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Lesson Chronicles
Lesson 1: How the Gilded Age Got Its Name
Lesson Mission
Write todays lesson mission here:

Lesson Vocabulary
Write the correct vocabulary word next to each definition.

______________________ the famous American author who coined the term, "Gilded Age"

______________________ a cheap or inexpensive substance coated in a thin layer of gold

______________________ a group that controls the activities of a political party

______________________ the way a country manages its money and resources to produce, buy, and sell
goods and services
______________________ peaceful periods of time when a nation's economy thrives, and great
accomplishments are made in art, science, and technology
______________________ dishonest or illegal behavior by one or more government officials

Survey Says
Write the correct answer under each question.
1. Why did Mark Twain call this period, The Gilded Age?

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2. According to the passage, the Gilded Age was

Epic Rap Battles of US History

Write two things you heard in the rap that you would like to know more about.


Gathering Clues
What clues does each stanza give you about the Gilded Age? Write the clues beside each stanza below.
If you listen up, a story will be told
Of people and power, greed and gold
Railroads, Robber Barons, Carnegie Steel
Morgan's got money, Ford's got wheels
Gold in the Yukon, gold in the cross
Oil in Texas, and Rock's the boss
These dudes had the House in those days
Grant was a general, and then there's Hayes
Garfield drops, Arthur steps in
Cleveland is followed by Harrison
Cleveland is back, then McKinley (like the hill)
TR and Taft, Wilson hates to kill
Muckrakers, Magazines, Sam McClure,
Squealed on Rockefeller's Standard Oil
Mark Twain, Jack London, Ida Tarbell
And Old Mother Jones says raise morewell...
Jim Crow is jumping, but Booker's got voice
Black Folk, soul folk, Mr. DuBois
Geronimo, Custer, a man named Horse
A Wounded Knee will hurt, of course

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Sweatshops, doors locked, Triangle Fire

Twelve hour days and children for hire
Haymarket, Homestead, Pullman Strikes
Edison brings us electric lights
Skyscrapers, backbreakers, Brooklyn Bridge
Gompers, Wobblies, Eugene Debs
Immigrants, tenements, No Chinese
Populists rise up, farmers get the squeeze
Down in Havana, blow up the Maine
Teddy's Big Stick and war with Spain
A canal in Panama, two brothers that float
Ladies still fussing for the women's vote
The Gilded Age was full of extremes,
Recite this rap you'll know what I mean

Mission Check

Did you share what you learned with your family?

Mission Accomplished
Congratulations! If you completed these chronicles, you have accomplished the Lesson 1 Mission!

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