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How tough is SSC CGL exam to crack in very first attempt?

The level of difficulty to crack an exam depends upon two crucial equations.
Your level of preparation against required level of preparation

The number of vacancies against the number of applications

If the ratio in each of the above mentioned equations is more than 1 (which
would be a Utopian scenario to imagine) the exam would be a cake-walk.

Ex. Required level of preparation 100%, your level of preparation = 150%, the ratio will
be 150/100 = 1.5
Similarly, lets assume the number of vacancies = 1200 and the number of applications =
1000. Therefore, the ratio will be 1200/1000 = 1.2
Therefore, the closer the values of these ratios are to zero, the more difficult
an exam becomes for aspirants.
As far as SSC CGL exam is concerned, though Im not aware of your current level of
preparation yet I can state here that if youre able to score 6065% marks in mock tests
of Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams individually, you can sail through in real tests with 34
months serious preparation.
So, I would request you to analyze your own self and based on the findings, plan your
own strategy to fill the gaps. Do remember the fact that whats easy for a spider
could prove to be a nightmare to accomplish for a bee and vice-versa.
Hope it helps. All the best!
Team Smartkeeda, www.smartkeeda.com