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Islam is the religion that give Muslims true serenity and obliges us to submit

to the will of Allah. Besides man, all manifestations of Allah Almighty submit
to the will of Allah. Islam is not only a Religion, it's an Amazing Way of Life, in
view of Truth and Fact.
I think the best logic about why I choose Islam is that my family is Muslim by
birth and Allah Almighty said in regards to those individuals who are Muslim
by birth "This day have I culminated your religion for you and finished My
support upon you and have decided for you Islam as your religion Surah AlMaidah [5:3]. Its an awesome gift by Allah Almighty whose religion is Islam
by birth. It's an extraordinary gift of Allah Almighty and I can say that Allah
Almighty has selected us for Islam. Being interminable and all inclusive, the
Islamic Law, which was made by Allah Himself, Who recognizes what is best
for us under all circumstances, is strong and movable to the changing states
of time and place.
The complete utilization of Islam in our individual and social life does not
infer by any way to forsake the contemporary developed issues and the
cutting edge innovations and stick back to the rudimentary techniques that
were accessible amid the primary time of Islam 1400 years prior. Really that
is not what is intended to be. A few people question this clarification because
of obliviousness of the religion of Allah; whereas the religion of Allah is pure
from individuals' questions and their ambiguous creative energies. Despite
what might be expected, the fruition of the Islamic Identity is accomplished
by having the Muslims adapt to the new present day human advancements

at their time and take whatever is useful and maintain a strategic distance
from whatever is destructive. The complete after of the religion of Allah and
affirming the Islamic character is truly taking after Allah and his prophet
(S.A.W.) just and that is it. So Allah makes the law and the prophet (S.A.W.)
let us know these laws. Allah gave us Islam as a complete religion that needs
no expansion by any means.
Islam has put incredible impacts in my family life that shows us, a code of
conduct, and protection of social values and gives us a significance for our
presence. It helps in toleration and creating versatile limits for distressing
occasions of life. It gives us a feeling of confidence and shows us about the
excellence of family life and a firm society with a feeling of fellowship. Family
is an essential piece of our ordinary life. It helps us in enhancing our
personality. It demonstrates to us the estimation of love, affection, thought,
trustworthiness and courage and gives us suggestions which are essential to
get achievement in life. Along these lines, that is the piece of religion in my
My religious family history has taught me a lot of things about the Islamic
worldview. Actually Islamic perspective is considered and characterized as
general origination of the way of the world in Islamic point of view. It contains
a course of action of characteristics standards, which depend on the basics
of Islam. Islamic perspective would give implications and motivation behind
all activities done by individuals, especially Muslims. The Islamic Worldview is
essentially a mystical and moral perspective which stands out pointedly from

the secularist or agnostic choices. This perspective exudes from the major
conviction that life and presence showed up as an eventual outcome of the
will, yearning and framework of the One and Only Creator.
The American system has given us the freedom to perform our religious
practices .I was suspecting that individuals have to face a some difficulties. I
thought I have to face segregation, stereotyping, prejudice, inclination, and
even underestimation by schools and groups due to minority status but here
the situation was totally changed. The American society has helped us a
great deal to conform here and carry on with a glad life.

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