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I am so grateful for our wonderful-gifted, pastoral team. While
Janet and I have been away for vacation and family time in
Colorado and California, you have been blessed by two excellent
guest speakers, and Pastor Kevin Taylor. On this last weekend of
my time away, I again take joy in introducing Troy Maragos, our
Pastor of College and Young 20s Adults. Troy has been serving
with us for over a year and has already demonstrated his
God-given abilities in Mens Ministry, Bible & Life Groups, and
from the pulpit. We are blessed with his relocation from Chicago
to Naples after having served as a satellite campus pastor for
Harvest Bible Chapel led by Dr. James McDonald. Receiving his
Bachelors Degree from Wisconsin and his Masters of Divinity
from Moody, he is a blessed, biblical communicator.



Next week, we will offer another discussion time for those who
are interested and want to the hear explanation behind the
recent changes in our church Constitution and Bylaws. As you
may remember, we were ready to make a presentation over a
month ago, but wise input from those within the church and
outside both pointed out wording which should be added or
modied. The deacons ofcially recommended this Constitution
for a secret ballot vote on August 13/14, complying with the
30-day notice required in our existing 24-year old document. I
am grateful for your patience with us as we have sought to work
through this tedious process. Prudent congregations are doing
the same all over the country.
Thank you for praying for wisdom on behalf of our lay and staff
leadership. A seasoned pastor said it best, Praying without
ceasing equals keep buzzing the nurse! Those of us who are
sick need the Great Physician, Who not only came to call the
sinners, but Who also leads the righteous. Ask the Lord to give us
a spirit of unity as we prepare for great days ahead. As the apostle
Paul said, You started out only to do this work, but now nish
doing it as well (2 Corinthians 8:10, 11).


wefit wednesday
August 3, 6:30pm; Family
Sports Challenge Night;
meet in the Worship Center.

summer sessions
August 2, 7pm; Worship in
the Student Center.

Visit the Connection Point to
inquire how you can grow
deeper in your faith.

home groups
Our fall home groups will kick-off at the end
of August. Registration begins the weekend
of August 6 and 7, in the Commons. As a
reminder, most groups ll up fast!

First steps class

For those in 1st through 4th grade that would
like to be baptized, this 4-week class will
begin on August 6 at 7:30pm. To register,
please contact the Childrens Ministry Ofce
at 596-8600 x 350.

school supply drive

supplies to the containers in
the Commons and near
Townsquare no later than
July 31 for the Immokalee
Backyard Bible Club.

August Book Club

If You Can Keep It by Eric
Metaxas - August 5 at
6:30pm in the Commons.
Sign up is required in the
Lighthouse Bookstore.

joy comes in the morning

Widows, come join us on
Saturday, August 6 at 11am
in DC109. This ministry
meets on the rst Saturday
of each month from 11am
to 1pm.

quarterly business meeting

Wednesday, August 17 at
8pm in room WC117; all
members are encouraged
to attend.

Operation Christmas child

Pick up your shopping list
and bag for your Operation
Christmas Child shoe boxes
in the Commons. We will
begin collecting shoe boxes
in October.

Beach Baptism
Sunday, August 7; please
sign-up at the Connection
Point in the Commons, or
contact Linda at 596-8600

last weeks Attendance

Bible and Life Groups
Midweek Activities

wednesday dinner

if you need assistance?

August 1 - August 7
Call the Deacon Hotline (800) 732-9573
Our deacons of the week:
Chris Bailey and Mike Norton

august staff anniversaries

Lisa Anderson
Danielle Bockus
Ted Bowe
Dawn Brecher
Cindy Case
Randall Cleckler
Matt Coulter
Jennifer Crossan
Rebecca Curran
Janet Davison
Jennifer Devin
Nicole Geri

Jennifer Hannon
Sarah Hoover
Michelle Kirkpatrick
Melissa Lane
Jennifer M Lee
Jennifer Lines
Lisette Lopez
Violeta Lup
Katherine Maloney
Rae Manchester
Lani Mastrangelo
Marilou Mastrangelo

August 3, 4:45pm - 6pm (Fellowship Gym)

$6 each/$25 for the family (buy at door/cafe)
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rice Pilaf,
Veggies, Salad, and Dessert

decisions for christ


Verena Garces Aguila

David Perez
Profession of Faith:

Margarita Marietta

Maggie Meffen
Ryan Mitchell
Cindy Murphy
Patricia Natale
Rob Platter
Tina Platter
Karen Purvis
Luis Rodriguez
Melissa Rose
Paul Rosen
Ron Scammon
Scott Stewart

Jessica Trammell
Kate Trefz
Brad Van Strien
Marci Walker
Kimberly Whitcomb
Timothy Wilbanks
Jennifer Wilson
Mary Works
Rhonda Wright