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aka Tarub is a handsome young man. He is very popular in the village.

Many young girls

fall in love with him. But Jaka Tarub think that they are not pretty enough to be his wife. Thats
why hes still single. He wants to have a very beautiful wife.
As usual, Jake Tarub go to the forest to collect some woods. Suddenly he heard some noise from
the waterfalls. He was curious. the voice of the girls took a bath in the waterfall.
Slowly, Jake Tarub walk to the area. When he arrived there, he saw seven beautiful girl shower.
He was really amazed by their beauty. After they finished, the girls slowly taking their scarves.
Amazingly after they wore scarves, they fly to the sky. They are not human. They are fairies!
After that Jaka Tarub return. He was very agitated. He was still thinking of the seven beautiful
On the next day, Jake Tarub then decided to go back to the waterfall. When the fairy was in the
shower, he stole one of their scarves. And that makes one of the fairies can not fly back to the
sky. She was crying. Jaka Tarub then approached.
Whats wrong? Why are you crying?
I lost my scarf. I can not go back to the house. All my sisters had left me. My name is Nawang
Wulan. I would give anything if you can find my shawl.
Ill help you. But if we can not find it, you can stay at my house. You can be my wife, said
Jaka Tarub.
Jaka then Tarub pretended to be looking shawl. And of course they could not find it. After that
they went to the houses Jake Tarub. Then they get married.
They had a baby girl. They have a happy life. They always have enough rice to eat. They do not
have to work as hard as their neighbors. Thats because his Nawang Wulan used in cooking.
One day, Jake Tarub inquired about the miracle. Nawang Wulan not tell the secret and asked him
not to open the lid of this cooking pot. He said that if Jake Tarub open the lid, they have to work
hard to get a lot of rice to cook.
One day, Jake Tarub really curious. He then opened the lid of this cooking pot. He
noticed there were only a small portion of rice for cooking. When he got home, Nawang Wulan
know that Jake Tarub has opened the lid. She was upset because she had lost the magic in
cooking. Now he must take on a large serving of rice for cooking.
Slowly there was not enough rice in silos. And when Nawang Wulan want to take a portion of
rice last, she found her shawl. Jaka Tarub shawl hiding in the silo. Nawang Wulan really happy.

He then said, Im going home now. Take care of our daughter. When there is a full moon, take it
out of the house and I will come together.
Nawang Wulan then flew into the sky. Jaka Tarub really sad. And to keep the promise, Jake
Tarub always go out of the house with her daughter when there was a full moon. Nawang Wulan
but never returned. ***