credits for this course. You must pass the class with a D or higher
to get high school credits.
If you are not taking the AP exam in May, this class is NOT for you!

What will I learn?

The AP Spanish Language and Culture course is a rigorous course taught
exclusively in Spanish that requires students to improve their proficiency
across the three modes of communication in 6 global themes. The course
focuses on the integration of authentic resources including online print,
audio, and audiovisual resources, as well as traditional print resources that
include literature, essays, and magazine and newspaper articles with the
goal of providing a rich, diverse learning experience. The themes are Global
Challenges, Beauty and Aesthetics, Families and Communities, Personal and
Public Identities, Contemporary Life, and Science and Technology. Students
communicate using rich, advanced vocabulary and linguistic structures as
they build proficiency in all modes of communication toward the preadvanced level. This class is designed for Spanish speakers. Students who
are not Spanish speakers must score 70% on placement test or take Spanish

How do I contact Ms. Diana Solis?
661-533-9000 X 116
Remind: @khsapspan

How do I earn an A?
The grade in this class is weighted. This means that the grade is divided into
6 categories which are each worth a certain percentage.

The categories are: Classwork (15%) , Homework (20%), Composition Book
(20%), Tests (25%), Midterm (10%) and Final (10%).
The only way to earn an A is to complete all of your classwork, homework,
composition book checks and pass all tests, the midterm and final with a
90% or higher. A grade A is earned at 90% or higher.
Most students will earn a B, because they complete almost all of their
assignments and get Cs or higher on tests, the midterm and the final. A
grade B is earned at 80% or higher.
Most students who earn a C do not complete homework consistently. A grade
C is earned at 70% or higher.
If a student has a D or lower, they are automatically on an intervention plan
which Ms. Solis monitors bimonthly during class time. In some cases, other
stakeholders such as parents are involved. A grade D is earned at 60% or
higher. A grade F is earned at any percent lower than 59.

How do I behave in class?

1. Be respectful: in order to learn, everyone must be in a positive
environment in which they are comfortable to make mistakes and feel
supported. Respecting each other and our differences is essential to the
learning process.
2. Be positive: we are a team working towards improving many critical
thinking skills in Spanish. Remaining positive increases student learning;
yours and your neighbors!
3. Be present and prompt: Learning begins at the bell and ends at the bell.
Every day matters! Your team depends on you daily to contribute.

What happens if my behavior is disrespectful,

negative, and I am absent/late?
You will be supported in order to achieve the desired behavior. Support
includes reminders, redirecting, alternative strategies, communication with
stakeholders. I might look at you sideways.

What do I need to bring to class everyday?

A composition book, a pen or pencil, highlighters, a folder/binder and loose
leaf paper. Technology, such as smartphones, laptops and smartpads are
welcome, but not required. This class uses Google Drive, Google Classroom,
Remind and other web 2.0 tools. This class is in the computer lab twice a
week and has access to chromebooks once or twice a week. For your
safety, learning and my sanity headphones/earphones are not
permitted at any time.

How likely am I to pass the AP Spanish exam in

Last year 85% of students who took the test passed. Before that, for two
years, 90% of students who took the test passed. Before that, the passing
rate has been at least 80%

What is classwork?
Classwork includes answering a daily warm up. Participating in daily
discussions with neighbor, whole class and speaking individually. Other
activities include reading and writing. There are song completions, one
paragraph emails, 200 word essays, and vocabulary activities. Weekly there
are multiple choice activities which include interpreting authentic reading,
listening and visual sources. There is one lab day which includes speaking in
a telephone conversation and a 2 minute speaking presentation.

What is homework?
Homework reinforces vocabulary and is assigned on Friday and Monday.

What are tests?

Test are usually vocabulary based every Friday. Students are responsible for
learning the correct spelling of the word, the English translation and the
definition in Spanish. There may be other tests as needed to support ongoing
grammar lessons and other essential skills.

What is a midterm? What is a final?

A midterm is a test given in the middle of the term, which is prior to October
7th. A final is a test given at the end of the term on December 14th, 15th, or
16th depending on the period you have this class. The midterm and the final
are very similar to the AP Spanish Language exam you will take in May. Many
classwork assignments are exactly like the AP exam and therefore the
midterm and final.

Do I automatically take the AP Spanish exam?

You must sign up and pay for the AP Spanish exam. You are not signed up to
take the test just because you are in this class. You will need to pay about
$88 to take the exam, or $5 if you are on free/reduced lunch to the student
store. You are also required to submit proof of free/reduced lunch to Mrs.
Centonze at the career center in order to pay only $5. Yes, it is worth
spending $88 now to take this test, because fast forward to the day you
attend a university, this test will give you credits for a class that will cost you
about $400! You are getting it on CLEARANCE now!